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Making a scrapbook? Here's a guide to different ways to do Scrapbooking.

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									How To Keep Your Baby’s Memories Forever: Scrapbooking Baby’s Firsts

A baby never fails to bring joy in any family. The fun and excitement the
baby brings is simply priceless. Parents, especially first timers, can't
help but be nostalgic about everything concerned with the new baby.
Perhaps if there was a way to freeze time and keep all those memorable
moments, they would gladly do it to cherish such an important milestone
in life. Unfortunately life goes on and precious moments cannot be frozen
forever. Nevertheless memories can still be preserved for a long time by
keeping mementos that help people reminisce life’s treasured highlights.
This is commonly done by making scrapbooks.

While most people have desired at least once to keep a scrapbook, many of
them simply never succeed. Admittedly, scrapbook making is quite tedious
and time consuming, but those who have kept scrapbooks swear by their
worth. In reality, making scrapbooks is not really that complicated. One
just needs to know the things needed to make one.

For making scrapbooks of baby’s firsts, it is important to keep pictures
of key events related to a baby’s development. Among the commonly
treasured occasions may include simple moments like the baby’s first
smile, yawn, nap, sitting up, crawling, walking, bath, hair cut and so
on. One could also take pictures of first things such its bottle, bed,
chair, diaper, toy, solid food, and the like. Another important moment to
catch would be the baby’s first special occasions such as Halloween,
thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, birthday, vacation, and other
noted affairs.

To make the scrapbook more interesting, it would be nice to include
small, mountable items in the collection. This might include a lock of
hair from the first haircut. There could also be pieces of clothing such
as a sock, a bonnet, a bib, or a mitten. One common item would be birth
announcements, the baby’s hospital tag, an invitation to the baby shower,
and so on. Some parents can even include a dried piece of the baby’s
umbilical cord. There are thousands of possibilities when one’s
imagination is set free.

Those who are new to scrapbook making should not be alarmed. There are
baby scrapbook kits available in bookstores and craft stores. You may
also choose to do it from scratch by just fastening special paper
together, or by getting a multi-purpose album, then decorating it with
baby-related stuff.

Keeping a baby’s treasured moments can be so much fun with the right
things and know-how at hand.

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