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					                       Create Your Own Recreational Facility
Senior Phase of Learning (10-12)


Student Task
Students will identify existing recreational facilities in their local community. They will develop a business
plan for a new recreational centre in their local area. The students will research the type of activities the
centre will offer and will develop promotional materials to advertise the centre’s grand opening.

Key Learning Concepts
    •    Demonstrate a sound understanding of the health benefits associated with physical activity.
    •    Develop and promote a business plan for a recreational facility.



         Recreation in society
         Discuss with students what recreational facilities are available to them in their area and what
         activities these facilities offer. Discuss with the students if they feel activities they would actively
         participate in are offered.

         Focus questions
         •   Are there constraints to what activities these recreational facilities offer? What might these
             constraints be? (human, physical, time and monetary resources)
         •   What activities would you offer if running a centre?


         1. Factors that influence participation in physical activity

         Identify and list reasons why young people may or may not participate in physical activity. Discuss
         Australia’s Physical Activity Recommendations for Children and Young People.

         Focus questions
         •   What factors influence your decision to participate in physical activity?
         •   Why do some young people not participate in physical activity?
         •   Does access to recreational activities influence a person’s participation in activities? How?
         •   What influence do other people have on your participation in physical activity?

         2. Benefits of physical activity

         In small groups brainstorm the benefits of physical activity. As a class, ask each group to list their
         ideas on the board. Create one large poster/collage of the benefits of physical activity to display in
         the classroom.

Focus questions
•   What are the short and long term benefits of physical activity?
•   Why is physical activity important for teenagers?
•   How can we improve our physical activity levels?

3. Identifying different types of activity centres.

As a class, brainstorm the various types of health and fitness centres.

Focus questions
•   What are the physical activity centres in our area?
•   Are there multi-use facilities?
•   Are they Council owned or privately run?
•   Why would ownership make a difference in programs offered?

4. Access to community-based health and fitness facilities

In groups of six to eight students, create a community map of existing health and fitness centres.
Consider having a couple of single-sex groups that could map recreational facilities that are gender
specific. Have students list all the opening and closing times, costs of activities and equipment that
is available for hire. Local phone books or possibly the Council’s local sport and recreation officer
may be able to help the groups.

Collate results as a mapping exercise. Encourage students to present the results using graphs.
Discuss the similarities and differences in findings with the class.

Focus questions
•   Where are the centres located in our area?
•   Are there any gender specific facilities in our area?
•   What are the opening and closing times, costs and equipment offered?
•   Are there major differences between the facilities?

5. Invite a local business person to speak

Invite a local business person involved with a recreation centre to be a guest speaker. Have
students prepare some questions for the guest speaker. For example, the types of recreational
activities offered and charges for use of facilities. Following the guest speakers’ departure have
students critically analyse the service provided.

Focus questions
•   What services does the recreation centre offer?
•   Does the business cater to specific groups of people?
•   What opportunities are available for the centre to reach a broader audience?

6. Develop your own recreational centre

In pairs, students are to design their own recreational centre in poster form. On the poster they will
show the floor plan of the design and highlight what will be offered at the centre. They are to
identify the target group they are catering for and some approximate costs the customers would
pay. Have students justify the reasoning behind their ideas.

Focus questions
•   What services does the recreation centre offer?

•   Does the business cater to specific groups of people?
•   What opportunities are available for the centre to reach a broader audience?
•   How much will activities cost?

In pairs, students are to design different types of mediums to promote their centre. For example,
posters, newsletter, magazines and presentations. The students are to design at least two
promotional materials about their recreational centre. Students should highlight aspects of their
centre and emphasise why people should use the facility.


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