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Copy of May 09 Newsletter


Copy of May 09 Newsletter

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									     South Coogee Community News
                          The newsletter for the Tenants
                                                                                        May 2009

                                                                            If you would like to
                                                                            submit something for
                                                                            possible inclusion
                                                                            into the newsletter
 The last South Coogee Community Barbeque was a                             please contact the
 great success. With the Crafty Elphs holding a jumble                      South Coogee News-
 sale in conjunction with the barbeque. The Elphs                           letter Group c/o the
 raised $200 to assist the group in further community                       Community Devel-
 activities. Many thanks to Laine, Rhonda & Noelle for                      opment Project :
 all the support. Look out for the next BBQ on the
                                                                            Phone: (02) 9245 1841
 14th of JULY 12.30-2.30pm. There will be lots of
                                                                            E-mail: water-
 activities for all ages.                                         

                                                                               Inside this issue:

 The second stage of the redevelopment of the community has been
 commenced by Housing NSW. This stage sees the upgrade of                   MultiCultural          2
 fences, letter boxes and garbage bays around the Lurline Bay part of
 the estate. For further input into the redevelopment and strength-
                                                                            Youth                  3
 ening the community come and partake in the process and have
 your say at the Tenant & CAP Meetings, see dates below!
                                                                            Homework Club          4

                                                                            Parenting              5
 South Coogee Com-            Elphinstone Rd             South Coogee CAP
  munity FREE BBQ              Tenant Group                  Meetings
 Elphinstene Rd Park       2-4pm, OrangeRoom             2pm Orange Room    What’s on              6

                             7 Elphinstene Rd         7 Elphinstene Rd
14th July( Christmas in                              29 June
                          26 May
July) 12.30– 2.30pm                                  31 August
                          30 June
13th October 12.30-
                          28 July                    26 October
                          25 August                  14 December
8th December 3-5pm
                          29 September
                          27 October
                          24 November

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        Page 2                        South Coogee Community News

                                  If you                                                               are
                                  a Bangladeshi woman and looking for a women's group where a Bengali
                                  speaking worker will be available to assist you in every possible way to
                                  address your needs. Also offering FREE English conversation classes.
                                  When Every Friday, Starting 10 April 10am-12pm
                                  Where Community Centre, 33 Boussole Rd, Daceyville
                                  More Information Contact Sonia Islam       ph 9663 3922
                                                                      Settlement Case Worker

This program is to improve spending and
saving habits, better understand and manage
their money and paperwork, and increase         Starting May 11th but can join after. Please join a new
knowledge of local financial services and       fun group for women from all cultural backgrounds.
support available. Topics covered:              Held in Daceyville by Sydney Multicultural Community
Advantages & Disadvantages of different         Services and South East Neighbourhood Centre. There
accounts and credit providers.                  is no need to bring anything– Just Come. CHILDCARE
Developing budgets.                             IS PROVIDED
Understanding obstacles to saving and how       Please call Yasmine on 9663 3922
to minimise their effect,
Learning to exercise rights, including com-
plaint procedures and accessing available
services that provide help.

Services         Monday Tuesday               Wednesday       Thursday        Friday           Sunday

Social & Sup-    Chinese Multicultural Spanish 9.30-                          Multi Social
port Groups      Group Carers Support 12pm                                    Group 10-1pm
                 9-11am Group 11.30

Multicultural                                  Contact Damien on 9663 3922
Cooking                                              Held at Daceyville
Caseworkers      By Appoint.                    By Appoint.                   By Appoint
                 9am-4pm                        9-4pm                         9-4pm

Migrant Agent    Alec (by Ap-                   Louise (by
                 point)                         Appoint)
                 9-12pm                         10-12pm

English Classes TAFE English Conversation TAFE English Polish Senior
FREE            Class        Basic        Class        English Class
                 2.30-4.30pm    9.30-11.30am 2-4pm             12-2pm
South Coogee Community News   Page 3
     Page 4                         South Coogee Community News

 The SCHC is a free of cost program run by WAYS Youth Services, for
 children and young people who live in the South Coogee Housing estate
 community. The program will assist young people one afternoon
 (3.30pm – 5.30pm) a week over a period of 30 weeks with out of school
 hours study and homework by facilitating access to tutors and youth
 and community resources and services.
  But the aim of this project goes beyond homework help, SCHC will be
 the first activity for young people held at the Orange room in South
 Coogee, a great opportunity to create a group of local youth to get in-
 volved in community oriented activities, to be listened and to share in-
 terests and concerns with other members in the area, improving com-
 munication and understanding of youth related issues between their

Urban Shorts 2009– Randwick Youth Film Festival
Screening at the Ritz Cinema, 39 Pauls St, Randwick
Monday 25 MAY, 6.30-8PM
Book at the Ritz, 9399 5722 Cost is $5

                  Monday Mornings
 We will start a group shopping outing in our small             FRIDAYS 9am-1pm
 bus in late Feb– it will be a fortnightly service to
 Eastgardens 9am to 1pm. Each client will have a
                                                        This service will have 2 groups oper-
 volunteer to accompany them around the shopping        ating on a fortnightly basis during the
 centre and to assist as needed for 2hrs, before we     school term from early feb. Last year
 take everybody back home. We hope people will          this group went to places like Fox
 take the opportunity not only to do grocery shop-      Studios Farmers Markets, Pyrmont
 ping but to use the full resources of the area in-
 cluding the library, and that people on the bus and
                                                        Fish Market & Gymea Village
 volunteers will spend some time together having a
 coffee and catch up. Clients will be able to take 2    For further information please call Kath-
 small bags home on the bus, with the rest of their     ryn or Megan at The Junction
 shopping home delivered, and will be helped to get
                                                        Neighbourhood Centre on 9349 8200
 their shopping into their homes.
              South Coogee Community News                                                   Page 5

                                                                         A social morning for pregnant women
                            JUNE                                                    & new mums
Supporting child literacy                                                 Every Monday 10am -12pm
Friday 5 June 10am-12.30 FREE                                               Alongside the Playgroup
11 Rainbow St, Kingsford 9398 5188                                       Kooloora Community Centre
Surviving your adolescents                                                167 Bilga Crescent Malabar
Tuesday 9, 16, 23 June 10, Level 3 Bowen Library               The Malabar Midwives from The Royal Hospital
9349 8200 FREE                                                   for Women and Kooloora Community Centre
Triple P - Positive P                                           invite pregnant women, new mums and carers
                                                               to get together to share ideas and experiences.
Monday 15,22,29 June and 6 July 10am-12.30pm                   The informal session will be facilitated by a mid-
Level 1 Bowen Library FREE                                     wife and a child and family health nurse to pro-
                                                                 vide you with the opportunity to ask questions
Booking essential Gordana ph 9382 0926
                                                                                and seek advice.
Effective parenting of adolescents-for par-
                                                               The groups will be run alongside the supported
                                                               playgroup for children aged 0-5 years so please
Mondays 6-8pm                                                     come with babies and children or just bring
Ways Youth Service ph 9365 2500                                                    yourself.
                                                                The group is FREE and refreshments will
                                                                              be provided

         27 Spring St, Bondi Junction
FREE courses to support mums from Multicultural backgrounds.
Babysitting will be arranged and registration is essential. Contact Tammy 9387 2885,
DATE                                  COURSE                                                0401284184
27th May                              Behaviour Management
19th June                             Feeling good about ourselves
July                                  Responsibility and Honesty

Supported Play-            Family Support             Children’s
ground Service                Service
                                                                                      Botany Family &
This service facilitates   Following range of
                                                  Occasional Care
                                                                                      Children Centre
8 playgrounds weekly       FREE services:
targeting families who                            Hrs M,Tu, Wed 9am-
have difficulty access-    -Counselling           2pm. Cost $7 per hr
ing mainstream play-       -Parenting Education                                          Office Hours
grounds. Playgrounds
                           -Self esteem Groups    Hrs Thurs 10am –
are FREE and pro-                                                               Monday– Friday 8am—3.30pm
vide a morning tea for     -Stress Management     12pm. Cost $3 per
                                                  Child/ $4 per Family             Telephone 02 9666 5047
all children.              -Grief & loss

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        Page 6                          South Coogee Community News

BY the BAY ART CLASSES                          PUPPETERIA
Tues 10-12noon and 1-3pm                        Sunday 1.45, Wed 10.30am plus school Hol shows
All materials supplied                          48a Carrington Rd, Randwick
Coogee RSL, Cnr Carr & Byron Sts                Contact John or Jackie Lewis 9371 7328
Contact Don 9547 2237 or 0427 472 237
Provides are wide range of education
courses for people over 15years, Arts,
Business, Sciences, Computer, Lan-
guages, Health, fitness & Lifestyle.
98 Bondi Rd, Bondi Junction, 9387 7400
16/05/09, 6.50-9pm Botany Bay National
Park, Bookings 9542 0629
Fri 29-30 May 9-11am
Bowen Library & Community Centre
Learn how to compose and email and
search and book your next holiday.
Australia Biggest Morning Tea
Thursday 28 May 10..30am-12
Bowen Library

Wednesday 27th May, 10.30-3pm
Basic first aid, treating chok-
ing,drowning, burns, poisoning, etc.
Bookings are essential: Call 93990886
Randwick City Town Hall, 90 Avoca
St, Randwick
   May 27 marks the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum in which more than 90 per cent of Austra-
   lians voted to remove clauses from the Australian Constitution which discriminated against Indige-
   nous Australians. June 3 marks the anniversary of the High Court's judgment in the 1992 Mabo
   case. The decision recognised the Native Title rights of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
   peoples as the original inhabitants of the continent and overturned the myth of terra nullius – the
   belief that the continent was an empty, un-owned land before the arrival of Europeans in 1788.
   The theme for National Reconciliation Week (NRW) this year is ‘See the person, not the
              South Coogee Community News                                                                    Page 7

                    Maroubra Bay/South Coogee Schools As Community Centres (SaCC)
                     Maroubra Bay Public School, Duncan Street, Maroubra tel: 9349
                                        7154 mob: 0421892305

          Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                    Friday

      Semester 1&2                Semester 1&2              Semester 1&2              Semester 1&2               Semester 1&2
 Starting from 23rd Feb       Starting from 24th Feb    Starting from 18th Feb    Starting from 26th Feb     Starting from 13th Feb
       10am-12pm                    10am-12pm                10am-12pm               9.30am-10.30am               10am-12pm
       Supported              Creative Play Work-        Multicultural Play-             Sing2learn           Russian Playgroup
                                       shop                     group            Therapeutic program for Run by the SaCC and the
                             6 week Early Literacy     Program in collab with    parents and children with Russian Community
Run in collab with Rand-
                             program run by Rand-      the Botany Bay SENC       disabilities. In collab with
wick TAFE Child Studies      wick TAFE Outreach in     and Randwick & Botany     Lifestart
                             collab with South East    Supported Playgroup
                             Neighbour Centre          Service
                             (SENC)                                                 10.30am– 12.30pm
   Books in Homes
                                                                                        My Time
Early literacy initiative                                                        Program for parents who
                                      Triple P         Transition to school
                                                                                 have children with dis-
                             Positive Parenting Pro-   Program in collab with
                                                                                 abilities. In collab with
                             gram. Implementing 2      Maroubra PS & Early
                                                                                 Lifestart & SENC
                             groups & 2 seminars       Learning Centres

          War Memorial Hospital
            invites you to a free seminar
    Be heart                                            Tips for maintaining a
    SMART                                              healthy heart as we grow
Where:                      Day Centre, War Memorial Hospital
                            125 Birrell St Waverley
When:                       Monday 1st June 2009

      •How to reduce your risk factors
      •Latest update on medications and

                Bookings essential Catriona 93690215

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        Page 8
        Page 8                       South Coogee Community News
                                     South Coogee Community News

                 Call 1300 468 746

                                          “You are Welcome to all our Community
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Cuppa and Chat group 1 Tues of Month 11am)
for people with mobility Community Garden group3 Tues of Month 12pm
                         Our Local Tenants group ,3rd Tues at 2pm
    or health issues
                                         Come talk with us, learn and have some fun
$10.00 Per Box DELIVERED                 In the “Blue Room” at 238 Malabar Road South
         TO YOUR DOOR

                                         Working people often ask retired people what do they do to
                                         make their days interesting. Well for example the other day my
                                         wife and I went into town. We went into a shop. When we
                                         came out a cop was writing a parking ticket. We went up to him
                                         and said ‘Come on man, how about giving a senior a break?’. He
                                         ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him a jerk.
Ingredients                              He glared at me and starting writing another ticket. So my wife
                                         called him a nutcase. The officer finished writing the two tickets
1/2 Cup flour
                                         and starting writing a third ticket. This went for about 20 min-
2 Chicken Stock Cubes                    utes. The more we abused him the more tickets he wrote. Per-
1 onion– finely chopped                  sonally, we don’t care. We came into town by bus. We try and
1/2 Cup shredded spin-                   have a little fun each day now we are retired. It’s important
ach                       Method: Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl.
2 Eggs– beaten with milk Pour into a pie dish; Bake in a moderate oven (180C) for 30 min.
1/2 Cup milk             Optional fillings– Ham, cheese, salami, chicken, tomato, bacon or any leftovers
Salt & pepper to taste   Noelle Wilson..
   Recipe taken from South Coogee Community Cook Book. Please come grab your own FREE cook-
   book, containing 75 pages of local’s cheap and easy recipes. You can collect them from the Orange
   Room Wednesday afternoons 1-3pm

                                       PLEASE RECYCLE

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