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									CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICS FOR HEALERS – ICS Inc.                               I.C.S.

1.    Healers must treat as strictly confidential all information of a personal nature, which is confided by the client.
2.    A healer should not wear a white coat or use titles or descriptions, which may give the impression of medical
3.    Clients should be asked what medical advice they have received, especially if it is apparent or obvious that
      some treatment is needed. If a doctor has not been consulted and the client refuses to do so, the healer can
      only record that they have advised this course of action, this is for the healer’s protection.
4.    A healer must not countermand instructions or prescriptions given by a doctor; or undermine the client’s faith
      in any hospital treatment or doctor’s diagnoses.
5.    A healer must not advise any particular course of medical treatment, such as the undergoing of an operation
      or the taking of a specific drug.
6.    Under no circumstances must a healer give a medical diagnosis to a client.
7.    Healing must only be given in response to an invitation from a client or their representative.
8.    Healers must not in any way give the impression that they have the ability to cure. Recovery must never be
      promised; all that should be offered is an attempt to heal in some measure.
9.    The healer must never ask for the removal of a clients clothing, except for a coat or footwear.
10.   Healers giving healing privately to a person for the opposite sex would be advised to have another healer of
      the same gender as the client present.
11.   A Healer must never offer Clairvoyant reading during a healing session.
12.   Healers should only heal in a conscious state of attunement - Trance conditions will not be accepted as being
      legal and the individual concerned would be held personally responsible; if for example a client suffered
      injury while receiving manipulative treatment from an entranced healer.
13.   Healer must not use manipulation or vigorous massage while giving Spiritualist Healing. This does not
      preclude gentle massage and healing passes.
14.   Healers sometimes say and do certain things while giving treatment because they are impressed to do so,
      reason and commonsense should always be applied to such impressions.
15.   To avoid offending clients, DO NOT raise the question of their religious beliefs; unless invited to do so.
16.   Discretion must be used for the protection of the healer when carrying out private healing with clients who
      are mentally unstable; addicted to drugs or alcohol, or who are severely depressed or hallucinating. Such
      clients must be treated only by healers with relevant experience accompanied by another healer.
17.   If the healer becomes aware that a client may be suffering from a notifiable infectious disease, the client
      should be advised not to come in contact with other people and to consult a doctor.
18.   A healer must not attend a woman in actual childbirth, unless they are a mid-wifey person.
19.   a. Do not sell herbs or herbal medicines without checking that this is legally permissible.
      b. Do not prescribe herbs or herbal medicines unless qualified to do so.
20.   Healers may advertise that they offer a general healing service for all disorders and diseases; but must not
      specify any particular disease.
21.   There are legal codes covering the healing of children. If a parent or guardian has failed to provide adequate
      medical aid for a child under the age of sixteen years a misdemeanour may said to have occurred. Healing is
      not classed as medical aid; so be aware, where it is known that the parents or guardian are not receiving
      medical attention for the child, healers are advised to secure the signature of the parents or guardian on a
      statement specifying that the healer has advised the need for professional help; the Healer should keep that
      statement on file.
22.   When giving healing to children always have the parents or guardian present during the healing.
23.   A Similar listing of codes applies to dentistry and to the Healing of animals.
24.   No one under the age of 18 should practice one to one healing in a Church, Centre or public place.

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