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					MISSION BEACH ADVERTISER                       March 2002

                                           Clump Point Marina
    In my article last December I                                                     whether the community feels that that
wrote that the lifetime of the existing                                               is a good trade-off.
jetty at Narragon Beach was nearly                                                        The combination of mangroves
over, hence the need to look at re-                                                   and mudflats always means an eco-
placements.                                                                           system rich in crabs and worms, and
    However it turns out that the State                                               fishermen tell me that the bay is used
Government funding of $840,000 was                                                    by barramundi and mackerel (and
only approved in November 1994, and                                                   humans) to catch shoals of baitfish on
the project was completed in late                                                     a rising tide.
1995. This means the jetty is only 6½                                                     Dugongs are seen in the bay occa-
years old. Moreover, local people                                                     sionally, and with the implementation
involved in discussing the design with                                                of the ‘no-trawl zone’ (see below)
Department of Transport recall that                                                   there is every hope of dugongs be-
the jetty’s life was intended to be 20                                                coming much more frequent as sea-
years, not 10 years as claimed.                                                       grasses recover. Unfortunately, heavy
    It is therefore essential that be-     nected to the mainland, close to Eco-      boat traffic and dugongs don’t mix.
fore we waste a lot of time and            Village, by a causeway that allows             There are aboriginal fish traps in
money on considering replacements          tidal flushing. My best estimate of the    the bay and cultural heritage sites
for the jetty, the Marine Facilities       seabed that will be excavated is a         nearby that are registered with EPA.
Joint Board should call in inde-           further 10 hectares. This means that       North Queensland Land Council,
pendent qualified marine surveyors         about 14 hectares of mudflats will be      acting for the Djiru People who are
to assess the jetty’s lifespan and         totally destroyed by the construction.     the traditional owners of Clump Point,
predict maintenance costs.                     Carefully comparing the MBH site       has written to both Shire Councils
    In talking about the Mission Beach     plan with the aerial photo and the         denying claims that MBH has con-
Harbours Pty Ltd (MBH) proposal, I         computerised cadastral map shows           sulted with Djiru People, and denying
wrote that this proposal was costed at     that the coastlines don’t quite corre-     the Djiru People favour the proposal.
$93 million back in 1994. This figure      spond. This is partly due to the dis-
                                                                                              Half a No Trawl Zone
was not plucked out of the air, but        tortion found in all photographs as            The new Federal Environment
came from a short discussion with          you move towards the edges, and I
                                                                                      Minister, David Kemp, has done a
MBH Director, Tony Lee, after the          think maybe there might be some con-
                                                                                      half-back-flip. After announcing he
Public Meeting. Tony has since told        fusion over the “high tide” mark.          would accept the recommendation of
me that this figure is not what he said,       The cadastral map shows Highest        the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
and that the cost is more like $10 to      Astronomical Tide, but the kinds of
                                                                                      Authority to close an area off Mission
20 million. I am happy to go along         mangroves here (mostly Rhizophora
                                                                                      Beach to trawling, he then buckled
with that figure.                          stylosa) grow below HAT, thus blur-        under pressure from the trawling
    I also wrote that the fee for com-     ring the distinction between land and
                                                                                      lobby and reduced the area by half.
mercial vessels using the jetty is $4      sea on the aerial photo.
                                                                                          The revised area runs from 5 Km
per passenger. I should just like to           Anyway, it may be that not all the     off Double Point, outside the
clarify that this $4 is for the use of     ‘sea’ in the sketch map will be exca-
                                                                                      Barnards, King Reef, and Dunk to a
both jetties, at Narragon and at Dunk      vated, and this could lower the 14
                                                                                      point 2.7 Km south-east of Hudson
Island spit.                               hectare figure slightly. However there     Island, the southernmost of the Family
    I have gathered together various       is clearly going to have to be a com-      group, then west to Tully Heads.
maps and photographs of the Clump          promise decision made between the
                                                                                          The commercial trawlers have set
Point area, and these are available on     area of the marina basin and how
                                                                                      up an organisation called, ironically,
the internet at           closely they can excavate to the man-      ‘Ecofish’ to promote their campaign
~dkimble/clumppoint.pdf A hard             groves without damaging their root
                                                                                      to continue destroying seagrass beds
copy is also available at the library at   systems. If the tide is to flush under
                                                                                      between Tully Heads and Meunga
Wongaling.                                 the causeway and around the western        Creek, off Edmund Kennedy NP.
    The photographs include a pano-        side of the island then all of that part
                                                                                          Life is strange - once upon a time
rama of Boat Bay on the lowest tide        of the bay will have to be deeply ex-
                                                                                      greenies were reviled and called ‘eco-
of 2001, which shows that the bay          cavated, as well as where the boats        freaks’, but now we have eco-villages,
dries completely and is a mudflat sur-     will be.                                   eco-marinas and even eco-trawling,
rounded by about 800 metres of man-            MBH say that they will do the
                                                                                      all of which are damaging to the
groves. The sketch map shows the           project in as environmentally friendly
                                                                                      natural eco-system. And in a bizarre
shape of the bay and the proposed          a way as possible, and I accept that,      twist, some of the loudest voices
island that will be formed from the        but the basic premise is that we get a
                                                                                      against the eco-trawlers are the
excavated material.                        marina but we are going to have to
                                                                                      proponents of the eco-marina.
    The island will have an area of        say goodbye to the environment
about 3.7 hectares and will be con-        known as Boat Bay, and I wonder            p Dave Kimble

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