Real World by banjani


The real you world is imperishable, you host that world. Your real and imperishable life is beyond this world, you host that life.

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									Real World , Real Price                        ...then no harm will befall you, no disaster    Now, to receive the real baby costs you to
                                               will come near your tent.                       go through the real process of expulsion of
                                                                                               the baby which is labour pains.
There is nothing in the universe that is       Now,
worthy to be defined as pain. There is                                                         The baby stays for some time within a man
nothing in the universe that is worthy to      It has been so difficult for the Lord to        before it is given birth to. By the time the
be called sickness,                            work with Thomases ( people who don't           baby has grown up from within, it
                                               have faith) of this age .                       becomes something that is unwanted by
Pain does not exist any more. It was                                                           the womb because it is too big and
finished and erased by the stripes of Jesus.   Faith , according to God ,is by which he        dangerous for it to bear, but at the same
The pain is your knowledge and you are         expects the Christians to live, but due to      time , it is too much expected in the
going to experience as much as you know.       the fact that they don't believe that they      outside world. It has to go through the
                                               have everything they need in Christ Jesus       wall which is the body and get outside.
Pain and sickness are not the things to live   and be satisfied by that , he finally decided
in fear of.                                    that everything that he kept within a           Therefore:-
                                               man's spiritual womb is expelled so that
Exodus .23:25-26; Psalms 91:7; Isaiah          they may see it with their own bare eyes               Faith is your hands with
:33:24                                         and be satisfied with their own hearts .
                                                                                                       which to receive your
I will take away sickness from among you,                                                              blessing into your
and none will miscarry or be barren in         Now, there is a big problem, because the                spiritual womb , but
your land . I will give you full life span .   things that the Lord has put in men are
                                               enclosed like a baby in their spiritual
...No one living in Zion will say , “ I am     wombs.
                                                                                                      Pain is a forceful
ill” ; and the sins of those who dwell there                                                           expulsion of the
will be forgiven.                              So before one sees a child, he has to                   unwanted blessing from
                                               undergo the process of the delivery of the              within, but expected in
A thousand may fall at your side, ten          baby which is called contractions or
thousand at your right hand, but it will not   labour pains.                                           the outside world.
come near you....
                                                                                               If your body gets infected, the blood discovers
                                                                                               that there is a foreign body in it and then starts
to make some means to fight and force it out.       that there is something unwanted that is        He grew up before him like a tender shoot,
The moment it forces it out, is the moment you      in the process of expulsion from within the     and like a root out of dry ground. He had
go through the process of feeling that forceful     womb of the earth .                             no beauty or majesty to attract us to him,
expulsion of the foreign body that is in you. The                                                   nothing in his appearance that we should
people define that process as pain.                 When you hear the noise on earth, it is an      desire him.
                                                    indication of the labour pains of the same.
On the other hand, the pain is a serial                                                             He was despised and rejected by men, a
                                                    The pandemonium and all kind of                 man of sorrows and familiar with
and a forceful process towards relief,
                                                    confusion that is taking place on earth is      suffering. Like one from whom men hide
delivery or freedom.
                                                    an indication of the new real earth that is     their faces he was despised, and we
                                                    in process of deliverance.                      esteemed him not.
The pains and sickness can only be defined
as :
                                                                                                    Surely he took up our infirmities and
the process of relief from what is                                                                  carried out sorrows, yet we considered him
                                                    An imaginary baby was born in past few          stricken by God, smitten by him, and
unwanted on your body. It is a process of
                                                    years, and now is the time for the real baby    afflicted .
expulsion of discomfort from your life.
                                                    to be born.
Therefore you have to stand the severity of                                                         But he was pierced for our transgressions,
                                                    But if you feel pains, it indicates that you    he was crushed for our iniquities; the
pains until you give birth to your things
                                                    are in a period or in process of deliverance.   punishment that brought us peace was
The severity of the pains indicates the                                                             upon him, and by his wounds we are
                                                    There is no sickness in life, but there is a    healed.
amount of discomfort or blessings that are
                                                    process of expulsion of the unwanteds
on the process of being expelled.
                                                    from within your life which can not take        We all, like sheep , have gone astray , each
                                                    place except through your body .                of us has turned his own way ; and the
If you feel discomfort in your life, there is
something unwanted by you in your life .                                                            LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all
If you are unhappy, there is something              Isaiah 53:1-11
foreign within your life.                                                                           He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did
                                                    Who has believed our message and to             not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb
If people are not satisfied by the way the          whom has the arm of the LORD been               to the slaughter, and a sheep before her
things are happening on earth, it indicates         revealed?
shearers is silent , so he did not open his    the only hands or the process of delivery       You have been hated and rejected, but you
mouth .                                        of those things were the pains.                 would not accept that.

By oppression and judgement he was taken       You have suffered for so many times in          You have been made to suffer for other
away. And who can speak of his                 your life, but you did all you could to avoid   people's mistakes and shortcomings, but
descendents?                                   and to stop your suffering.                     you fought back wrongly.

For he was cut off from the land of his        You were not actually escaping the pain,        You have been abused, and you did all you
living; for the transgression of my people     but the process of receiving.                   could to avoid that abuse.
he was stricken.
                                               You have been a serial off cutter of the        You should have received your
He was assigned a grave with the wicked,       hands ( pains) with which to receive your       things long time back, but you
and with the rich in his death, though he      own things .                                    would not because you kept on
had done no violence , nor was any deceit                                                      cutting off your labour pains.
in his mouth .                                 You have been persecuted on every side,
                                               but you fought back and won.
                                                                                               When your spouse made you to feel bad in
Yet it was the LORD’S will to crush him                                                        your marriage, all that was your
and cause him to suffer, and though the        You have been insulted, but you paid
                                                                                               contractions , but when s/he struck on the
LORD makes his life a guilt offering , he      revenge to those who persecuted you.
                                                                                               arrival of your things , you cut him or her
will see his offspring and prolong his                                                         off. You cut your own hands, tell me now
days, and the will of the LORD will            You have been judged falsely and unfairly,
                                                                                               where are your hands? Your things are
prosper in his land .                          but you hired so many lawyers to stand up
                                                                                               there, but you have got no hands any more.
                                               for you and you made it through against
                                                                                               Your piece and marriage is there, but
After suffering of his soul, he will see the   your blessings.
                                                                                               where are your hands?
light [of life] and be satisfied ; by his
knowledge my righteous servant will justify    You have been despised, but you would
                                                                                               Where is your child that was unruly? Your
many, and he bear their iniquities .           show people that you are not something to
                                                                                               things are piling up, but there are no hands
                                               be despised.
                                                                                               to pick them up .

God has tried for so many times to give the    You have been wounded, but you showed
                                                                                               Where is your employee? Your business
things which belongs to you and through        hatred to those who wounded you.
                                                                                               should have taken another level by now.
you, but you would not let him, because
Where are the people who persecuted you        ► You are persecuted on every side.              life just because you are financially
? Why did you cut off your hands?              ► You don't have peace in your                   unable.
                                                   marriage.                                  ► The current situations tell you that
How many time has God brought you              ►   You are ill treated at work.                 you can not enjoy a better life other
some promotions in your work, but you          ►   Your husband is involved in other            than selling your body. You are
would reject it.                                   relationships while you are in               now fully convinced that nothing
                                                   marriage covenant with him.                  can help you to escape
How many times have you rejected your          ►   Your children are abusing alcohol            prostitution.
own marriage being in a marriage thinking          and drugs
that its suffering?                            ►   Your children are unruly.               You are undergoing a real process for your
                                               ►   Everything is upside down and           real things.
How many times have you rejected and               inside out in your life.
disapproved the progress and prosperity in     ►   Nothing goes well with and for you      You are going through quality labour pains
your church? Where are the ligaments of            at this moment in time.                 for the quality child, therefore you have to
your vision for your ministry?                 ►   You are in depth of debts.              hold on and push on and on and on and on
                                               ►   The sicknesses have convinced you       and on until the real quality child is born
How many times have your refused to sign           that you are no more going to make      alive.
for your car?                                      it through.
                                               ►   The situation you encounter in life           All hardships that are taking place
How many times have you rejected your              have made you to believe the lies              in your life right now are not there
house?                                             that you are no more going to get              to kill you, but to make process of
                                                   married ,                                      birth of your blessing to go even
You are always seeking the freedom for         ►   The situations you encounter in life           faster through you.
your flesh rather than that of the spirit of       have made you to believe obvious
God within you.                                    lies that you are not going get a job   If you fight against your labour
                                                   anymore.                                pains, you are delaying your
                                               ►   The situations have made you to         blessing,
                                                   believe that you are no more going
       Real pain for real child.                   to escape the power or the desire to
                                                   take drugs and alcohol.
                                                                                           If you fight against the people who
You may be currently on labour pains .         ►   People have made you to believe         trouble your heart, you are causing
                                                   that you are not going to make it in    miscarriage to your blessings.
Now , that:-
You have to go through the real         all the things that are enclosed in a         If someone judges you falsely, make him to
pains in order to receive the real      blessing including life.                      do more of that to you.
things you have prayed for in life.
                                                                                      If the law applied upon you unfairly, let
                                        “Blessed” are those who are                   them apply a full measure of it.
Your wishes and desires are all true,   persecuted because of righteousness,
but they can not come true unless       for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.          If you are despised, you must make
you go through true pains for them.                                                   yourself an offer to those who do that to
                                        ( Mathew5:10)                                 you so that they can do even more of that
You have been troubled by                                                             to you.
situations and people for several
times, but you fought back and          Mathew 5:38-42.                               If you have someone who hates you, let
                                                                                      him cast even the last drop of it upon you.
complained: why does it happen to                                                     Keep him doing that with your love for
                                        “You have heard that it was said, 'Eye for
you.                                                                                  him.
                                        an eye, and tooth for a tooth.' But I tell
                                        you, 'Do not resist an evil person. If
So many times, your things have         someone strikes you on the right cheek,       If someone is always worrying you for
come to you, but you debilitated        turn to him the other also. And if someone    help, let him get more help from you. You
your hands for receiving them by        wants to sue you and take your tunic, let     must even ask, how else can you help.
fighting back;complaining and           him have your cloak as well. If someone
                                                                                      You undertook to help somebody from
saying: why do they come to you.        forces you to go one kilometre, go with him
                                                                                      your own free will, but now you feel
                                        two kilometres.
                                                                                      obliged. Do more of what you feel is
Even though you give birth to a                                                       demanded from you without any
                                        One of the reasons why you do not come to
child, it will be a handicapped one     the point of receiving your things is         complaints.
because you rebelled against its        because you do not stand the test of time.
                                        Every time the pains become severe, you
Your persecutor is a messager who       withdraw.                                     Your perseverance as a Christian begins
comes with your blessings and with                                                    only when you reach the point where you
                                        Now, if someone rejects you , you must
                                        make him to reject you even more.             say:”Enough is enough” or “ I am fed up!”
You have always stopped persevering after      If someone takes your shirt, you must give      bubble gum that has lost its taste due to
                                               him your coat too.                              your endurance, the pain will spit you out
having a feeling that enough is enough.                                                        for life.
                                               If a person slaps you on one cheek, you
You have always cut off your contractions      must give him another one.
before the arrival of your baby.
                                                                                               When you are praying, do not end
If someone forces you to feel pain, let him                                                    your prayer at the point where you
make you feel more pains, may be it is the      Pain has got some barriers beyond
                                               which it can not go. It may go through          are talking to God, but you must end
only way you can afford to make him happy
just once in your lifetime.                    the flesh but it can not go through the         at the point where GOD is talking
                                                  bones where the word of God is               back to you.
You are not going to make it if you do not
want to be rejected.                            stationed in the form of unbearable            If you resist the devil, resist him until
                                                  fire. It can not go through your             he agrees that he is defeated.
You are not going to make it if you do not
want to be judged falsely.                                  spiritual things.
You are not going to make it if you do not     You must sometimes allow the pains to
                                               come more and more to you as long as you
want to be looked down at. (A way down
is way up)                                     understand why they come to you. Because
                                                                                               Do not start something
                                               if you take a turn before the pain limit, you
                                               are automatically a failure and you are
                                                                                               and end before its end
If you are not ready to be punished for
other people's iniquities and                  defeated, but if you persist until the pains
                                               reach its turning point , you are more than
transgressions, you are not going to receive
the real child.                                a conqueror. If you have reached the point
                                               where the pains do not know what to do          At the ends of your pains, you will see
If a person causes you to carry heavy bag      with you, you have automatically reached        your off springs and be satisfied.
one mile, you must carry it an extra mile;     your point of freedom everlasting, you will
                                               have reached the real world with real joy       When your labour pains reach their
                                               everlasting. When you become like a             limit, you will receive you child.
So do not stop being patient before             Who has done this and carried it through,     You are at moment a stranger in this world
the pains reach its limit.                      calling forth the generations from the
                                                                                              but you belong to the real world where you
                                                                                              were in the beginning.
                                                I, the LORD- with the first of them and
                                                with the last -I am he.” The islands have     At the same time of being a stranger in this
                                                seen it and fear; the ends of earth tremble   world , you contain the real world within
                                                as they approach and come forward; each
                                                helps the other and say to his brother,

Isaiah 41:1-                                    “Be strong!”                                  Your citizenship is heaven.

'Be silent before me, you islands!              The craftsman encourages the goldsmith,       Before the earth was made, you were living
                                                and he who smoothes with the hammer           in a certain spiritual world ,with the
Let the nations renew their strength!           spurs on him who strikes the evil.            angels , you were praising the LORD
Let them come forward and speak;                He says of the welding,
                                                                                              The praise of the Lord was your food…
Let us meet together at the place of            “it is good .”
judgment.                                                                                     Your clothes were the glory of the living
                                                He nails down the idol so that it will not    God.
“Who has stirred up one from the east,          topple.
calling him righteousness to his service?                                                     You owned everything.
                                                “But you, O Israel, my servant, Jacob,
He hands nations over to him and subdues        whom I have chosen, you descendents of        Your were never in need of anything.
kings before him.                               Abraham my friend,
                                                                                              There was nowhere where the sickness
He turns them to dust with his sword, to        I took you from the ends of the earth, from   could locate itself in you because you were
windblown chaff with his bow.                   its farthest corners I called you.            a spiritual being.

He pursues them and moves on unscathed,         I said,'You are my servant.' ;I have chosen   Hunger and poverty did not know you, it
by a path his feet have not travelled before.   you and have not rejected you .               could not come into contact with you.
Frustrations and confusion could not be        The world where your needs and desires       Now , the purpose of Jesus on earth was to
known because it did not have a place in       were always around you, the world where      give birth to the nation free from death and
you.                                           you used to walk on the path of gold.        sin. ,but he could not do that without
                                                                                            going through the real process of birth
Lies could not be found in your tongue.        Among the spiritual beings that were there   which is being :
                                               in that world, the LORD , GOD Almighty ,
There was no meaning for the word              the All -Powerful God , chose you and took   despised, wounded; treated very badly,
persecution to you for it did not have a       you , He called you from the farthest        spat with saliva,
place in you.                                  corners of the earth .
                                                                                            all what he was going through was
The word death was not there in your           You were among the others, but you alone     actually not aimed at killing him ,but it
vocabulary.                                    were chosen for the specific purpose to      was aimed at hastening the process of the
                                               carry out in the earth.                      birth of the nation.
Failure was never known.
                                               You had to be sent down on earth, not to     People considered what they did to him as
Bankruptcy could not come into actions.        start new things , but to make known the     painful, but he treated it as process of
                                               things that the Lord made long time ago      coming of the nation , which caused labour
There was no part of your body that could      and confirm and to prove their validity.     pains.
say, “I need something to drink; I need
something to smoke'” for there was no          When someone prophesy , he isn't saying      They thought he was defeated, but ;
space for alcohol or any drug.                 there is something that is going to take
                                               place at a certain time , but he only        he had joy because he knew that the
You had the best of everything.                confirms or make known to people what        situation that defined him as dead was
                                               God did some ages ago. He is only            actually his time of delivering, the time of
You had all the characteristics of your        revealing the already made things.           victory, the time of coronation.
Maker, but you were ever younger
                                               He actually speak out the works of the       It became so difficult and hard for Jesus as
You were rich in everything.                   Lord and make them to be created in          well when the pains became severe, but we
                                               people's minds and wait in eager             find him saying:
Now , from that world of the living beings .   expectation for those things to take place
The world of everlasting joy. The world of     until those things come to pass.
“Now my heart is troubled, and what shall       You have always turned back before       Lose your possessions, lose your
I say?' Father, save me from this hour? '       the hour that was going to make the      relatives ,be deprived of love and
No ,it was for this very reason I came to       people believe that you do not           care from your loved ones, lose your
this hour” Father, glorify your name!”... (
                                                belong to this earth, but to heaven.     flesh piece by piece and give birth
John 12:27)
                                                                                         to the real world and real joy that is
...”My Father, if it is not possible for this   You have always withdrawn before         enclosed within your spiritual
cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may     the nation believed the message God      womb.
your will be done.” Mathew 26:42.
                                                sent you to pass to them.                The life is sometimes beginning
You as Christian have been so patient , but                                              when you die.
when it comes to the point of death , you       You have been patient one, two
kept on withdrawing, saying I rather            ,three and the fourth time you           When the egg cracks open because
remain without a child than dying of pains.                                              of heat outside, is the beginning of
                                                withdrew and excused yourself by
                                                saying : you are only a believer and a   life to a chicken family/nation
You have always given up before
your hour of deliverance.                       human being ,but you are not God .
                                                                                         “I tell you the truth, unless an ear of
                                                                                         wheat fall to the ground and dies, it
You have always agreed to devil                                                          remains only a single seed. But if it
that he has defeated you just one                                                        dies, it produces many seeds.”
                                                Real perseverance and real patience
step before he also agreed that you
                                                reaches out to the bones.
have overcome him.                                                                       If the seed does not die , the nation
                                                                                         is deprived of an orchard.
You have always turned back before
you drank the cup of suffering.                 If you are still worried about the       Unless your flesh is persecuted and
                                                things that are troubling your           die from its own will and desires
You always have withdrawn one                   belongings , it is not yet enough, it    you are deprived of the your things
hour before you conquered the                   must trouble you as well.                that are enclosed within you.
Unless Abraham feel the pains of               heir .” He took him outside and said,”        Through him all things were made; without
leaving his relatives customs and              Look up at the heavens and count the stars    him nothing was made that has been made.
traditions, hometown and friends               – if indeed you can count them .” Then he     In him was life, and life was the light of
                                               said to him:,” So shall your offspring be.”   men. The light shines in the darkness, but
and leave for the land he knows
                                                                                             the darkness has not understood it...
nothing about, the nation as much
as see sands and stars of heavens is                                                         The Word became flesh and made his dwelling
suffocating to death within him.                                                             among us . We have seen his glory, the glory of the
                                                                                             One and the Only , who came from the Father , full
Genesis 12:1-2 ; 15:2                                                                        of grace and truth.
The LORD had said to Abram,
                                                                                             Now, before anything appears and
“Leave your country, your people and your                                                    seen; it was already there. Before
                                               NO. is an abbreviation for the word           anything is spoken of, it is already
father's household and go to the land I will
show you.
                                               number. And                                   existing .

“I will make you into a great nation I will    A thing , is anything that occupies a         Out of nothing that was on earth in
bless you; ...                                 certain space on earth.                       beginning , there is lot of things that have
But Abram said, “ O Sovereign LORD,            Before anything occupies space on
what can you give me since I remain            earth it is already existing                  The towns and cities emerged from within
childless and the one who will inherit my      somewhere in the deep of the                  nothing that could be seen.
estate is Eliezer of Damascus?”                WORD.
                                                                                             Adam was lonely, but his friend was
And Abram said, “You have given me no                                                        within him.
children; so a servant in my household will
be heir,”                                                                                    Before earth was made into a shape, it was
                                               The word became flesh.
                                                                                             already that shape.
Then the word of the LORD came to him:         In the beginning was the Word, and the
“This man will not be your heir , but a son                                                  Before men were made, they were already
                                               Word was with God, and the Word was
coming from your own body will be your                                                       existing.
                                               God. He was with God in the beginning.
“I took you from the ends of the earth, from      In the beginning God created the          God can call a home out of nothing for
its farthest corners I called you.                heavens and the earth. Now the earth      those who are homeless.
                                                  was formless and empty, darkness was
”( Isaiah41: )                                    over the surface of the deep, and the     God can call a solution out of spilt
                                                  Spirit of the LORD was hovering over      water.
“ Before I formed you in the womb , I             the waters.
knew( chose) you...”
                                                                                            God can call the ground where your
(Jeremiah1:4)                                                                               waters have spilt a reservoir.
                                                And God said, “ Let there be light ,” and
                                                         there was the light ...            God can call hope where it is not
Before anything was made to be seen,            And God said,” Let there be and expanse
                                               between the waters to separate water from    God call life where no one can expect
it was already existing.                                       water.”                      it.

Before you were made into flesh, you           God made everything out of nothing.          God can command you to call
were already living somewhere in the                                                        something out of nothing.
                                               Out of nothing, he formed earth .
form of the spirit.                                                                         God can command Ezekiel to call life
                                               Out of nothing that was on earth, he         out of your dry bones.
The earth is full of things and people         called the light where no one could
today, those things were not there,            see it.                                      God can call a double story out of no
but they were already there before                                                          money.
they were seen by eyes.                        God called the vegetation out of
                                               where it was not.                            It does not matter what kind of spilt
Therefore:-                                                                                 water can you see in front of you right
                                               God can call a Doctor out of a poor          now.
There is a lot of things out “nothing.”        family or family with no money.
                                                                                            It does not make any difference how
Genesis 1 :
                                                                                            dry is the bones of your marriage or
your business or your finances or          Out of no friends, there is a Friend       There is something to eat out of the
social life. God command you to call       indeed.                                    eater.
back a solution to that situation.
                                           There is city out of barren land.          There is a progress out of no progress.

                                           There is a baby out of barren womb.        There is a pass out of a failure.
The Word became a human being and
                                           There is life out of no life.              There is fire out of a stick of lion
lived here with us.                                                                   matches.
                                           There is somebody out of nobody.
We saw his true glory, the glory of the                                               Out of your no time, there is a number
only Son of the Father.                    There is a solution out of a problem.      of years (if you use your no time for
                                                                                      the Master of the time and seasons).
                                           There is a way out of no way.
From him all the kindness and all the
truth of God have come down to us.         There is Eve out of Adam.

There is a lot of things out of nothing.   There is freedom in the midst of                                .
                                           hungry lions for Daniel.
Before anything that exists today was
seen, it was already there .               There is a cool air in the midst of fire   All what you see here on earth today
                                           where Abednego, Meshack and                including you was conceived in
Out of no home, there is a home.           Shadrack are heated.                       nothing , nobody could see the Word
Out of no joy, there is joy.               There is a way through any situation.
                                                                                      because everybody was in the Word
                                                                                      and there is still a lot to be expected
Out of no job, there is a job.             There is a way through obstacles.          out of the Word beyond what IT
Out of no cent, there are billions of      There is a way that leads to the other
dollars.                                   side of the mountain in front of you.
Out of the same Word that                       this momentary affliction is preparing us
                                                for an eternal weight of glory beyond all
became flesh, came the blood that               comparison.                                    A WORD made a container (earth).
washed the sins of the world.                                                                  And out of the container he had made
                                                                                               , HE made another containers(men).
John1:29                                                                                       He then made that container his
                                                There is a nation as much as stars of          dwelling place where he could
                                                heaven within you.                             accomplish his purpose through the
                                                                                               same container ( man)
                                                There are towns and cities within
                                                you.                                           GOD picked “earth” and formed a
                                                                                               man , and he entered his content into
                                                There is life and joy that is conceived        a man.
                                                within you.
                                                                                               Everybody is a word and everybody is
                                                There is a message that comes from             heaven. Heaven is invisible thing that
                                                the Lord just in the song that is sung         is
                                                by you.
2 C0rrinthians4:7-18                                                                           a store house for everything. So this
                                                The content of the container are the people,   word and heaven is walled in
But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to                                                  physical part which is flesh .
show that the surpassing power belong to        and the content itself is earth. And at the
God and not to us. We are afflicted in          same time, the content of the container are
                                                                                               It is walled by a perishable thing. It is
every way, but not crushed; perplexed , but     the containers themselves.
not driven to despair, persecuted , but not                                                    walled by a failing thing. It is walled
forsaken, struck down , but not                                                                by a thing that wants to satisfy itself
                                                They contain the real world within them.
destroyed....                                                                                  with anything. It is walled by a
                                                The real world contains real joy               vulnerable thing. It is walled by a
So we do not lose heart . Though our outer      everlasting. It contains life eternal. It      weakest thing.
nature is wasting away, but our inner           contains satisfaction.
nature is being renewed day by day. For
There is nothing that is not there.       You are not an orphan because your      doing its own will and ignores what is
Whether the things that are for seen         father is walled within you.         walled within it.
or not, but they are there.
                                         You are not widow(er) because your
 Everything that one is looking for is         husband is within you.
         walled within him.                                                       Where is the cure for the diseases
                                         The solution to your family problems     labelled as incurable shall come ?
   The Word is walled within you.                is walled within you.
                                                                                  (It is walled within then Word of
  There is a lot of things within the                                             God which is walled within one of the
                 Word.                                                            “Earths”.)
                                         Life is all about talking a word .
     Heaven is within the Word.
                                         It is all about doing the spoken word.
      Life is within the Word.                                                    What is going to stop the violence
                                         Those who are quarrelling , they         and wars in the world?
     Death is within the Word.           quarrel from the words they have
                                         spoken or done.                          (It is going to be stopped by the
 Your prosperity is within the Word.                                              Word that is enclosed in super
                                         Those who are happy are happy            natural human beings.)
   Your peace is within the Word.        because of the words that have been
                                         spoken to one another.
  Your peaceful marriage is walled
           within you.                                                            Who is able to stop prostitution
                                                                                  alcohol and drug addiction in this
  Your wealth is walled within you.      The solution to the nation's problems    world?
                                         is within the WORD of God that is
  Your promotion at work is walled       walled within vulnerable thing. A        (It is the Word.)
           within you.                   way forward for the nation is walled
                                         within “earth”. And the “Earth is busy
Who is going to prevent separation of       trumpets and the priests who carried the       The flesh desires anything in front of
marriages and street kids?                  chest,..                                       it. It always wants to satisfy itself
                                                                                           with anything it can see.
(It is the Word.)                           the priests blew their trumpets again , and
                                            the soldiers shouted as loud as they could .   Now this wall is very dangerous to
Who is going to maintain peace in our       The walls of Jericho felt flat. Then the
                                            soldiers rushed up the hill , went straight
                                                                                           the Word of God .
land?                                       into the town , and captured it .
                                                                                           The flesh lives on what it sees , but
(It is the Word.)                           Now, the life of a person who does             the Word lives on what it knows
                                            not have Jesus as his personal saviour         from ages ago.
Who is going to stop promiscuity in
                                            is like spilt water.
our land?                                                                                  When you say, you are sick he says
                                            The spilt water does not have                  you were healed long time ago.
(It is the Word.)
                                            destination of its own desire, but it
                                            follows whatever furrow it finds               It even said that there is nothing new
Where is the Word?                          wherever it has spilt.                         in the world. Everything is repetition.

(It is in you)                              But there is some kind of water that
                                            flows through piping and furrows to            Deuteronomy 28:1
                                            water the plants in place where it
                                            would not afford to go to without the          Today I am giving you the laws and the
                                            help of a generator or engine.                 teachings of the LORD you God.
Joshua 6:12-
                                            Now as you are the container of the            Always obey them, And the LORD will
Early the next morning, Joshua and
                                            world and the nation within you,               make Israel the most famous and important
                                                                                           nation on earth, and he will bless you in
everyone else started marching around
Jericho in the same order as the day        the Word of God is walled by                   many ways.
before. One group of the soldiers was in    physical part which is flesh.
                                                                                           ...He will make successful in everything
front, followed by the seven priests with                                                  you do. You will have plenty of money to
lend to other nations, but you won't need to   Your flesh pulls you away to the “joys”   If you are being pulled away from the
borrow any yourself.                           of this world.                            source of your life , where are you
                                                                                         going to?
                                               Your flesh pulls you away to drugs
                                               and alcohol addiction.                    The answer is : You are going to death
Now, The flesh is depriving you of the                                                   eternal.
blessings from God.                            Your flesh pulls you away to fame.
                                                                                         How far are you with your journey to
Quenching all the thirsts of your flesh        Your flesh pulls you away to high         death?
increase the wall which prevents the           standard of living according to its
revelation of the real world within            desire.                                   Nobody knows, but where there is no
you.                                                                                     life, there is death.
                                               Your flesh pulls you away to stealing
It prevents the solution to the                and killing.                              Now ,
problems the nation is faced with.
                                               Your flesh pulls you away to              Why is all this happening?
If you try to obey the constitution of         promiscuity.
the Lord,                                                                                Your flesh was taken from earth, that
                                               Your flesh pulls you away to love for     is why it desired anything that
Your flesh leads you to follow your            money.                                    belongs to earth.
own constitution.
                                               Like a fish hook the pains pulled you     But the Word said:
Your flesh pulls you away from the             away from the Word of the Lord.
Word of God to the same sex                                                              “God blessed them and said to them,”Be
marriage.                                      You are now being pulled away from        fruitful and increase in number; fill the
                                               the source of your LIFE / WORD of         earth and subdue it.. . Genesis 1:28
Your flesh pulls you away to sex               the LORD by hunger, worries,
before marriage.                               failures, tiredness, personal
                                                                                         it also said ,
                                               achievements, customs and traditions
                                               and troubles and tribulations.
“...Why is your face downcast? If you do       “I can do anything with Christ who        contains everything that is seen and
what is right, will you not be accepted? But   strengthens me”                           all that is not seen. It contains
if you do not do what is right, sin is                                                   everything that is still going to be
crouching at your door; it desires to have     Philippians 4:13                          seen.
you, but you must master it.

Genesis 4:7                                    now,                                      Before a man was on physical earth,
                                                                                         he was owned by the Word, but the
                                               What is faith?                            moment he came out of the womb and
                                                                                         became flesh , he started to own
If the Word said we must subdue the            “faith is substance of things hoped for   things in such a way that the things
earth and master the sin .                     “                                         he owned had a tendency of owning
Why do the earth and the sin do to us          but God also reveals that :- Mathew
what the Word said we must do to it?           8:5-13                                    “Earth” connected himself to earth in
                                                                                         such a way that he forgot about his
                                               “Faith is obedience to the Word of        content within him.
Is it because we do not want to do the                                                   The biggest problem started when
will of God ?                                  to be obedient is to do what you are      you landed on earth.
                                               commanded by the Word of God.
No,                                                                                      When you arrived on earth, you were
                                               Faith is also to admit that there is      introduced to so many things that
The answer is because the Word says,           someone who have power over your          were not there in the real world from
                                               life and death. A person who have         which you come. Those things that
Stay awake and pray that you are won't be                                                belongs to earth in which you are in
tested. You want to do what is right, but
                                               power to do anything for you other
                                               than your authorities.                    right now, are delaying your journey
you are weak. Mathew 26:41
                                                                                         back to where you belong.
It is only because you do not have             Heaven is the dwelling place for the
faith                                          WORD of GOD. The Word of God
Those are the things that the earth         The more you approach death is the               The qualities of the earth.
desire so much. And it desire those         more you approach hell. Hell is a
things through your flesh(earth)            place for life persecution.                It is perishable.
                                                                                       It has got limited power.
The inner you is affected by non of         The earth begins outside with your         It desires everything, but failed by
them, but the earth is their dwelling       flesh and ends at the end of your feet.     its limited strength to achieve
place.                                                                                  some of the desired wishes.
                                            Whatever you see with your bare eyes       It can not stand some of fatal
Whatever comes after what you are in        belongs to the earth and whatever you       diseases.
the real world within, is the               see with your spiritual eyes belongs to    It always wants to satisfy itself
beginning of the earth.                     the nation within you, the real world.      with whatever it wants or see
                                                                                        with its eyes.
The beginning of the earth (body) is        The qualities of the real man .            Every discomfort and worries in
the attachment to death.                                                                your life get opportunities to work
                                             The real you never die not even by        in you through your flesh.
Earth is a part that is vulnerable to sin       mistake.
.                                              He is not perishable.
                                               He never gets thirsty.
A sin deviates the real you from the           He never gets hungry.                 If you are not in flesh :-
will of the Word of the Lord.                  He never becomes sick.
                                               He believes and can see everything    You would not be talking of pain.
The more you live for your flesh, is the        that he needs right around him
more you deviate from the will of               and is satisfied by that.             You would not be talking of hunger
God.                                           He never fails.                       and anger.
                                               He is invincible.
The more you deviate from the word             He has got authority over all         You would not be talking of
of the Lord is the more you approach            things on earth.                      exhaustion and failure in your life.
death.                                         The earth and everything that is in
                                                earth belongs to him.                 You would not be crying.
You would not be talking about             He took the powers of earth and all      yourself under the position of your
sickness.                                  that is attached to it and buried it     enemy devil which is under your feet.
                                           under ground and he himself rose to
                                           heaven (his real world)                  Anything that is without the word of
                                                                                    God in it, is under your feet and is
But later on,                              therefore;-                              empty of power or strength.
the Word(GOD) was sent down on             there is no more pain to those who       It does not matter how difficult the
earth ,                                    believe in him.                          situation is , but if there is no Word of
                                                                                    God in it, it is under your
it became flesh and lived in human         There is no more sickness, but           manipulation. And if you don‟t have
beings .                                   expulsion of the unwanted.               the Word of God within you, you are
                                                                                    as good as destroyed by that big
The Word was contained in flesh.                                                    nothing you are faced with.
The reason why the Word became             How high you imagine or compare the      It does not matter , the storm may rise
flesh was because it wanted to take        problem you are faced with to your       in the sea thinking that the Master of
the form of earth so that it was going     position at a present moment, is how     power who is Jesus , as he is sleeping
to be able to attract earth together       lower it is in real situation as         does not have power anymore, but the
with all that belongs to it as qualities   compared to your position and            fact is that it does not have the word
( see above) and bury it in the grave      imagining.                               of God in it, then let disciples calm
so that all those who had no power to                                               down.
refrain from earthly things could be       How high you imagine your Goliath
free.                                      in front of you is how lower is he in    The problems may find you sleeping ,
                                           his real position                        if you have the word in you as your
The Word, with its flesh pulled the                                                 strength, it does not have anything to
whole ground for all troubles and          whenever you pray , you imagine devil    do with your life.
buried in the grave.                       or put him in a position that is equal
                                           to God's position in your life and put   Devil's position is under your feet.
The mountains and sicknesses that          You imagine it, you locate it.            it with its signs and symptoms and
Devil and his demons are causing in                                                  attach it or fit it into your flesh and
your life are far lower than your          You locate it , you accommodate it.       then you will tell the people that you
position.                                                                            are sick. You are going to submit to its
Nehemiah's position is higher than
that of Sanballat.                         You accommodate it , you crown it .       The bible says , “I will remove sickness from
                                           You crown it , you put it in a position   you “, “ No one who lives in Zion, will say .'I
You are not suffering from the                                                       am ill'
sickness or from any kind of               of a king in your life.
mountain, but you are suffering from
how you imagine the position of devil      And then it will rule and dictate over
in your life.                              your actions.
                                                                                     The Christian community is not
                                           Your mind and attitude should             suffering from the authorities and
If you imagine the pain as if it is in                                               laws of this world, but they are
your head , you will give a name           change and resemble that of Christ
                                           Jesus.                                    suffering from how they imagine the
„headache‟ than headache will                                                        position of devil as compared to their
develop.                                                                             Christianity/Faith.
                                           The word sickness or illness must be
Wherever you imagine the pain in           erased from the vocabulary in your
your body, you will have it right there.   mind.
                                                                                     The Christian community are the
                                           I assure you , you will never say you
                                                                                     SALTS of the world.
                                           are sick from sickness you know
Wherever you locate a problem in           nothing about. So you will be able to     They are the LIGHTS of the world.
you, is where it will find a place to      ignore that 'thing' or even instruct it
stay.                                      to come out of your life.                 They are gods to this world.
                                           Once you know the name of the             They are the HEADS to this world.
                                           sickness, you will probably decorate
“You are the salt of the earth. But if the       on the table or on the platform is           Once the labour pains begins, there is
salt lose its saltiness, how can it be made      democracy, man made laws and                 no way back.
salty again? It is no longer good for            constitution.
anything, except to be thrown out and                                                         There is no meaning in anything until
trampled by men.                                 Christian do not believe that they           there is something meaningful in it.
“You are the light of the world. A city on a
                                                 have to set themselves into a right
hill cannot be hidden . Neither do people        position so that the LORD God                There is no meaning in a skin until
light a lamp and put it under a bowl.            Almighty will prove himself                  you design something meaningful to
Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives   victorious through them.                     it.
                                                 They submit to the will of the flesh which   If a ball is without air in it , it is just a
to everyone in the house .                       conceals who God is in terms of power ,      skin, but it is a ball only if there is air
                                                                                              in it.
Now, the salt is being trampled by               authority and Kingdom.
constitutional laws and legislatures of                                                       There is no meaning in a man until
                                                 But it does not matter how long has
this country.                                                                                 God deposit his purpose in him.
                                                 that taken because now is the time of
The light of the world is being                  the LORD ALMIGHTY.                           Once purpose of God find a place in
suffocated by the constitutional laws                                                         you, the problems become like you
                                                 The new nation that is free from :
and legislatures of this country.                                                             garment.
                                                    ☺   HIV/AIDS.
The men of this world are not praising                                                        Though the Portifah's wife may try to
                                                    ☺   Corruption
our Father in heaven because they do                                                          destroy the purpose of God in you ,
                                                    ☺   Confusion.
not know the light due to the fact                                                            she may be able to get an access to
                                                    ☺   Ill treatment of the inhabitants
that it is under the bowl.                                                                    your garment , but not to the purpose
                                                        of the country,
                                                                                              of God in you.
Even though we are growing into                     ☺   Poverty
many ministries and so powerful, but                ☺   Wars and violence                     Even though pains and death may
the people cannot believe the power                                                           access your body but they cannot
                                                 is on process of delivery.
of God because the only thing that is                                                         access your life eternal.
Though the Philistines may access           Has it come out of your mind who
Samson eyes, they cannot get an             God is?
access to the source of his power .         “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he
                                            should defy the armies of the armies of living
                                            God ?
We have overcome, we should go and
act like the people who have                1 Samuel17:26

Whatever you want to do for the sake
of the Name of God; just do it . Do not
argue with obstacle, the only thing
you have to do with them, is to
command them to move out of your
way in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Who are you that you fear mortal men, the
sons of men, who are but grass, that you
forget the LORD your Maker, Isaiah 51

Who are you that you fear the
legislatures and governors of this age
and allow them defile the Name of the

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