Shipbuilders add flare to Gravely christening by lonyoo


									Vol. 39, Number 20                                                                                                          May 21, 2009

                                                                                      add flare
                                                                                      to Gravely

 (Photo Above) Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding President Mike Petters
 (center) and U.S. Navy Cmdr. Douglas W. Kunzman, prospective com-
 manding officer, Gravely (DDG 107), are sprayed as Mrs. Alma Gravely,
 widow of the ship’s namesake, christens the ship at Northrop Grumman
 Shipbuilding’s facility in Pascagoula. Her late husband, Vice Adm.
 Samuel L. Gravely Jr. was a pioneer in the Navy for African-American
 officers and sailors. (Photo Right) The Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
 Ensemble, composed of shipbuilders, performed renditions of "Hero"
 and "America the Beautiful" at the event.

  The spirit and legacy of Vice Adm. Samuel L. Gravely Jr.                 Vice Adm. Gravely (June 4, 1922 - October 22, 2004) was a
was heralded as Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding chris-                     pathfinder whose leadership and achievement as a decorated
tened Gravely (DDG 107). Before more than 2,000 guests,                  Naval officer and notable African-American demonstrated
Mrs. Alma Gravely, widow of Vice Adm. Gravely, smashed                   the value and strength of diversity in the U.S. military.
a bottle against the bow of DDG 107, officially christening                “Admiral Gravely believed that all jobs were good jobs
the ship Gravely. The event was made even more memorable                 because they provided chances to excel,” said Mike Petters,
by employee participation. The Shipbuilding Ensemble,                    corporate vice president and president of Northrop Grum-
a group of shipbuilder-vocalists, harmonized beautifully                 man Shipbuilding. “That is our goal as shipbuilders here
to sing “Hero” and “America the Beautiful.” The Pledge                   at Northrop Grumman. And as Gravely also professed, to
of Allegiance was led by Tony Taylor, DDG 107 general                    be successful at anything, you must be committed enough
superintendent of electrical and cable, who is also a retired                         to the cause, to focus on the ultimate goal. I can

National Guard Soldier. And DDG 107 shipbuilders were                     what’s      speak to the commitment of the shipbuilders at
quoted in the programs and present at the event.                          and make it Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding -- it’s outstan-
  Principal speaker, U.S. Navy (ret) Adm. J. Paul Reason                              ding -- and you can see this for yourself just by
hailed Gravely as his mentor, saying, “Black officers like me                         looking at the ship behind me.”
followed his movements assiduously because he was our                      Cmdr. Douglas Kunzman, the prospective commanding
guide...our ready source of career advice and of inheritance.            officer of the ship, will lead the crew of 276 officers and enlis-
He excelled at the hardest jobs. He provided for every                   ted personnel when the ship is commissioned in 2010. The
seagoing Naval officer a viable path to make rank. Wherever              9,200-ton ship is 509 feet in length, has a waterline beam of
a glass ceiling was real or perceived, Sam Gravely left it               59 feet, and a navigational draft of 31 feet. Four gas turbine
shattered.”                                                              engines will power the ship to speeds in excess of 30 knots.
 NSC 3 build strategy improves schedule

                                        Chipper Willie Washington preps          continue shipshape outfitting and be
                                      for the erection of unit 2310, part of     landed on the keel blocks July 20.
                                      grand block 2310 of the U.S. Coast           The improved strategy will allow
                                      Guard’s third national security            outfitting to occur in the stacking
                                      cutter (NSC 3) Stratton (WMSL 752).        hall, protected from the weather.
                                      Grand block 2310 is a combination                         Within the grand block

                                                                                    Own and
                                      of six units and represents a major          improve      is the combining gear
                                                                                   our critical
                                      improvement in the construction              processes.   foundation, 2 generator
                                      strategy. It was completely stacked on                    foundations, gas turbine
                                      April 30 with the erection of the last                    and main engine
                                      of the six units, completing the first     foundations; all landed 10 months
                                      grand block of the new build strategy      sooner than on NSC 2’s construction
                                      for NSC 3. The grand block will            schedule.

Report to the Community Now Available
  The 2008 Shipbuilding Report to the Community, a              Monday, May 25: City Business (Avondale)
publication highlighting employees’ volunteer efforts, is       Friday, May 29: Daily Press (Newport News)
now available on Homeport and the Shipbuilding sector           Friday, May 29: The Mississippi Press (Pascagoula)
website.                                                        A supplemental slide show featuring 26 photos that
  Hard copies of the Report to the Community will be           were not included in the report is also available
mailed to employees’ homes along with the May edition           Homeport:
of the Shipbuilder newsletter. Copies will also be insert-      Shipbuilding sector site:
ed into local newspapers on the following dates:                ("For Shipbuilders" link)

Independence Day holiday schedule
  The following work schedule will be observed by Shipbuilding Gulf Coast employees at all facilities during the week of
June 28 – July 4, except for plant protection, necessary maintenance and as specifically excluded by union contract:
                                           Monday, June 29 - 10 Hour Shift
                                           Tuesday, June 30 - 10 Hour Shift
                                          Wednesday, July 1 - 10 Hour Shift
                                        Thursday, July 2 - 10 Hours Holiday Pay
                                          Friday, July 3 - All facilities closed
  Management will inform employees in their specific area if a different schedule from the above is to be worked.
  Union Represented employees are reminded of the work requirement before and after the holiday in order to qualify for
holiday pay.
 Family Open House, NGSB
 Pascagoula June 13
  The leadership of Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Gulf            visitors and demonstrate how each employee contributes to
Coast, invites you and your family to a Family Open House         building a ship.
June 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Pascagoula facility. The      Departments must register to participate in order to receive
event will include shipbuilding exhibits and the opportunity      a space in the tent, a sign, and volunteer T-shirts for workers.
to tour Makin Island (LHD 8), the newly delivered amphibious      To get a registration packet or for more info on the exhibit,
warfare ship. Sailors from the ship’s pre-commissioning crew      contact Amy Rowell of Connect1NG. Amy can be reached at
will act as tour guides, directing traffic flow and answering     ext. 2778 or email
guests’ questions about the ship. Children of all ages may at-      Tickets are available next week at these locations:
tend, but must be at least 6 years old to tour the ship.            Human Resource Building, Amy Rowell, ext. 2778
  All NGSB employees and their families are invited to at-          Production Control Central, Robin Poppenhouse, ext. 3949
tend. Free tickets for the event will be distributed throughout     Outfitting Hall, Becky Swann, ext. 1858
the shipyard starting next week. One ticket per family, limit 6     Wet Dock, Cara Bishop, ext. 4493
people per ticket.                                                  Hospital, Lance Smith, ext. 5018
  Each department of the shipyard will have the opportunity         Admin. 1, Communications Department
to showcase their contribution to the shipbuilding process by       New Orleans, Communications Department
hosting an informational exhibit within a 10x10 space. Con-         Gulfport, Jennifer Copeland, ext. 7346
nect1NG will help facilitate the exhibits which will educate        Check Homeport and Centerline each week for event updates.

Summer camp for children of NGSB employees
  Northrop Grumman is teaming up with local teachers to           must be received by Yvonne Findley at the human resources
offer a summer camp for employees’ children ages 12-14 from       building by COB June 10. We will notify the accepted
July 20-23. This camp is designed to introduce students to the    children’s parents by phone and by letter. Selectees’ parent or
shipbuilding industry in a fun, positive way and provide a        guardian will be responsible for transportation to and from
good overview of ethics, operations, engineering, safety and      the training center each day from July 20-23, 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
other aspects of shipyard life. To apply, the child must fill     Applications may be picked up from Yvonne Findley at the
out an application and write an essay of no more than 250         human resources building, Robin Wicks at the training center
words, and will be chosen based on the application and essay.     or Sherry Penton at P.C. Central. For more information, contact
Placement is limited to 20. The complete application package      Lewie McLeod at (228) 935-0937.

Volunteers needed to place flags
  Volunteers are needed to place 18,000 flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day weekend. Please meet at 8:45
a.m., Saturday, May 23 at the Biloxi National Cemetery, located on the grounds of the Biloxi VA Center at Veteran’s
Avenue and Pass Road. For more information, call Nettie C. Jones at 228-497-9726.

Bay Bears hosts Northrop Grumman Night in Mobile
  The Mobile Bay Bears will host Northrop Grumman Night             Gulfport, Cheryl Malesev, ext. 6261; Pascagoula in yard,
at Hank Aaron Stadium, Saturday, May 30, at 7 p.m.                           Holley Sanders, ext. 1350; Pascagoula Yard Hos-
as they take on the Jacksonville Suns. A pre-game                            pital, Joaquin Orozco, ext. 4755; Central Receiving
picnic in Gas Light Park starts at 5 p.m. For only $10,                      Warehouse, Paula Lockard, ext. 4473; Pascagoula
a ticket will include a hamburger, all-you-can-eat                           Admin, Christy Crosby: ext. 7497; Homeport, Lisa
hot dogs, coleslaw, chips and drinks. Youth baseball                         Hoskinson, ext. 5594 or Danny Marks, ext. 2314;
coaches are encouraged to take their team in uniform                         EDC, Sheila Naquin, ext. 1611; Cowboy Maloney
to walk on the field during pre-game events. Coaches,                        (SRM), Daniel Damico, ext. 6126; Service Merchan-
contact Danny Marks, ext. 2314. Employees may                                dise (SRM) Victor Anchor, ext. 0902; or Sunplex, Jeff
purchase tickets from:                                            Prestridge, ext. 7409.
                                                                                                            Hot Jobs
                                                                                                                  All open jobs are now available for viewing on our website,
                                                                                                     Please visit the website and apply for any job
                                                                                                              or jobs compatible with your skill set. All employees applying online will be required to
                                                                                                              create a new profile.
                                                                                                                       Across the Sector                                           Gulfport
                                                                                                                          *Pipefitters                             *Composite Fiberglass Fitters
                                                                                                                         *Pipewelders                            *Composite Fiberglass Mechanics
                                                                                                                          *Shipfitters                                          Pascagoula
Give life Give blood                                                                                                   *Structural Welders
                                                                                                                   * Indicates Employee Referral Eligible
 June 3                      Admin Bldg                           8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
 June 8                      K-Mart Complex                       9 a.m.-2 p.m.
 June 9                      Singing River Mall                   12 p.m.-5 p.m.
 June 10                     Hospital (Covey RM)                  8 a.m.-3 p.m.
 June 11                     Hospital (Covey RM)                  8:30 a.m.-7 p.m.
Parking near gates temporarily prohibited                                                                    Enjoy Sounds by the Sea, a free patriotic tribute, Saturday,
  Due to fence repairs, parking will be closed from the gate                                               May 23, in Gulfport's Jones Park and Sunday, May 24, in
4 turnstile entrance to the A&E entrance barrier from Mon.,                                                Pascagoula’s Beach Park. Performers from local church choirs
May 25, until Wed., June 3. The no-parking areas will be                                                   will sing in a Freedom Chorus starting at 7 p.m. followed by a
barricaded and clearly marked with yellow tape. Parking                                                    Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra concert. A fireworks display
in these areas may resume again Thursday, June 4 or when                                                   will be the grand finalé to the event. Seating begins at 6 p.m.,
repairs are completed.                                                                                     so bring your lawn chairs and blankets.

AUTOS                                               0519                                                ‘97 TrL DBLE wDE 3BD/2Ba w/1 aC $60k 228-990-           601-947-4674
‘08 Camry LE 25k mi payoff 601-508-5364             ‘95 SuNBirD 115 EviNruDE $6k 235-3110               6769                                                    ELECTriC LawNmowEr $120 uSED oNCE 219-7788
‘06 ToyoTa Camry SE 4Dr LoaDED 228-219-2028         21’ STorm fLaTS 200Hp 100 HrS 15k oBo 623-2386      14 aCrES/wHomE SToCkED poND $625k 228-392-              GravELy mowEr DECk 30” CuT $175 228-475-5712
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‘99 mErC mySTiquE LS BaD ENG $250 228 623-2096      HarLEy DaviDSoN LEaTHr CHapS LG$150 623-7177        4BD/3Ba3000Sq’ aGriCoLa $235k 601-947-4813              vaN riDErS waNTED moBiLE-yarD 251-423-5333
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‘90 iSuzu 4CLy a/C 163k mi GrEaT CoND 235-0644      ANIMALS                                             furN 2BD/2Ba Camp 3 LoTS NEar paS rvr $70k              avoN pLEaSE CaLL kaTHiE aT 251 680 8433
 ‘89 oLDS $2500 769-2501/ 990-1097                  frEE mixED BrEED pupS 8 wkS rEaDy 1m/2fm            497-2995                                                C aND D LawN CarE frEE ESTimaTES 219-2474
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219-4581                                            282-5567                                            MISCELLANEOUS                                           860-2714
‘01 CHEvy SLvrDo LS ExT CaB 170k mi $6500                                                               ‘03 wiNDow aC uNiT 20,500 BTu LikE NEw $175             LawN SErviCES LaNDSCapE CLEaNup 235-
826-1677 6p                                         FURNITURE/APPLIANCES                                769-2637                                                2735/475-4923
‘89 f600 2T fLaTBED wELDTruCk $3200 oBo 228-        CHEST frEEzEr LarGE $75 623-2386                    1 NikoN D70 SLr CamEra BaT CHG/BaT/LENS 623-            Tai CHi CLaSSES fuN ENErGy aLL aGES 228-327-
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826-5761                                            waSH/DryEr $150/Ea or $200 BoTH piCk-up             2-paSSENGEr yErf-DoG Go-karT 6 Hp $600                  i wouLD LikE To THaNk aLL my friENDS iN THE
                                                    366-0321                                            4 Ea 17” TirES aND wHEELS 228-990-1945                   pipE DEpT pipE SHop, THE CrEw of 21 DEpT
BOATS/MOTORS                                                                                            5 GaL vaLSpar iNTr paiNT SaTiN LT BEiGE $75             a.j. wiLLiamS aND ComBiNE SHop STorEroom
‘07 yam 1300CC $9500 369-8208                       PROPERTY FOR SALE                                   327-4993                                                for aLL THEir THouGHTS aND prayErS DuriNG
‘02 17’ STiNGray $3500 NEGoTiaBLE 218-5859          ‘07 16x80 moBiLE HomE 3BD/2Ba aSSm NoTES            7fT HowSE BuSH HoG NEw $2k warraNTy                     THE LoSS of my faTHEr, THomaS wiLSoN Sr.
‘01 700 yam wavEruN, Low HrS, 3 ST, $2,500          366-0049                                            219-0575                                                aND BroTHEr, BiLL wiLSoN. may GoD BLESS
251-510-6986                                        ‘98 DBLEwD 3BD/2Ba NEw mETaL roof $25k              40 GaL GaS HoT waTEr TaNk w/paN $150 217-8888           EaCH aND EvEryoNE of you.
‘97 TriToN 186 175 mariNEr w/TrL $6500 228-219-     990-6012                                            42” 14.5Hp LawN mowEr workS GooD $350                                 Tommy aND CaroL wiLSoN

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