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Phase One by lonyoo



                                                                                    July 2005

What’s new in Capture One LE 3.7.1
New cameras added
Support for the following cameras has been added to Capture One:
   • Nikon D2Hs
   • Nikon D70s
   • Nikon D50
   • Epson R-D1

Nikon D2Hs and D50 white balance support
Capture One does not support the Nikon D2Hs and D50 white balances, due to the encrypted
white balance format recently introduced by Nikon Corporation. All white balance presets
are emulated so that your images will look very similar to the original white balance presets.
If your images were shot using custom or auto white balance, Capture One will
automatically perform an auto white balance on your images when they are opened for the
first time.

RAW file support
The following cameras are supported in Capture One:

    • 1Ds Mark II, 1D Mark II, 1Ds, 1D
    • 20D, 10D, 350D, 300D, D60, D30
    • Pro 1, G6, G5, G3, G2
    • D2X, D1X, D2Hs, D2H, D1H, D100, D70s, D70, D50
    • S3 Pro, S2 Pro
    • *istD, *istDS
    • E-1, E-10, E-20, E-300
    • C-7070, C-8080
Konica Minolta:
    • Alpha 7 D / Maxxum 7 D / Dynax 7 D
    • A1, A2
    • R-D1

Before downloading Capture One, make sure your computer meets the following system

   •   Pentium III, preferably Pentium 4
   •   512 MB of RAM minimum, preferably 1 GB or more
   •   Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 2000
   •   Ports: 1394 CardBus or USB depending on camera used with Capture One

Phase One provides Capture One for Windows in the following languages: English, German,
French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Swedish and Czech.

To get the latest version of Capture One, visit:

Before you install, make sure your system date and time is set correct. The Capture One trial
mechanism can expire if you move your system date backwards after installing Capture One.
There is no way to re-enable your trial period if you change your date after installing
Capture One.

If you install into an existing installation of Capture One, it is recommended that you take a
backup of your settings before installing the new version.

To begin the installation, unzip the downloaded package and click SetupXX.exe (where XX
is either PRO, DB or LE). If you are installing from a CD or DVD you do not need to unzip
anything. Make sure you have administrative rights when you install Capture One.

During the installation you will be asked whether you want to install ICC profiles and the
DeMoirize Plug in for Adobe Photoshop. If you answer no, you can install the components at
a later time.

To uninstall Capture One, enter “Control Panel” and start “Add or remove programs”. In the
windows labeled “Currently installed programs” find “Capture One” and click

Other information
ICC profiles
If you have any feedback regarding color profiles, please send them via the feedback menu
link inside Capture One. Kindly attach a RAW file along with your remarks.

Solved issues
Below is a list of all major bugs that was fixed in the LE versions:

   •   Freeze bug when browsing thumbnails - fixed
   •   Apply settings: Crop is now only applied to images of same size

   •   Using the LCC tool when developing sometimes could cause Capture One to crash -
   •   Media Reader should browse from "desktop" - fixed
   •   Renaming should preserve the extension - fixed
   •   Capture One does not remember ISO settings for older Digital Backs - fixed
   •   Focus window was not updated when clicking 'Camera default' - fixed
   •   Focus panel: Using the handtool (space) could flip sharpening mode if the sharpening
       dropdown had focus - fixed
   •   Color Noise Suppression slider not disabled correctly - fixed
   •   Canon tethered could cause a freeze when the hotfolder was disabled – fixed
   •   Set White Balance for next capture when shooting tethered not working - fixed
   •   Tethered capture does not appear on slow PC/connection - fixed.
   •   (B) - #4116 Long Delay when shooting Canon tethered - fixed.
   •   When connected to a Canon camera the "View Camera Storage" don't work - fixed

Known issues
   •   If you zoom above 400% in the preview window, you can for Canon 1D, Canon D30,
       Nikon D1X and Nikon D100 experience a difference in where you place the image
       and where the developed image appear

   •   The image output dimensions can on most cameras be a little smaller than the
       dimensions supplied by the camera manufacturer. This will result in a slightly smaller
       image when developed. An example of this could be the Canon 300 Digital Rebel,
       when you output the full image in Capture One the dimensions are 3072 x 2040
       where as the Camera specification says 3072x2048. Currently no work around

For an updated list of known issues, please turn to our download page and download the
latest release note.

Other resources and links
Here is a list of useful web links where you can also get information about Capture One and
digital photography:

Phase One User to User forum:

Phase One Support:

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