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					                                                “The Pixel”
                                                        OCTOBER 2008
                       The Newsletter of Hervey Bay Photography Club Inc.

          Mission Statement: “To foster and develop members’ interest in photography and
                                     photographic processes”.

                                              Vice President: Bruce Butler
      Meeting Times:      6.30pm for 7.00pm, Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month
                Location: Hervey Bay Bridge Club Cnr. Cypress and Pine Sts Torquay

                                                                                      The Vice
Hello all I’m filling in while Fran & Rob are away on their second honeymoon
Let us once again welcome our new members we hope that you can get lots of enjoyment out of your club.
September started off with a very informative session from Neville Went, Thank you Neville I hope I didn’t hassle you too much but I did enjoy the
knowledge that you were so willing to share with our members, Thank you.
Our projected image judge this month was Peter O’Brien who did a splendid job, our Print Judge Ms Marj. Sullivan (Gallery Director HB Regional
Gallery) unfortunately forgot to come, I did receive a phone call from her the next day humbly apologizing. We then had to go to plan B , myself
(Bruce Butler) & Neville Went judged our respective opposite grades and all was well. The quality of your photography is top class well done all.
This month could you all have your Projected Images into me by SUNDAY 28th SEPTEMBER (LANDSCAPES & OPEN) as Kathy & I will be
away for a month and I would like to get it all done prior to going, Hec Tanti will be the projectionist for our October Projected Image Competition
so give him a hard time and make him feel at home (LOL) Only joking Hec.
That’s about all for now will see you all in November. Cheers Bruce.

                                       The 2008 Committee for The Hervey Bay Photography Club Inc.

President                                           Fran Cross LAPS PSQA             41242247 

Vice President                                      Bruce Butler                     41945544 

Secretary                                           Pam Thomas AAPS LRPS 41243098             

Treasurer                                           Trish Taylor LAPS                41242962 

New Members Meet and Greet                          Richard Bassett                  41281194

Editor of “The Pixel”                               Rob Cross                        41242247 

Image Marshall & Catering                           Kathy Butler LAPS                41945544 

Print Receiver                                      Hec Tanti                       41283804  

Committee Member                                    David Gillespie

                                         2008 Programme

 Month      Date        Competitions                     Set Subject                           Judge/Speaker
                                                                                          Phillipa Frederiksen Allan
 January     9th       Projected Images                      Steps                              Forbes Speaker
             23rd            Prints                         Steps                              Ben Stoffl PSQA
February     13th      Projected Images                                                     John Marshall PSQA

             27th            Prints                      Experimental                    John North, AFIAP,FAPS
 March       12th      Projected Images                     Portrait                         Bob Britcher PSQA
             26th            Prints                         Portrait                        Graham Martin PSQA
  April      9th       Projected Images                Out of the Square                  Elizabeth Kodela PSQA
             23rd            Prints                    Out of the Square                        Ian Weatherley
  May        14th      Projected Images               Social Documentary                 Hilary Roberts MFIAP, FRPS
             28th            Prints                   Social Documentary                      Alistair Brightman
            7th 8th
  June                    PSQ CONF                     PSQ Convention                             BOAT CLUB
             & 9th
             11th      Projected Images                Heaven’s Above                        Gerard Saide PSQA

             25th           Prints                     Heaven’s Above                         Club Judging
                       Projected Images                 Touch of Gold                   Warren Veivers, AAPS, PSQA
  July       9th
                          Prac. Night        Aperture, Speed, Depth of Field                  Fran Cross PSQA

             23rd           Prints                      Touch of Gold
                       Projected Images                    Nature                        Ray Channels FAPS, Hon FAPS,
 August      13th                            Projected images must be in by 27th July          EFIAP, Hon EFIAP, PSQA

                          Prac. Night
             27th           Prints                         Nature                       Ken Chapman PSQA AAPS
                       Projected Images                People in Action                 Peter O’Brien AAPS, SSAPS, PSQA
September    10th                            Projected images must be in by 31st Aug
                          Prac. Night                    Using Light                             Neville Went

             24th            Prints                                                         Marj. Sullivan (Gallery
                                                       People in Action                   Director HB Regional Gallery)
                       Projected Images                  Landscape                      Gary Bradford EFIAP, FAPS,
 October     8th                             Projected images must be in by 27th Sept   SSAPS. PSQA from Nambour
                          Prac. Night                         TBA                                       TBA

             22nd           Prints                        Landscape                     Dieter Woefle (Understudy)
                          Prac Night                        AGM
November     12th

                      The Tewantin Shield
                                                                                           See separate item this
             8th       Inter Club Digital              People in Action
                             Comp.                                                                issue
                      Prints & Projected
             26th                             Judging of Images of the Year

December     10th     End of Year Function      Awards Presentation Night

                                                      September Activities
                       Wednesday 10th, Projected Images Competition & Practical Night.



                                                                                        Madam Butterfly
                                                                                      MANY HANDS MAKE
                                                                                          STUFF UP

              RETURN OF THE JUDD—I               I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED

                              POOR TINA GOT THE ARMPIT
                                                                                    THIS IS NOT LILY MARLENE

                                Wednesday 24th, Printed Images Competition Night.

                                                           HERE COMES
                                                            THE JUDGE

   September Competitions Place getters Set Subject “People in Action”
B Grade Projected Image Set Subject                 A Grade Projected Image Set Subject
1st Neville Went ‘A Hard Log’                       1st Rob Cross ‘The Net’
2nd Adam Marlow ‘Kite Surfing Action’               2nd Tony Jones ‘Beach Volley Ball’
3rd Neville Went ‘Smithy’                           3rd Richard Bassett ‘Jump High’
HC   Ann Jones ‘That Winning Champagne Thing’       HC   Ken Morcom ‘Bikes 2’
B Grade Projected Image Open                        A Grade Projected Image Open
1st Robert Morrow ‘The Vestry’                      1st Trish Taylor ‘Taj Mahal’
2nd Gwen Risser ‘A Sound Experience’                2nd Bruce Butler ‘Seen Better Days’
3rd Ann Jones ‘Between the Legs’                    3rd Richard Bassett ‘Call of Nature’
HC   Robert Morrow ‘Forest coast’                   HC   Fran Cross ‘Bauhinia Moon’
B Grade Print Set Subject                           A Grade Print Set Subject
1st Hec Tanti ‘Howzat”                              1st David Gillespie ‘Dusty’
2nd Ann Jones ‘Pedal Power’                         2nd Bruce Butler ‘Dirt Bike’
3rd Jackie wilson ‘How high can I go’               3rd Tony Jones ‘Swirling Colours’
HC   Hec Tanti ‘Goal’                               HC   Trish Taylor ‘Ride em Cowboy’
B Grade Print Open                                  A Grade Print Open
1st Robert Morrow ‘Three of a Kind’                 1st Trish Taylor ‘My Big Brother’
2nd Heidi Pretty ‘Emily’                            2nd Kathy Judd ‘Deep in Thought’
3rd Ann Jones ‘Whatcha doing’                       3rd Kathy Butler ‘Breeching’
HC   Dianne Kelly ‘A Child & Chocolate’             HC   Rob Cross ‘Splat’
B Grade Monochrome Print                            A Grade Monochrome Print
1st Robert Morrow ‘River Boats’                     1st Trish Taylor ‘Laura 2’
2nd Jackie Wilson ‘The rail System’                 2nd Bruce Butler ‘Dirt Road’
3rd Ann Jones ‘Waiting for Spring’                  3rd Bruce Butler ‘Old Shed’
HC   Dianne Kelly ‘A Blue Day’                      HC   ‘’


          Our congratulation go out to our newest A Grade Competitor.

                                            Hec Tanti

   Hec Gained his 150 points in B grade and has earned his A Grade status.

                                     WELL DONE HEC
            September Winners’ Gallery: Set Subject “People in Action”

Neville Went B Grade Set Subject Projected Image       Rob Cross A Grade Set Subject Projected Image

  Rob Morrow B Grade Open Projected Image
                                                       Trish Taylor A Grade Open Projected Image

                                                           Trish Taylor A Grade Open Print
       Robert Morrow B Grade Open Print

      Hec Tanti B Grade Set Subject Print                    David Gillespie A Grade Set Subject Print

    Robert Morrow B Grade Monochrome Print                        A Grade Monochrome Print
                                    Forthcoming Activities

Landscape: Australian Photographic Society Official Definition
“Landscape/Seascape (L) - A landscape is a photograph of natural scenery. It may include evidence
of man, people, animals, even part of the sea provided that none of these elements dominate the
photograph. A seascape is a photograph of natural coastal scenery, a wave study, or a picture of the
open sea, provided always that the sea is the centre of interest of the photograph. People, boats and
man made structures may be present as incidental to the photograph. Large saltwater inlets are
eligible but inland waters are excluded.”

Wednesday 8th Projected Images Competition and Practical Night

Set Subject: “Landscape” plus “Open”. Distant Judge: Peter O’Brien AAPS SSAPS PSQA
from Peninsula C.C.

Wednesday 22nd: Printed Images Competition Night

Set Subject: “Landscape” plus “Open”. Visiting Understudy Judge: Dieter Woelfle
For all your prints, remember, that they must be correctly mounted with a stiff cardboard “backing”, DO
NOT use Sticky Tape/Sellotape, it catches on other images, preferably use something like masking tape.
Make sure that they’re clearly labelled including your name and Image name and have “top” marked with
an arrow.

                              IMPORTANT OFFICIAL NOTICE

                                Notice is hereby given that:
         The 2008 Annual General Meeting of The Hervey Bay Photography Club Inc
                    Will be held on Wednesday 12th November 7.00pm
      at the Club Rooms of the Hervey Bay Bridge Club Cypress and Pine Streets Hervey Bay.

Please remember that the October competition is our last normal competition and that on
Wednesday 12th November we have the opportunity to elect the Committee for the next 12 months.
After the AGM there will be a Practical Night speaker.

Our Programme also shows that on Wednesday 26th we have the Judging for the A and B Grade
Prints and Projected Images of the year. Decisions on this important night will be based on our
Competition Placegetters throughout the year and will be carried out by invited experienced judges.

Prizes and Trophies will be awarded to members at our December Awards Night.
                   Here’s the list of topics for most of the next 12 months,
                           Why not copy it and keep it in your camera bag

                                      2009 Set Subjects
            Jan                   “Night Shot”
            Feb                   “Wildlife”
            March                 “Self Portrait”
            April                 “Social Documentary”
            May                   “Dream Time”
            June                  “Industrial”
            July                  “Symmetry”
            August                “Tewantin Shield Subject”
            September             “Creative”      6
                                         Photographic items for Sale
The information below is provided as a service to Members. While the Hervey Bay Photographers Club Inc endeavours to
ensure that the Information about the following items for sale is accurate and up-to-date, no responsibility is accepted for errors
or omissions and the Club recommends that you exercise your own skill, judgment and care with respect to any purchase.

                                                           For Sale

Nikon Camera: Club Member Lyn Hamilton has a Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera for sale. It comes with a
Nikon 18-70mm DX lens & Tamron 70-300mm lens. There are lots of extras including Nikon Picture Project for
downloading pics from camera; all Leads that came with the camera; Manual; 2 batteries; battery charger; 2 x
256mb cards, 1 x 512mb card & a 1G card; Circular Polarizer and UV filters for both lens; Very good condition -
Enquiries: Lyn Hamilton - 4128 0039(h) 0402 101 754(mob

“Mats” Our valuable prints are the result of our hard work and photographic skill and we do want them to be
shown off well in Competitions and Exhibitions don’t we. Your Club has plenty of these cardboard mats for sale for
$4.50 in A4 & 12”x8” sizes, Black or White only. See Trish at the next meeting.

Club Badge: Sometimes members of the public can be suspicious of us when we’re taking photos in a public
situation: Sewn on to a Camera Bag, T Shirt, Cap, what better way to let people know that we’re real
Photographers and that we’re from Hervey Bay. There is still a limited number of these excellent Cloth Badges
available for $15. Get yours before they’re gone

  Are you also, puzzled by ‘Definitions’ for the various categories of subjects? Well one can do no better
                             than to go to the APS Website link shown below

 Australian Photographic Society:
   “The Australian Photographic Society is Australia's own national photographic organisation. The aim of the
   Society is to promote photography in Australia offering many extensive services, all specifically designed to
     improve photography and photographic skills. Membership is open to all.” international exhibitors

Our Club. Hervey Bay Photography Club:
If you’re on the ‘Net’ why not have a look; at our new Site, it’s a very professional job. Bruce is looking for all
members (not just Committee Members) to submit photos and a brief story of themselves to be added to the rest
of “rogue’s gallery”. Thanks to Bruce the site is up to date as of today. It shows our winning Images of the Year
and lots more.

Photographic Society of Queensland:
The Photographic Society of Queensland Inc. (PSQ) promotes the art of photography, in all its forms, throughout
this great State. All members of affiliated Camera Clubs are automatically members of PSQ. Membership from the
general public is also welcome.

Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain:
“The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 'to promote the Art and Science of Photography', a mission
it continues to this day in the United Kingdom and through its considerable overseas membership.”

                                  Photographic Society of America (PSA)
 As President Fran mentioned at an earlier meeting, our Club is now a member of PSA. “PSA is a worldwide
interactive organization for anyone interested in photography, be they casual, serious amateurs or professional
Your current committee is investigating the best methods of entering some of the PSA competitions and indeed is
looking at using some of the American judges to adjudicate as on-line critics in our Projected Images competitions.
This will not happen until 2009 and will of course be subject to decisions made by the new Committee. Our club
will have access as members to a lot of photographic benefits, so why not have look at the PSA website to whet
your appetite.

This is a copy of an email received recently from David Price in Forster NSW; he is the local region rep for PSA

Greetings Fran, Rep for Hervey Bay Photography Club
As Region Director, I am pleased to welcome your club to the Photographic Society of America (PSA). I available
to assist you in making your club’s membership in PSA an enjoyable, educational, and productive experience in the
local, national, and international arenas.
As a new PSA-member club, you have access to a web site especially designed for PSA- member clubs: http://psa- This PSA Club Services web site offers a Consultant in each of ten areas that you can contact
for help and provides easily accessible information about the Society and its programs and activities.
I encourage your club to enter at least one PSA Interclub Competition. The Interclub competitions are digital with
easy online entry. For directions to enter, check out:

I am a member of Terra Australis a club we formed purely to enter International Club competitions and we entered
the PSA interclub digital competition last season. It is about to commence again in November and the person to
contact is Bob Benson at;
As the Club Rep, you will soon begin to receive the club’s copy of the monthly PSA Journal, another excellent
source of information about the Society and photography. Please remember to bring the Journal to each club
meeting and share it with all club members.
Another event you should consider is the FIAP club's World Cup. Entries for this are due in October. For more
information just Google FIAP
Again, welcome to PSA, and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to
meeting you the next time I'm in Queensland. Meanwhile if you or any of your members are going to APSCON,
make sure they look me up. Sincerely,

                          Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)
We are also in touch with CAPA. This is also a very active association and the response so far indicates that
they’re very interested in participating with us in inter club judging. Members have already received an email via
Secretary Pam from The Caroun Photo Club (a member of CAPA) inviting us to enter one of their competitions.
You’ve got to be in it to win it!

                                             Fran’s Helpful Hints
                                   Use filters for fun and to improve your images.

There are many different brands of filters on the market. Two common types are:
   1. “Screw- on” which are screwed to the front of a lens.
   2. A system which has an adaptor which is screwed on to the front of a lens and then square or rectangular
       filters are slid into the adaptor. There are a couple of brands of this style of filter system, just as there are
       many brands of screw-on filters.
Many of you will already have UV or Skylight filters to protect the surface of your lens.
While you can “stack” filters so that you do not have to remove your “lens protecting filter”, you will get some
vignetting with wide angle shots. Stacking i.e. adding more than one filter to the front of your lens, can give
fantastic effects, also some bizarre images.
Filters can give your images impact, can darken a dull sky with tobacco or grey graduated filters or make it bluer
with a blue graduated filter.

A polarizing filter will control glare and eliminate unwanted reflections. Great for seeing rocks or fish through water
You can put in a rainbow, add stars patterns or make multi image pictures.

        Filter Adaptor System (with thanks to Cokin filters)                                 Screw on Filter

                 Star Filter                       Polarising Filter                         Multiple Image Filter

        Graduated Tobacco Filter                   Graduated Grey Filter                     Fog Filter

                                                                            Text and images Fran Cross LAPS PSQA

                                                Hervey Bay Photography Club Inc
                                                         Competition Rules
                                                           Revised November 2007

    The exhibitor must be a Fully Paid member of the Club and must be in Good Standing as defined in the HBPC Constitution.

                                         THE CLUB HAS FIVE COMPETITION CLASSES:
                   Colour Projected Image Open Subject
                       1. Colour Projected Image Set Subject
                       2. Monochrome Print
                       3. Colour Print Open Subject
                       4. Colour Print Set subject
                                       Within each Class there are TWO GRADES, A and B

•   A Grade is for more advanced exhibitors; however a new member can elect to go straight to A Grade, Subject to adjudication by
    competition coordinator or Executive committee.

•   B Grade is for beginners and new members, however new members may carry existing class status from any previous club. When a
    B Grade Member has achieved a total of 150 points in monthly competitions over TWO years, (see Monthly Awards below) that B
    Grade member will be eligible to be promoted to A Grade. However that B Grade member, who achieves sufficient points to be
    elevated to A Grade, will continue in B Grade until the end of that year. That member will then commence as an A Grade member at
    the beginning of the next calendar year. Any B Grade member who qualifies for A Grade as above, may, if they wish, start immediately
    in A Grade; however that member’s accrued B Grade Yearly Competition Points will not be included in the A Grade Annual Point Score
•   That B Grade member may elect not to move into A Grade if they so wish, but must give the Secretary one month’s notice.

•   Each exhibitor may enter up to two photographs in each class. A Club fee of 50c (payable at competition night) is required for each
    Projected Image entered and 50c for each Print entered.

•   If a print or projected image does not receive an award, it may be entered once again in the same year, however if an entered image
    receives an award it may not be submitted again.
    Set Subject – A list of set subjects for the coming year is announced towards the end of the year.
    Open Subject – Can be any subject matter.

                                                        Image Submissions
    Any photographs submitted;
•   Must have been taken photographically within the last three years.
•   Must be the work of the Author – the one who clicks the button.
•   Must not use non–photographic elements such as graphics, text or clipart unless it is an integral part of a photographic image.
•   Digitally enhanced images, (prints and projected images) will be judged alongside traditional images.
                                                         Projected Images
•   All projected images must be Digital in .jpg format.
•   Image size: maximum width 1024 pixels and maximum height 768 pixels.
•   File size must not exceed 300Kb
•   Entries to be emailed to the Competition Coordinator or submitted on a CD by the Friday preceding the Competition Night.
•   The Projected Image entry should be clearly marked with the following information:
•   HBPC, Membership number, Grade (A or B), Class (Open or Set) and Title e.g. HBPC-90-B-Open-“title”
•   No personal names to appear on projected entries.
•   All prints must be mounted
•   Print and mount thickness not to exceed 4 mm.
•   Maximum mount size 400mm x 500 mm and minimum print size is 175mm x 125mm.
•   Beginners’ prints may be submitted without mounts for the first entry only, thereafter mounts are required.
•   On the back of the print please write: HBPC-Your Name- Grade (A or B) - Class (Set or Open) - whether Mono or Colour- Title of
    print: - e.g. “HBPC Joe Blobs A Open Sunset”
•   .Where the orientation of a print may not be obvious mark with an arrow.
    Monthly Awards:
        •    Classes with 9 or more entries: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place and Highly Commended may be awarded.
        •    Classes with 6-8 entries: Two awards may be given
        •    Classes with 5 entries or less: One award may be given.
         Any of the above awards are at the discretion of the judge for the night and are awarded as follows:
         •    First place, 10 points
         •    Second place, 8 points
         •    Third place, 6 points
         •    Highly Commended, 3 points
    Annual Awards:
    Points received in the Monthly Competitions accrue towards the Annual Point Score Awards which are presented at the end of the


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