COURTNEY BRUESCH
                35mm, medium and large format film cameras, Medium and Large Format with Phase One
     and Sinar digital backs, working knowledge of Capture One Pro, Sinar, Media Bank File
     Storage, File Maker Pro, Photoshop CS/CS2, Dreamweaver, Nikon D70 digital camera,
     hotlights, Speedotron strobes, silver gelatin prints, c-prints, digital prints, mixing stock
     solutions of chemistry, film processing (35mm, medium, sheet film and Polaroid for
     medium and large), able to scan negatives and chromes, able to construct minor sets, valid
     driver's license, car and car insurance.

               2005-2007                       Omega Studio at RR Donnelley                             Elgin, IL
               ■ Digitally photographed tabletop silos, environmentals, on/off figure fashion for print
         and website
               ■   Maintained digital file organization/raw capture file archiving
               ■   Logged all images photographed for billing
               ■   Styling experience with rooms, tabletop, soft goods
               ■   Taught other freelance photographers/interns how to photograph to RRD standards
               ■   Able to photograph to a layout and deadline

               2005                        Omega Studio at RR Donnelley                                 Elgin, IL
               Freelance Photographer's Assistant
               ■   Constructed, set up and struck sets
               ■   Able to return props purchased for photo shoot
               ■   Handled/Inventoried clients' merchandise
               ■   Continued standard studio maintenance through photo shoot
               ■   Experienced assisting Home Economist/Food Stylist, Room Stylist, and Producer

               2005                        Popular Photography Magazine              Northbrook, IL
               Freelance Photographer's Assistant
               ■ Set up and struck sets
               ■ Worked with models and tabletop styling
               ■ Assisted with demonstrations and tutorials

               2004-2005                     Columbia College                                     Chicago, IL
               Teacher's Assistant
               ■   Mixed chemistry for printing silver gelatin prints
               ■   Maintained standard black and white darkroom
               ■   Demonstrated printing, film processing, washing, archival storage and presentation

               Dark Room Assistant
               ■   Assisted students with black and white/color printing techniques
               ■   Worked with equipment/basic repairs
               ■   Maintained standard darkroom

            2002-2005                   Columbia College of Chicago             Chicago, IL
            ■   B.F.A., Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography
            ■   Graduated with honors

            2005                        Columbia College of Chicago             Chicago, IL
            ■   Assisting Workshop (May 21, 2005) instructed by Pete Malloy

            2000–2002                   College of Lake County                Grayslake, IL

       1444 E. DOWNING PLACE M207 MUNDELEIN, IL 60060
                   CELL PHONE (847) 322-0466

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