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									Niesmann+Bischoff set the new benchmark in the premium class for motor homes and
fascinate their customers with the world premiere of the new Flair 4.0

Niesmann+Bischoff start the new season with a sensational bang:
The world premiere of the new premium class Flair 4.0 is staged with public appeal within the
scope of the »Flair4ever« campaign.

An exciting advertising campaign and cutting-edge information on accompany
this model launch of the new benchmark. A few days ago – on Saturday, June 28 , 2008 – the
highlight: the world premiere at the Scalaria, Austria’s No.1 event hotel, guests [VIP customers]
could only attend by invitation. The demand for the approximately 260 limited VIP tickets was
gigantic. Protected by security those who were lucky enough to be involved that night were led
into the event hall over the red carpet through the flurry of the photographers’ flashbulbs. The
influential leader of the industry, group owner Erwin Hymer and the two managing directors
Hans-Jürgen Burkert and Dr. Reinhard Knüppel were present as well. Also welcomed as avowed
Niesmann+Bischoff friends were: the former German luger and winner of several Olympic gold
and silver medals Georg Hackl and the current champion of the GP2 series and Formula 1 top-
pilot Timo Glock who’s been starting for the Toyota team since 2008. Both know from experience
about the amenities of the Niesmann+Bischoff premium models.

TV host and actor Alexander Mazza [known to most people through the red-top TV show Brisant]
led through the programme of the night, presenting three fascinating movies and welcoming the
top designers of the industry Christian Ludwig, Ronny Otto (both Vemano Design) and Tom
Klüber (Klüber Design) to a personal interview.

10:30pm: Headed by eight attractive ladies dressed in black patent leather suits, who guided the
way to the open-air terrace with red fluorescent signal sticks, the VIP guests are welcomed by
acrobats of the Cirque du Soleil in front of the Scalaria lake stage. Helicopters with pyrotechnics, a
pianist fascinating the wondering crowd with playing the grand piano whilst floating through the air on
a hot-air balloon, a percussion group with burning drum sticks takes the stunning direction over the
enthusiastic guests in the rhythm of the running countdown, thus dramatically raising the suspension,
perfected by a sparkling pyro show with speed boats crossing the Lake Wolfgang in the background
until the goose bumps peak in the emotional fireworks. FlyingFox stunts with world premiere
banners and a »burning agent« flying through the perfect blue evening sky on a wire rope call
the attention to the raft swimming on the lake, accompanied by a final rocket rain. Exactly to the
tick the curtain falls and presents the new Flair 4.0 in all its perfect glory.

Subsequently the guests in front of the event hotel’s portal could admire and examine the new
models of the premium class unhurriedly. A heady gala night came to perfection with dance and
music by Soul Kitchen.
Niesmann+Bischoff set an example:
»The Polch Lily« symbolizes tradition and the future of the premium brand

Niesmann+Bischoff complete the established appearance with a new trademark:
»The Polch Lily«. The striking signet thus becomes the outline for luxury, premium and royal
class (Arto, Flair and Clou) and is a vital element of the corporate design.

The sign is based on a well-known symbol and a longstanding tradition, the »Fleur-de-Lys«
[white lily].

This symbol standing for perfection, light, life, pureness as well as unity of body, mind and soul
has a very long history and for example can be found in the signet of the Boy Scouts, the
Fuggers (medieval traders’ and bankers’ family) or the Prieuré de Sion. In France the »Bourbonic
Lily« has been part of the royal coat of arms since 1179.
Legend has it that the Fleur-de-Lys was handed over to Clovis I. (481-511) by the Virgin Mary
resp. by an angel, which is why the King of the Franks converted to Christianity.

Anyway, the lily is found in the most different presentations, e.g. in the flag of the Province of
Québec (Canada), in the center of the coat of arms of Spain, in the coats of arms of the cities of
Lyon, Wiesbaden, Florence, but also in the logo of Italian soccer teams such as ACF Fiorentina
or AC Florence. The decorative image of the lily is also very popular in the fields of fashion and
jewellery as well as an often-cited sign for superior products, hotels and designer goods.

The true origin of the magic lily will remain a secret shrouded in legend and a myth. In any case
it is the source of many exciting stories and in its »most beautiful form« since 2008 also has
been the sign...

for the best time of life
Flair4ever – The new premium class
Experience a new dimension of perfectly showcased premium class leisure vehicles with
the Flair 4.0 2009 series.

»Flair4ever« presents the fourth-generation premium class. Many new developments and
modifications turn the new models into a unique benchmark .

Already at first glance the exterior of the new liners appears very sporty, dynamic and elegant.
The white paint is marked with a restrained, large-scale lily which is also harmoniously reflected
in the colouring of the car front side. The guiding colour for the premium class Flair is a dark,
very elegant blue. »Graffitis« are completely abandoned in order to meet the exalted design

The total length of the new Flair was shortened by 11 cm to 799 cm resp. 849 cm, the interior
was amplified by 13 cm. This constructional optimization was possible due to a new development
in vehicle construction. Thus the whole interior now is barrier -free without any steps. New in the
front area are the aerodynamic lateral »gills« – grilles in the front area – providing for a better
engine ventilation and dirt discharge at the side windows. Significant and useful are the new LED
daylight running lamps. Integrated LED technology contour lamps (front and rear) and a rear
spoiler tested in the wind tunnel as well as a GRP rear wall (double-shell with insulating material
40–70 mm) are characteristic for the Flair.
The windscreen wiper system operates inside out, thus covering a larger wiping area. Directly
above the entrance door is a practical exterior lighting with mot ion detector.

In the tailgate garage the rear wall was boosted with an additional 40 mm sandwich panel. The
one-hand-operation possibility for all exterior flaps with double-lock facilitates the opening and
closing of the flaps. Moreover, the garage flaps now can also be opened from the inside without
difficulty. The undercarriage is constructed as continuous sandwich floor and thus more light -
weight and durable. The walking floor is mounted continuously on aluminum profiles which
provides for a higher stability.

Ingenious and brilliant is also the load-through possibility in the double floor. That way skis or
tables and chairs can be loaded and unloaded more comfortably.

Viewed technically, the new Flair with a body battery of 2 x 160 Ah and a 2 x 22 A charging
device, larger disposal pipes and the additional 12 V outlet in the garage is well on its way. Fresh
and waste water capacities were increased to 300 litres resp. 250 litres. Built -in parts, tanks,
aggregates etc. are mounted consistently in the same place with all models.

Very innovative is the Alde warm water heating, which can be controlled comfortably via latest -
generation LCD panel. Also the main panel with 5.7 inch multifunctional touch screen display is
very easy and user-friendly.

A modern FlowJet water pump is installed in all models. The city water connection with pressure
reducer of course has standardized Gardena plugs. Convector heaters in front of the windscreen
provide for a clear view. The new lifting bed has microfibre on the underside, in the reaching
area of the hands real leather was chosen.

In the entrance area all important switches (e.g. for the hinged step tread), an open wardrobe
with umbrella shelf and a practical grab handle are at reachable height.

High-quality real wood veneer in walnut design used for the furniture construction creates a very
pleasant atmosphere in an elegant yacht style. The indirect lighting in the circumferential canopy
in front of the wall units and the ceiling lighting can be dimmed. The modern floor covering in
walnut design tops the interior constitution harmoniously off.

Kitchen drawers, TecTower and bar compartment can be locked electrically via central locking
system. In the kitchen there is a separate, extensible shelf for the cof fee dispenser or a
Nespresso machine. A pull-out tap, a three-flame gas stove with big burners and the sink with
Schott glass underface (scratch-resistant) are standard as well.
The illuminated bar compartment (extensible full-length pull-out cupboard, electrically lockable),
the TecTower (automatically locks as soon as the ignition key starts the vehicle) and a high
cupboard are real eye-catchers and make the room seem more spacious.

Also new is the incredibly large, practical and multi-directional table, which can be flexibly
adjusted as and when required and easily operated with just one hand.
With 91 x 64 cm resp. 94 cm this table certainly is among the big winners of the industry.
Depending on model type the new premium class has some very beautiful lounge suites which
can be ordered in six leather-/fabric versions. The seat belt block in the suite is retractable. The
belts of the front suite are integrated in the seat and not – as with some competitors’ models –
mounted on the outer wall. Models with lateral seat bench have an additional storage possibility
in the underseat installation box.

The modern, spacious bathroom with ingenious double function door has a top -modern rain
shower with level access, additional hand shower and real glass door. The Thetford cassette
toilet is equipped with a ceramic bowl.

In the rear area additional storage space was created in all single bed models with a hinged step
tread. Moreover, with all new models the cupboards were enlarged and the wall units in the rear
area are deeper in construction, thus also providing for more space. The upholstered lining of the
head board edge at the rear wall creates a wonderfully cozy atmosphere in the sleeping area.

Optionally a lot of innovative features are available for the Flair 4.0:
– underfloor air conditioning systems for sleeping and living area
– Froli bed system with cold foam mattress
– electrical lifting bed operation
– underfloor heating
– air-suspended seats with seat heating and lumbar support
– Mastervolt combined charging/alternating-current converting device
– garage flap on the driver side same size as on the co-driver side
– exclusive four-way full air-suspension with autolevel function
– coffee dispenser
– 22’’ TFT screen
– solar heating system 2 x 120 Watt
– towel radiator in the wellness bathroom
– electrical awning
– third body battery (480 Ah altogether)
– GPS theft locating system
– built-in tank toilet with 100 litre excrement tank (including tank flush)

In addition, our well-tried equipment packages are available:
MediaPackage 1, MediaPackage 2, ComfortPackage and MultiMedia -Package

plus the new DynamicPackage consisting of:
– gel battery 160 Ah (K20) additionally for body (3 altogether)
– combined charging device 100 A with sinus alternating-current converter 12 V to 230 V
– 4000 W peak and 2000 W continuous power

compare »technical data/optional equipment packages«
Arto – the new luxury class
Reasonably priced, attractive and even more beautiful

Our luxury class still enjoys great popularity. For the 2009 series we therefore only have the
most beautiful and best models/floor plans for you on offer, again.

The exterior design was adapted to the new Niesmann+Bischoff appearance and also obtains
the »Polch Lily« as significant feature.

Due to the great demand we have only optimized details this year and e.g. upholstered the wall
unit edges with light-coloured leather. In the sleeping area the wall units were slightly made over
and now appear even more homelike. The same applies to the extensible glass cabinet in the
living area.

Wood as well as fabric-leather-combinations for the lounge suites comply with the premium class
Flair and are available in the following equipment versions:

–   Azzurro
–   Crema
–   Nero
–   Rosso

plus optionally

– Leather Classico
– Leather Excelsa

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