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					                                                                                   PO Box 2066, Strathpine, Qld 4500
                                              April-May 2005                       Phone: (07) 3325 1577 Fax: (07) 3325 1588

             URBAN WATER SUPPLY IN                                                     WEED WORKSHOP
              WESTERN AUSTRALIA                                       Vicious Vines in the Pine This is a joint venture between the
                           Tim Odgers                                 Catchment Association and Pine Rivers Council. The new date
Western Australians are often called “Sand Gropers”. It is true       is Sunday May 8, 8.30 – 12.30 pm at Kumbartcho Environ-
that virtually the whole state is sand of one form or another         ment Centre. Guest speaker is Helen Haapakoski, the Land
and while I didn’t see any evidence of humans with gills or           Protection Extension Officer with the Natural Resources and
dwelling in sand burrows… What I did see was Perth, a city            Mines Department. All interested people are welcome to the
entirely built on sand using massive, unsustainable volumes of        free workshop. Morning tea will be supplied. RSVP April 29.
water and suffering shortages as a consequence.
                                                                                       PRCA HAPPENINGS
There are very few creeks in Western Australia, when it rains
                                                                                                Business unit
urban storm water flows to big pits at the bottom of the hill,
                                                                      To meet the shortfall of funds for Pine Rivers Catchment Asso-
where it simply disappears into the sand and soaks down to
                                                                      ciation that has arisen from the lack of significant funding for
the water table. The aquifer below provides for virtually all
                                                                      community natural resource management from either the state
Perth’s water needs and everyone wants a bit (there are sev-
                                                                      or federal government. PRCA has established a Business Pro-
eral dams in the Swan Catchment too). Pine plantations to the
                                                                      jects Unit, this consists of a team of three undertaking revege-
north-east have been blamed for sucking up so much water it
                                                                      tation and weed control projects within the Catchment. The
has lowered the water table. Massive pumps draw water for
                                                                      team consists of Norbert Hans (Operations Manager/ Supervi-
the urban and industry water supply and keen (desperate) gar-
                                                                      sor, formally of Kumbartcho Nursery) and two trainees under-
deners sink bores and have a lovely green lawn and cottage
                                                                      taking their Certificate 2 in Conservation and Land Manage-
                                                                      ment (Nathan Ebert and Jarred Quine).
The thing about Perth’s Mediterranean climate is that rather
                                                                                     Possible Move To Samford CSIRO
than having to battle to keep the lawn mown in summer as we
                                                                      There is a distinct possibility that Pine Rivers Catchment Asso-
do in Queensland, people battle to keep it green! Which brings
                                                                      ciation could be shifting its base to the old CSIRO site at Sam-
us back to sand gropers, sands porosity means it has a very
                                                                      ford as part of Pine Rivers Shire Council’s plans to redevelop
low capacity to hold water, and like the soakage pits, water
                                                                      the site and to create a wholesale native plant nursery. The pre-
soaks straight through it, or evaporates in the hot, windy after-
                                                                      ferred option from the consultant, accepted by Council was a
noons. My friend Pat is proud of his brown, dead lawn along
                                                                      Nursery/Catchment Centre for this site and Pine Rivers Council
his lovely upper class street of green lawns, but it is a sad fact
                                                                      is awaiting further considerations prior to final ap-
that he is the minority.
                                                                      proval…..WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
Water has become such a massive issue in Perth. that the last
state election was largely over whether or not to dig a
3,700km long, $2.4+ billion channel from the Kimberly to
Perth. On top of this Western Australia is currently in the               Pine Rivers Catchment Association
process of constructing a massive desalination plant to supply                     General Meeting
urban water to Perth. With South-east Queensland’s current
                                                                                    Tuesday April 5, 4.00 - 6.00 pm
water supply at about 50% capacity, our population growing
massively and the very real chance we may be on the brink of                Our guest speaker is Tim Odgers speaking on his
another El Nino perhaps we in South-east Queensland can                   recent experiences of Natural Resource Management
look to Perth’s water shortages as a sign of things to come.                             in Western Australia.
                                                                            There are many challenges including managing the
             KUMBARTCHO NURSERY                                            Catchment as a Corporate Body. The rapid popula-
          Bunya Pine Court (off Drapers Road) Eatons Hill                 tion expansion within the Shire makes it a interesting
The Nursery is open:Thursday 9.00 am to 3.00 pm, Friday 9.00 am to                  time for Catchment Management.
3.00 pm and Saturday 8.00 am to 12.00 noon. Prices range from $1.00
to $2.00. Community volunteers make this nursery possible and more            Be part of the solution. Everyone is welcome.
volunteers are always needed. Telephone: 3264 3953.

     Newsletter compiled by PRCA volunteer Rita Larsen, Catchment Coordinator Tim Odgers and Project Officer Jann McArthur.

                       This newsletter is produced with the support of Pine Rivers Shire Council
      UNDERGROUND WATER SUPPLIES                                     page 122 Ref M17 and is reached via Kingsford Smith Drive
                        Graham Bowley                                and Eagle Farm Road through the Pinkenba Village.
Rain or stream water soaks into the ground until it hits an im-      For the historical minded, visit Sugarmill Rd-UBD page 141
pervious layer of material such as rock. It then forms a storage,;   Ref M11 and you can see a number of World War 2 buildings
often a slow moving underground stream in saturated porous           built by American troops in1942 in the Ordinance /Stores De-
subsoils. The Great Artesian Basin has water stored in a satu-       pot. The underground water level is so high here that two
rated seam under pressure between two impervious layers.             dams excavated for fire fighting reservoirs for bombing raids
Some examples of underground supplies in the local area are          filled naturally and the water level hardly changes.
Redcliffe with its rock underlay at 10/15 metres, Bribie Island
on fresh water saturated sands, Caboolture’s sandy loams with
saturated zones at six metres, and a large area of Pine Rivers                A NEW EL NIÑO ON THE WAY?
with underground streams at about 30 metres.
                                                                     It appears that the dreaded El Niño may be back in full force,
These supplies are located by water diviners and in the case of      the following is an extract from the Bureau of Meteorology
shallow saturated zones can be accessed by spear bores or exca-      website (
vating a well shaft. Deeper underground streams are accessed
by drilling a bore.                                                  More often than not, El Niño events result in reduced rainfall
                                                                     across parts of eastern and northern Australia, particularly dur-
Spears are galvanized pipes with a spear type point driven down      ing winter, spring and early summer... February was an excep-
to the water. There is an open section of pipe with a strainer and   tional month in the western to central equatorial Pacific: Trade
water inlet above the spear and a pump is mounted at the top of      winds were strongly suppressed for virtually the entire month,
the pipe. Wells are larger shafts, once hand dug but now drilled     record low atmospheric pressure was observed at Tahiti and
and lined by concrete, the underground water collects in the         with a value of –29, the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI)
shaft and is pumped out. Bores are drilled shafts with a 125 mm      plummeted to its lowest value for any month since February
pipe (slotted in the lower section) inserted and the hole outside    1983 (–33).
the pipe backfilled with pea gravel. A pump is mounted at the
surface or is immersed down in the bore.                             These recent developments have increased the chances of a
                                                                     basin-wide El Niño occurring later this year, as opposed to the
There are two known artesian bores in Pine Rivers i.e. where         more restricted warming which occurred in 2004. The tropical
water pressure forces water out above the surface. While both        Pacific has now been warmer than average for most of the past
are now capped, one fed into Conflagration Creek for about 35        three years (including during the 2002/03 El Niño), and was
years.                                                               close to the El Niño threshold during the recent southern spring
Shallow underground water could be a boon to lawn lovers and         and early summer. As autumn is the critical time for El Niño
keen gardeners and anyone considering this option should ini-        development, any further changes over the coming months will
tially consult a local water diviner (yellow pages) who should       be monitored closely. Source: Bureau of Meteorology.
have local knowledge of existing bores and water depths and          It is a very good time to look at water supply and fire protec-
water quality.                                                       tion around your property and to consider what you can do in
            PICNIC AT LUGGAGE POINT                                  advance to prepare for the increasingly likely continuation of
                        Graham Bowley                                an extended drought.
Luggage point has been the butt of jokes for its past history as
the site of the “nightsoil” disposal depot for Brisbane. It was
replaced with what was Australia’s most modern Sewage Treat-
ment Plant which came online in 1979.
Just recently the largest tourist ship to visit Brisbane tied up
directly across the river at Fisherman Island which was once
a mangrove island but is now a port/wharfage area and the site
of the largest landfill of seabed in Australia.
Luggage Point is at Myrtletown and is at the mouth of Boggy
Creek, the Brisbane River and Bulwer Island. The area still has
one farm but is rapidly being developed as the “Tradecoast”
commercial area but a lot of the mangrove forests and swamps
along the creek and river still remain.
Myrtletown has a riverfront picnic area which once boasted two
boat hires and also has two carefully preserved concrete air raid
/gun emplacements; some of many that were built in 1942 in
this area to protect the Eagle Farm Airfield from Japanese at-
tack. The treatment plant is adjacent but not open for inspection.
This forgotten area is worth a visit. The picnic area is UBD
       THE DRUM ON SOUTH PINE RIVER                                                 GREEN CORPS TEAM
                          Jann McArthur                                                         Craig Papworth
      Project Officer & Volunteer Coordinator (0419 029 585)
                                                                       Here I am just four weeks into my fourth Green Corp project
Once again I need to thank the Volunteer River Warriors on the
                                                                       as team leader. I am inspired by the team of ten young people
wonderful effort they have been doing to bring the revegetation
                                                                       who are really getting into it already. They are making their
sites back from the weed infestations that have occurred this
                                                                       own decisions, communicating their feelings and thoughts and
summer. The heat has been an ordeal in itself without having to
                                                                       making work for themselves a real pleasure.
work in it. It is a credit to them that they have toiled on and all
the sites (there is a 40 hectare area to maintain) are under con-      I have learned that young people today are concerned about
trol and they are now starting to prepare new areas. They have         the environment. They want to get stuck in and make a differ-
been active in other areas as well. They’ve stabilised banks at        ence. They value natural places and want to improve what has
Coolum Court, planted and watered a few thousand plants and            been degraded.
prepared a site so that Japanese students from the University of       The site the team is working on was used as a gravel mine
Queensland could plant for The Koala Foundation. A couple of           when the mine was abandoned, no restoration work was car-
the lady warriors will be bagging Mother-of-Millions in the            ried out. As a result the remnant bush and rainforest areas have
coming weeks so REMEMBER there are always openings                     been inundated by weeds like Lantana, Madera Vine, Castor
available to join the River Warriors on Tuesday, Wednesday or          Oil Plant and Pasture Grasses.
Thursday. Just come on down or give me a call.
                                                                       This is the second Green Corps project on the site and things
This is the year of the Mangroves to Mountains Festival again          are really beginning to look good. So far a gravel path has
and so the next area at Bunya Crossing Park is being prepared.         been built, many weeds have been pulled and a large number
It is worth putting the date for the planting in your diaries now      of native trees and plants have been planted. The present team
as it’s going to be a fun afternoon for the whole family on the        has a riverbank to revegetate and the main entrance way at
9th July. Planting will be from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm. Then            Cashes Crossing to landscape and plant out.
there will be cheese, biscuits and sausage sizzle with a string
quartet playing in the beautiful Bunya Crossing Park. BYO              The Pine Rivers Shire Council will shortly be busy on the
drinks.                                                                boardwalk that will link the Cash Crossing entrance with the
Clean up Australia Day UNFORTUNATELY was a huge suc-                   gravel path from Eatons Hill, creating a safe pathway for pe-
cess. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a special day to celebrate         destrians and cyclists.
the fact that we didn’t have any rubbish to clean up? Apart            The Pine Rivers Catchment Association and the Kumbartcho
from the usual cigarette butts, bottle tops, plastic bags and bot-     Sanctuary are the Green Corps team-partner organisations.
tles we removed half a canoe and rolls of rusty barb wire from         They provide the funding, expertise and materials for the pro-
the river between Bunya Crossing Park and the Carter Court             ject. and I think their enthusiasm is infectious.
remnant. Thank you so much to all the people who turned up
                                                                       Each week that goes by the team comes to me and say they
on the day, Kumbartcho Sanctuary for cooking the BBQ, and
                                                                       can’t believe how fast the time is going by. Even though the
organising the rubbish bin, and Harry Johnson of Kingfisher
                                                                       work is monotonous and hard they love what they are doing as
Recycling for a most informative talk.
                                                                       they can see changes day by day. It beginning to look good
It’s always wonderful to see volunteers, who start with us for
                                                                       and that’s inspiring.
the experience, move on to paid employment and so congratu-
lations to Caroline Spillane for getting a job. She has been vol-
unteering for the past four years and her departure leaves quite
a hole in the office administration area so if anyone has office
experience and would like to give a couple of hours a week
please give me a call.
Congratulation also to Jan Sked for being the recipient of The
Queensland Natural History Award for 2005. The Society for
Growing Australian Plants is having its Autumn Plant Sale on
Saturday the 23rd April at Grovely TAFE Campus Grovely
(UBD map 138 E1). These sales are times to pick up some real
bargains on native plants.
The South Pine River Project has sent in a nomination applica-
tion for a Healthy Water Ways Award. It would be brilliant to
win as we have so much rehabilitation to do and so little funds.
Sorry to all those people who wanted to come to the WEED
WORKSHOP in March. – It has only been postponed till
Sunday 8th of May. The reasons for this were: the printing of
the vine poster was delayed and a lot of people from other parts
of South-east Queensland would like to attend. So we needed           STOP PRESS !! The South Pine River Project is a finalist for a
more time to organise it. I think it will be great to have an ex-     Community Award in the Healthy Waterways Awards Ceremony
change of information and input from people outside this              on April 6. The prize is $20,000 which would be quickly put to use
Catchment. Please RSVP by Friday 29th April to secure a seat.         to continue the restoration of the South Pine River.
                                         BUSHCARE NEWS
       John Oxley Reserve Habitat Group                                          New Bushcare Officer for PRSC
                          Carole Green                                 Amanda Fox, Pine Rivers Shire Council’s new Bushcare Offi-
Much excitement once again when the Soroptimists Interna-              cer has been working hard to support and expand the Shire’s
tional of Pine Rivers met at their Bush Regeneration Project           Bushcare network. If you would like to discuss Bushcare she
Site within the John Oxley Reserve Natural Area on March 6.            can be contacted at Pine Rivers Shire Council on 3480 6745.
The regeneration of indigenous plant species, where once thick
Lantana camara prevailed was awesome. It was very encourag-
ing to be able to add another regenerated species, Alchornea
llicifolia (Native Holly) to Jan Sked’s extensive plant species
Green Corps workers will visit John Oxley Reserve on April 14
and a Community Education Program on Bush Care is sched-
uled for April 17 from 2.30 to 4.00 pm. Refreshments provided.
The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Pine Rivers
Branch co-ordinated the Clean-up Australia Day at John Oxley
Reserve and registered 45 participants. WPSQPRB has cleaned
up the same area for three consecutive years and were encour-          Assisting the regular bushcare work at the Jan Sked Reserve on
aged by the reduction in rubbish in the bush and mangrove ar-          May 26 will be the 2005 Green Corps team. Volunteers from
eas.                                                                   Jan Sked Reserve say hand-grubbing the dominant weed, lan-
                                                                       tana, is an effective method of weed control but stress the need
Don’t forget the new date for the Weed Workshop Vicious
                                                                       for regular monitoring of regrowth due to the seed bank in the
Vines in the Pine Sunday May 8, 8.30 - 12.30 pm. Helen Haa-
                                                                       soil and the fact that lantana can reshoot even from chopped-up
pakoski will make a presentation on environmental weeds with
                                                                       stems. Hand-clearing slowly and in a mosaic pattern is fauna-
a focus on vine weeds followed by a forum on dealing with
                                                                       friendly. The volunteers have noticed ferns, native grasses and
weeds in South-east Queensland. Helen will be available to
                                                                       shrubs are thickening up the undergrowth in the Jan Sked Re-
make identification of fresh suspect cuttings (with flowers or
                                                                       serve.                                                Rita Larsen
seeds in a plastic bag).

                        CATCHMENT CALENDAR
    DATE                                                   ACTIVITY                                                  CONTACT
1st & 3rd Thursday Drapers Crossing Meet at Drapers Crossing on Bunya Road for weed working bee.                      Donna Farrell
    of the month                                                                                                       3289 3112
    9.00 - Noon
   1st Saturday    Drapers Crossing Meet at Drapers Crossing on Bunya Road for weed working bee.                      Donna Farrell
   of the month                                                                                                        3289 3112
  from 2.00 pm
  4th Thursday     Jan Sked Reserve Meet for the working bee at park signage in Corvus Drive Cashmere.                  Meredith
  of the month                                                                                                         3882 1774
 7.30 - 10.30 am
     Tuesday       General Meeting - Pine Rivers Catchment Association. Kumbartcho, Bunya Pine Court                   Tim Odgers
     April 5       Eatons Hill. All welcome. Guest speaker is Tim Odgers.                                              3325 1577
  4.00 - 6.00 pm
     Saturday      South Pine River Project Meet at Environment Centre Bunya Pine Court UBD Map 107 N16.             Jann McArthur
     14 May        Follow signs upstream. Planting at Kumbartcho. Bring hat, gloves, water, strong enclosed shoes.     3325 1577
   8.30 - Noon     Refreshments provided.

     Sunday        Weed Workshop Vicious Vines in the Pine Helen Haapakoski will make a presentation on              Jann McArthur
      May 8        environmental weeds with a focus on vine weeds. Kumbartcho Environment Centre. Morning              3325 1577
 8.30 - 12.30 pm   tea supplied. RSVP April 29
     Sunday        Dayboro Day Display                                                                                 Tim Odgers
     May 29                                                                                                            3325 1577

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