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									                                                                       AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING NEWS

The Shocker Album                   says the Sheriff.

                                    In this one photograph inside
                                    the engine room of a Massey-
                                    Ferguson tractor, there were
                                    eight hose clamps, holding
                                    together a patchwork of pipes.

                                    "It looks like they ran out of
                                    hose, so stuck in an aluminium
                                    piece of tubing to make the
The Sheriff - Ashley Teitzel -
reckons that if every technician    "The problem with this sort of
in the country adopted "restore     workmanship is that it leaves
to OEM standard" practices          the way open for moisture to
today, it would take about five     enter the system through poor
years to undo the bodgied up        connections. In this case, the
                                    whole hose work should have         job properly and so avoid         doesn't live up to its OEM
equipment on cars and farming
                                    been replaced, and crimped          future failures with the          expectations because it can't
                                    with proper tools to eliminate      system," asserts Ashley.          pull enough refrigerant through
"Here we are asking                 the possibility of leakage.                                           the system quickly enough.
                                                                        And it wasn't just the pipework
technicians to repair to OEM
                                    "If this was the standard of        that was dodgy in this case.      "Compressor sizes and
standard in a new Code of                                                                                 capacities are chosen for very
Practice. Do you reckon the         work performed in a passenger       The Massey-Ferguson was           good reasons. Why technicians
guy who put together this           vehicle, the customer would be      fitted with a Delco-Remy          chose to ignore the standards
fantastic collection of pipe        the one ultimately paying for       compressor at the factory, but    set for a particular piece of
work will be able to read it, let   unnecessary repair work and         this was ultimately replaced by   machinery is a source of
alone do it?" he asked.             maintenance. So it's not just a     a down-sized compressor - to      constant amazement. Sooner
                                    matter of being fussy about         save money, or through            or later, the owner of the
"Garden variety hose clamps on      pipework and fittings, but I        ignorance.                        equipment pays, and probably
air conditioning equipment          believe there is an obligation                                        doesn't even know why."
went out with button-up boots,"     on service technicians to do the    The result is that the aircon

A Falcon alternator riddle solved
From AAAE                                                               not provide a battery sense
                                                                        signal in the sense lead to the
                                                                                                          frequency 128 Hz from the ECU
                                                                                                          to control regulating voltage
President Deyan                                                         alternator. The warning light     and the FR terminal sends a
Barrie and with                                                         will stay on and a higher
                                                                        regulating voltage will be
                                                                                                          signal to the ECU indicating
                                                                                                          how hard the alternator is
thanks to Ray                                                           observed.                         working.
Shoetrim                                                                There is no problem using a BA    The Ford Focus also uses a
                                                                        regulator or BA alternator with   smart alternator ,
It's a little known fact that the
                                                                        the AU. They are backward         manufactured by Magneti
Mitsubishi alternator on the AU
                                                                        compatible.                       Marelli or Motorcraft. They use
Falcon is different to the
                                                                                                          the same regulator plug as the
Mitsubishi alternator on the BA                                         The BF Falcon uses a new          130 amp Mitsubishi alternator.
Falcon.                                                                 generation 130 amp Mitsubishi
                                    The BA alternator is a machine      alternator, 5R29-10300-AC,        All of these alternators can be
The difference can be found in      sense type and uses a               known as a smart alternator. It   bench tested using a suitable
the voltage regulators these        regulator that only requires a      uses a voltage regulator with     PWM , as shown in the pic.
alternators use.                    lamp (L) connection, marked         three terminals: A (or AS)
                                    '517' on the regulators             terminal, SIG (or RC) terminal    The tester in the pic is
The AU alternator is a battery      heatsink.                           and FR (or LI) terminal.          available to AAAE members
sense type and uses a
                                                                                                          at a good price. Those
regulator that requires both a      A problem will occur if an AU       The A terminal senses the         interested should fax Deyan
sense (S) and a lamp (L)            regulator is used when              voltage at the battery, the SIG   Barrie on 02 94776026 or
connection, marked '435' on the     servicing the BA alternator, as     terminal receives a pulse width   barrie_autoelectrics@bigpon
regulator's heatsink.               the wiring loom in the BA does      modulated (PMW) signal of         d.com

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Problem Solving                                                    AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING NEWS

A new technical problem solving                                     electronic control systems with
                                                                    an appropriate scan tool.
                                                                                                      First you need the replacement
                                                                                                      part from BMW, Resistor part
service from The Automotive                                                                           no. 64116923204. List price
                                                                    2) Remove the under dash
Technician, under the guidance of                                   panels on the drivers side to
                                                                                                      $181.45+ (May 2006) Make
                                                                                                      sure that you check the chassis
AAAE leaders                                                        access the fan variable speed     no. with BMW on ordering
                                                                    controller (pic 1)                because they do vary between

                                 functions working and LCD          3) Find the variable fan speed
                                 display for fan control working    resistor and check the wiring
                                 correctly showing variable         connections for power. (pic 2)

                                 speeds, as the system has a
                                 variable speed interior fan.

                                  Diagnostic Sequence
Make : BMW
                                 1) Test all fuses and circuit
Model : E39 535                  breakers in the fuse box to                                           pic 3
                                 check power supply to fan
Year :     04/1997
                                 control system. Then scan the
                                                                                                      Fit the new resistor into the
 Customer Complaint                                                  pic 2                            hole with the two required
                                                        pic 1                                         screws, install the wiring and
No interior fan operation on                                                                          then test the fan operation. All
                                                                        Fault Description
any setting                                                                                           should again be working
                                                                    The fault is in the variable      correctly. You may also want to
     Problem Summary                                                resistor that controls the fan    check that there are no error
Climate control interior fan                                        speed for the internal            codes stored in the computer
motor not operating on any                                          ventilation system. (pic 3)       using an appropriate scan tool.
speed. All climate control
                                                                             Fault solution                 continued on page 27

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                                                                     AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING NEWS

 Recommended Time                                                                                        required to access main
                                                                                                         printed circuit board.
Labour time was 2.5 hrs,
taking into account research                                                                             (pic 2)
time, location of parts and the
actual time spent fixing the                                                                             Inspect printed circuit board
problem.                                                                                                 and locate main solder points
                                                                                                         for A/C compressor.
                                      pic 1

                                                                                                         Re solder any poor or dry
                                   ventilation functions working.     model is built into the main       solder points as required.
                                   Check of refrigerant gas level     ventilation control panel.         (pic 3)
                                   showing good pressures on

   2                               both low and high sides.

                                    Diagnostic Sequence
                                                                      All other functions for interior
                                                                      ventilation are working.            pic 3

Make : Volvo                                                          (pic 1)
                                   1) Test all fuses and circuit
Model : 940 GLE                    breakers in the fuse box to              Fault solution
                                   check power supply to interior
Year :   01/1994                   ventilation system.                Remove main ventilation
                                                                      control panel and dismantle as
 Customer Complaint                2) Test power supply to A/C
                                   pressure switch/s. No power to
Air Conditioning not cold.                                                                               Reassemble control panel,
                                   pressure switch with A/C
Interior fan working OK.                                                                                 reconnect and test. All should
                                   switched on.
                                                                                                         again be working correctly.
   Problem Summary                     Fault Description                                                 Recheck A/C performance and
                                                                                                         service A/C system if required.
Vehicle A/C compressor not         The fault is in the A/C
engaging. Interior fan motor       compressor relay, which in this                     pic 2
operating and all other interior                                                                                   continued on page 28

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