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                           Lupron And Endometriosis What You Need To Know
                                                 By Shelley Ross

    Lupron and endometriosis is something a woman can consider if she has been properly diagnosed
by her doctor, and knows that the symptoms she is suffering are caused by endometriosis and not
interstitial cystitis.

What is lupron? Lupron Depot, or simply Lupron, is a hormone that has two main stages. First, it
stimulates the ovaries so that they increase production of estradiol, which is the strongest of the three
estrogens women produce. Second, the hormones that send messages to the ovaries to produce
estrogen significantly decline. Therefore, lupron causes a dramatic decrease in estrogen levels in the
body which cause women to experience side effects that mimic menopause.

Lupron and endometriosis treatment is short term therapy that last no longer than six months. Lupron
is administered to patients by doctors or nurses via an injection.

After the first injection, the fist stage of lupron (increase in estradiol) occurs. During this time, the
patient will likely experience an increase in their symptoms. These symptoms will begin to subside after
a few weeks when more injections are administered and stage 2 (dramatic decrease in estrogen
levels) occurs. As treatment progresses, women generally have lighter or heavier periods, or may
experience a complete stop in their menstrual cycle.

Unlike many of the medical treatments for endometriosis, lupron is not a contraceptive, and lupron and
endometriosis treatment is not considered safe during pregnancy. Therefore, you will need to abstain
from sex or use other forms of contraceptives (I.E. condoms, diaphragms, or non-hormonal oral
contraceptives). Should a woman suspect she is pregnant while taking lupron, she should contact her
doctor immediately.

Is lupron right for you? Lupron and endometriosis treatment has been FDA approved; however, before
you determine whether or not this treatment is right for you, it is essential that you first know the pros
and cons of lupron prior to making your decision, and consulting your doctor for more information and

The postive side effects – While Lupron can provide pain relief during treatment, its purpose is to

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

provide considerable pain relief for several years. One clinical trial found that more than 60% of women
that suffered from mild endometriosis, who participated in the study, were successfully symptom free
for five years after stopping treatment. On the other hand, just over 25% of women who suffered from
severe endometriosis had the same successful results.

The negative side effects – The following are the negative side effects that may occur from lupron and
endometriosis treatment:

•Hot flashes •Night sweats •Palpitations •Syncope (fainting or dizziness caused by insufficient blood
flow to the brain) •Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) •Headache •Depression •Nervousness •Vaginitis
(vaginal inflammation often resulting from bacterial infection) •Loss of libido •Tenderness or pain in
the breasts •Acne •Weight gain

Many of the above symptoms mirror menopause symptoms, which is to be expected especially during
treatment, due to the low levels of estrogen in the body.

Some women believe that lupron and endometriosis is a dangerous combination. Many women who
have received the injections claim to have suffered from severe side effects such as cardiac
arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat), chest pain, confusion, depression, bone pain, loss of vision, extreme
fatigue, and high blood pressure. Some women claim that these side effects lasted for a prolonged
period of time after treatment was stopped.

Nevertheless, lupron is considered an effective and medically safe treatment for endometriosis, and
most of the women who undergo the treatment find that the negative side effects they may experience
during treatment are a small price to pay for the long-term relief of their painful endometriosis

Are their alternatives to lupron? Yes. If you feel lupron and endometriosis are a risky combination, talk
to your doctor about alternative remedies such as –

• Medical remedies - oral contraceptives, progestins, etc. • Holistic treatments - acupuncture,
hypnosis, elimination diet, etc. • Surgery – Laparoscopy, etc.

By Shelley Ross. To find out more about and for information on, please visit the links.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Endometriosis Forums: How Endometriosis Forums Can Give You The Answers You Need
                                         By Elizabeth R. Dean

 For women who are affected by the disease, endometriosis forums can be a huge help. While
endometriosis is rather common in American women, it isn't something that is talked about as much as
breast cancer and other women's issues. As a result, many women feel alone and scared as they deal
with the condition that has no cure. Also, because many of the treatments of endometriosis are surgical
in nature, women are afraid of what they may be getting into by going under the knife. With online
forums, however, women can openly (and anonymously, if they so choose) talk about their problem,
the treatments that they've gone through and more.

Indeed, because of the way that information can be shared through endometriosis forums, the mystery
and feelings of loneliness can be reduced quite a bit. While you may not know of anyone in your small
town to talk to about the condition, with the forums you can discuss it with somebody across the
country seamlessly. Also, in many cases doctors frequent the forums. This can be greatly beneficial to
women who suffer with the disease, because they can get second opinions on the medical advice their
doctors give.

Also, when doctors visit endometriosis forums they can provide their accounts of what has worked for
their past patients and what hasn't. Basically, when you live in a town where you don't know of anyone
who has endometriosis forums provide a support network of hundreds (or even thousands) of women
for you to connect with. Just because you can't meet in person doesn't mean that you can't make a real
bond with another person, and women who rely on endometriosis forums know this. All in all, if you
have been diagnosed with endometriosis, I strongly suggest that you hop online and find a forum to

For more help, visit the endometriosis forums in the Womens Health Forum. It's free to join so visit today!

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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