Appendix E Murray Street Community Survey Taste Test 1) Do you by lindash

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									            Appendix E: Murray Street Community Survey: Taste Test

1) Do you like these chips?


2) Would you be willing to pay more for healthier hot chips?

If Yes: For minimum chips that currently cost $2, I would be willing to pay up to:

3) If I told you it was possible to make hot chips healthier, would you be interested in
finding out more about this?
4) What factors influence you choosing hot chips?
   Please rank from 1 to 4 (1 being the most important)

Cost of chips          
Taste of chips         
Location of shop                
Health factors                   
Other                      ________________

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            Appendix E: Murray Street Community Survey: Taste Test


We are working on a project to make hot chips healthier and lower in fat, please help
us to name this project. Please tick the name(s) you like most

 - Mr CHIP
(Choosing Healthier Improved Potato chips)

- The Hot Chip Challenge

- Healthier Hot Chips

- Choice Chips

Suggestions or Comments____________________________________________

                           OVERALL SLOGAN FOR PROJECT

We would also like your help to choose some slogans to use in promoting these
healthier chips. Please tick the slogan(s) you like and add any comments or
suggestions below

- What’s in your bucket of chips?

- What’s in your chips?

- Say hi to the healthier fry

- Hot chips, less fat

Suggestions or Comments____________________________________________
                                       OIL TYPE
The type of oil used in cooking hot chips is very important. Most chips are cooked in
fats which raise cholesterol, however participants in the project will use heart
foundation approved monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oil which is much
healthier. Please help us by ticking the slogan(s) you like

- Oil matters

- What’s that frying in?

- Not all oils are the same

- What oil, how oily?

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            Appendix E: Murray Street Community Survey: Taste Test

Suggestions or Comments____________________________________________

                                     CHIP TYPE

 If chips are made from thicker chips, the smaller surface area relative to the volume
of the chip means it will have a lower percentage of fat. Help us choose a slogan by
ticking the slogan(s) that you like

- Size makes a difference, thick and straight

- Size matters, thick and straight

- Size does matter

- Fatter chips have less fat

Suggestions or Comments____________________________________________

                                COOKING PRACTICES

Another way to reduce the amount of fat in chips is to use better cooking methods,
such as draining the chips longer and cooking them at the correct temperature. Help
us choose a slogan by ticking the slogan(s) that you like

- Cooked to healthier perfection

- Learn how to chip out some fat

Suggestions or Comments____________________________________________

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            Appendix E: Murray Street Community Survey: Taste Test

INTRO to survey

Hi, have some chips, do you mind if we ask you a few questions about hot chips?

INTRO to slogans

We’re working on a new project that aim to decrease the fat content of hot chips.

The fat content of chips can be reduced by frying them in different oils, using straight
cut thick chips and by chip shops improving their cooking methods.

We are trying to develop some slogans to promote this project. Please choose the
ones you like. We want them to be catchy, clear and stimulate interest in the project.
Please write down any suggestions or comments you have thanks.

Answer: Where to get the chips?

These chips are just a trial at the moment and these chips have been made healthier
just for today by Apollo. If this trial is successful we hope that they will soon be
available from Apollo and other outlets in Colac. Keep an eye out for the advertising
and information that is coming, and remember to ask your chip shop owner for
healthier chips.

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Appendix F: Incentive Program Gold, Silver And Bronze Brochure

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Appendix F: Incentive Program Gold, Silver And Bronze Brochure

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          Appendix G: Memorandum of Understanding for Businesses

Memorandum of Understanding
Conditions and Definitions
     The Be Active Eat Well Project is coordinated and administered by project
     workers employed by Colac Area Health, and staff from Colac Otway Shire.
       Local retailers of Colac with an ABN who currently provide hot chips under
       the specified choice chip guidelines as mentioned above.
Probationary Period:
       Is a period of one month to allow hot chip retailers to implement choice chip
       guidelines without being randomly tested for accuracy.
       Participants will receive a certificate stating they are a probationary participant
       of the choice chip objective, until a random test confirms the participant’s
       adherence to the their requested medal standard.
       The probationary period also applies to participants that haven’t been able to
       maintain their requested medal standard but wish to remain a participant in
       the objective.
Random Testing:
       The Colac Otway Shire will randomly collect samples without notice to
       establish the participants rating or entry level into the ‘Choice Chip’ objective.
Random Samples following Probationary Period:
       Random samples can also be taken throughout the duration of the choice
       chip objective without notice in order to test participant’s compliance to their
       selected medal standards.
Participant Samples:
       Once samples are taken they will be analysed for their qualitative and
       quantitative types of fat. The participants samples will remain the property of
       The Colac Otway Shire. They will not be used for any other purpose besides
       the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the fat in the choice chips and oil
       used for frying.
       The results of the samples will not be used by the Colac Otway Shire for use
       in the determination of food safety compliance.
Disclosure of Results:
      These results from the random samples will remain commercial in confidence
      and will not be disclosed to your competitors. We will provide you with a
      ranking comparison between other participants but will not discuss the
      individual results with any other participant.
       By participating in this objective and signing this memorandum of
       understanding you have consented to allowing your results to be included in
       any research to be reported by ‘Be Active Eat Well’. Results will remain
       confidential, and retailers names will not be disclosed in any research
       reporting’s without the participants written consent.

Be Active Eat Well Logo, Characters, and Use of terms and Slogans:
      The ‘Be Active Eat Well’ logo, characters, terms and slogans used for social
      marketing of the ’Choice Chips” objective will remain the property of the Be
      Active Eat Well project.

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          Appendix G: Memorandum of Understanding for Businesses
       Participants wanting to use the logo, characters, terms and slogans or part
       there of for their own promotion or advertising must receive consent by the Be
       Active Eat Well project coordinator.
Reproduction of Marketing Material:
      All marketing material including brochures, flyers, banners, and advertising in
      other media, produced by Be Active Eat Well will remain the property of Be
      Active Eat Well and cannot be reproduced or copied in any form without
      permission from the Be Active Eat Well project coordinator.
Social Marketing:
       Is a presentation of promotional material to the public with the aim of
       educating the public to produce a behavioural change within the targeted
      We will be using the names of the participants in advertising through the
      newspaper, radio, brochures, flyers, banners, to educate the community
      about the benefits of choice chips.
Health Clause:
       Even though Choice Chips are healthier than regular hot chips, all deep fried
       foods are still high in fat and energy, and you should limit your intake”
       As a result this term must be included as a clause on all advertising in
       conjunction with any marketing material associated with the ‘Choice Chip’
What happens if I can’t meet the standards of best practice for ‘Choice Chips’?
      If a participant is unable to meet their selected medal standard as outlined in
      the choice chip guidelines we will discuss options to reclassify the participant
      into a lower medal category if possible. This may involve making changes to
      the participants preparation and cooking methods. In the event that you are
      not meeting the standards, the following will occur:
  1. The participant will be notified immediately.
  2. The participant will be asked if they are willing to review their practices to
      remain a participant in the objective.
  3. If the participant wants to maintain their selected medal standard they must
      undertake a one-month probationary period again.
  4. During this month we will work with the participant to reassess their selected
      medal standard.
  5. Reclassification into a lower medal category may also be an alternative and
      will require the participant to undertake a one month probationary period
  6. The participant will be given a probationary certificate during the one-month
      probationary period.
  7. At the end of this month the participant will be randomly sampled again.
  8. Failure to comply a second time will result in termination of their registration
      as a participant.
  9. There is no obligation on the participant’s part to remain involved for any set
      length of time in the objective.

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          Appendix G: Memorandum of Understanding for Businesses
Termination of Registration as a Participant
      If the participant decides they do not want to be involved in the objective, or
      can not meet the choice chip guidelines they will be required to remove all
      certificates of registration and promotional material used within their premises
      of business. This also includes any personally owned advertising on shop
      windows relating to their association with the ‘Choice Chip’ objective and the
      ‘Be Active Eat Well’ project.

Agreement to Definitions and Conditions
     I have read and understand the above definitions, conditions and guidelines
     of this memorandum of understanding and am willing to comply with all
     requirements as stated above.

       Participants Signature:…………………………………                     Date ………………
       Printed Name ……………….. ……………………….
       Business Name………………………………………..
       ABN          ………………………………………….

       Promoters Signature:……………………………………                        Date ………………
       Printed Name ……………….. ……………………….

       ‘Be Active Eat Well’ Coordinator ……………………………Date………………..

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                         Appendix H: Tips on Chips

1. Temperature
Is the oil temperature 180-185oC?
    Check the dialled temperature on the vat matches the probe temperature
    once a week. If it doesn’t match mark on the dial were it does maintain the
    temperature at 180-185oC.
    Have a gas or electrical fitter calibrate and adjust the vats thermostat once
    every 6 months.
    Keep a record of the changes for future reference.

2. Cooking Time
   How long does it take to cook the chips to perfection?
   Work out exactly how long it takes to cook the chips to perfection based on
   the minimum serve. Normally between 400-500 grams.
   Use timers to get the right results every time.
   You’ll be surprised at the increased efficiency you will receive.
   Ask us where to get them from at a reasonable price?

3. Cook the chips from the frozen state
   Cooking frozen chips will reduce fat absorption.
   Do not allow the chips to thaw before cooking.

4. Shake and Tap three times
   Chips only start to absorb fat once they are out of the frying oil.
   Shaking the basket and tapping the basket on the side of the vat three times
   can make a significant difference to the fat content of the chips.
   Not to mention you are reducing the oil loss from the vat.

5. Drain the chips
   Allow the chips to drain for 30 seconds prior to wrapping
   Allow this time allows the oil to drain off.

6. Skim the crackling and filter the oil
   Skim the crackling as soon as it appears.
   Filter the oil daily

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