Addison, Kristin Play quilts 2001 ADD Allen, Gloria Maryland album by lindash

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									Addison, Kristin      Play quilts                                  2001 ADD
Allen, Gloria         Maryland album                               1995 ALL
Amico, Yvonne         Quilt hoops                                  1982 AMI
Amico, Yvonne         Shadow applique                              1983 AMI
Amsden, Deidre        Colourwash quilts                            1994 AMS
Andersen, Charlotte   Faces & places: images in applique           1995 AND
Andersen, Charlotte   Focus on features                            1998 AND
Anderson, Alex        Quilts for fabric lovers                     1994 AND
Anderson, Alex        Shadow redwork                               2001 AND
Anderson, Alex        Start quilting (2nd ed)                      2001 AND
Anderson, Dawn        From the heart                               2002 AND
Anderson, Marina      Crayon design workbook                       1985 AND
Andreatta, Pat        Tomorrow's treasures                         1987 AND
Anthony, Catherine    Sampler supreme                              1983 ANT
Argent, Jeanne        Things to make for children                  1979 ARG
Armstrong, Carol      Butterflies & blooms                         2002 ARM
Armstrong, Carol      Cats in quilts                               2002 ARM
Armstrong, Carol      Quilting with Carol Armstrong                2001 ARM
Armstrong, Carol      Wild birds                                   2000 ARM
Armstrong, Carol      Wildflowers                                  1998 ARM
Armstrong, Rosalie    Quilting                                     1980 ARM
Austin, Catherine     Christmas past & Christmas present           1993 AUS
Avery, Virginia       Big book of applique                         1978 AVE
Avery, Virginia       Quilts to wear                               1982 AVE
Bailey, Kay           Quilting stitchery                           1978 BAI
Baird, Ljiljana       Quilts                                       1994 BAI
Bakker, Maaike        Cups and saucers                             2000 BAK
Balosky, Andrea       Transitions                                  1996 BAL
Bank, Mirra           Anonymous was a woman                        MIN 1979
Bannister, Barbara    United States patchwork pattern book         1976 BAN
Barber, Barbara       Really sharp piecing                         1997 BAR
Barickman, Amy        Forever yours : wedding quilts, clothing &   1998 BAR
Barnes, Christine     Color - the quilter's guide                  1997 BAR
Barton, Julia         Art of embroidery                            1989 BAR
Bawden, Juliet        Art & craft of applique                      1991 BAW
Beaney, Jan           Art of the needle                            1988 BEA
Beaney, Jan           Complete guide to creative embroidery        1991 BEA
Beck, Leslie          Decorated kitchen                            2000 BEC
Beck, Leslie          Decorated porch                              2001 BEC
Beck, Leslie          Quilted nursery                              1999 BEC
Becker, Joyce         Nature's patterns                            1996 BEC
Becker, Kristina      Come listen to my quilts                     2002 BEC
Beesley, Terrece      Applique for baby                            1999 BEE
Beesley, Terrece      Fabric mosaics                               1999 BEE
Beesley, Terrece      Garden applique                              1999 BEE
Beesley, Terrece      Your family heritage                         2000 BEE
Belfer, Nancy         Designing in stitching and applique          MIN 1977
Benberry, Cuesta     African-American presence in American       1992 BEN
Benjamin, Bonnie     Sashiko                                     1986 BEN
Berenson, Kathryn    Quilts of Provence                          1996 BER
Berg, Alice          Celebrate with little quilts                1995 BER
Berg, Alice          Little quilts: all through the house        1993 BER
Berg, Alice          Living with little quilts                   MIN 1997
Berger, Erwin        Jamie & the mystery quilt                   MIN1987
Berti, Gianna        Baby patchwork                              2000 BER
Better Homes &       501 quilt blocks                            1995 BET
Better Homes &       American patchwork & quilting               1985 BET
Better Homes &       Friendship quilting                         1990 BET
Better Homes &       Great patchwork -working with triangles     1994 BET
Better Homes &       Joy of patchwork                            1992 BET
Better Homes &       Patchwork quilting                          1977 BET
Better Homes &       Quilt-lovers' favorites Vol. 1              2001 BET
Better Homes &       Quilt-lovers' favorites Vol. 2              2002 BET
Better Homes &       Scrap quilts                                2000 BET
Better Homes &       Treasury of needlecrafts                    1982 BET
Beyer, Jinny         Color confidence for quilters               1992 BEY
Beyer, Jinny         Medallion quilts                            1982 BEY
Beyer, Jinny         Patchwork portfolio                         1989 BEY
Beyer, Jinny         Quilter's album of blocks & borders         1986 BEY
Beyer, Jinny         Soft-edge piecing                           1995 BEY
Bilik, Jen           Women of taste                              1999 BIL
Bishop, Robert       Gallery of Amish quilts                     1976 BIS
Bishop, Robert       Hands all round: quilts from many nations   1987 BIS
Bishop, Robert       New discoveries in American quilts          1975 BIS
Bishop, Robert       Romance of double wedding ring quilts       1989 BIS
Blalock, Joan        Quilted landscapes                          1996 BLA
Boerens, Trice       Fun with Sunbonnet Sue                      1999 BOE
Boerens, Trice       Quick quilts for the holidays               2002 BOE
Bolesta, Barbara     Applique pattern book                       1995 BOL
Bolton, Janet        Patchwork folk art                          1995 BOL
Bonesteel, Georgia   Lap quilting                                1982 BON
Bonesteel, Georgia   Lap quilting your legacy quilt              1979 BON
Bonesteel, Georgia   More lap quilting                           1985 BON
Bono, Pam            Big book of quick rotary cutter quilts      2001 BON
Bono, Pam              Quilt it for kids                              2000 BON
Bonsib, Sandy          Flannel quilts                                 2001 BON
Bonsib, Sandy          Quilting more memories                         2001 BON
Bowman, Doris          American quilts                                1991 BOW
Brackman, Barbara      Civil War women                                2000 BRA
Brackman, Barbara      Quilts from the Civil War                      1997 BRA
Bradfield, Helen       Art of the spirit : contemporary Canadian ..   1992 BRA
Bradkin, Cheryl        Seminole patchwork book                        1980 BRA
Brandon, Reiko         Hawaiian quilt                                 1989 BRA
Brandt, Janet          Wool on wool folk art quilts                   1995 BRA
Brannock, Linda        Gardening for quilters                         1993 BRA
Brazier, Joanna        Calico house                                   1995 BRA
Brearley, Deborah      Material magic                                 1990 BRE
Brearley, Deborah      Patches of Australia                           1985 BRE
Brearley, Deborah      Patterns for patches                           1987 BRE
Bresenham, Karey       America from the heart                         2002 BRE
Bresenham, Karey       Great expectations                             1995 BRE
Brondolo, Barbara      Small patchwork projects                       1981 BRO
Broughton, Kate        Textile dyeing                                 1995 BRO
Brumbeau, Jeff         Quiltmakers gift                               2000 BRU
Buckley, Karen Kay     Applique basics : flower wreaths               2000 BUC
Buffington, Adriene    Hand-dyed fabric made easy                     1996 BUF
Burbank, Donna         Fantasy flowers                                1992 BUR
Burch, Laurel          Laurel Burch quilts, kindred spirits           2001 BUR
Burge, Shelly          Small quilts made easy                         1998 BUR
Burns, Eleanor         Trio of treasured quilts                       1983 BUR
Campbell, Eileen       U is for unicorn                               1998 CAM
Campbell, Paticia      Jacobean applique                              1995 CAM
Campbell, Patricia     Jacobean rhapsodies                            1998 CAM
Campbell-Harding,      Every kind of patchwork                        1983 CAM
Caplinger, Mary        Woven quilts                                   1995 CAP
Caraway, Caren         Mola design coloring book                      1981 CAR
Carlson, Christine     Bias square miniatures                         1995 CAR
Carlson, Elizabeth     Small wonders                                  1999 CAR
Carlson, Elizabeth     Trip to Ireland                                2002 CAR
Carson, Linda          Boas, feathers & blooms : Bk 1                 1994 CAR
Carson, Linda          Boas, feathers & blooms : Bk 2                 1997 CAR
Carter, Christal       Holiday happenings                             1987 CAR
Carter, Erika          Erika Carter                                   1996 CAR
Carter, Erika          Personal imagery in art quilts                 1996 CAR
Carter, Roxanne        All-star sampler                               1995 CAR
Castleberry, Ann       Creating quilts with simple shapes             2001 CAS
Cevaal, Dijanne        Tifaifai Renaissance                           2002 CEV
Chalker, Jill          Handicraft gifts                               1978 CHA
Chiaverini, Jennifer   Elm Creek quilts                               2002 CHI
Christopherson, Teri   Days to remember                               2001 TER
Churbuck, Kim          Create your own quilt labels                2002 CHU
Clark, Mary Clare      Quilts                                      1995 CLA
Clark, Mary Clare      Story quilts & how to make them             1995 CLA
Clark, Ricky           Quilted gardens                             1994 CLA
Claxton, Annette       Creative patchwork                          1993 CLA
Claxton, Annette       Quick quilts                                1996 CLA
Cleland, Lee           Quilting makes the quilt                    1994 CLE
Cleveland, Richard     Plain & fancy                               1991 CLE
Clucas, Joy            Your machine for embroidery                 1973 CLU
Cody, Pat              Continuous line quilting designs            1984 COD
Cohen, Daniel          Marbling on fabric                          MIN 1990
Colby, Averil          Patchwork                                   1976 COL
Colby, Averil          Patchwork quilts                            1965 COL
Colby, Averil          Quilting                                    1987 COL
Cole, Shari            Plaited patchwork                           1995 COL
Collins, Sally         Art of machine piecing                      2001 COL
Colvin, Joan           Nature of Design                            1996 COL
Cook, Kathy            Make a medallion                            1985 COO
Cory, Pepper           Crosspatch                                  1989 COR
Cory, Pepper           Happy trails                                1991 COR
Cory, Pepper           Mastering quilt marking                     1999 COR
Cory, Pepper           Multiblock quilt design                     1998 COR
Cory, Pepper           Quilting designs from antique quilts        FOLIO 1987
Cory, Pepper           Quilting designs from the Amish             FOLIO 1985
Cory, Pepper           Signature quilt                             1995 COR
Covey, Mary M          Celebrations :quilts for cherished family   2002 COV
Craig, Sharyn Squier   Designing new traditions in quilts          1991 CRA
Craig, Sharyn Squier   Setting solutions                           2001 CRA
Croner, Marjorie       Fabric photos                               MIN 1989
Cross, Mary Bywater    Quilts & women of the Mormon migrations     1996 CRO
Crow, Nancy            Improvisational quilts                      1996 CRO
Crow, Nancy            Nancy Crow : quilts & influences            1990 CRO
Crow, Nancy            Work in transition                          1992 CRO
Dales, Judy            Curves in motion                            1998 DAL
Davis, Jodie           Paper piece a flower garden                 2001 DAV
Davis, Jodie           Paper-pieced bed quilts                     2001 DAV
Davis, Jodie           Victorian quilt block design                1996 DAV
Denton, Susan          Quiltmaking                                 1987 DEN
Derksen, Cori          Down in the valley                          2001 DER
Dietrich, Mimi         Baltimore bouquets                          1992 DIE
Dietrich, Mimi         Easy art of applique                        1994 DIE
Dietrich, Mimi         Pink ribbon quilts                          1999 DIE
Dietrich, Mimi         Quilts from the Smithsonian                 1995 DIE
Dillow, Sarah          Repiecing the past                          1995 DIL
Doak, Carol            40 bright & bold paper-pieced blocks        2002 DOA
Doak, Carol            50 fabulous paper-pieced stars            2000 DOA
Doak, Carol            Country medallion sampler                 1993 DOA
Doak, Carol            Easy machine paper piecing                1994 DOA
Doak, Carol            Easy mix & match machine paper piecing    1995 DOA
Doak, Carol            Easy paper-pieced baby quilts             2001 DOA
Doak, Carol            Easy paper-pieced keepsake quilts         1995 DOA
Doak, Carol            Easy reversible vests                     1995 DOA
Doak, Carol            Show me how to paper piece                1997 DOA
Doak, Carol            Your first quilt book                     1997 DOA
Doheny, Marilyn        Bargello tapestry quilts                  1993 DOH
Donahue, Nancy         Quilt-as-you-go-guide                     1979 DON
Donaldson, Beth        Charm quilts                              1997 DON
Dorris, Barbara Bell   Original log cabin jacket and vest book   1983 DOR
Dowell, Ruth           Piecing : expanding the basics            1998 MAC
Duke, Dennis           America's glorious quilts                 FOLIO 1987
Dunnewold, Jane        Complex cloth                             1996 DUN
Eaton, Patti           Blossoms in winter                        2002 EAT
Edie, Marge            Bargello quilts                           1994 BAR
Edie, Marge            Friendship blocks                         2001 EDI
Eikmeier, Barbara      Traditional quilts for kids to make       2001 EIK
El-Said, Issam         Geometric concepts in Islamic art         1976 ELS
Elwin, Janet           Creative triangles for quilters           1995 ELW
Elwin, Janet B.        Hexagon magic                             1986 ELW
Emery. Linda           Treasury of quilting designs              FOLIO 1990
Godmon                                                           EME
Emms, Amy              Amy Emm's story of Durham quilting        1990 EMM
England, Kaye          Journey to Jericho                        1992 ENG
Enright, Virginia      Tiny treasures                            1997 ENR
Ericson, L             Pleats                                    1989 ERI
Etherington, Mary      Quilts from Aunt Amy                      1999 ETH
Etzel, Wendy           House of cloth                            1994 ETZ
Fairfield, Helen       Patchwork                                 1980 FAI
Fall, Cheryl           Speed quilting                            1996 FAL
Fallert, Carol Bryer   Carol Bryer Fallert                       1996 FAL
Family Circle          Make it country                           1990 FAM
Faoro, Victoria        Award-winning quilts and their makers     1994 FAO
Fassett, Kaffe         Glorious colour                           1991 FAS
Fassett, Kaffe         Passionate patchwork                      2001 FAS
Fassett, Kaffe         Patchwork                                 1997 FAS
Fassett, Kaffe         Patchwork & quilting : Book No. 1         1999 FAS
Fassett, Kaffe         Patchwork & quilting : Book No.4          2002 FAS
Fassett, Kaffe         Welcome home                              1999 FAS
Fassett, Kaffe         Patchwork & quilting : Book No. 3         2001 FAS
Fassett, Kaffe         Patchwork & quilting : Book No. 2         2000 FAS
Field, Robert          Geometric patterns from Roman mosaics     MIN 1988
Filson, Yolande        Heirloom quilt                            1994 FIL
Finnegan, Dianne       Piece by piece                            1990 FIN
Finnegan, Dianne       Quilter's kaleidoscope                    1992 FIN
Fite McConnell,       Lively little logs                          1993 MAK
Flocard, Marie-       Patchwork basics                            1995 FLO
Flocard, Marie-       Provence quilts and cuisine                 2002 FLO
Fons, Marianne        Quilter's complete guide                    1993 FON
Fons, Marianne        Quilter's complete guide (Rev. ed.)         2000 FON
Fox, Sandi            Wrapped in glory -quilts 1700-1900          1990 FOX
Frack, Sophie         Shadow applique                             1999 FRA
Frager, Dorothy       Quilting primer                             1979 FRA
Fritz, Laura Lee      250 continuous line quilting designs        2001 FRI
Fritz, Laura Lee      250 more continuous-line quilting designs   2002 FRI
Fronks, Dilys         Enchanted views                             2002 FRO
Gadd, Kerry           Beyond log cabin                            1999 GAD
Gadia-Smitley, Ros    Wearable quilts                             1993 GAD
Gallagher, Susan      Childhood dreams                            1989 GAL
Garnas, Vicki         Fast-and-fun stenciled quilts               1999 GAR
Gick, Terri L.        Fabric boxes                                1980 GIC
Giesbrecht, Myrna     Press for success                           1996 GIE
Gilbert, Jennifer     New England Quilt Museum quilts             1999 GIL
Goldsmith, Becky      Stars in the garden                         1998 GOL
Goldsmith, Becky      Welcome to the North Pole                   1997 GOL
Goldstein, Joanne     Fabric collage quilts                       1999 GOL
Good, Phyllis         Quilts from two valleys                     1998 GOO
Grafton, Carol        Early American patchwork patterns           1980 GRA
Grafton, Carol        Traditional patchwork patterns              1974 GRA
Graves, Stevii        Vision: layers of excellence                1994 GRA
Guerrier, Katharine   Encyclopedia of quilting & patchwork        1994 GUE
Guerrier, Katharine   How to create beautiful machine quilts      1995 GUE
Guerrier, Katharine   Quilting & patchwork project book           1992 GUE
Guild, Tricia         Tricia Gould on colour                      1992 GUI
Gutcheon, Beth        Quilt design workbook                       1976 GUT
Guthcheon, Jeffrey    Diamond patchwork                           1982 GUT
Hadley, Marji         Prairie people                              1994 HAD
Hagood, Carol         Quilt with the best                         1992 HAG
Haigh, Janet          Crazy patchwork                             1998 HAI
Halferty, Suzette     Patchwork picnic                            2001 HAL
Halgrimson, Jan       Quilts: start to finish                     1991 HAL
Hall, Carrie A.       Romance of the patchwork quilt in America   MIN 1935
Hall, Dorothea        Quilting patchwork & applique book          1986 HAL
Hall, Jane            Precision pieced quilts                     1991 HAL
Hall, Sharyn          Sashiko designs                             1993 HAL
Hallas, Barbara       Contemporary quilts                         1994 HAL
Hallock, Anita        Fast patch - a treasury of strip quilts     1989 HAL
Hanson, Joan          Joy of quilting                       1995 HAN
Hargrave, Harriet     Heirloom machine quilting             1995 HAR
Hargrave, Harriet     Mastering machine applique            1991 HAR
Hargrave, Harriet     Mastering quilt marking (2nd ed)      2001 HAR
Harker, Gail          Machine embroidery                    MIN 1990
Harris, Yvonne        Patchwork stars                       1994 HAR
Hawley, M'Liss Rae    More fat quarter quilts               2001 HAW
Hay, Kerrie           Latte quilt                           2001 HAY
Hedges, Elaine        Hearts & hands                        1987 HED
Helmkamp, Amy         Stained glass quilts made easy        2000 HEL
Henry, Marie          Teach yourself blocks from the past   2001 HEN
Hickey, Mary          Big book of small quilts              1997 HIC
Higgins, Muriel       New designs for machine patchwork     1980 HIG
Hilberg, Birte        Patchwork planner                     1993 HIL
Hill, Katie           Material women '99                    1999 HAL
Hill, Wendy           Two-for-one foundation piecing        2001 HIL
Hoffman, Joy          Quilts to come home to                2002 HOF
Holmes, Val           Machine embroider's workbook          1991 HOL
Hooworth, Judy        Razzle dazzle quilts                  2001 HOO
Hooworth, Judy        Spectacular scraps                    2000 HOO
Hopkins, Judy         Around the block again                2000 HOP
Hopkins, Judy         Rotary riot                           1991 HOP
Hopkins, Judy         Rotary roundup                        1994 HOP
Hopkins, Judy         Triangle-free quilts                  2002 HOP
Hopkins, Mary Ellen   Baker's dozen doubled                 1988 HOP
Horton, Roberta       Amish adventure                       1983 HOR
Horton, Roberta       Calico & beyond                       1986 HOR
Horton, Roberta       Fabric makes the quilt                1995 HOR
Horton, Roberta       Plaids & stripes                      1990 HOR
Houck, Carter         Nova Scotia patchwork patterns        1981 HOU
Huff, Jaynette        For the birds                         2001 HUF
Hufford, Mary         Grand generation                      1987 HUF
Hughes, Robert        Amish                                 FOLIO 1990
Hughes, Robert        Amish                                 1990 HUG
Hughes, Trudie        More template-free quiltmaking        1987 HUG
Ickis, M              Standard book of quiltmaking          MIN 1949
Imbach, Gay           Adventures in patchwork               1982 IMB
Inzenji, Yoshiko      Quilt creation                        1994 JIN
Irvine, Jan           Australian quilts                     1987 IRV
Irwin, John Rice      People & their quilts                 1984 IRW
Isaacs, Jennifer      Gentle arts                           1987 ISA
Jackson, Wendy        Quilting for presents                 MIN 1986
James, Michael        Michael James : art & inspirations    1998 JAM
Janiero, Jan          Fiberarts design                      1995 JAN
Jenkins, Susan        American quilt story                  1991 JEN
Jensen, Lynette        Cozy cabin quilts                    2002 JEN
Jensen, Lynette        Thimbleberries classic country       2000 JEN
Jensen, Lynette        Thimbleberries housewarming          2000 JEN
Johannah, Barbara      Quick quiltmaking handbook           1979 JOH
Johnson, Linda         Pink lemonade & other delights       2001 JOH
Johnson, Mary          Country quilt patterns               1977 JOH
Johnson, Mary          Garden of quilts                     1984 JOH
Johnson, Vicki L.      Paint with patches                   1995 JOH
Johnson-Srebro,        Block magic                          2001 JOH
Johnson-Srebro,        Miniature to masterpiece             1990 JOH
Johnson-Srebro,        Timeless treasures                   1992 JOH
Johnston, Ann          The quilter's book of design         2000 JOH
Johnston, Dianne       Love of applique                     FOLIO 1993
Kelley, Helen          Scarlet ribbons                      1987 KEL
Kemshall, Linda        Color moves                          2001 KEM
Kergreis, Solange      French trapunto                      1997 KER
Kettle, Alice          Eye of the needle                    1995 KET
Kimball, Jeana         Red & green: an applique tradition   1990 KIM
Kimball, Jeana         Reflections of Baltimore             1989 KIM
Kime, Janet            Cat's Meow                           1994 KIM
Kime, Janet            Christmas cats & dogs                2002 KIM
Kime, Janet            It's raining cats & dogs             1998 KIM
Kime, Janet            Quilts for red letter days           1996 KIM
Kimmel, Gerry          Collections One                      1990 KIM
Kirsch, Chris Lynn     Replique quilts                      2001 KIR
Kngwarreye, Emily      Emily Kame Kngwarreye                1998 KNG
Kobayashi, Kumiko      Cotton projects                      1986 KOB
Kovich, Beth Merrill   Snuggle up                           2002 KOV
Kraybill, Donald       Puzzles of the Amish life            MIN 1995
Krentz, Jan            Lone star quilts                     2001 KRE
LaBranche, Carol       Constellation for quilters           1986 LAB
LaBranche, Carol       Patchwork pictures                   1984 LAB
Langford, Pat          Embroidery from sketch to stitch     1996 LAN
Laporte, Gul           Quilts from Europe                   2000 LAP
Laury, Jean Ray        Keeping it all together              MIN 1983
Laury, Jean Ray        Photo transfer handbook              1999 LAU
Laury, Jean Ray        Quilted clothing                     1982 LAU
Lautt, Wendy           Contemporary pictorial quilts        1993 LAV
Lawler, Mickey         Skyedyes                             1999 LAW
Lawther, Gail          Complete quilting course             1992 LAW
Lawther, Gail          Stained glass patchwork              1998 LAW
Lehman, Libby          Threadplay                           1997 LEH
Leman, Bonnie       Log cabin quilts                               1980 LEM
Lempe, Diana        Embroidereds garden flowers                    1991 LAM
Leone, Diana        Crazy with cotton                              1996 LEO
Leone, Diana        Fine hand quilting                             1986 LEO
Leone, Diana        Investments                                    1982 LEO
Levie, Eleanor      Country Living's country quilts                1992 LEV
Levie, Eleanor      Great little quilts                            1990 LEV
Liddell, Jill       Japanese quilts                                1988 LID
Linsley, Leslie     Pretty patchwork                               1993 LIN
Lintott, Pam        Quilt room                                     1995 LIN
Lipsett, Linda      Remember me                                    1985 LIP
Lister, Barbara     Quilting bees                                  1993 LIS
Logan, Jim          Everyday art : Australian folk art             MIN 1998
Lose, Patrick       At home with Patrick Lose                      1999 LOS
Lund, Tricia        Classic quilts with precise foundation         1996 LUN
MacDonald, Jessie   Making patchwork quilts                        1984 MAC
MacDowell, Marsha   Great lakes, great quilts                      2001 MAC
Mackay, Elina       Fashion Australia                              FOLIO 1987
Madden, Angela      Pieceful scenes                                1997 MAD
Magaret, Pat        Round robin quilts                             1994 MAG
Magaret, Pat        Watercolor quilts                              1993 MAG
Magaret, Patricia   Shadow quilts                                  2000 MAG
Mahoney, Nancy      Rich traditions, scrap quilts to paper piece   2002 MAH
Maison, Mary Beth   Easy quilts                                    1994 MAI
Makham, Rosemary    Samplings from the sea                         1993 MAK
Makhan, Rosemary    Floral abundance                               2000 MAK
Makhan, Rosemary    Rose sampler supreme                           1999 MAK
Malone, Maggie      1001 patchwork designs                         1982 MAL
Malone, Maggie      500 full-size patchwork patterns               1985 MAL
Manning, Jenny      Australia's quilts                             1999 MAN
Marchbank, Brenda   Durham quilting                                1988 MAR
Margaret, Pat       Round robin quilts                             1994 MAG
Margaret, Pat       Watercolor impressions                         1995 MAR
Marsten, Gwen       70 classic quilting patterns                   1987 MAR
Martin, Judy        Pieced borders                                 1994 MAR
Martin, Judy        Rainbow collection                             1987 MAR
Martin, Judy        Shining star quilts & lone star variations     1987 MAR
Martin, Judy        Ultimate book of quilt blocks                  1988 MAR
Martin, Nancy       Back to square one                             1988 MAR
Martin, Nancy       Beyond the blocks                              2002 MAR
Martin, Nancy       Make room for Christmas quilts                 2002 MAR
Martin, Nancy       Make room for quilts                           1994 MAR
Martin, Nancy       Quilters on the go                             1998 MAR
Martin, Nancy        Simply scrappy quilts                          1995 MAR
Martin, Nancy        Threads from the '30s                          2000 MAR
Martin, Nancy        Time-crunch quilts                             2000 MAR
Martin, Nancy        Basics of quilted clothing                     1982 MAR
Martin, Nancy        Make room for quilts                           1994 MAR
Martin, Nancy        Potting shed patchwork                         2002 MAR
Martin, Peigi        Imaginative patchwork                          1988 MAR
Martin, Peigi        Patchwork made easy                            1987 MAR
Martin, Terry        Fast fusible quilts                            2001 MAR
Marvig, Michelle     Rapt in borders                                2002 MAR
Mashuta, Mary        Cotton candy quilts                            2001 MAS
Mashuta, Mary        Wearable art for real people                   1989 MAS
Masopust, Katie      Fractured landscape quilts                     1996 MAS
Mathieson, Judy      Mariner's compass                              1987 MAT
Matsunaga, Karen     Japanese country quilting                      1990 MAT
McCaffery, Bonnie    Fantasy fabrics                                1999 MAC
McCaffery, Bonnie    Fantasy floral quilts                          2001 MAC
McCloskey, Marsha    Feathered star quilts                          1987 MAC
McCloskey, Marsha    Small quilts                                   1982 MAC
McClunn, Diana       Q is for quilt                                 2002 MAC
McClunn, Diana       Quilts galore                                  1990 MAC
McClunn, Diana       Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!                        1988 MAC
McDowell, Ruth       Pieced flowers                                 2000 MAC
McDowell, Ruth       Pieced vegetables                              2002 MAC
McDowell, Ruth       Ruth McDowell : art & inspirations             1996 MAC
McDowell, Ruth       Symmetry: a design system for quilters         1994 MAC
McElroy, Roxanne     That perfect stitch                            1998 MAC
McKelvey, Susan      Color for quilters 2                           1993 MAC
McKelvey, Susan      Light & shadows, optical illusions in quilts   1989 MAC
McKim, Ruby Short    101 patchwork patterns                         1962 MAC
McMorris, Penny      Art quilt                                      1986 MAC
McNeill, Moyra       Quilting                                       1980 MAC
McPhee, John         Australian folk & popular art                  1988 MAC
McRee, Livia         Instant fabric                                 2000 MAC
Mein, Annemieke      Art of Annemieke Mien                          1992 MEI
Meredith, Barbara    Australia quilts 1988                          1988 MER
Merrett, Stewart     Applique art                                   1993 MER
Miller, Corliss      Creative ideas for machine embroidery          1995 MIL
Miller, Margaret     Block bender quilter                           1995 MIL
Miller, Margaret     Smashing sets                                  2000 MIL
Milne, Hollie        Crazy but piecable                             1997 MIL
Moffat-Hall,         Easy seasonal wallquilts                       1997 MOF
Moffat-Hall,         Traditional blocks meet applique               1996 MOF
Monahan, Elizabeth   Irish quilts                                   1989 MON
Montano, Judith      Crazy quilt handbook                           1986 MON
Montano, Judith     Crazy quilt handbook (Rev. ed)              2001 MON
Montano, Judith     Crazy quilt odessey                         1991 MON
Montano, Judith     Judith Baker Montano : art & inspirations   1997 MON
Moore, Helen        Creative crazy patchwork                    1997 MOO
Morgan, Cynthia     Quilter's journey                           1995 MOR
Mori, Joyce         Dyeing to quilt                             1997 MOR
Moriyama, Yoshim    Kireasobi                                   1991 MOR
Morris, Elizabeth   Stained & decorative glass                  1990 MOR
Mostek, Pamela      Quilts from Larkspur Farm                   2002 MOS
Muir, Jeanette      Precision patchwork for scrap quilts …      1995 MUI
Mullen, Jan         Cut loose quilts                            2001 MUL
Mumm, Debbie        More quick country quilting                 1994 MUM
Mumm, Debbie        Quick country quilting                      1992 MUM
Murrah, Judy        In the studio with Judy Murrah              2001 MUR
Murrah, Judy        Jacket jazz                                 1994 MUR
Murwin, Susan       Quick & easy giant dahlia quilt             1983 MUR
Nadelstein, Paula   Quilting together                           1988 NAD
Nadelstein, Paula   Snowflakes & quilts                         2001 NAD
Nadelstern, Paula   Kaleidoscopes & quilts                      1996 NAD
Nelson, Cyril I.    Quilt engagement calendar treasury          1982 NEL
Nelson, Suzanne     Fast fun & fabulous quilts                  1996 NEL
Nephew, Sara        Quilts from a different angle               1986 NEP
Nevaril, Lerlene    Hidden block quilts                         2002 NEV
Newman, Sharon      Treasures from yesteryear                   1995 NEW
Newman, Velda       Velda Newman                                1996 NEW
Newman, Velda       Workshop with Valda Newman                  2002 NEW
Niles, Bo           Country decorating                          1988 NIL
Noble, Maurine      Machine quilting made easy                  1994 NOB
Nownes, Laura       Best of the classic quilt series            1993 NOW
Nownes, Laura       Star of Bethlehem                           1990 NOW
Nussbaum, Terri     Quick-change quilts                         2002 NUS
Obaldia, Diane de   Rouvray                                     1994 OBA
Oliver, Celia       Enduring grace                              1997 OLI
Olson, Claudia      15 two-block quilts                         2002 OLS
Onoyama, Takako     Honoring the seasons                        1996 ONO
Osler, Dorothy      Quilting                                    MIN 1991
Overton, Yvonne     Romantic applique                           1994 OVE
Pahl, Ellen         Best all-time tips for quilters             1999 PAH
Palmer, Carolann    Baby quilts from Grandma                    1988 PAL
Palmer, Carolann    Quilts for kids                             1993 PAL
Palmer, Carolann    Dresden fan                                 2002 PAL
Pandolph, Robyn     Stitched with love                          2000 PAN
Pappas, Dina        More quick watercolor quilts                2001 PAP
Pappas, Dina        Quick watercolor quilts                     1999 PAP
Paquini Masopust,   Ghost layers & color washes                 2000 PAS
Pasquini, Katie      3 dimensional design                      1988 PAS
Pasquini, Katie      Contemporary sampler                      1985 PAS
Pasquini, Katie      Mandala                                   1983 PAS
Patek, Jan           Quilts for summer days                    1993 PAT
Patera, Charlotte    Cutwork applique                          1983 PAT
Patera, Charlotte    Mola techniques for today's quilters      1995 PAT
Paulson, Jennifer    Refrigerator art quilts                   1996 PAU
Pederson, Sharon     Reversible quilts                         2002 PED
Pellman Rachel       World of Amish quilts                     1984 PEL
Pellman, Rachel      Amish crib quilts                         1985 PEL
Pellman, Rachel      Amish quilt patterns                      1984 PEL
Pellman, Rachel      Amish wall quilts                         2001 PEL
Pellman, Rachel      World of Amish quilts                     1984 PEL
Pellman, Rachel      Quilts among the plain people             MIN 1981
Penders, Mary        Color & cloth                             1991 PEN
Perrin, Michel       Magnificent Molas                         1999 PER
Perry, Gai           Color from the heart                      1999 PER
Perry, Gai           Do-it-yourself framed quilts              2001 PER
Peters, Paulette     Borders by design                         1994 PET
Pfieffer, Nancy      Easy to make patchwork skirts             1980 PFE
Phalen, Diane        Diane Phalen quilts                       2000 PHA
Phillips, Peter      Repeat patterns                           1993 PHI
Poggemeyer, Carly    Learn to do pin weaving in just one day   1995 POG
Porcella, Yvonne     Magical four-patch & nine-patch quilts    2001 POR
Porcella, Yvonne     Pieced clothing                           1980 POR
Porcella, Yvonne     Six color world                           1997 POR
Porcella, Yvonne     Yvonne Porcella : art & inspirations      1998 POR
Porter, Elizabeth    Classic basket patterns                   1984 POR
Porter, Liz          Quick quilts from the heart               1994 POR
Price, Caroline      Machine applique                          1998 PRI
Puckett, Marjoie     Patchwork possibilities                   1981 PUC
Quilt National       Quilt National '95                        1995 QUI
Quilter's Guild      Quilt treasures                           1995 QUI
Quilter's Guild      Quiltskills                               1997 QUI
Rae, Janet           Quilts of the British Isles               1987 RAE
Rafalovich, Danita   Backart on the flipside                   1991 RAF
Rand, Harry          Hundwasser                                1993 RAN
Reeder, S. Gail      Successful machine applique               1978 REE
Reikes, Ursula       More quilts for baby                      1997 REI
Reikes, Ursula       Quilted for Christmas                     1994 REI
Reikes, Ursula       Quilts for baby                           1993 REI
Reinstatler, Laura   Botanical wreaths                         1994 REI
Reis, Sherry         Basic quiltmaking techniques for eight-   1999 REI
                     pointed stars
Remme, Camille       Modular magic                             1991 REM
Richards, Pat        Wonderful baby quilts to make             2000 RIC
Richards, Rhonda     Quick cozy flannel quilts                 1999 RIC
Risinger, Hettie     Innovative machine quilting               1980 RIS
Ritter, Kim H.        Quick quilting                                1996 RIT
Roberts, Barbara      Quilts for girls & boys                       2000 ROB
Roberts, Claire       Rapt in colour                                1998 ROB
Robinson, Charlotte   Artist and the quilt                          1983 ROB
Robinson, Jackie      Animas quilts                                 1993 ROB
Roen, Fran            Country quilts in a day                       1991 ROE
Rogers, Jenny         Sense of place                                1992 ROG
Rolfe, Margaret       Australian quilt heritage                     1998 ROL
Rolfe, Margaret       Australian wildflowers                        FOLIO 1983
Rolfe, Margaret       Go wild with quilts again                     1995 ROL
Rolfe, Margaret       Metric quiltmaking                            1993 ROL
Rolfe, Margaret       Patchwork quilts in Australia                 1987 ROL
Rolfe, Margaret       Quilt a koala                                 2000 ROL
Rolfe, Margaret       Quilter's ark                                 1997 ROL
Root, Elizabeth       Hawaiian quilting                             1989 ROO
Rounds, Jennifer      A bouquet of quilts                           2002 ROU
Rozmyn, Mia           Freedom in design                             1997 ROZ
Rymer, Cyndy Lyle     Quilts for guys                               2001 RYM
Salazar, Mary         Quilt : beauty in fabric & thread             1997 SAL
Samples, Carol        Treasury of crazy quilt stitches              1999 SAM
Sampou, Jennifer      In the nursery                                2001 SAM
Sandbach, Kathy       Show me how to machine quilt                  2002 SAN
Sassaman, Jane        Quilted garden                                2000 SAS
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Schaefer, Becky       Working in miniature                          1987 SCH
Schaffeld, Barbara    Log cabin in the round designs                1992 SCH
Schneider, Sally      Celebrating the quilt                         1996 SCH
Schneider, Sally      Scrap frenzy                                  2001 SCH
Schneider, Sally      Scrap happy                                   1990 SCH
Schoeser, Mary        English & American textiles                   1989 SCH
Scholtzhauer, Joyce   Cutting up with curves                        1988 SCH
Scholtzhauer, Joyce   Curves unlimited                              1984 SCH
Scott, Stephen        Living without electricity                    MIN 1990
Scouler, Larraine     Quilting back to front                        2001 SCO
Segawa, Setsuka       Japanese quilt art                            1985 SEG
Segawa, Setsuka       Japanese quilt art III                        1989 SEG
Segawa, Setsuka       New wave quilts                               1991 SEG
Severson, Judy        Flowers in applique                           1998 SEV
Seward, Linda         Beautiful patchwork gifts                     1989 SEW
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Sienkiewicz, Elly     Best of Baltimore beauties (Pt II)            2002 SIE
Sienkiewicz, Elly     Design a Baltimore album quilt                1992 SIE
Sienkiewicz, Elly     Dimensional applique                          1993 SIE
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Simmons, Judy          Machine needlelace                            1997 SIM
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Simms, Ami             How not to make a prize winning quilt         MIN 1994
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Smith, Barbara         Pineapple quilts                              1998 SMI
Smith, Louisa L.       Strips 'n curves                              2001 SMI
Solvit, Marie-Janine   Magnificent patchwork                         1981 SOL
Solvit, Marie-Janine   Pictures in patchwork                         1977 SOL
Spencer, Joyce         Art of teaching craft                         MIN 1993
Speth, Pat             Nickel quilts                                 2002 SPE
Spingola, Deanna       Strip-pieced watercolor magic                 1996 SPI
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Squire, Helen          More ask Helen about quilting …               FOLIO 1990
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Stori, Mari            Stori book of embellishing                    1994 STO
Stroebel, Robin        Casual quilter                                2002 STR
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Sudo, Kimiko           East quilts West                              1992 SUD
Sudo, Kimiko           Fabled flowers                                1996 SUD
Sudo, Kimiko           Harmonies & hurricanes                        1998 SUD
Sudo, Kumiko           East quilts west                              1992 SUD
Suit, Mary Sue         New turn of drunkard's path                   2002 SUI
Suit, Mary Sue         New twist on triangles                        1999 SUI
Sullivan, Carolyn      Companion pieces                              1998 SUL
Swain, Gabrielle       Applique in bloom                             1994 SWA
Swain, Gabrielle       From a quilter's garden                       1996 SWA
Swanland, Shelley      Machine-stitched cathedral windows            1999 SWA
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Swim, Laurie           Quilting                                      1993 SWI
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Thompson, Shirley      Old time quilting designs                     FOLIO 1988
Thompson, Shirley      Tried and true                                FOLIO 1987
Thomson, Susan      Quilts for mantels & more                2002 THO
Timby, Deborah      Visions: quilts of a new decade          1990 TIM
Timby, Deborah      Visions: the art of the quilt            1992 TIM
Townsend, Marilyn   Australian creative machine embroidery   1991 TOW
Townswick, Jane     Artful album quilts                      2001 TOW
Townswick, Jane     Artful applique the easy way             2000 TOW
Travis, Dinah       Applique quilts to make                  1993 TRA
Travis, Dinah       Miniature quilt                          1998 TRA
True, Peggy         True style                               1997 TRU
Turner, Judy        Awash with color                         1997 TUR
Turpin-Delport,     Creative guide to patchwork & applique   1988 TUR
Turpin-Delport,     Creative guide to patchwork & applique   1988 TUR
Turpin-Delport,     Quilts & quilting: a creative guide      1991 TUR
Twelker, Nancyann   Women & their quilts                     1988 TWE
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Wagner, Debra       Traditional quilts                       1997 WAG
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Walker, Michele     Complete book of quiltmaking             1989 WAL
Walker, Michele     Passionate quilter                       1991 WAL
Walker, Michele     Quiltmaking in patchwork and applique    1985 WAL
Walner, Hari        Trapunto by machine                      1996 WAL
Walton, Virginia    Creative curves book                     1997 WAL
Wark, Edna          Craft of patchwork                       1984 WAR
Warren, Elizabeth   Glorious American quilts                 1996 WAR
Wat, Rebecca        Fantastic fabric folding                 2000 WAT
Watts, Michelle     Round about quilts                       1994 WAT
Weidman, Mary Lou   Quilted memories                         2001 WEI
Weiss, Rita         Quick 'n easy sewing machine quilts      1983 WEI
Wells, Jean         Along the garden path                    2001 WEL
Wells, Jean         Basket quilt                             1994 WEL
Wells, Jean         Button stitch applique                   1995 WEL
Wells, Jean         Four seasons in flannel                  2002 WEL
Wells, Jean         Garden-inspired quilts                   2002 WEL
Wells, Jean         Memorabilia quilting                     1992 WEL
Wells, Jean         Milky Way quilt                          1992 WEL
Wells, Jean         Patchwork quilts made easy               1994 WEL
Wells, Jean         Patchworthy apparel book                 1981 WEL
Wells, Jean         Through the garden gate                  1999 WEL
Wells, Valori       Stitch 'n flip quilts                    2000 WEL
Wentworth, Judy     Quilts                                   FOLIO 1987
Wentz, Henry        Patients are a virtue                    MIN 1997
Wessel, Diana        Inspiration odyssey                             1996 WES
Westfall, Eileen     Quilts say it best                              MIN 1997
White, Tonee         Appliquilt in the cabin                         2002 WHI
White, Tonee         Appliquilt your ABCs                            1995 WHI
White, Tonee         Appliquilt, whimsical one-step applique         1994 WHI
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Wilens, Patricia     Great American quilts Book seven                1999 WIL
Wilens, Patricia     Quick quilts from your scrap bag                1999 WIL
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Williams, Beth Ann   Colorwash bargello quilts                       2001 WIL
Williamson, Jenny    Quilts on safari                                1998 WIL
Wilson, Erica        Quilts of America                               1979 WIL
Wiss, Audrey         Folk quilts                                     1990 WIS
Wolfram, Joen        Colorplay                                       2000 WOL
Wolfrom, Joen        Landscapes & illusions                          1990 WOL
Wolfrom, Joen        Visual dance                                    1995 WOL
Women's Weekly       Needlework                                      1985 WOM
Wood, Kaye           Quilt like a pro                                1983 WOO
Wood, Kaye           Starmakers ablaze                               1985 WOO
Woods, Marianne      Threads of tradition                            1997 WOO
Young, Blanche       Lone star quilt handbook                        1979 YOU
Zehner, Judy         Quilted legends of the West                     1995 ZEH
Zinni-Lask, Joen     First steps in patchwork, quilting & applique   1984 ZIN
                     180 quilters now in Japan                       1992 ONE
                     25 Years of fibre encounters                    2000 FIB
                     A year in patchwork                             1995 YEA
                     American antique quilt collection               1982 AME
                     American quilt renaissance                      1998 AME
                     Applique No.2                                   1998 APP
                     Applique quilts                                 1998 APP
                     Art textiles of the world : Australia           1999 ART
                     Australia dreaming                              1995 AUS
                     Australian Family Circle patchwork              1990 AUS
                     Best of miniature quilts No. 2                  1999 BES
                     Book of patchwork from Japan                    1988 BOO
                     Bright & beautiful quilts                       2000 BRI
                     Celebration quilts 2001                         2001 CEL
                     Charming colourwash quilts                      1999 CHA
                     Colourful quilts                                2001 COL
                     Complete book of patchwork & quilting for       1985 COM
                     Australia & New Zealand
                     Complete book of quiltmaking                    1989 WAL
                     Copy art for quilters                           1995 COP
                     Country friends go quilting                     2000 COU
                     Country quilts                                  2001 COU
                     Creative naïve & country quilting               1998 NAI
                     Creative patchwork                              1971 GOL
Creative stitching                          MIN 1995
Crossing over time sampler                  1997 CRO
Decorative crafts                           1988 DEC
Dressed by the best                         1997 DRE
Encyclopedia of classic quilt patterns      2001 ENC
Fat quarter friendly                        2000 FAT
Fine art quilts                             1997 CON
Floral quilt                                1993 FLO
Flower garden quilts                        1996 FLO
Foundation piecing                          1997 FOU
Garden club quilts                          2001 GAR
Heartstring quilts                          1996 HEA
Homage to Amanda                            1984 HOM
I'd rather be quilting                      1978 SAN
Keeping the world sewing                    2000 KEE
Lansdowne's patchwork and applique          MIN 1981
Magic of machine embroidery                 1999 MAG
McCall's book of quilts                     1975 MAC
Memorable scrap quilts                      2000 MEM
Memories: 4th Nihon Exhibition              1996 MEM
Millennium quilt                            2000 MIL
Mini quilts with Japanese fabric            1997 MIN
Miniature quilts                            1997 MIN
Modern patchwork                            1982 MOD
More quilts & patches                       1983 SIM
Mountain Mist quilt favorites               1998 MOU
Naïve & country quilts                      1998 NAI
Naïve & country quilts (AP & Q)             2000 NAI
New quilt 2: Dairy barn quilt national      1993 NEW
New quilts, interpretations & innovations   1989 NEW
Paper piecing picnic                        2001 PAP
Patchwork & quilting special                1994 PAT
Patchwork and quilting book                 1981 PAT
Patchwork for your home                     1984 PAT
Quick and quilted projects                  1981 SIM
Quilt Australia                             1988 QUI
Quilter's album                             1990 QUI
Quilting by machine                         1990 QUI
Quilting concepts in Sulky                  1993 QUI
Quilting with Bernina                       1998 QUI
Quilting, patchwork & applique              1988 QUI
Quilting: patchwork & applique              1982 QUI
Quilts covering Australia (slides)          1988 QUI
Quilts for all seasons                      1999 QUI
Quilts of Japan                             1996 QUI
Quilts sew quick                            1995 QUI
Quilts: state of an art                     1985 QUI
Quiltskills                                 1997 QUI
Razor's edge:contemporary quilt …              1995 RAZ
Scrap quilts                                   1997 SCR
Seminole patchwork                             1983 SEM
Sew quick scrap quilts                         1997 SEW
Sewing with an overlock                        1989 SEW
Simplicity's crafty ideas for the home         1980 SIM
Small quilts :Vanessa-Ann collection           1989 SMA
Traditional block quilts                       2001 TRA
Traditional quilting                           1998 TRA
Treasury of patchwork, applique and quliting   1980 TRE
Where love resides                             MIN 1996
Wonderful applique quilts                      2000 WON
Wonderful quilts                               1998 WON
Year of wall quilts                            1997 YEA

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