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									Palace Como                                    Sun 16 March
Corner of Toorak & Chapel St, South Yarra      10.15am Pom*
Tel: 9827 7533                                 12.00pm Have Mercy On Us All
                                               2.30pm Could This Be Love?
Thu 6 March                                    4.30pm Molière (PG)
7.O0pm Paris (Opening Night)                   7.O0pm Trivial
Fri 7 March                                    9.15pm Water Lilies
6.45pm The Flight of the Red Balloon           Mon 17 March
9.15pm A Secret                                6.45pm Anna M
Sat 8 March                                    9.00pm Waiting For Someone
11.00am To Each His Own Cinema                 Tue 18 March
1.30pm Intimate Enemies                        6.45pm 13m2
4.00pm Gotta Dance!                            8.45pm Water Lilies
6.15pm Molière (PG)                            Wed 19 March
8.45pm The Secret of the Grain (M)             6.45pm The Dinner Guest (PG)
Sun 9 March                                    8.45pm Chrysalis
10.45am Azur & Asmar*
1.00pm Crime Insiders                          Palace Balwyn
3.15pm The House                               231 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn
5.15pm After Him                               Tel: 9817 1277
7.15pm The Age of Man                          Fri 7 March
9.15pm Jean de La Fontaine                     7.00pm The Age of Man
Mon 10 March                                   9.00pm Jean de La Fontaine
10.45am Azur & Asmar*                          Sat 8 March
1.00pm The Price To Pay                        12.15pm Crime Insiders
3.00pm In Mom’s Head                           2.45pm In Mom’s Head
5.00pm Love Songs                              4.45pm The Flight of the Red Balloon
7.15pm After Him                               7.15pm The Dinner Guest (PG)
9.15pm The House                               9.15pm After Him
Tue 11 March                                   Sun 9 March
6.45pm Intimate Enemies                        12.OOpm The Red Balloon+White Mane*
9.15pm Jean de La Fontaine                     1.45 pm Gotta Dance!
Wed 12 March                                   4.00pm Intimate Enemies
6.45pm The Flight of the Red Balloon           6.30pm Molière (PG)
9.15pm The Year After                          9.00pm Paris
Thu 13 March                                   Mon 10 March
6.45pm Chrysalis                               12.15pm In Another Place
8.45pm Anna M                                  2.15pm Crime Insiders
Fri 14 March                                   4.45pm Animals In Love
6.30pm Waiting For Someone                     6.45pm Gotta Dance!
8.45pm The Secret of the Grain (M)             9.00pm The Year After
Sat 15 March                                   Tue 11 March
12.15pm UV                                     7.00pm In Mom’s Head
2.30pm Have Mercy On Us All                    9.00pm Love Songs
5.00pm A Secret                                Wed 12 March
7.15pm Wicked Weekend                          7.00pm A Secret
9.15pm Paris                                   9.15pm The House
All films open to persons aged 18+ unless indicated / Films marked * are open to all ages
Check for updated censorship information
Thu 13 March                           Mon 10 March
6.30pm To Each His Own Cinema          12.30pm Princess of the Sun*
9.O0pm Wicked Weekend                  2.30pm The Flight of the Red Balloon
Fri 14 March                           5.OOpm The Red Balloon+White Mane*
6.30pm Have Mercy On Us All            7.00pm Intimate Enemies
9.15pm The Age of Man                  9.30pm The Price To Pay
Sat 15 March                           Tue 11 March
12.00pm Odette Toulemonde              7.15pm Gotta Dance!
2.15pm Water Lilies                    9.30pm Crime Insiders
4.15pm The Flight of the Red Balloon   Wed 12 March
6.45pm Anna M                          7.30pm After Him
9.00pm Waiting For Someone             9.30pm The Price To Pay
Sun 16 March                           Thu 13 March
11.30pm UV                             7.15pm Water Lilies
1.45pm Let’s Say...                    9.15pm Trivial
3.45pm The Secret of the Grain (M)     Fri 14 March
6.45pm 13m2                            7.00pm UV
8.45pm Have Mercy On Us All            9.30pm Wicked Weekend
Mon 17 March                           Sat 15 March
7.00pm UV                              11.00am Pom*
9.15pm Chrysalis                       12.45pm Let’s Say...
Tue 18 March                           2.45pm Could This Be Love?
7.00pm Could This Be Love?             4.45pm Odette Toulemonde
9.OOpm Trivial                         7.00pm Molière (PG)
Wed 19 March                           9.30pm The Dinner Guest (PG)
7.00pm Odette Toulemonde               Sun 16 March
9.15pm Could This Be Love?             10.15am 13m2
                                       12.00pm Chrysalis
Palace Westgarth                       2.00pm Odette Toulemonde
89 High Street, Northcote              4.15pm Waiting For Someone
Tel: 9482 2001                         6.30pm Wicked Weekend
Fri 7 March                            8.30pm Paris
7.30pm The Year After                  Mon 17 March
9.30pm The House                       7.30pm The Age of Man
Sat 8 March                            9.30pm To Each His Own Cinema
12.45pm In Another Place               Tue 18 March
2.45pm Jean de La Fontaine             6.30pm Anna M
5.00pm The Year After                  8.45pm The Secret of the Grain (M)
7.00pm Love Songs                      Wed 19 March
9.30pm Paris                           7.15pm A Secret
Sun 9 March                            9.30pm The Flight of the Red Balloon
11.15am The Red Balloon+White Mane*
1.00pm The Price To Pay
3.00pm In Mom’s Head
5.00pm Animals In Love
7.00pm The Dinner Guest (PG)
9.00pm Love Songs
OPENING NIGHT FILM AND PARTY –                     and WESTGARTH (89 High St, Northcote).
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PRINCESS OF THE SUN, AZUR & AZMAR,                 All Festival films are restricted to persons
POM and THE RED BALLOON + WHITE                    18 years of age and over unless specified.
MANE                                               This relates not necessarily to the content
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PALACE COMO (Corner Toorak Rd and                  subtitles.
Chapel St, South Yarra),
BALWYN (231 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn)
PARIS                                         13m2                                          AFTER HIM                                    THE AGE OF MAN
                                                                                            Apres lui                                    L’Age d’homme
This year’s Opening Night selection is the    Actor and first-time director Barthélémy
hugely anticipated new film from one of       Grossmann’s 13m2 is a down-and-dirty          The inestimable Catherine Deneuve            2007 was very much Romain Duris’ year -
French cinema’s hottest directors, Cedric     and claustrophobic urban thriller in the      revels in one of her most expressive roles   the multi-talented actor sizzles in this
Klapisch (When The Cat’s Away, The            tradition of the early films of Mathieu       in years, in actor/director Gael Morel’s     fleet-footed and whimsical romantic
Spanish Apartment, Russian Dolls).            Kassovitz.                                    moving new drama, co-written by              comedy – a hip and provocative romp
                                                                                            Christophe Honoré (Inside Paris, Love        through the male passage to the age of
The cast is one of the most dazzling          José (Grossman) is looking for a way out      Songs). She stars as Camille, a vivacious    adulthood.
assembled in recent memory - Juliette         of his small time suburban life. After        divorcee who runs a classy bookshop in
Binoche, Romain Duris, Fabrice Luchini,       overhearing his girlfriend and stepbrother    Lyon, whose life is turned upside down       Here he plays thirty-something Parisian
François Cluzet, Albert Dupontel, Karin       talking, he and his two best friends arrive   when her twenty-year-old son is killed in    filmmaker Samuel, who has set himself a
Viard and Mélanie Laurent to name just a      at a plan to attack and rob an armoured       an accident.                                 24-hour deadline to make a delicate
few.                                          vehicle. But their getaway goes wrong                                                      decision: Should he or should he not,
                                              and the three are forced into a cramped       She begins to cling to any signs of her      after a lifetime of happily unmarried bliss,
The story begins with Pierre (Duris), a       bunker to hide. As every sound outside        lost son’s life, even forming a strange      tie the knot with Tina (the gorgeous Aissa
young man unexpectedly confronted with        triggers more paranoia, nerves begin to       friendship with his best friend Franck       Maiga, from I Do), his live-in girlfriend of
his own mortality. For the next 24 hours,     fray…                                         (Thomas Dumerchez) who escaped the           the past year? Samuel receives advice
his tour through the city will weave with                                                   incident unharmed. And despite the           from his friends (some of whom are
those of his beloved sister, his neighbours   France 2007 – Thriller [84 mins]              scandal, Frank even allows himself to be     imaginary) and sets about this important
(some known, some not), their friends and     Director: Barthélemy Grossman                 the object of Camille’s affections. But he   decision.
workmates, and their interconnected           With: Barhélemy Grossman, Youssef             slowly realizes that her attraction is a
stories of love, familial bonds, loneliness   Hajdi, Thierry Lhermitte                      threat to him…                               France 2007 – Drama [88 mins]
and compassion come together in                                                                                                          Director: Raphael Fejto
unexpected ways.                                                                            Strong supporting performances from          With: Romain Duris, Clément Sibony
                                                                                            Elodie Bouchez, Guy Marchand and
This emotional and inspiring ode to Paris                                                   Dumerchez take nothing away from the
will have you entranced.                                                                    unmistakable talents of Deneuve, one of
                                                                                            French cinema’s most enduring stars. Her
France 2007 – Drama [130 mins]                                                              work here is outstanding.
Director: Cédric Klapisch
With: Romain Duris, Juliette Binoche                                                        France 2007 – Drama [90 mins]
                                                                                            Director: Gael Morel
                                                                                            With: Catherine Deneuve, Julien Honoré
ANIMALS IN LOVE                                 ANNA M                                       A SECRET                                       CHRYSALIS
Les animaux amoreux                                                                          Un Secret
                                                An unsettling psychological thriller about                                                  In a grey Paris, circa 2020, Police
In the tradition of March of the Penguins,      the obsession of unrequited love, Anna M     Winner - Grand Prix des Amériques –            Lieutenant David Hoffman (played by
Microcosmos and Travelling Birds comes          features a powerhouse performance by         Montreal World Film Festival                   Albert Dupontel, Irréversible) returns to
a new, stunningly-photographed journey,         the superb Isabelle Carré (Coeurs, In His                                                   the line of duty to hunt down a dangerous
this time into the beautiful, fascinating and   Hands), who portrays a mixture of            Adapted by Claude Miller from Philippe         smuggler behind a series of murders,
amusing world of animals in love.               neurotic behaviour and cunning to chilly     Grimbert’s autobiographical novel, this is     including his own wife’s. The investigation
                                                perfection.                                  a splendid and moving saga of a Jewish         leads him to a state-of-the-art clinic, run
The gentle art of seduction is by no                                                         family in post-war Paris, told through the     by Professor Brügen (Marthe Keller) and
means limited to human behaviour. The           After a failed suicide attempt, young Anna   eyes of a frail & intelligent young boy who    a dangerous machine that is capable of
animal kingdom offers many striking             (Carré) becomes enamoured with her           senses something is amiss with his             memory and identity manipulation…
examples of courtship, with males and           happily married surgeon (Gilbert Melki,      beautiful parents (Cécile De France &
females displaying unexpected delicacy          Intimate Strangers) and begins a             Patrick Bruel). On his fifteenth birthday a    An intense, adrenalin-fueled joyride that
and subtlety, but also remarkable               relentless and calculated pursuit of his     family friend tells him a shattering truth —   references Blade Runner, A Clockwork
ingenuity, audacity and determination in        affections, finding new and creepy ways      tying his family’s past to the Holocaust —     Orange, Until The End of the World and
their pursuit of mates.                         of invading his mind, life and home...       that may enable him to develop his own         Minority Report, Julien Leclercq’s visually
                                                                                             sense of self.                                 stunning debut delivers a potent cocktail
Accompanied by a new original score             The tension ratchets through small                                                          of future-shock noir with stiff shots of
from legendary composer Philip Glass.           details; madness in movies is rarely this    This wholly absorbing tale is a superbly       intense, adrenaline-fuelled action. Indeed,
                                                creepy, or entertaining. Comparisons to      drawn study of human behaviour,                this high-octane thriller announces
France 2007 – Documentary [85 mins]             Fatal Attraction don’t do this superbly      featuring excellent supporting                 Leclercq as a hot new talent to watch.
Director: Laurent Chabonnier                    crafted and thought-provoking thriller       performances by Julie Depardieu,               Hollywood is calling.
                                                justice.                                     Ludivine Sagnier, Mathieu Amalric and
                                                                                             Yves Jacques. A Secret was a huge              France 2007 – Thriller [94 mins]
                                                France 2007 – Drama [106 mins]               critical and box office success in France      Director: Julien Leclercq
                                                Director: Michel Spinosa                     last year.                                     With: Albert Dupontel, Marie Guillard
                                                With: Isabelle Carré, Gilbert Melki
                                                                                             France 2007 – Drama [100 mins]
                                                                                             Director: Claude Miller
                                                                                             With: Patrick Bruel, Cécile de France
COULD THIS BE LOVE?                               CRIME INSIDERS                                 THE DINNER GUEST                                THE FLIGHT OF THE RED BALLOON
Je crois que je l’aime                            Truands                                        L’Invite                                        La Course du Balloon Rouge
This wonderfully intricate new romantic           Frederic Schoendoerffer’s adults-only          This finely paced comedy is sheer light-        Inspired in part by Albert Lamorisse’s
comedy from Pierre Jolivet sparkles from          crime drama concerns the fallout amongst       hearted lunacy, with three great star           Palme d’Or winning 1956 classic The Red
start to finish.                                  the underworld after a brutal kingpin is       talents in top form; Thierry Lhermitte,         Balloon (also screening in this year’s
                                                  imprisoned by authorities.                     Valérie Lemercier and the remarkable            festival), Hou Hsiao-hsien’s engaging and
Forty-three-year-old Lucas (Vincent
                                                                                                 Daniel Auteuil.                                 serene new film is heartbreakingly
Lindon), a rich, divorced industrialist, is       Claude Corti’s (Philippe Caubere) violent                                                      beautiful, graced with a truly magnificent
irresistibly attracted to thirty-eight-year-old   past has earned him both the fear and          Unemployed for three years, Gerard              performance from Juliette Binoche.
Elsa (Sandrine Bonnaire), a renowned              respect of the Paris underworld. When the      (Auteuil) has landed a job in Indonesia.
ceramist whom he's commissioned to                crime lord is finally captured by the police   To start off on the right foot with his "team   Binoche is Suzanne, the proprietor of a
create a fresco for his office foyer. But,        and sentenced to prison, the streets           leader", Gerard invites him to dinner but       marionette theatre and the single mother
still smarting from a recent                      become divided by those who intend to          as his wife Colette (Lemercier) has no          of a lonely boy named Simon (Simon
disappointment in love, he asks Roland            carry on with business as usual, and           culinary skills, this may or may not be the     Iteanu) who spends his days with his
Christin (François Berléand), a private           those who see the departure as a notable       brightest idea he’s ever had. Thankfully,       Chinese au pair. The two watch as the
detective from his company, to put her            opportunity for advancement. Beatrice          neighbour Alexandre (Lhermitte) comes to        adults around them come apart at the
under surveillance!                               Dalle, Benoit Magimel, and Olivier             the rescue and after a series of hilarious      seams, with joy and anguish, love and
                                                  Marchal co-star in an unflinching look at a    mishaps and misunderstandings, Gérard           hatred… while a mysterious red balloon
Bonnaire, just shy of 40, has been acting         world where the only thing cheaper than        and Colette open their door and welcome         drifts across the Parisian landscape. A
onscreen for nearly 25 years, yet this            life is loyalty.                               their dinner guest…                             must-see for lovers of outstanding world
marks her first real comedy — and she
shines. The chemistry between the two             Not for the faint-hearted.                     Let the mayhem begin!
leads is undeniable, and irresistible.
                                                                                                                                                 France 2007 – Drama [113 mins]
                                                  France 2007 – Crime Thriller [107 mins]        France 2007 – Comedy [82 mins]                  Director: Hou Hsiao Hsien
France 2007 – Comedy [90 mins]                    Director: Frédéric Schoendoerffer              Director: Laurent Bouhnik                       With: Juliette Binoche, Hippolyte Girardot
Director: Pierre Jolivet                          With: Béatrice Dalle, Benoit Magimel           With: Thierry Lhermitte, Valérie
With: Sandrine Bonnaire, Vincent Lindon
                                                                                                 Lemercier, Daniel Auteuil
GOTTA DANCE!                                    HAVE MERCY ON US ALL                         THE HOUSE                                     IN ANOTHER PLACE
Faut que ca Danse                               Pars vite, reviens tard                      La Maison                                     L’avenir est ailleurs

Gotta Dance! is an utterly rewarding and        From Oscar-winner Régis Wargnier, the        Middle-aged Malo (the wonderful Sergi         1962. The Algerian War draws to a close.
uproariously funny comedy about an              director of Indochine and East-West,         Lopez) is unhappy in Paris, going through     In the French West Indies, poverty is rife
eccentric family with a knack for greeting      comes this suspenseful police drama,         a sticky separation from his wife and three   and strikes rock the region. France
life’s obstacles with wacky fortitude.          based on the bestselling crime novel by      kids. On a drive to the country with his      desperately needs unskilled labour. Mass
                                                Fred Vargas.                                 friend, Malo stumbles upon a house that       emigration is put into action, and for
The Bellinsky family consists of father                                                      is to be auctioned off, where he finds a      nearly twenty years the controversial
Salamon (cinema icon Jean-Pierre                A mysterious affair puzzles the French       child's intriguing letter to her absent       ‘BUMIDOM’ office will supply postal,
Marielle), who’s full of life at 80 but who     authorities: a string of foreboding signs    father. Back in Paris, he locates the         customs, subway workers, and domestic
the family wants to bury too soon;              are strewn across Paris and their            writer, now grown: Cloe (Bérénice Bejo),      help.
Genevieve the mother (Bulle Ogier),             meaning is not clear until calamity hits:    an unhappy woman living with her sister
who’s in an early stage of dementia; and        the Plague returns, wiping out scores of     Laura (Barbara Schulz) and dreading the       This film is a witness to these journeys.
Sarah the daughter (Valeria Bruni-              victims in its wake. More problematically,   coming sale of the family home.               The exiled speak to us about their
Tedeschi), stuck between her separated          it appears that some malevolent soul is                                                    struggles, successes, and failures, their
parents, patiently seeking to build her life    single-handedly controlling the              Unexpected relationships form in this         hopes, and the difficulty of being black
with her fiancé.                                outbreak… Police captain Adamsberg           engaging and heart-rending tale directed      French, and therefore citizens apart.
                                                (Jose Garcia) must lead an investigation     by Manuel Poirier (Western). Indeed,          Today their children bear the heritage of
Featuring a splendid cast of characters,        that takes him through a juxtaposition       tension builds as the auction date            this generation.
and brimming with life, Let’s Dance! was        of 15th-century Europe and modern-day        approaches, and there's a striking
an unexpected critical & audience               France.                                      believability about the ways the various      France 2007 – Documentary [80 mins]
favourite in France upon its release in                                                      characters cope with the possibilities        Director: Antoine-Léonardi Maestrati
November, becoming one of the biggest           France 2007 – Thriller [115 mins]            arising from their experiences.
local box office hits of the year. A delight.   Director: Régis Wargnier
                                                With: José Garcia, Lucas Belvaus, Marie      France 2007 – Drama [95 mins]
France 20007 – Comedy [100 mins]                Gillain                                      Director: Manuel Poirier
Director: Noémie Lvosky                                                                      With: Sergi Lopez, Bérénice Bejo
With: Sabine Azéma, Jean-Pierre
Marielle, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi
IN MOM’S HEAD                                  INTIMATE ENEMIES                               JEAN DE LA FONTAINE                           LET’S SAY…
La Tête de Maman                               L’Ennemi intime                                                                              On dirait que
                                                                                              A fable as amusing and whimsical as La
This absorbing film is a decidedly French      Based on a Patrick Rotman novel,               Fontaine's own classics, Jean de La           In the tradition of the beloved To Be And
take on the role of extramarital affairs and   Intimate Enemies is the powerful               Fontaine traces the young poet’s              To Have comes a highly original and
everyone’s undeniable right to happiness.      depiction of a young soldier’s coming-of-      confrontation with Colbert, financial         entertaining new documentary where
                                               age during the Algerian War - as visceral      administrator for Louis XIV’s Kingdom of      children aged 8-13, sons and daughters
Fifteen-year-old Lulu (Chloé Coulloud)         and engrossing as Full Metal Jacket and        France.                                       of doctors, farmers, police officers and
grew up with her devoted yet dull father       Platoon.                                                                                     grocers, are asked to play at their parents'
and with a mother (Karin Viard) prone to                                                      In 1661, Colbert gets his rival Fouquet       jobs before the movie camera.
depression, illness and self-centeredness.     In 1959, a young, idealistic professional      arrested, a powerful advisor of the young
While tough to all appearances, Lulu           Lt. Terrien (Benoit Magimel,                   king. Unlike other artists, La Fontaine       This film was neither scripted nor
longs to restore the smile to her mother's     phenomenal), volunteers to serve in a war      confirms his support for Fouquet and          rehearsed and the children improvise
face, and most of all, for her mother's        fought mostly by conscripts and is posted      even when penniless, stands by his            following their impulses, to present the
love. Happening upon an old home               to a remote, hardscrabble territory, to take   convictions, writing the Fables, which        world as they understand and imagine it.
movie, in which her twenty-year-old            command over a platoon run by the              protest against a despotic government in      Are they acting out stories they've
mother beams with pleasure in the arms         cynical and much more experienced              the height of its decline.                    experienced, heard or "seen on TV"? Do
of a strange man, Lulu is certain that the     sergeant Dougnac (Albert Dopontel).                                                          they immerse themselves in the imaginary
key to her mother's happiness lies with        Their differences and the harsh realities of   Daniel Vigne’s drama is a spectacle of        or reproduce reality as they see it every
this anonymous man from the past…              the battlefield drive the two men to           classic dimensions unveiling La Fontaine      day? Through their perception of these
                                               breaking point…                                as a free spirit and a great lover of life.   jobs, of their difficulties, pleasures and
France 2007 – Drama [95 mins]                                                                                                               pain, the children offer a profound take on
Director: Carine Tadieu                        Stunningly produced, the film features         France 2007 – Drama [100 mins]                the adult world. Let’s Say will delight and
With: Karine Viard, Kad Mérad, Jane            several spectacular battle sequences but       Director: Daniel Vigne                        enchant you.
Birkin                                         they do not detract from the intimacy of       With: Lorant Deutsch, Phillipe Torreton
                                               the story, which strongly conveys the                                                        France 2007 – Documantary [82 mins]
                                               complexities of this dark moment in                                                          Director: Françoise Marie
                                               French history. This powerful adult drama
                                               informs and complements the recently
                                               restored classic Battle of Algiers.

                                               France 2007 – Drama [108 mins]
                                               Director: Florent Emilio Siri
                                               With: Benoir Magimel, Albert Dupontel
LOVE SONGS                                     MOLIERE                                       ODETTE TOULEMONDE                               THE PRICE TO PAY
Les Chansons d’amour                                                                                                                         Le prix a payer
                                               In the spirit of Shakespeare in Love and      The superb Catherine Frot (Me And My
The wonderfully satisfying new film from       Ridicule comes the sumptuous and ribald       Sister, The Page Turner) positively glows       The new battle-of-the-sexes comedy from
Christophe Honoré (Inside Paris) is a          new comedy from Laurent Tirard (I Do)         as the title character in this adorable slice   writer-director Alexandra Leclere (Me and
formidably charming romance about love         about a mysteriously blank period in the      of magic realism – a huge hit at the            My Sister) is an outrageous farce with a
and loss in contemporary Paris – with, as      life of great French satirist Jean-Baptiste   French box office.                              cynical subtext, and rocketed to number
the title suggests - music! The film follows   Poquelin - aka Molière.                                                                       one at the French box office last April.
a few months in the life of Ismaël, played                                                   Objectively, Odette Toulemonde (Frot)
by the floppy-haired Louis Garrel, who         In 1644, Molière (a brilliant Romain Duris)   has nothing to be happy about, but is.          Odile (Nathalie Baye, in top form) is an
seems to be competing strongly with            is an impetuous 22-year-old. He’s an          Awkwardly forty and widowed, with a             rich housewife who has little else to do in
Romain Duris for the title of France’s         undeniably bad actor and is up to his         hairdresser son and a daughter bogged           life but shop, visit beauty salons, and fend
favourite art-house pin-up boy.                eyes in debt. And then, after having been     down in adolescence, she spends her             off the amorous advances of her husband
                                               imprisoned by his impatient creditors, he     days behind the cosmetic's counter in a         Jean-Pierre (Christian Clavier). Frustrated
Ismael and Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) are        disappears... His release, we discover, is    department store and her nights sewing          by the separate bedrooms and the
beautiful twenty-somethings who find that      funded by the wealthy Monsieur Jourdain.      feathers on costumes for Parisian variety       absence of intimacy, on the questionable
their relationship is becoming a little flat   Brought into his chalet, Moliere is soon      shows. But she dreams of thanking               advice of his driver Jean-Pierre decides
after eight years. Bringing Alice, Ismael's    embroiled in a hotbed of romance,             Balthazar Balsan (Albert Dupontel), her         that his home situation and wife’s life of
co-worker, into the relationship has           repartee, subterfuge and seduction.           favourite author, to whom - she believes -      leisure must be renegotiated. “No sex, no
created a comfortable menage-à-trois, but                                                    she owes her optimism. So, what to do           money!” he announces delicately… Let
has made other issues more apparent.           Supported with star turns by Fabrice          then when the rich and charming Parisian        the games begin!
But then tragedy strikes… How will Louis       Luchini, Laura Morante, Ludivine Sagnier      writer turns up in Odette’s life in an
make sense of the world – and with             and Fanny Valette, Moliere is a crowd-        unexpected way?                                 France 2007 – Comedy [95 mins]
whom?                                          pleasing treat.                                                                               Director: Alexandra Leclére
                                                                                             With a song on her lips and a bounce in         With: Nathaliie Baye, Christian Clavier
Strong supporting turns from Chiara            France 2007 – Comedy [120 mins]               her step, Frot embodies - without a trace
Mastroianni, Clotilde Hesme, Yannick           Director: Laurent Tirard                      of condescension - the unheralded army
Reniere and – especially - young               With: Romain Duris, Ludivine Sagnier          of shop clerks, cashiers and concierges
Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet make Love                                                          who harbour unsophisticated but genuine
Songs a joyous ode to l’amour, and the                                                       dreams. A joy.
risks and rewards of keeping an open
heart (and mind).                                                                            France 2007 – Comedy [104 mins]
                                                                                             Director: Eric E. Schmitt
France 2007 – Drama [100 mins]                                                               With: Catherine Frot, Albert Dupontel
Director: Christophe Honoré
With: Louis Garrel, Ludivine Sagnier
THE SECRET OF THE GRAIN                         TO EACH HIS OWN CINEMA                        TRIVIAL                                     UV
La Graine et le mullet                          Chacun son cinema                             La Disparue de Deauville
                                                                                                                                          It's hot - stiflingly hot - in midsummer on
Winner – Louis Delluc 2007 – Best               The most beautiful birthday gift that the     Sophie Marceau co-writes, directs and       an island off the French coast, where a
French Film of the Year                         Cannes Film Festival could have hoped to      stars in TRIVIAL - a pulse-quickening       wealthy family lolls away the days in
Winner - Special Jury Prize – 2007              receive is this incredible collective film,   suspense thriller about a missing luxury    brilliant sunshine, bored beside their cliff-
Venice Film Festival                            commissioned especially for the event’s       hotel owner.                                side pool. Then Boris (Nicolas Cazalé), a
                                                60 birthday in 2007. Thirty five renowned                                                 seductive young stranger, arrives
One of the most outstanding and critically      cineastes from twenty five different          Victoria (Marceau), a once-famous           unannounced and arouses the emotions
acclaimed French films of the year comes        countries were each asked to make a           actress possessing a captivating aura and   of the two sensually arrogant poolside
from celebrated director Abdellatif             three-minute film on the theme of the         considerable charm, died thirty years ago   sisters (Laura Smet and Anne Caillon).
Kechiche, whose L’esquive stormed the           movie theatre, that magical venue of          in disconcerting circumstances. She         Boris has neither luggage nor ID, but
Cesars in 2005 (winning four awards             communion for cinema lovers the world         reappears mysteriously in a lonely cop’s    claims to have been invited by their no-
including Best Film). This new drama - a        over.                                         life – Jacques (Christophe Lambert) –       show brother Philippe. He quickly makes
touching and resoundingly humanistic                                                          who’s investigating a disappearance in a    himself at home - too quickly for André-
story set in a small harbour in the south-      The extraordinary casts assembled and         Normandy chateau.                           Pierre, husband of the married sister. But
east of France - cements his reputation.        amazing diversity of the stories depicted                                                 the girls are swiftly charmed...
                                                make this a unique and essential big-         What does this woman want? Why has
We are introduced to 61-year-old                screen event, guaranteed to delight and       she has chosen Jacques? What                Director Gilles Paquet-Brenner creates a
Slimane, who has been left demoralised          surprise those who appreciated 2007’s         mysteries are hidden in the heart of this   strange and unreal atmosphere for this
after being laid off from his job of 35 years   wonderful Paris Je’Taime.                     luxurious hotel?                            haunting thriller and psychological drama,
at the local shipyard. Deciding to pursue                                                                                                 reminiscent of Jacques Deray's classic
his long cherished dream of opening a           Don’t miss this chance to experience new      France 2007 – Thriller [100 mins]           The Pool.
cous-cous restaurant, he begins the             works from master directors including:        Director: Sophie Marceau
considerable task of persuading those           Bille August, Jane Campion, Joel & Ethan      With: Christophe Lambert, Sophie            France 2007 – Drama [102 mins]
around him, including his family, that the      Coen, Chen Kaige, David Cronenberg,           Marceau                                     Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
venture has a future.                           The Dardenne Brothers, Atom Egoyan,                                                       With: Jacques Dutronc, Marthe Keller
                                                Amos Gitai, Alejandro González Iñárritu,
A grand film about ordinary people,             Aki Kaurismaki, Takeshi Kitano, Andrei
Kechiche’s creation is a slow-burning           Konchalovsky, Ken Loach, David Lynch,
drama drenched with humanity.                   Nanni Moretti, Roman Polanski, Walter
Comparisons to the classic neo-realism          Salles, Gus Van Sant, Lars Von Trier,
cinema of Renoir and Casavettes are             Wim Winders and Wong Kar-Wai.
thoroughly deserved. Not to be missed.
                                                France 2007 – [118 mins]
France 2007 – Drama [151 mins]
Director: Abdellatif Kechiche
With: Sabine Quazani, Mohamed
WAITING FOR SOMEONE                         WATER LILIES                                      WICKED WEEKEND                                THE YEAR AFTER
J’attends quelqu’un                         Naissance des pieuvres                            Pur Weekend                                   L’Annee Suivante

Full of pathos and perfectly observed,      One of the standout discoveries of the            In the uproarious new comedy from             Writer-director Isabelle Czajka’s
Waiting for Someone is an absorbing and     2007 Cannes Film Festival was this very           Olivier Doran, seven lifelong friends         impressive and powerfully moving drama
exquisitely crafted drama following the     impressively realized drama from writer-          gather for their annual Easter Weekend        explores the impact of the loss of a parent
interwoven lives of five small town         director Celine Sciamma – a fiercely              hike to the summit of Mount Iseran.           in a teenager's life.
residents.                                  perceptive account of the aching doubts,
                                            crushes and offhanded cruelty of                  This year, however, none of them has any      Seventeen-year-old Manu (sensational
Louis (the always fabulous Jean-Pierre      adolescent girls.                                 idea what lies ahead. David (Arnaud           new talent Anais Demoustier) is unable to
Daroussin) is a divorced father and bar                                                       Henriet), currently serving a three-year      connect with her mother (Ariane
manager, who fights loneliness by           It's summer in the suburbs, and the town's        sentence for dealing dope, has obtained a     Ascaride), or get in touch with her own
meeting Sabine (Florence Loiet-Caille) in   swimming pool is the centre of attention.         special leave of absence. 72 hours, he        grief after the death of her father (Bernard
a hotel room, though he has to pay for      Marie, Anne and Florian are 15,                   swears, plenty of time for them all to        Le Coq). Indeed, her mother seems eager
this privilege. Louis is close to his       beginning to experience the pangs of              reach the summit. In fact, he has been        to move on, and even starts dating again,
sometime melancholic sister Agnes           nascent sexuality. Anne (Blachère)                granted only 24. And now with all of          but Manu’s life is on auto-pilot.
(Emmanuelle Devos, Read My Lips), a         fancies a boy, François, but he only has          France’s police force hot on their heels,
teacher who has long been married to        eyes for Florian. Marie (Acquart) is              he's got no intention of giving himself up!   Demoustier delivers a striking
Jean-Philippe (Eric Caravaca). One day,     similarly captivated by Florian, and                                                            performance as a teenager of few words
Agnes encounters Stephane (Sylvain          neglects her friendship with Anne as a            France 2007 – Comedy [90 mins]                whose stoic exterior hides a shattered
Dieuaide), a young man from her past        result. And as for Florian (Haenel), she's        Director: Olivier Doran                       interior of grief and loneliness, and who
who hides a dark secret…                    so adept at using her physical charms to          With: Bruno Solo, Kad Mérad                   must decide how to move forward in her
                                            manipulate, that her true desires are hard                                                      life. This haunting, intelligent and
France 2007 – Drama [96 mins]               to fathom...                                                                                    understated film is a small jewel, marking
Director: Jeróme Bonnell                                                                                                                    a major discovery in star and director.
With: Jean-Pierre Daroussin, Emmanuelle     Water Lilies is drenched with meaningful
Devos                                       subtext, but offers direct pleasures as a                                                       France 2007 – Drama [91 mins]
                                            (sometimes frighteningly) perceptive                                                            Director: Isabelle Czajka
                                            portrait of how hard it is to be a teen girl in                                                 With: Anais Dumoustier, Ariane Ascaride
                                            the exploratory routes to womanhood.
                                            The depiction of the character’s sexual
                                            rituals is quite frank, but never

                                            France 2007 – Drama [85 mins]
                                            Director: Céline Sciamma
                                            With: Pauline Acquart, Adéle Haenel,
                                            Louise Blachére
ALL AGES                                     ALL AGES                                     ALL AGES                                      ALL AGES

AZUR & ASMAR                                                                              PRINCESS OF THE SUN                           THE RED BALLOON
Azur et Asmar                                                                             La Reine Soleil                               La Balloon rouge & Crin Blanc
                                             Pom le poulain

An exquisitely crafted new animation from                                                 Based on Christian Jacq's best-selling        Beautifully restored, here is a special
                                             An exciting and beautifully emotional tale
the creator of Kirikou and the Sorceress -                                                novel, Philippe Leclerc’s animation invites   opportunity to revisit one of the landmarks
                                             about a young foal Pom who is separated
a lavish Arabian Nights-style world, in                                                   younger audiences to discover the             of French cinema on the big screen.
                                             from his mother, a young teenage boy
which two brothers explore magical lands                                                  adventures of a princess and the not-so-
                                             who regains his heart and the friendship
brimming with danger.                                                                     young, the mysticism of Akhenaton.            Paris, 1950’s. A little boy discovers a red
                                             between humans and horses.
                                                                                                                                        balloon, attached to a lamppost and
A long time ago two boys are raised as                                                    Ancient Egypt, Akhesa, a ravishing 14-        releases it. To everybody’s surprise, the
                                             France 2007 – Family [82 mins]
brothers. Azur, blue eyes and blonde hair,                                                year-old princess, daughter of Pharoah        magic balloon keeps following the little
                                             Director: Olivier Ringer
son of a lord, and Asmar, black eyes and                                                  Akhenaton, is far from imaging that she       boy. This classic film (winner of the 1956
brown hair, son of the nanny. Some years                                                  will someday rule over Egypt… With the        Cannes Palme d’Or) allows imagination to
later, the brothers embark on a quest to                                                  help of Prince Thout, she runs away to        take flight! With no dialogue, music plays
find the beautiful Fairy Djinn. Our heroes                                                Elephantine Island in search of her exiled    a key role in setting the mood, leading us
encounter the Scarlet Lion and a giant,                                                   mother, travelling from the Nile’s edges to   to a magical finale across the Paris
regal bird, and many other delights…                                                      the burning dunes of the desert.              rooftops.

More than an engaging and beautifully                                                     With innocence their only weapon,             Screens with WHITE MANE:
animated film, Azur and Asmar is a                                                        Akhesa and Thout overcome hurdles and         Crin Blanc is a proud stallion who lives
persuasive and elegant plea for tolerance.                                                ordeals, and together have an                 with a herd of wild horses in the south of
                                                                                          extraordinary destiny.                        France. The only human he will allow
France 2006 – Animated [99 mins]                                                                                                        close to him to tame him is a young fisher
Director: Michel Ocelot                                                                   France 2007 – Animated [77 mins]              boy. As their friendship grows, they set off
                                                                                          Director: Philippe Leclerc                    to find their freedom.

                                                                                                                                        France 1953 & 1956 – Family [36+45
                                                                                                                                        Director: Albert Lamorisse

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