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					ohloh: the open source network

Become the leading network for
 Open source classifieds
 Open source services
Enable developers to monetize their open source efforts
 Through using Ohloh services

                 Founded on Ohloh data and community

© Ohloh 2007                                              2

Scott Collison
  MSFT - Web Services, Dev Tools
  TeamToolz » OTEX
  Signio » VRSN » EBAY
  Internet Research Group » JUPM
Jason Allen
  MSFT - Advanced Dev Tools
  MSFT - Web Services, Indigo
  MSFT - Excel

© Ohloh 2007                       3
key investors

Larry Augustin                        Eyal Levy
  Investor, Various Boards             Investor, Various Boards
  Venture partner Azure, Benchmark     Orion (General Partner)
  CEO & Founder LNUX                   CEO Pelephone Communications

 Jeff ClavierSoftTech VC              Paul MaritzPi Corp (CEO), Investor, Various
 Reuters Greenhouse Fund             BoardsMSFT (manager of company 1986-
                                     2000) Intel
 Effix Systems

© Ohloh 2007                                                                  4
some stats
  Founded February 2006
  70,000 identified project commiters
  10,00 projects
  Dominate directory and metrics for oss
  12,000 registered users
  4,200 project sites carry Ohloh stats badges
  Network sites generate 125M pageviews per day

© Ohloh 2007                                      5
 Ohloh business model

Classifieds & recruiting: $180M accessible market in 2008
  400K OSS jobs in 2007, 800K proprietary software jobs
  $150 per job classified
Support Brokering: $600M accessible market in 2008
  42,000 support requests a day across 4,200 sites
  Average blended revenue per transaction of $40

© Ohloh 2007                                                6

© Ohloh 2007            7
current OSS services limited

                                    current services focus
  Average Daily Mail List Topics

                                   limited to top projects -
                                     serviced with FTEs

                                                               ohloh bets on top 1,000
                                                                projects - serviced by

                                                                                   Gmane, Google and Ohloh

© Ohloh 2007                                                                                                 8
what support do users want?

               “Which open source service is most important to your organization?”

                                                                                          The 451 Group
                                                                  Open Source Stack Providers, July 2006

© Ohloh 2007                                                                                               9
75% of Users are Willing to Pay

               “How much are you willing to pay for open source support?”

                                                                     Evans Data Corporation
                                                     Fall 2005 OSS/Linux Development Survey

© Ohloh 2007                                                                                  10

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