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					SYNERGY SEED EXCHANGE 2010 SEED ARCHIVE                         STRAWBERRY- YELLOW WONDER Alpine type X
PO Box 415 Willow Creek, CA 95573                               Melt in your mouth tender berries go untouched by birds!
WELCOME to our 20th annual Seedlist, from our garden to                 GREEN VEGETABLES
yours with new, rare and diverse gardening opportunities!       ARUGULA (Eruca sativa) 'Rocket Salad' nutty-spicy       B
                                                                ARUGULA, RUSTIC (Diplotaxis sp) ‘Sylvetta’ fine lf B
TO ORDER please list variety selections priced as shown:        BROCCOLI ‘Calabrese’ Traditional continental variety B
Regular amply-sized packs $2 each Except as shown at right:     BROCCOLI ‘Pieracicaiba’ Brazilian sel. for hot climates
B: Bulk $5.00 packs also available as noted (5-10x reg.size)    BROCCOLI, ‘Late Purple Sprouting’ for overwintering B
L:Special stock seeds $2.50 each in good sized custom packs.    BROCCOLI RAAB ‘Spring Raab’first greens of spring B
X: Rare-large-fragile seeds $3.00 (includes special packing).   CHARD BIETINA - Petite wavy leaf, Rare selection L
                                                                CHARD EMERALD FOREST Robust green selection B
PLEASE Add $5 to Seed Total for Order Processing &              CHARD GOLDEN aka ‘Chilean Beet’ with day-glo color!
Priority Mail delivery (please provide your postal address.)    CHARD ‘Five Color Silverbeet’ Australian heirloom B
(Overseas please include 20% surcharge for Int’l. Postage.)     CHARD ‘Perpetual Leaf Beet' aka ‘Gator Greens'          B
                                                                CHICORY ‘Catalogna’ aka Italian Dandelion for greens L
Email Orders: availability & price are confirmed online, so     CHICORY SUGARLOAF aka ‘Pain de Sucre’ Traditional B
you can expedite your order with PAYPAL online payment.         CHOI SUM ‘Flowering Bok Choy’ can be summer grown!
(You must sign up with for account in advance.)      CRESS CURLY- compact early greens in 15-30 days B
                                                                CRESS NIGERIAN taller garden cress cultivar. Rare
Mail Orders with check or Money Order are also welcome:         CRESS RISHAD Iraqui Heirloom is highly prized! B
to Synergy Seeds PO Box 415 Willow Creek, CA 95573.             CRESS TURKISH Rare tall garden cress
Mail orders over $20 confirmed by telephone or Email asap.      CRESS WRINKLED KRINKLED 'Wild Garden' sel
Special Offer: $10 Your choice of 4 regular packs (no L/X):     KALE    ‘Gorgeus Garden’ Exp. ornamental edible! B
Send a self-addressed legal envelope +64 cents postage.         KALE    RUSSIAN FRILLS Gorgeous texture!              B
                                                                KALE    WILD GARDEN MIX Biodiversity!                 B
TOMATO- RED Slicers (Det.: determinate / Ind.: vine)            KARATE ‘Cabbage’ (Brassica carinata)RARE Ethiopia L
       AMISH PINK Excellent large Heirloom                      MIZUNA Japanese Salad Mustard grows year-round B
       BRANDYWINE, PINK Flavor & size rave                      MUSTARD GREEN ‘Osaka Purple’ Robust, pungent B
       CHEROKEE PURPLE Historic, improved sel.                  NAPA CABBAGE MICHILI Tall slender               B
       DELICIOUS Original Burpee select ‘Beefsteak’             NAPA CABBAGE LETTUCY Type' GP MIX B
       DRUZBA Bulgarian name: ‘Friendship’          L           ORACH Mountain Spinach 'Aurora' Selection             L
       EVA PURPLE BALL Prolific fruitset!L                      TATSOI Chinese Cabbage ‘Rosette Green’ tender all year
       JUNE PINK ‘Earliana’ type classic California
       NEW YORKER 'Early Transplant' cv Stokes                         GOURMET LETTUCES
       PRUDENS PURPLE Ribbed & crack-free                       LETTUCE, LEAF for early tender thinning and salad cutting
       STAKELESS ‘Potato leaf’ bush, resists cracking                  BRONZE ARROWHEAD                             B
TOMATO- PASTE (Roma) Determinate except Debarao                        CRACOVIENSIS          B
       CHICO III. Extra-early mass producer!                           DELLA CATALOGNA Wild'oak'                    B
       DEBARAO Siberian. Delicious vine type. L                        LOLLO BIONDO Ultra frilly green              B
       OPALKA aka ‘Polish Torpedo’                                     RED SAILS Frilly AAS Winner                  B
TOMATO- CHERRY / PLUM                                                  RED SALADBOWL Coldhardy B                    B
       BASKET-PAK vigorous vine: Burpee selection                      ROSSA D'AMERIQUE Heirloom Redleaf B
       BLACK PLUM Russian cv needs support. L                          VALERIA*Experimental lines A-Z: your choice.
       CHADWICK'S CHOICE Slightly ribbed fruits*                LETTUCE, CRISP Hot weather tolerance with crispy hearts
       CHEERIO Extra-early det. New England                            ‘Chicon de Batavia’ good fall-winter producer B
       EGG Smooth fruits with excellent flavor.                        LaBRILLANTE Incredible glossy green          B
       ISIS CANDY Tasty with marbled color.         L                  REINE DE GLACES Toothy green leaves
       RED CALABASH Mexican- delicate, ribbed                          Rouge de Grenoblois Tradtional all-season B
       STUPICE Early Czech productive small slicer                     SIERRA Excellent for summer heading B
       WASHINGTON Early mass producer cultivar                         SOISSONS France- Massive summer heads! B
       WHIPPERSNAPPER Extra early pink fruited                         VICTORIA Bolt-proof green summer heads!B
TOMATO- YELLOW                                                  LETTUCE, BUTTER – Tender buttery heads or cut leaves
       GOLD NUGGET Sweet with concentrated set                         CARMONA Colorful tender heads/ cutting B
       IDA GOLD Compact , orange plum shaped fruit                     KINEMONTPAS Tender green, bolt resistant B
       JAUNE FLAMME Perfect orange mini-globes L                       SPECKLED BIBB 'Sanguine d'Ameliore' Amish
       LEMON BOY F-4 OP Smooth bright slicers!                         SPECKLED LOLLO Newly selected cross X
       ORANGE KING Tim Peters intro: compact det. L                    SPECKLED WAVE Newly selected cross X
       PERSIMMON Excellent producer & keeper                           TROUT's BACK Speckled. Austrian heirloom B
       STARBURST Multicolor- selection from Marvel
TOMATO-OTHER Colors                                                     ROOT CROPS
       GREEN GRAPE Unique fruity flavor cherry L                BEET, CHIOGGIA Italy Spring-summer candy stripedB
       GREEN ZEBRA Eye-catching, delicious! B                   CARROT, DANVERS Hardy and adaptable to soil extremes!
       SNOW WHITE CHERRY Delicate ivory color                   DAIKON RADISH ‘Sakurajima Mammoth’ Excellent greens
       WAPSINICON PEACH White & fuzzy, delicate!                DAIKON RADISH TOKINASHI 'All Seasons' volunteers!
                                                                LEEK    KING RICHARD Summer standard producer B
GROUNDCHERRY (Physalis pruinosa) Like mini tomatillo            ONION EVERGREEN BUNCHING 'Select Dividers'
WONDERBERRY(Solanum burbankii) Purple berries B                 RUTABAGA, LAURENTIAN Standard winter producer B
Incredibly productive for preserves and coloring. Volunteers!   TURNIP OHNO SCARLET Rare Japanese Heirloom        X
                                                                TURNIP PURPLE TOP Standard with excellent greens! B
         HERBAL EDIBLES                                          LEGUMES for Cooler Seasons
AMARANTH              CHOWLAI BAHAJI (A.lividus)          ALFALFA, ‘NITRO’ Hi-yielding forage & Biomass crop
AMARANTH ‘Horta’ VLETA- Greek heirloom, green B           CLOVER BULL CLOVER- N. CA native
AJOWAN (Carum copticum) Seeds used like caraway           CLOVER GIANT HEAD (T. macrocephalum)             B
BASIL, SWEET Traditional ‘Pesto’ herb                     CLOVER MAMMOTH RED Trifolium pratense            B
BASIL, HOLY (Ocimum sanctum) aka 'Tulsi'              B   GARBANZO         SNF Traditional       X
BEETBERRY (Chenopodium capitatum)                         GARBANZO, SHIMBRA Small red ‘channa’ type        L
BORAGE (Borago officinalis) Edible sweet blue flowers     FAVA BEAN, BANNER-Compact high yielder X
CELERY, BRYDON'S PRIZE RED for cutting                B   FAVA BEAN, BROAD BEAN                  X
CELERY, PAR-CEL- Parsley-leafed cutting cv            B   LATHYRUS SATIVUS = Chickling Vetch cover crop B
CELOSIA TRIGYNA 'Silver Spinach' Rare-tiny seeds!
CILANTRO, CARIBE Gourmet hi-yielder                       PEAS- Shelling peas unless designated Snap/ Sugar /Soup
CILANTRO, DELFINO Enticing lacy foliage!                  PEA      AMISH SNAP Rare Heirloom                  X
CILANTRO, SANTOH Slow-bolting cultivar!               B   PEA      ARGENTEUM 'Silverleaf'’ (Lobitz)          X
CHINESE RED MALLOW (color variation- see next) B          PEA      BLACK EYED SUSAN (Lobitz) Rare            X
CURLY SALAD MALLOW (Malva crispa) Heirloom B              PEA      CAPUCINER's- Soup . Highest yielding cv
ERBASTELLA (Plantago coronpus) Hi-nutrition!          B   PEA      DESIREE Purple, RARE Heirloom             X
FENNEL 'Zefa Fino' Finocchio for bulbs or Md seeds.B      PEA      DWARF GREY SUGAR Thrifty upright bush
LAMBSQUARTER Magenta (C.giganteum)                    B   PEA      INDIAN BLUE Rare shelling cultivar        X
MELOHKEYA (Corchorus olitorius) = ‘Jute’fiber.        B   PEA      LANCASHIRE LAD Prolific climber- shelling L
NIGERIAN JUTE Brown seeds- Rare!             R            PEA      ‘Mammoth Melting Sugar’ Robust snow pea
MINERS LETTUCE (Montia perfoliata) CA Native              PEA      OPAL CREEK SNAP from Peace Seeds! X
MUSTARD SEED Culinary White for grinding              B   PEA      OSAYO ENDO Rare- Japan. Edible pods X
ORACH AURORA selection 'Mountain Spinach'                 PEA      PESOL NEGRE-Dry. Spain, drought hardy! L
PARSLEY, ITALIAN ‘Flat- leaf’ for main season         B   PEA      PISELLO NANO Italy: heat tolerant! Rare X
PARSLEY, GIANT ITALIAN Productive Heirloom B              PEA      PURPLE PASSION Heirloom RARE           X
PAPALO (Porophyllum sp) Mexican culinary like Kili L      PEA      RAISIN CAPUCINER Heirloom-Soup X
PIPICHA (“ “) similar to above in flavor and culture L    PEA      RAMPICANTE ‘Mangiatutto’ Climber, sugar X
PURSLANE, Golden French (P.oleracea sativa)           B   PEA      UMBELLATA Heirloom with colorful flowers X
PURSLANE              Golden Giant Select / xx's      B
RED MAIDS             (Calandrinia ciliata) CA Native                OILSEEDS & FIBERS
SHISO (Perilla frutescens) Yamazaki heirloom          B   CRAMBE ABYSSINICA 'Eurasian Oilseed'(Eat like cress)
SHISO, BRITTON- Green w Purple underneath                 FLAX       FOSTER GOLD Seed cultivar B
SHUNGIKU-Garland chrysanthemum 'Chopsuey green'B          FLAX       SAGINAW WHITE Fiber "        B
SUMMER SAVORY Satureja hortensis (for bean cooking)       FLAX       STORMONT GOSSAMER Fiber "            B
SUMMER SAVORY- MIDGET cultivar: compact grower            RAPESEED Non-GMO/ Isolated here!        B
WAKATAY- Wild Marigold -Bolivia (Tagetes sp.)         B   SAFFLOWER - Tall, Horticultural variety B
                                                          SESAME, GREEK GOLD Rare from Peace Seeds
         BOTANICAL HERBS                                  SESAME, UCD31 Hi-production cultivar
AGRIMONY (Agrimonia eupatoria) Astringent herb            SUNFLOWER, BLACK MARKET- Short w Medium head
ALFALFA- see Legumes(Medicago sativa) 'Nitro' cultivar     “ TARAHUMARA WHITE Thin-shell ivory seed B
CATNIP, CAMPHOR (N.camphorata) Musky sweet! B             (Polyhead types) PEACE & FREEDOM small seeded B
CATNIP, JAPANESE (Schizonepeta sp) Chinese Md B
CENTAURY (Centaurium sp) sub for Yellow Gentian B         SUMMER GRAINS AND SEEDS
CHAMOMILE, GERMAN (Matricaria recutita) Regular           AMARANTH , GOLDEN GIANT Green/orange tints B
CHAMOMILE, German 'Bodegold' Massive cultivar! B                     KIWICHA Indigenous multicolor               B
CHASTE TREE (Vitex agnus-castus) Insectary shrub B                   POPPING Tricolor Heirloom       B
CHASTE TREE (Vitex cannabina) 'Yellow' China Md B                    RUBY RED- (A.gangeticus) Towering!          B
CINQUEFOIL (Potentilla recta) for ‘Hikers revenge’ B      BUCKWHEAT for grain, bee forage, soil building…
CLARY SAGE (Salvia sclarae) Fragrant w Md seeds B                    MEDAWASKA (F.tartarica) Semi-hulless
CLOVERS- Red, etc. (see under LEGUMES)                               SOBA- Japan, productive large seeded B
ELECAMPANE (Inula helenium) Edible/ Md rootcrop           CORN, DRY- TEHAMA DAWN aka ‘NW Red Dent’ B
EVENING PRIMROSE (Oenothera biennis)                B                MONT ST.PIERRE Early maturing dwarf
LAVENDER, ENGLISH (L.angustifolia) Traditional B                     PAINTED MOUNTAIN Fast maturity!             B
LICORICE MINT (Agastache foeniculum)                      CORN, SWEET- BUHL Awesome hi-yielder, Rare B
MARSHMALLOW (Althea officinalis)                                     FISHER's Earliest    B
MOTHERWORT         (Leonurus cardiaca)                               INCA JEWELS (IRxOB Exp breeding line) B
MULLEIN GREEK (Verbascum olympicum) B                                ORCHARD BABY Dwarf- 60 days!                B
POKEWEED (Phytolacca americana) Md, Dye, Greens B                    INCA RAINBOW Tall, multicolor
SARSAPARILLA, Wild (Aralia nudicaulis)              X                PAINTED HILL Cross- Excellent producer B
SELF HEAL (Prunella vulgaris) ‘Heal All’      B           (NOTE: you need 200 plants of corn to pollinate in order to
SPILANTHES (S.oleracea) ‘Toothache Plant’           L     save good seeds with no inbreeding depression: Order B)
STINGING NETTLE (Urtica dioica) ‘Dynamic’ Md/ edible
ALGERIAN SAGE (Salvia algerensis) RARE Md           X     MILLET, FOXTAIL ‘Goldilocks’Highly ornamental! B
CREEPING SAGE (S.sonomensis) Wildcrafted              X   MILLET, PEARL Andy's INDIA Compact with fat heads! L
LYRELEAF SAGE (S.lyrata) Unique leaf pattern!             MILLET, PROSO Select MIX from Sourcepoint Seeds                B
STAMINEA SAGE (S. staminea) RARE Md                 X     QUINOA KILO Our select hi-yielder: a 2.2lb plant! B
VERVAIN SAGE (S. verbenacea) 'Christ Eyes'          B     (Note: quinoa requires ample space, fertility but little water)
WHITE SAGE (S. apiana) Homegrown Calif. native! B         SORGHUM , BLACK MILO 6-8' Ornamental                       B
WHORLED CLARY (S. verticillata) Compact ornamental        SORGHUM, DWARF GRAIN from Peace Seeds                      B
SNAP BEANS aka ‘Green Beans’ for fresh eating          SUMMER SQUASH (C.pepo) GOLDEN SCALLOPINI L
       BLACK CANTERBURY DWARF L                                  GOLD BUSH SCALLOP Buttery flavor       X
       BLUE LAKE VENTURA Recent release                          TATUME 'Mexican' Vining type           L
       CLARISSA (Lobitz)                 X                       BLACK ZUCCHINI Historic- California L
       CRYSTAL WAX Dwarf Heirloom                B               COCOZELLA Caserta' Traditional Italian L
       CORBETT REFUGEE Special L                                 RONDE de NICE Prolific, baseball size
       EDEN PRAIRIE           (Lobitz) X                         TONDO di NIZA (similar to above)       L
       GAIA Romano (Peace Seeds)         L             WINTER SQUASH DELICATA ‘Zeppelin’ excels! L
       GREENCROP WAX                     X                       SWEET DUMPLING Very sweet keeper! L
       GUSSDOR Rare, slender Haricot Vert          L             BUTTERCUP (C.maxima) Traditional
       HARICOT ROUGE DE SYRIE Large X                            GALEUX d'EYSINES Incredible warts!     X
       KEEWATIN selected fr Magpie (Lobitz) X                    KABOCHA Japan Outstanding keeper!      B
       LANDRETH STRINGLESS               L                       NEPALESE (Tom Ward) large ‘Hubbard’ X/B
       JUMBO POD Enormous seeds/pods               X             SWEETMEAT Special breeding lines… X
       MADELIA (Lobitz)                  X                       TAHITIAN 'Melon' (C.moschata) Vigorous L
       MAGPIE French Filet ‘Superlative’               (C.mixta) GILA CLIFF DWELLER Long-keeper L
       NANO RENA DI GALLO Vigorous                 X             PEPITA GUATEMALA (C.mixta)             L
       PROVIDER noted for cold soil/ early emergence
       PURPLE AMAZON Vigorous (Lobitz) X               CANTALOUPE & MUSKMELONS
       REGAL SALAD Select for raw eating! Rare X                  AMBROSIA F5 selections Exp.breeding line
       ROBERT'S ROYALTY Selection (Lobitz) X                      AMISH Traditional netted/ ribbed
DRY BEANS (typically for storge and long cooking)                 ANANAS 'Sharlyn' 100 days      L
       AFRICAN PREMIER (Lobitz)                    X              CASSAVA Santa Domingo NM Productive X
       APPALOOSA WAX (PSP/ Abundant Life) L                       CORA'S Large white skinned Heirloom RARE B
       AZORES BROWN L                                             CRANE aka 'CHINA' California Heirloom
       AZTEC KIDNEY (PSP) Large red                X              ISRAELI / HAOGEN Productive, Fruity B
       BLACK COCO (PSP)                  L                        ITSY BITSY Dwarf vine space-saver         X
       BURLESCYNA Purple Pinto seletion            B              JAUNE de CANARI Productive, good keeper
       CANADA GOOSE Rare speckled Heirloom L                      MARBLE WHITE F4 Japan- small pearly white
       CANNELINI Productive in cooler locales L                   MINNESOTA MIDGET Hardy producer!
       CEDAR LAKE (Lobitz)               X                        NOIRE de CARMES French heirloom, ribbed
       CYRUS GRAY'S (Lobitz)             X                        NUTMEG Historic, tender ribbed cantaloupe
       DUANE BAPTISTE Heirloom, large shelly X                    OBUS Rare Euromelon            B
       EARLY DAWN PINTO (Lobitz) True Bush L                      STUTZ SUPREME Chico Heirloom, white B
       EARLY MOHAWK (Lobitz) Vigorous! X                          SWAN LAKE Prolific producer: ribbed fruit
       GREAT LAKES SPECIAL (Lobitz)                X              TIBETAN GOLD 'Escondido' awesome lg! L
       HUTTERITE 'Soup' traditional                L              VALENCIA 'Wintermelon' keeps for months!
       JACOB'S CATTLE Traditional                  L   WATERMELON           ARIKARA- small seedy fruits! L
       ORCA aka ‘Yin-Yang’ Dwarf bush (PSP) X                     BLACKTAIL MOUNTAIN 75 Days!             B
       PAINT Large, very productive X/B                           CRIMSON SWEET Outstanding producer B
       PIROS FEHER (PSP) Rare, very fat!           X              ODEM- Rare Heirloom from Israel           X
       SALTSPRINGS GOLD from Dan Jason             L              SUGAR BABY Classic ‘Icebox’ melon         B
       SU LI Genepool Mix of wild color range X        (Yellow flesh) EARLY MOONBEAM nice round fruits
       TIGER EYE Select (PSP-Abundant Life) X                     GOLD BABY Sugar sweet but fragile         L
       VIOLA Purple podded (Lobitz)                X              ORANGEGLO Early jumbo fruited             B
COWPEAS (Vigna sp)- Hot weather legumes                           TENDERGOLD Firm with dark seeds!
       CAL BLACKEYE #5 Compact B                       CITRON Capay Valley landrace w intriguing pattern L
       CALHOUN PURPLEHULL                L
       CHARCOAL Speckled gray            L             OKRA     EVERTENDER (Sandhill Preservation Ctr) B
       PAPAGO Classic b/w cow color B                  OKRA     STAR OF DAVID (Gabriel Howearth) Fat! B
       PAPAGO 'Surprise' Multicolor B
       ROUGE de BURKINA-FASO L                         SOYBEANS (Lo)=Lobitz
       THAI BLACK Semi-twiner            B             SOY, GREEN= ‘Edamame’ AMISH Round X
COWPEA VARIETY MIX            B                                AMISH Flat-podded   X
                                                               AOYU (Lo)                X
BEAN, OTHER      ADZUKI EXPRESS                   B            GEANT VERT (Lo) X
        BLACK GRAM- India                         B            HAKUCHO           X
        LONG BEAN x COWPEA Rare- UCD              B            HATSATAKA (Lo) L
        MUNG BEAN Chinese, for sprouting!                      HIDATSA (Lo)      L
        URD Phaseolus mungo, with fuzzy foliage   L            KOSODIGURI (Lo)
                                                               NO. 50 (Lo)
VINECROPS: CUCUMBERS / SQUASH / MELONS                         PANDO (Lo)               L
CUCUMBERS                                                      PI# 291319B (Lo)
Slicers- HEIWA Excellent Japanese heirloom L                   SAC (Lo)          L
         LITTLELEAF Greenhouse       L                         SAINT ITA
         MIDEAST PROLIFIC Smooth as silk!                      SAKAMOTOWASE L
         SPACEMASTER Bush cultivar                             SIOUX (Lo)               B
CUKE-pickling EARLY RUSSIAN 45 day, round      B               TOHYA
         NATIONAL Robust producer, jumbo size                  T-93A (Lo)               L
JELLY MELON ‘Kiwano’ New Zealand- spiny edible B               #48 (Lo)          L
SOY,YELLOW          CHICO B                      OATS    AMURI (Lobitz)   L
         DWARF T-263 (Lo) B                      OATS    BLACK BEAUTY (“)                 L
         HEDGE               X                   OATS    MAGNUM                           B
         MAPLE ARROW         B                   OATS    STORM KING                       L
         MICA UNGARA (Lo)              B         OATS    WALDRON (Lobitz)                 L
         MORLANVIA (Lo) B                        OATS    WHITE OAK (“)                    L
         NATTO               B                   OATS HULLESS, JAMES
         NORMAN              L                   OATS, HULLESS   NUPRIMA
         SHIRONOMAI          X                   OATS, HULLESS   South Dakota 72 L
         SIOUX (Lo)                    L         OATS, HULLESS   TORCH RIVER
         T-263 (Lo)          B
SOY, BICOLOR        AGATE      L                         FLOWERS-ANNUAL
SOY, MULTICOLOR              KOREAN Gp mix               ELEPHANT HEAD Cross B
SOY, BLACK          BLACK JET L                  AMARANTH          RUTH's GOLDEN GRAPES            B
         BLACK PEARL (Lo) L                      AMARANTH          RUBY LACE Cross
         DIECKMANS           L                   AMARANTH          VOODOO CHILD Cross              B
         KOREAN              L                   ARTEMISIA         SWEET ANNIE           B
         LAREDO Rare, Historic L                 CALENDULA         FLASHBACK
         SELECTION 505 (Lo)`           B         CALENDULA         Flashback x Pacific Beauty
         SELECTION 503 (Lo)                  B   CELOSIA COCKSCOMB
         UGRA SAJA Sweden              L         CELOSIA GLORIA Mix (C.spicata)
SOY,Other colors: KRASNOARMEJIA (Lo)         X   CORN COCKLE       (Agrostemma githago) B
         PI# 890… (Lo)       X                   COSMOS KENIKIR Indonesia- RARE B
         VIR-       (Lo)     X                   COSMOS ORANGE (C.sulphureus)            B
         CEREAL GRAINS                           COSMOS PICOTEE B
SPELT    Common              B                   COSMOS PIPER RED            L
SPELT    Utrecht Blue        B                   COSMOS SNOW SONATA White Knee-high                 L
EMMER Turanicum              B                   LAVATERA          DUTCH BEAUTY
EMMER RUSSIAN WHITE                              MARIGOLD          AFRICAN (T.erecta) >6ft.        B
WHEAT BLACK PERSIAN (Lobitz) L                   MARIGOLD          CRACKERJACK Robust 3ft.         B
WHEAT CYPRIOT 'Black-awned' (“)        L         MARIGOLD          LaRIBERA Double Frilled         B
WHEAT EINKORN 'Stone Age'              B         MARIGOLD          PESCHKE'S GOLD 2ft.
WHEAT BAART Australia        B                   MORNINGLORY       SCARLET O'HARA Bright Red!
WHEAT CHENGDU                B                   MORNINGLORY       ‘Royal Ensign’ Blue & white & gold
WHEAT GARNET                 L                   NIGELLA 'Love in a Mist' Charming cottage garden flwr
WHEAT HERITAGE               L                   NIGELLA : ‘EXOTICA’                     L
WHEAT LAVRAS                 B                   PAISLEY FLOWER (Salpiglossis s.) Chilean splendor B
WHEAT PSR 3625 Xp Perennial RARE X               SCABIOSA          STARFLOWER (S.stellata) Geodesic
WHEAT SONORAN WHITE B                            SUNFLOWER         PEACE & FREEDOM polyhead
WHEAT TRIGO SUPREME                              SWEET SULTANS (Centaurea moschata)
WHEAT VAVILOV Gnarly heads             L         TITHONIA          TORCH 'Mexican Sunflower' B
WHEAT GLOBE (T.sphaerococcum)          L         ZINNIA PURPLE DAHLIA
TRITICALE ‘Silver Tip’ Wheat-Rye cross B         ZULU PRINCE 'Daisy'(Venidium fastuosum alba)
BARLEY BERE Historic         L
BARLEY ORANGE LEMMA (Lobitz) X                             FLOWERS- PERENNIAL
BARLEY MONTCALM MUTANT (“)             L         ARMENIAN ‘ Basketflower’ (Centaurea macrocephalum)
BARLEY PESSL (SSE)           B                   BLAZING STAR      (Mentzelia laevicaulis) NorCal Native
BARLEY, HULLESS (All the following)              COREOPSIS         CALLIOPSIS Mix- Tall
         SHEBA B                                 COREOPSIS         GRANDIFLORA 'Anne Mavis'
         POPPING B                               CORNFLOWER        RADIANT (Centaurea jacea)
         LOMPOC B                                DIANTHUS, GARDEN PINKS (D.deltoides splendens)
         BLACK JET (Lobitz)            X         Dianthus ARMERIA- Exquisite Fringed Petals RARE B
         BLACK MxB94-36 Rare           B         MISSOURI EVENING PRIMROSE Compact w.showy pods
         EASY THRESH         B                   GAILLARDIA        BLANKET FLOWER (G. aristata)
         ETHIOPIAN           B                   GERMANDER         ‘Creeping’ (Teucrium chamaedrys) B
         SANGATSUGA          B                   HEMP AGRIMONY (Eupatorium cannabinum)
         VOLGA               L                   HOLLYHOCK         ‘Black Velvet’ (Althea rosea nigra)
         BAKU             L                      LAVATERA          GARDEN MALLOW (L.trismestris)
         THUAL B                                 MYSTIC MALLOW (Malva alcea) Colonial Heirloom
         EXCELSIOR                               ROSE CAMPION      (Lychnis coronaria) B
         DOLMA B
         ARABIAN BLUE        B                                WILD FRUITS FROM SEEDS
         CLAUSON             B                   BLACKBERRY, ‘Cutleaf’ (Rubus sp) Very rich flavor! B
         KAMAMUGI            B                   KLAMATH PLUM (Prunus klamathensis) NorCal Native X
         PURPLE Rare L                           LEMONADE SUMAC (Rhus trilobata)
         SWEDISH             B                   PACIFIC ELDERBERRY ( these 4 are wildcrafted in the
         CHULGA Rare L                           awesome Klamath-Trinity region near our family farm. Cold
         TIBETAN             B                   stratification or other treatment may be required )