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TO: Administration Committee                                                DATE: September 6, 2006

FR: Executive Director                                                        W. I. 1514

RE: Contract – 2006 Transit Passenger Demographic Survey: Godbe Research

Staff recommends that this Committee authorize a contract with Godbe Research for $390,580 to develop
and conduct MTC’s first Transit Passenger Demographics Survey. Specifically, during the five-month
period of the study, Godbe Research will be responsible for design and implementation of all survey
activities for collecting transit passenger demographic data, including communications with the participating
transit providers, and analysis and reporting of the results.

The purpose of this study is to better understand the demographic characteristics (age, gender, income,
household size, and ethnicity) of transit passengers who use the fixed route services provided by thirteen
major transit providers as well as seven additional smaller operators within our region. This survey will
include the collection of data on a variety of transit modes (such as bus, ferry, and train) during various on
and off-peak times, from a diverse cross section of transit users, including those who do not speak English.

The scope of work will include development of the survey instrument and intercept interviewing
methodologies, sample design, interviewer training, a survey pilot test, design of final survey instruments
and procedures, survey implementation, coding, correction, analysis of survey results, preparation of a
summary report of findings and participation rates, and data delivery.

We anticipate that work on this project will commence before the end of September 2006 and be
completed by the end of January 2007.

Selection Process
We received three proposals in response to our Request for Proposal (RFP):

               Godbe Research – Half Moon Bay, CA office - $390,580.05
               Moore & Associates – Valencia, CA office - $462,381.00
               MULTITRANS – San Ramon, CA office - $440,000.00

A review panel of three MTC staff and two transit agency representatives evaluated the proposals. The
panel rated each firm based on individual project staff experience and qualifications in designing and
administering in-person intercept surveys relating to respondent demographics, conducting successful
surveys in bus, rail or ferry facilities or similar environments, approach to the project, resource allocation
(personnel and expenditures) to key tasks, cost effectiveness, and writing and communication ability.

The review panel unanimously recommended Godbe Research based on the evaluation criteria. The
Godbe team brings expertise in designing, administering, and conducting onboard, in-person and other
intercept based surveys including experience for MTC’s 2005 and 2006 Spare the Air Free Commute
passenger surveys, and research related to FasTrak segmentation, and 511.org customer satisfaction.
Godbe also proposed to perform the work at the lowest price.

Staff recommends that this Committee authorize the Executive Director or his designee to negotiate and
enter into an agreement with Godbe Research in an amount not to exceed $390,580.

                                                                  Steve Heminger

J:\COMMITTE\Administration\2006 by Month\09_A&O_September_2006\Transit Passenger Demographic Survey Contract Award.doc

                         Summary of Proposed Consultant Contract

Work Item No.:                  1514

Consultant:                     Godbe Research
                                Half Moon Bay, California

Work Project Title:             Transit Passenger Demographic Survey

Purpose of Project:             To collect transit passenger demographic information to support
                                transit planning for potential transit improvements
Project Cost Not to Exceed:     $390,580

Funding Source:                 FTA Section 5303 and State Transit Assistance

Fiscal Impact:                  Funds for the Project are included in MTC’s 2006-2007 Fiscal Year

Motion by Committee:            That the Executive Director or his designated representative is
                                authorized to negotiate and enter into a contract with Godbe Research
                                to conduct the Transit Passenger Demographic Survey, and the Chief
                                Financial Officer is directed to set aside funds up to $390,580 for such
Administration Committee:

                                Bill Dodd, Chair
Approved:                       Date: September 13, 2006

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