Small Business Marketing Ideas

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					Potential Marketing Opportunities
Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Brainstorm for additional marketing opportunities Decide which you think are good for your area (yes or no) Get pricing for good opportunities Rank opportunities based on price/value Decide which to do and incorporate into marketing plan

Traditional Advertising newspapers (ads inside or on bags they arrive in) magazines (Sixes Living & Cherokee Living) classifieds yellow pages radio television / cable television billboards and other signs signs/banners on backstops, benches and fences of local ball fields blimps and other midair media valpack ads Targeted Media direct mail postcards direct mail letters/flyers/newsletter inserts (in newspapers or magazines) newspaper/HOA newsletter feature articles & press releases windshield wiper or check-out counter flyers pizza box insert Chick-Fil-A or other fast food handouts Discount cards sponsored by church (typically cost $1 each) movie theater preview ads ads or sponsorship in local school programs get name in local Welcome Wagon bathroom ads in local restaurants sponsor local ball team advertise in local school booster groups (athletic, band, etc) Adopt-A-Highway sponsor local blood drive purchase booth at local community fairs/festivals (provide free popcorn, water, etc) Develop and circulate frequently called number brochure (partner with Chamber of Commerce) Become "corporate" sponsor of special athletic events like Special Olympics etc. Promotion music (theme song written by band) public service announcements speaking engagements (little league opening prayer, lions club, etc) web sites (ranked high on search engines to applicable key words) sports team sponsorship Community signs (e.g. bus stop benches) Panel truck or trailer with advertising on sides (creative paint job)

Mini-Media business cards invitation cards refrigerator magnets (for cars?) brochures video brochures (CDs or DVDs) banners & signs posters newsletters ads (HOA & community associations) "Take-one" boxes circulars (flyers) door hangers letterhead plastic "goody bags" other special gifts/marketing give-a-ways (mugs, etc) First-Touch Give-a-ways (most under $2 in quantity) Subway map school calendar coffee mug/cup plastic stadium cup balloons Frisbee pens/pencil shirt key chain flashlight sticky note pad calendar notepad water bottle mints magnet compressed sponge pocket knifes badge holder/clip mini-map toothpick dispenser candy antenna topper eraser ice scraper calculator stress toy coolie / cozie stapler letter opener stadium cushion fanny pack travel clock microwave popcorn

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