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									                                                                                                             'Life is not measured
                                                                                                               by the number of
                                                                                                              breaths we take but
                                                                                                                by the moments
                                                                                                                 that take our
                                                                                                                 breath away.'

Hello … and a Happy Spring to you !!                             So .. we cant really blame the cold virus itself for getting to
My garden is blooming by the day – a                             us; we really do play a large part in allowing it to get to us by
sign that longer and warmer days are                             allowing our immune system to get to a point where it can no
drawing closer ! Tuesday 23rd Sept is                            longer cope effectively …
the Spring Equinox and is when the day                           Our immune system can become depressed if we are …
and night is of equal length. The Spring Equinox marks a             • Stressed or overworked
turning point in the year … when the daylight begins to              • Not getting enough sleep/quality sleep
prevail over the darkness. From this point, the days will            • Not eating well
grow longer as the Sun gains power and strength. This is             • Not exercising enough
the time to release the darkness of winter, release any              • Not resting or taking time for yourself
limiting beliefs and embrace the fertility of spring to              • Exposing ourselves to too many negative influences,
assist us in moving forward into the new cycle!                         such as the media or negative people
                                                                     • Not doing what we enjoy in life
These are busy days for most people and I have seen an
awful lot of ‘stressed out and run down’ people in my            … and the list goes on. Most of the list above are things we all
clinic lately ! Apart from eating well and exercising etc,       need to ask ourselves regularly. Other factors that can lower
it is so important to always take time out for yourself,         our immune system are airline travel, emotional extremes, poor
whether it be an hour or a few hours each week – doing           air quality, prescription drugs and antibiotic therapy.
something you love .. something that ‘reconnects’ you            Antibiotics are not effective against viruses.
with your true self. Someone told me the other day she           FOLLOWING ARE A FEW SIMPLE THINGS YOU CAN DO
takes ‘two hours’ holiday’ once a week, when she walks           WHEN YOU FEEL A COLD OR FLU IS CREEPING UP ON
along the beach, converses with nature and generally             YOU, ALONG WITH SOME HOME REMEDIES...
refreshes her body … and she makes sure she is not
                                                                 1.   Rest – don’t ‘soldier on’!!
disturbed during those two hours … she can then go back
to her life renewed and better able to cope with all that        2.   Manage your stress and laugh a lot! (Stress impairs white
life throws at her ! What a great, but easy coping                    blood cell function; Laughter enhances immune function).
strategy ! So .. my tip for these lovely spring days is to       3.   Eat well ie, good foods .. avoiding processed / ‘artificial’
enjoy the beautiful weather we have now, maybe take up                foods and, coffee, alcohol, sugar. Also, reduce dairy on all
a new activity but above all, do something that makes                 levels as they are generally mucus enhancing and stuff you
you feel like ‘you’!                                                  up even more! However, DO INCLUDE GARLIC – raw is
                                                                      best, eg, as in hommous or even garlic vinegar, but if not
Apart from ‘run down’ people I have also seen a lot of very           then included in your cooking wherever possible ! Garlic is
‘crook’ people in my clinic lately … it seems like there have         nature’s natural antibiotic .. and is directly effective
been a lot of coughs, colds and flus around this year … which         against viruses. It is also anti-fungal and anti-parasitic
seem to be holding onto people for the longest of times !! I          as well among many other things. Garlic can also helps to
can help my clients with Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine,            lower blood pressure and cholesterol counts!
in trying to help them to fight off infections and build up
their immune systems with herbs and supplements, but I           4.   Boost your immune system … herbs are a fantastic and
thought I would write a little here about why we get these            easy way to do this … it is very easy for me to make you up
bugs in the first place and a couple of home remedies you             a small bottle of herbs to help with this .. just contact me
might like to try !                                                   and I can make it up for you !

Many people think if you are near someone who has a cold or
                                                                         There is also a remedy you can try whereby you rub
you touch something a sick person touches, you’re
                                                                         garlic oil on your feet !! It actually works really
automatically going to catch a cold. People don’t just ‘catch’
                                                                         well ! All you need to do is to crush a few garlic
colds. The cold virus is around us all the time. Most of the
                                                                         cloves, put them in a little jar or bowl, and just
time when you are around people who have a cold, you don’t
                                                                         cover it with olive oil. In about a half hour, rub
catch it, because during those times your immune system
                                                                         the oil on your feet, put a pair of old socks on for
is functioning properly.
                                                                         the night and go to sleep ! When you wake up in
                                                                         the morning you might even experience some ‘garlic
It is only when your immune system is low, that the
                                                                         breath’ .. so you know it works! Garlic enters your
possibility of the cold virus getting a foothold in your body
                                                                         system and heads straight for the lungs to be
increases. The symptoms you feel are not the virus. The
                                                                         excreted ! Perfect ! Garlic is amazing for the
sneezing, aching and coughing are signs that your immune
                                                                         lungs. This is a great way to fight bacterial
system is fighting the virus. So - if these symptoms are
                                                                         infections. It also enhances your immune system
helping your body rid the virus, to suppress them (usually
                                                                         and fights viruses at the same time!
with expensive medicines) is not a great help to your body !!
                                                                                                                                 Contd …
FOR BRONCHITIC CONDITIONS, the following home                            On a ‘nutritional’ level, green indicates chlorophyll and folic acid…
remedies (in addition to the above) can also be tried …                  Chlorophyll is the green pigment in all green leaves of plants, so
Peppermint Oil - 2 drops of Peppermint or Eucalyptus oil in a            that any plant food that is green provides chlorophyll. Our lives
basin of 600ml boiling water; use this for a steam inhalation            hinge on chlorophyll in that it enables green leaves to trap solar
and to clear your head , bronchials and make breathing less              energy for the purpose of combining water and CO2 into sugar,
laboured.                                                                releasing oxygen in the process. This sugar is the origin of the
                                                                         energy in virtually all our foods. The key mineral in chlorophyll is
Warm castor oil used as a poultice, smeared on your chest,               magnesium so green leaves are a major source of this vitally
cover with old sheeting or old pyjamas. This will penetrate              important mineral. Because haemaglobin (Hb) has a very similar
down to unhappy lungs and also help to draw out any rubbish.             structure to chlorophyll, except that the key mineral in Hb is
Put a warm towel or blanket over this to keep warm.                      iron, researchers have proposed that our bodies convert
                                                                         chlorophyll to Hb by replacing magnesium with iron.
Camphor Bag: Dorothy Hall recommends that a small block                  Folic acid is found in most plant foods and is richest in green veg
of camphor hung around your neck in a red flannel bag                    and the seeds of plants. Folic acid is needed for rapidly dividing
will act to remove rubbish in your lungs and act as a                    cells including red blood cells, mucous membranes and the lining
preventative treatment. In her teachings, she said that this             of the intestine. It is critical during pregnancy and for the
used to be quite a commonplace thing for kids to wear during             development of the brain and nerves of the foetus.
the winter months but as with many simple remedies, they
get forgotten in time … (Please note, that when handling the             …AND NOW ONTO SPECIAL OFFERS TO NOV 08…
camphor block, always wear gloves; it should be completely sewn into
the red flannel bag to avoid any accidental spillage and handling).      FOODIE FACIAL FEST !! PAY ONLY $60 FOR 45-60
                                                                         MINS OF BLISSFUL RELAXATION! To celebrate spring
Talking of Dorothy Hall, following you will find her recipe              I am incorporating fresh ingredients into my Aromatherapy facial
for her ‘Kickagermjoyjuice’ – this actually doesn’t taste as             treatments; these are detailed on the next page but use lovely
bad as it looks – and if I ever feel like I am going to get a            fresh ingredients, such as Strawberries, Avacadoes, Cream,
cold, I often resort to this one – it is like a herbal                   Honey, Oats, Apple, Cinammon…yum ! Good enough to eat! These
sledgehammer to coughs and colds ! (Sometimes I add a                    ‘food ingredients’ are used during the masque phase of the facial,
little brandy to make it a ‘hot toddy’ !!).                              along with a grated potato eye pack to soothe the eye area!

                                                                         … OR PAY ONLY $50 - FOR 60 MINS OF EITHER ..
    1.  1 or 2 small cloves garlic crushed in garlic press
    2. Juice of a lemon plus some of the rind shredded /                    Bowen Therapy / Reiki Combo (usually $70)
        grated too
                                                                            Herbal Medicine Consultation, including Iridology analysis
    3. Half teaspoon ground powdered ginger
                                                                            (usually $70)
    4. Pinch of cayenne pepper
    5. Tablespoon of (good quality) honey
                                                                         … OR PAY ONLY $40 FOR 45 MINS OF …
Mix together and add to a small cupful of water, just off
                                                                            Herbal footbath, footscrub and foot massage, incorporating
the boil. Dorothy Hall recommends drinking the whole lot,
                                                                            Reflexology techniques ! (usually $55)
solid as well as liquid if possible as soon as it is bearably cool
and 10 - 20 mins before bed. Dorothy also mentions that
                                                                         … OR PAY ONLY $30 FOR 30 MINS OF …
this may make you sweat profusely - the heat and the lemon,
                                                                            Seated massage (usually $35) … this is a ‘ through-the-
garlic, ginger, cayenne will all produce excretory action                   clothes’ massage to the back, shoulders, arms, head and neck.
through every channel possible ... lungs, nose, skin and ??                 The massage takes place in an ergonomically designed chair in
bowel and bladder as well !! If you do have diarrhoea the                   which the client sits facing forward, which naturally
next morning, this means that your body has fought hard all                 stretches the back and helps to reduce muscle tension in the
night and has removed a large proportion of “dangerous                      upper body. While not primarily a corrective treatment, it
                                                                            will leave you with a greater sense of well-being - apart from
                                                                            relaxing muscles, increasing circulation and general
COLOUR IN YOUR DIET … continued from the previous                           tonification. (… or you may also have $20 for 20 mins!)
Newsletters – discussing the colours of fruits and veggies – last
time we had yellow – this time Green ! As mentioned previously a         NB: These specials cannot be combined with any other offer,
rainbow diet will provide you with all the nutrients and vitamins you    eg, discount vouchers but may be used to purchase Gift
require. The nutrients provided in a food will relate to the             Vouchers!
requirements of the chakra the colour corresponds to. It is best
to include foods of all colours in our diet, but when our system is
                                                                         Also attached, you will see a list of products available, or
out of balance, we can concentrate more on certain colour foods.
                                                                         which can be made up for you ! Check it out .. it might give
This will help to harmonize the body and bring it back to equilibrium.
                                                                         you some ideas for Xmas !! Yikes !!!
Green foods have a strong influence on the heart and blood
pressure and help to soothe nerves. Green brings us a feeling            Well … as ever, I have run out of space for any more
of newness and freedom of the soul and help relieve stress and           ramblings ! If you have any comments or questions about any
emotional problems. Green helps reduce problems associated               of the articles in this Newsletter, please do not hesitate to
with tension such as headaches. As green relates to the heart,           contact me … my email is: elaine@holistica.com.au. Looking
it is also beneficial for those with high blood pressure and as          forward to seeing you soon – ‘til then be good to yourself!
prevention of heart disease. The digestive system can be
calmed by the inclusion of green foods.                                  Elaine ☺ Holistica Natural Therapies, Freshwater, NSW
                                                                         www.holistica.com.au / Mob: 0411 261 758.
‘Foodie Facial Fest’ … Special Facial treatments for Spring !!

An Aromatherapy facial uses only natural and gentle botanical
products and consists of:
     a gentle facial cleanse and light exfoliation
     gentle but reviving massage of the face and neck – incorporating
     lymphatic drainage techniques and pressure points
     face masque – using your choice of the ingredients below !
             o while the masque is on you can also enjoy either a hand or foot massage or
                 experience some Reiki – or even a Guided Meditation … the choice is yours !
     application of an eye masque, using freshly grated potato – to refresh the eye area
     application of warm steamed towels, infused with gentle aromatherapy oils
     an invigorating head massage – and completing the treatment with Reiki – to relax and
     renew body and soul !

                 ALL THIS FOR ONLY $60 – ALLOW 45 – 60 MINS !
                       …BUT ALLOW AN EXTRA 15 MINS

                         FROM THE FOLLOWING:

              Apple and Cinnamon face masque – this is a good antiseptic mask for oily or
              problem skin and includes apple cream, honey, oats and cinnamon !

Banana face masque – this is a rich and nourishing masque – great
for dry skin and includes banana, egg yolk and almond oil !

              Avacado and honey face pack – this is a nourishing and regenerating facial
              for rejuvenating tired or mature skin and includes avacado, honey, lemon juice
              and plain yoghurt !

Grapefruit masque – a skin toning facial treatment – naturally
rich in AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) – suitable for all skin types
and includes of grapefruit and plain yoghurt !

              Strawberry and oat exfoliating masque – this is a gentle exfoliating masque
              to cleanse and tone the skin and includes strawberries, ground oats and cream !

Lavender and witch hazel masque – this face masque unblocks and
tightens pores and absorbs excess sebum and contains green clay, witch hazel
egg, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil.

  Of course, a ‘normal’ facial is still also available (using green/white clay for the
  masque phase of the treatment) - for $55 for 45 mins or $40 for 30 mins – or for
  $70 including a footbath and footscrub !

Herbal Teas:        All just $2 for 10 gm bag!
COLD / FLU WELLNESS HERBAL TEA. This warming, herbal tea helps fight early stages of colds
and flu. Can also be used to dry up excess catarrh, and battle sore throats. Drink 1 cup every two hours
for first stages of dis-ease. Containing: echinacea, elderflowers, cinnamon, thyme, eyebright and licorice.

SINUS CLEAR HERBAL TEA. A beautifully warming, soothing and aromatic herbal tea combination. This tea
helps ease the pain caused by crippling sinus inflammation by opening the crucial pathways to drain mucous build
up. Contains: Elder Flower, Thyme, Peppermint and Ginger Powder.

         SNOOZE & SLUMBER HERBAL TEA. Containing: chamomile, fennel, passionflower, lime flowers, vervain.
            Subtle in flavour, this tea calms the digestion and eases muscle tension. A gentle tonic to the nervous
       system – this blend will prepare the body for a restful sleep. Recommended: 1 cup before and after dinner.

 AROMA-STICK .. NEW ! This very portable Aromatherapy roll-on may help to relieve headaches/tension !
         The Aromastick can be massaged through 2/ 3 small circular motions in the temples, the forehead or
            the back of the neck, as needed. Contains: Sweet Almond oil, plus pure essential oils of Lavender,
                                   Rosemary and Peppermint, with Bach flowers Rescue Remedy and Vervain.
                                    ONLY $10 !!! You can also make up your own Aromatherapeutic ‘perfume;
                                            … just let me know what oils you like or what you would like to use it for !

      containing essential oils of Orange, Lemon and Tangerine … refreshing and invigorating !
      containing essential oils of Lavender, Geranium and Palma Rosa … relaxing and calming !
      Aromatherapy Foot Cream - containing essential oils of Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lemon
      … soothing to tired feet - can also help fungal conditions and sweaty feet !
      … or make up your own cream .. just let me know what you like or would like to use it for !

                 BATH SALTS – these bath salts are prepared in a small bag so that all you need to do is just
                 place whole bag in the bath and allow it to infuse; give it a squeeze to help it along! The bag can
                 also be used to gently exfoliate the skin … take a loooong soak, relax and enjoy! Only $4 each !

‘Oats n Salts’ Citrus Bath Soak! … with citrus oils to uplift the spirit, soothe skin and achey muscles .. may also help
dry, itchy skin. This bath soak is suitable for pregnancy and beyond – and may be used for the little ones too !
Contains: Epsom Salts, Sodium Bicarb, Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Ground Oats, Ground Almonds, Chamomile Extract,
Vit E Oil, Calendula Flowers plus Essential Oils of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin and just a little Tea-Tree.

‘Oats n Salts’ Relaxing Bath Soak! … with Lavender and Geranium … for deep relaxation and rebalancing
– also soothing to the skin, achey muscles and tired nerves ! May also help dry skin… and can be used to calm down
little ones too ! Contains: Epsom Salts, Sodium Bicarb, Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Ground Oats, Chamomile Extract,
Vit E Oil, Calendula Flowers plus Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium and a little Tea-Tree.

‘Milk n Salts’ Bath Soak! … with Chamomile, Lavender and Marigold oils … calming to the spirit and soothing to skin
and achey muscles, may also help nervous and muscular tension and dry skin … also suitable for new mums after the
new arrival (but not with sutures in) ! Contains: Epsom Salts, Sodium Bicarb, Milk Powder, Chamomile Extract, Vit E
Oil, Calendula Flowers plus Pure Essential Oils of Chamomile, Lavender, Tagetes and just a little Tea-Tree.

  Mandarin & Lime
  Lavender & Frankincense
  Mandarin, Palmarosa & Jasmine
  Lavender, Rose Geranium & Chamomile
  Mandarin, Lime & Peppermint
  Orange, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli
   … or make up your own, according to your preferences !

All products made from all natural ingredients by Holistica Natural Therapies www.holistica.com.au
                      Email: elaine@holistica.com.au / Mob: 0411 261 758

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