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POS ROI Quick Calculator


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									POS ROI Quick Calculator
Number of Stores Number of Stock Takes Per Annum per store Shrinkage per annum - all stores EFTPOS Variations - all stores Cost of downtime - all stores Fully loaded cost of a store or clerical employee Fully loaded cost of an IS employee Maintenance Rate for Hardware Maintenance Rate for Software 20 4 pa 0 pa 0 pa 0 0 pa 0 pa 25% 18%

Cost Information
Per Enterprise/Head Office Head office server software cost Head office hardware cost Maintenance cost per year for Head Office (HW&SW) Per Store Software cost per store Hardware cost per store Maintenance cost per year per store (HW&SW) Other Costs Consulting costs Number of IS personnel needed for new POS 0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0

Benefit Information
Per Enterprise (Improvements in Revenue) Improved store-level process management Improved customer interaction Improved information organization and access Capitalization on new revenue opportunities Other benefits Per Enterprise (Reductions in Cost) Number of IS personnel no longer needed Number of store or clerical employees no longer needed Per Store (Improvements in Revenue) Continue to trade during stock take Per Store (Reductions in Cost) Current stock take employee days Percentage Reduction in EFTPOS Variations Percentage Reduction in POS downtime Elimination of pre-printed stationery Per Store (Reductions in Losses) Percentage Reduction in Shrinkage Reduction in Price Overrides Other losses (e.g., On Sale Returns, fraudulent gift vouchers) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 100% 80% 100,000 15% 0 0

Financial Calculations
Total savings over three years Net present value (NPV) Average monthly benefit $ $ $ 300,000 228,323 8,333

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