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					Meditech Remote Access
Preparation and Training

  James W. Langley M.D. M.S.
   Director of MHS Medical
        October 2006
               Welcome !!!
This is training module is designed for
 physicians and their physician office
 staff. It has all the basic tools to
 apply for remote access, understand
 the requirements for PC preparation,
 and understand the use of remote
 token to gain quick remote access to
 the MHS Meditech clinical and billing
 patient information needed in your
 physician practice.
October 2006                              2
               Information Covered
   Application process      Meditech sign on
   Basic hardware           Desk top view and
    information               helpful tips
   Remote access to         View patient
    Meditech                  information
   Download Citrix          View Reports
    program                  Face Sheet for
    Remote entry to          Billing information
    Meditech                 Contact
   Change password           information

October 2006                                        3
    Meditech Remote Token
   Access Application Process
                  Contact medical staff office
                   for application information
                   and forms.
                  Can also access MHS web site
                   by using your internet search
                   engine or URL line
                  This site also has forms,
                   system requirements, and
                   good preparatory tips

October 2006                                   4

                              Click On
                           Physician Portal

October 2006                                  5
               Physician Portal Meditech


                        Can also select Web PACS, MHS email,
                       Library services and Medical Staff portal

October 2006                                                       6
  Meditech Information Page
                  Meditech page view
                   – Step by step for remote
                     access instructions
                  Forms
                   – Here is where you find
                     applications for IT
                  Requirements
                   – This has all you need to
                     know and prepare your
                     PCs for remote access
                  Tips and
                   – Good housekeeping ideas
                     to help problem solve
                     remote access
October 2006                                    7
Forms for Meditech Remote Access
   and New Function or Added
    Personnel Request Forms
                  Need both forms
                   completed and
                  Please make sure to
                   check box for
                   remote token access
                  Next two slides have
                   pdf form files for
October 2006                              8
         Physician Internet Access
  (Double click form to open; need Adobe to
                 read PDF file)

October 2006                                  9
Physician and Office Staff Remote Access
            Application Form
(Double click form to open; need Adobe to read
                    PDF file)

 October 2006                               10
  Requirements for Remote Access to

                    PC processor 700MHs
                    Memory 128 + RAM
                    Connection Cable
                     modem or DSL
                    Operating system
                     Windows XP
                    Monitor 1024x768

October 2006                               11
      Tips and Troubleshooting
                     This page is an
                      absolute must read
                      before starting remote
                      access process in office
                      or home.

                     Preparing PC prior to
                      install Citrix program is
                      critical for success.

                     This is especially true in
                      removing internet
                      temporary files and
                      spyware files that
                      interfere with success
                      downloading of Citrix.
October 2006                                 12
RSA Secure ID Token
                   The MHS IT department will send
                    token(s) with username and
                    password after receipt and
                    completion of application forms.

                   The RSA Secure ID token has a
                    battery life of four years. The
                    code changes every minute.

                   Contact MHS help desk for
                    replacement if token is lost.

                   The first numbers you enter into
                    the security prompt screen are
                    six digits.

                   Physicians and their office
                    personnel will be given unique
                    six digit passwords to use with
                    their token’s six digit rotating
 October 2006                                          13
                     After all preparations
                      completed on your PC
                      You will need your
                      office token username
                      and password
                      obtained from IS dept.
                     Then go to the above
                      site on first line and
                      click on it.

October 2006                               14
               Security Prompt
                          Type in your given
                           MHS user name with
                           first letter
                           Then in password box
                           first enter your
                           password given by IT
                           services plus the RSA
                           access token number.
                          Be careful !!!
                           3 incorrect entries
                           and token will need to
                           be reset by MHS help
                           desk 214-947-1999

October 2006                                  15
           Installing Citrix Program
                          For each PC, you will
                           need to do a one time
                           download of “MHS
                           application Portal Client
                           for 32 -bit Windows”.
                          This allows your PC to
                           remotely access Meditech
                           and print needed reports
                          Select Yes to download
                           program when prompted.

October 2006                                       16
    Need to Restart PC to
 Complete Installation Process.
                   Download and save
                    the Citrix Client
                   You must then
                    restart your PC.
                   This will fully
                    install the Citrix
                    program into your
                    PC for allowing
                    remote access to
October 2006                         17
      Entry Process After Citrix
 After you have downloaded Citrix
  client and restarted computer
 Go again to
 Again enter your user name and
  remote token log in as previously
 You will brought to another screen
  with a prompt.

October 2006                       18
               Gaining Access Into MHS
                              You will now log back
                               in to system as
                               described earlier.
                              Now select anonymous
                               (this is for office use)
                              Select login at bottom
                              Physicians with
                               internet access
                               privileges may need to
                               use explicit and use
                               their MHS internet user
                               name and password.
                              Review instructions
                               given by IT with your
                               token on what to use.
October 2006                                         19
               Meditech Icon
                         Click on Meditech
                          icon as seen

October 2006                                  20
               Citrix MetaFrame

                          Seeing this on your
                           screen means your
                           PC has successfully
                           loaded Citrix client
                           and should be able
                           to get into
                           Meditech remotely.

October 2006                                  21
               Meditech Site
                         This screen is now
                          the MHS Meditech
                          site and requires
                          that you have a
                          Meditech user
                          name and
                         This is different
                          from your token
                          sign on
October 2006                                   22
          Password Change Screen
                        First time users will get a
                         one time use Meditech
                         password assigned.
                        Put this one time use
                         password in old password
                        Put in your new password
                         and hit enter and then
                         reenter new password and
                         hit enter again
                        Meditech will acknowledge
                         your new password change
                         as successful
                        If you forget password, one
                         can always get assistance
                         with call to help desk 214-
                        or
October 2006                                       23
               Getting to EMR Desktop
                             Use your Meditech
                              user name and hit
                             Use your own
                              Meditech password
                              and hit enter
                             In HCIS space it
                              will say MHD live
                              hit enter
                             You will then be
                              taken to EMR
October 2006                                  24
     Meditech EMR Desktop View
                     View patients
                      – takes you into EMR
                        patient records
                     Change password

                     Report Face sheet
                      – Demographics by
                        patient account number
                     Patient Coding
                      – gives hospital discharge
                        billing code summary

October 2006                                  25
               Useful Desktop Aids To
                              Green checkmark
                               = OK or F12 key

                              Red X = exit or
                               quit function

                              Black binoculars =
                               F9 or lookup key

October 2006                                     26
  Patients in View Patient Icon
                    When select View
                     patient MCMC
                     listed and more…
                    Use down arrow on
                    Select your

October 2006                         27
               Patient View
                        This view would be
                         your recently
                         accessed list
                        It would be empty
                         the first time you
                        You can find a
                         patient by
                         selecting “Any
                         location” or “Any
October 2006                                 28
          Can Select Patient by Any
                          Put your patient’s name
                           in name blank. i.e.
                           Smith, James
                          Or just add last name
                          Hit F12 or OK
                          All names with same
                           spelling will come up
                          Select your patient
                          View patient record and
                           it will be added to your
                           recently accessed
                           patient list
October 2006                                    29
               Select Patient by Any
                             If you know where
                              in an individual
                              hospital a patient
                              is located you can
                              use Any Location
                              to select

October 2006                                   30
               Select Visits By Date
                             You can
                              individually select
                              Visit by date
                             If put X in box it
                              brings up all
                              selected results for
                              collation of all visit

October 2006                                        31
           Any Location Selection
                         Select hospital
                         Then select floor
                          or unit
                         Then select patient
                          in area.
                         You will see
                          patient visits and
                          can select by date,
                          diagnosis, and type

October 2006                                  32
          Patient View and Menu
                        Patient
                         Information on top
                        Right panel has
                         individual clinical
                        Magenta color of
                         individual clinical
                         module means new
                         results since your
                         last visit
October 2006                               33
               Laboratory Panel
                          Right side of menu
                           has lab menu.
                          Select what you
                           want and you can

October 2006                                34
               Pathology Panel
                          If a pathology report
                           is present it will be in
                           dark print or magenta
                           colored if new results
                          Double click on icon
                           and report should pop
                          You can print this just
                           like a radiology report.

October 2006                                      35
   Imaging Panel (Radiology)
                                                   Radiology studies will
                                                    be found under
                                                    “imaging module”
                                                   Go to round balloon and
                                                    click to see report.
                                                   Once report viewed, you
                                                    can go to top of screen
                                                    and file print.
                                                   Some radiology reports
    •To view an impression, report, or
    history, click on the comment bubble in
                                                    may not print well on
    the appropriate column.                         non - HP printers.
    •After you view an impression, report, or
    history, a green check mark appears
                                                   Make sure all print
    inside the comment bubble.                      drivers are current.

October 2006                                                             36
               Other Reports
                         All Dictated reports
                          will be under this tab.
                         This include H & Ps,
                          Discharge summaries,
                          OP notes, Consults.
                         Find report and
                          double click on
                          balloon to open
                         You can print report
                          by going to top of
                          menu and selecting
October 2006              file print              37
               Reprint Face Sheet
                           Select Reprint face
                            sheet icon on menu
                           This will include
                            most recent
                            information for
                            information for

October 2006                                  38
      What is needed for Face
          Sheet Report
                     Enter patients CA… or DA…
                      or MA… number sequentially
                     Enter as all CAPS
                     These numbers can be found
                      on patient record when in
                      view patient module
                     Multiple numbers can be
                      entered at one time just use
                      tab and cursor goes to next
                     Hit F12 key or select green
                      check mark at top of menu.

October 2006                                   39
               Face Sheet Report
                           Patient face sheet with
                            demographics useful for
                            office staff for billing
                           This report is always
                            current and available by
                            remote access by office
                            staff with Meditech
                            username and password
                           After viewing report
                            select printer icon at
                            top of menu bar for
October 2006
                            print copy               40
         Print Face Sheet Report
                        Select printer
                         option click print
                        Hit OK and print
                        If you selected
                         multiple patients,
                         they will all print

October 2006                                   41
    Patient Coding Summary
                  This icon selects for
                   a patient’s billing
                   coding summary
                   done in MHS HIM
                  Most useful to
                   physician’s office
                   personnel for ICD9
                   codes at patient
                   discharge from
October 2006                          42
    Patient Coding Summary
                  At prompt put in CA or
                   DA account number
                   AND THEN HIT F12
                  You should now be
                   able to select View or
                  You should now have
                   a summary of HIM
                   hospital coding for
                   your patient.

October 2006                                43
   You should be able to apply and complete your
    remote Meditech access in your office or home
   Basic Meditech functions are outlined.
   This module is one of four
   They will all soon be on MHS Physician portal as
    Medical Informatics or can be sent by email from
   All contribute to improved use of Meditech and
    are recommended for review:
      – Basic Introduction to Meditech EMR
      – Additional EMR Physician Desktop Icons
      – Electronic Signature
October 2006                                           44
               Contact Information
   If you are having problems with your
    access, please contact 214-947-1999 the
    MHS helpdesk or

   MHS does not have a team to come to your
    office to repair PCs.

   Basic information not answered by help
    desk regarding office access contact Dr.
    James Langley Director of Medical
    Informatics 214 947-6471 or
October 2006                                   45

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