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					                                 Tahu Kukutai
     Ngati Tipa, Ngati Kinohaku (Tainui), Te Aupouri, Tekaumarua
                     Sociology Department, Stanford University
                                  450 Serra Mall
                                 Bldg 120: Rm 160
                                Stanford, CA 94305
                                   650. 862-1846

9/2002 - Present     Stanford University, California.
2003. MA, Sociology.

Fifth year Ph.D in Sociology, degree anticipated 12/2007.
Areas of interest: race & ethnicity, stratification, social demography of indigenous

3/96 – 3/2001       Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand
2001. MA (1 class Hons), Demography.
2000. BA (Hons), Demography and History.
1999. BA, History.

9/2003 – present      Sociology Department, Stanford University, California.

    Soc.300. Teaching Development Workshop – Spring 2006/07
    Soc.124/224. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics – Summer 2005
    Contract lecturer for American Language and Culture program – Summer
      2004 – 2006.

Teaching Assistant:
Soc.388. Log-Linear Models - Fall 2005-6
Soc.145/245. Introduction to Social Stratification – Spring 2004-5
Soc.123/223. Sex and Love in Contemporary Society – Winter 2004-5
Soc.149/249. The Urban Underclass – Spring 2003-4
Soc. 142/242. Sociology of Gender – Winter 2003-4
Soc.148/248. Racial Identity – Fall 2003-4
Research Assistant:
1/2006 – 3/2007.      Assisted Prof. C. Matthew Snipp in research on the
determinants of multiracial reporting, using data from the 2000 U.S. census and the
2000 & 2004 waves of the American Community Survey.

6/2004 – 8/2004.       Assisted Prof. Michael Rosenfeld undertake qualitative
interviews for his book “The Age of Independence”, on interracial, same-sex unions,
and the changing American family.

9/2005 – 12/2005     Visiting Researcher, Population Studies Centre, Waikato
                     University, Hamilton, New Zealand
      Member of the Maori Reference Group for five year FRST-funded project
       “Enhancing Wellbeing in an Ageing Society” (ongoing involvement).
      Researcher on New Demographic Directions program looking at factors
       affecting work-family balance for New Zealand women.

6/2001 – 8/2002.     Research Fellow, Population Studies Centre, Waikato
Undertook research on the socio-economic and demographic diversity within the
Maori population.

6/2001 – 6/2002       Research associate, Portal Consulting, Hamilton, New
Primary author of report commissioned by the Crown Forestry Rental Trust on the
demographic impact of land alienation on Central North Island (CNI) tribes, 1840 to
1990. Submitted as evidence in negotiations with the Crown.

1999-2001              Tutor, History Department, Waikato University,
                       Hamilton, New Zealand
Tutor for Introduction to New Zealand History with Dr Jeanine Graham. Mentor for
Maori history students.

1/1996 – 3/2001       Research Assistant, St Johns Theological College,
                      Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand
Managed translation project of letters from Maori to missionary William Colenso,
c.1840-1850. Publication of translations and historical essays planned for 2007.

7/2007 – 7/2010       Associate investigator
“Education capital formation, employment, migration, gender, work-life balance and
missing men”. (Principal Investigator: Paul Callister, Victora University, New
Zealand). Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Grant.

1)    Peer reviewed:
Kukutai, Tahu. 2004. “The problem of defining an ethnic group for public policy:
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2)      Non peer reviewed:
 Kukutai, Tahu. 2006. “Elder or merely older?: Enhancing the wellbeing of older
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Sceats, Janet and Tahu Kukutai. 2006. “The hand that rocked the cradle”. In Looking
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Kukutai, Tahu, Janet Sceats and Ian Pool. 2002. Central North Island Iwi:
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3)    Forthcoming:
Kukutai, Tahu. 2007. “White mothers, brown children: The intergenerational
      transmission of Maori ethnicity in New Zealand”. Journal of Marriage and
      the Family (USA). Accepted, contingent on revisions.

4)    In progress:
Kukutai, Tahu. “Inverting the „host‟ society: The ambivalent integration of Maori in
       New Zealand”.
Kukutai, Tahu and Victor Thompson. “Inside out: The politics of enumerating the
      nation”. Paper submitted for European Social Science History Conference,
      Lisbon, Portugal, 27 February – 1 March, 2008.
Kukutai Tahu and Victor Thompson. “Doing diversity „Down Under‟: New
      Zealand‟s ethnic enumeration practices in global perspective”. Paper
      submitted for the Population Association of New Zealand conference,
      Wellington, New Zealand, 3 – 4 July, 2007.
Kukutai, Tahu and Robert Didham. “Can national identity become ethnic identity?
      The case of the emerging „New Zealander„ ethnic group”. Paper submitted
      for the Conference on Social Statistics & Ethnic Diversity, Montreal,
      Canada, 6 – 8 December, 2007.

March 2007. Discussant, panel on the measurement of race and ethnicity.
       Population Association of America meeting, 29 – 31 March, Mariott Marquis
       Hotel, New York.
December 2006. Invited speaker at press conference for the release of Census 2006,
        December 5-6, Statistics House, Wellington.
November 2006. “The demographic basis of Maori development: Planning to 2021”.
       Paper presented at Lexis Nexis conference on Managing and developing
       Maori business and traditional knowledge, 23 & 24 November, Rydges
       Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand.
September 2006. “Building Brown Boundaries: Defining the parameters of the Maori
      population in New Zealand.” Paper presented for the International Workshop:
      Indigenous Identity in Demographic Sources. 29-30 September 2006, Umeå
       University, Umeå, Sweden.
June 2005. “The hand that rocked the cradle?” Paper presented with Janet Sceats
        at Janus Women‟s Convention, Wellington, Wellington Town Hall.
April 2005. “White mothers, brown children: The intergenerational transmission
         of Maori ethnicity.” Paper presented at the Population Association of
        America meeting, Philadelphia.
Dec. 2004. “The use of ethnicity in social analysis and policy.” Paper presented
        at the Conference on Probabilistic Projection and Microsimulation
        Methodologies, University of Waikato, Hamilton.
August 2002. “The dynamics of reporting Maori ethnicity.” Cross-sectoral seminar
        for data users and analysts. Wellington, Te Puni Kokiri.

2005 Cilker Award for Excellence in Teaching, Sociology Department, Stanford
2003 Maori Education Trust Professions scholarship
2002 Fulbright graduate award
1999 Ford Motor Company/Golden Key National Honor Society undergraduate

    Professor C. Matthew Snipp
    Department of Sociology
    Stanford University
    Bldg 120, Room 160
    450 Serra Mall
    Stanford CA 94305
    United States

       Professor Ian Pool
       c/- Population Studies Centre
       University of Waikato
       Private Bag 3105