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									                                                                                             Appendix 5a

Children and Young People Service Grouping

                                                               2005/06 Budget
                                                                     £000            notes

Base Budget 2004/05 rolled forward                                     88,043

Reversal of previous year one-off items                                    27
Non Pay inflation                                                         461
Pay Adjustments                                                         3,872
Other Adjustments                                                       2,636
Restructuring Virements                                                     0

Base Budget Requirement 2005/06                                        95,039

Service Investment to meet demography and new statutory
responsibilities as identified by Original MTFS in July 2004              150 see Appendix 5b

less Options for Disinvestment                                           -378 see Appendix 5c

Net Budget Requirement to be compared with Cash Limit                  94,811

Cash Limit as per Original MTFS adjusted for FSS transfers
and loss of grants                                                     94,580

Licensed Deficit to be repaid back over MTFS period                      -231
                                                                                                                    Appendix 5b

Children & Young People

Investment in Demography and new statutory responsibilties identified in original MTFS

                              Item                                  £000                           Notes

                                                                              It is now intended that this allowance for
                                                                              demographic pressure will be absorbed within
                                                                              the base i.e. the funding will be used to offset
                                                                              overall pressures on the Children and Young
                                                                              People budget (excluding Schools)
Looked After Children Demography                                        150

                                                                                 Appendix 5c

Children & Young People - Options for Disinvestment

                                 Item                                   £000

Efficiency savings
Recharging for schools museum service - central costs recharged to
schools block                                                                8
Recharging for schools museum service - sponsorship target                   5
Reduction in universal subsidies to cultural activities                     55
Income generation from conferences, consultancy etc                         10
Merge Adult & Community Learning Function into cultural portfolio           70
Abandon Parents as First teachers project                                   10
Implement charging policy for schools to fund tuition for fixed term
excluded pupils                                                             30
Transfer improvement project costs for behavioural improvement into
schools block                                                               40

Reduction in demographic/pressures
Absorb all demographic pressures within the base                           150


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