Winter warmth the energy-wise way

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					                  Winter warmth the energy-wise way
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For immediate release                                                   17 July 2007

Plenty of places across Queensland have been shivering through historically low
day and night-time temperatures of late.

From Hervey Bay and Townsville to Mt Isa, Toowoomba and Brisbane, low
temperatures have been biting exposed fingers and toes this winter.

In mid-June, Mt Isa recorded its lowest daytime temperature in 42 years – a chilly          The Real Estate
9.4 degrees – with Bundaberg also breaking a 71-year-old record by recording                  Institute of
just 12.2 degrees.                                                                          Queensland Ltd

A month later, Rockhampton and Yeppoon had minimums of three degrees - the
lowest in four years - over the weekend with Townsville, Hervey Bay and                    Phone (07) 3249 7302
Longreach also having their coldest nights since 2004.                                      Fax (07) 3249 6202
Such cold snaps remind us that even here in the Sunshine State, the weather can
sometimes be anything but sunny and we too need to think about heating our

Space heating, although not required for long periods, still represents up to 10
per cent of energy bills. In the southern ranges and inland areas of Queensland a
greater portion of winter energy bills will be for heating.

The REIQ is working in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) to promote sustainable housing practices.

“Sustainable housing is becoming increasingly important to people. By using less
energy around the home, you not only save money, your impact on the
environment is lessened through reduced greenhouse gas emissions,” Real
Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) executive manager Elissa Keenan said.

The EPA’s How to be EnergyWise at home and save on energy bills recommends
ways to lessen the environmental impact of heating your home.

     •    Decide the right size heater to suit your room and conditions, and keep it
          in good operating order;
     •    Install insulation and seal gaps to prevent draughts;
     •    Decide which rooms require frequent heating and cooling. Make sure they
          are well insulated and can be closed off from the rest of the house.

There are different types of heating which, depending on your circumstances,
could be the right energy-wise choice for you.

Radiant heating – heats objects rather than air but will eventually heat the air e.g.
bar radiators, gas radiant heaters, open fireplaces, and kerosene heaters. This

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type of heating is best suited to provide immediate personal warmth in larger
rooms.                                                                                   CONSUMER COLUMN

Forced convection – involves a fan drawing air into a heater where it is heated and
then sent out as warm air e.g. electric fan heaters, reverse cycle air conditioners,
and gas heaters. These heaters are designed to heat the air in the room and are
particularly suitable for where people move around.

Reverse cycle air conditioning set at 19°C is the most efficient way to heat your

Convection heaters – circulate warm air through the room by natural air currents
e.g. some electric, oil and gas heaters and slow combustion stoves.                        The Real Estate
                                                                                             Institute of
Oil filled panel-and-columns are relatively slow to heat up, and are suitable for          Queensland Ltd
heating smaller rooms for a long period of time, especially if several people are
using the room. Most are thermostatically controlled. Their low surface
temperature makes them safe for small children.                                           Phone (07) 3249 7302
                                                                                           Fax (07) 3249 6202
Conduction heating – transmits warmth directly to the body e.g. electric blankets
and hot water bottles. This type of heating is ideal for personal use.

For a list of REIQ accredited agencies in your local area visit or
phone 07 3249 7347.


For more information contact:

Nicola McDougall - REIQ Media Manager - 3249 7302 or 0405 801 979

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