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					 Ian Cairns
 Lovett Logan Associates
 40 Margaret Street
 London W1G 0JH
 0207 495 6400

 Height: 6’0’’
 Eyes: Hazel
 Hair: Brown
 Spotlight Page 376
 Pin No. 3336-8941-4499

TELEVISION - Showreel available
Robert Cullen       Law and Order UK                 Andy Goddard          Kudos Film and TV
Major Green         Hughie Green, Most Sincerely     Daniel Percival       BBC
Poole               Jekyll                           Matt Lipsey           Hartswood Films for BBC
Commander Riches    Submarine Rescue                 Andrew Thompson       BBC Scotland
Michael Morrison    Taggart ‘Friday Event’           Ian Madden            Scottish Television
Interviewer         The Book Group                   Annie Griffin         Pirate Productions
Flt. Lt. Davis      Taggart ‘Falling in Love’        Danny Hiller          Scottish Television
Robert U. Johnson   Victorian Scots                  Sarah Barclay         Wark Clements
Ian Rae             Undercover Customs               Robert del Maestro    Granada
Officer             Frontline Scotland               Uzma Mir              BBC Scotland
Priest              Taggart ‘Hellfire’               Marcus D.F. White     Scottish Television
Surveyor            High Road                        Nicholas Ferguson     Scottish Television

Undertaker          Postmortem                       Albert Pyun           Wildside Productions
Policeman           3D Halloween                     Rory McCourt          Telcast International
Jim                 Jim and the Angel (short)        Yann Demange          National Film & TV School
Conscience          Conscience (s)                   Valeria Ruiz          NFTS
Man                 After…(s)                        Jaymz Wong            NFTS
Mick                The Shipping Forecast (s)        Tom Rowson            London Film Academy
Les                 Out of Bounds (s)                Adam Campbell         RSAMD Film & TV
Interviewer         Dolly Grip (s)                   Das Abra              Hannywood Films

Stone               The Business of Murder           Christopher Dunham    Esk Valley Summer Theatre
Stone               The Business of Murder           Sue Rosser            Thtre Royal Bury St. Edmunds
Don Pedro           Much Ado About Nothing           Sarah Davey           Oxford Shakespeare Co.
The Red Balloon     The Red Balloon                  Dougie Irvine         Visible Fictions
Julius Caesar       Julius Caesar                    James Brining         TAG Theatre Co.
Father Tom Quinn    Smells + Bells                   Lorenzo Mele          mct Theatre Co.
Kenneth Halliwell   Diary of a Somebody              Fiona Walton          High-Doh
Boyd                The Gowk Storm                   Kenny Ireland         Royal Lyceum Theatre Co.
Fannon/King         The Princess and the Goblin      Hugh Hodgart          Dundee Rep & Lyceum
Mariano D’Albino    Grand Magic                      Andrew McKinnon       Perth Rep.
Gratiano            The Merchant of Venice           Eve Jamieson          Brunton Theatre

 Training: Diploma in Dramatic Art at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
 Full Clean Driving Licence. Skills include swimming, fencing and juggling.

The Business of Murder

“Ian Cairns as the mysterious Mr Stone sets an increasingly disturbing tone. He draws the story’s
other characters into an ever-tightening web. This role is essential to the play’s success and Cairns is
thorough and convincing.” The Stage

“Icing on the cake for me was Ian Cairns’ performance as Stone, whose thirst for revenge knew no
bounds. This character really gets under your skin with Ian’s spine-chilling performance. It was a case
of expression, stance and mannerisms that said as much if not more than the words.” Eastern Daily

Smells + Bells

"Director Lorenzo Mele’s show is tense and erotic, and sometimes very human, thanks to the aching
presence of Cairns.” The Stage

“ excellent performance…clean cut and credible...” The Herald

“I don’t like condemning things I haven’t seen but it’s outrageous.” Local Councillor

Molly's Collar and Tie

“Special mention must be made of the versatile Ian Cairns, who, as Buchanan and Gracie, reveals a
range in one play that many actors don’t display in a year.” The Scotsman

Diary of a Somebody

“Owing to a powerful performance from Ian Cairns as Halliwell, it’s the psychological self-destruction
of Orton’s lover which holds the attention.” The Scotsman

“... but the night truly belongs to shaven-headed Ian Cairns, who makes Halliwell a tragic figure to be
pitied rather than hated, a man pushed to the edge by his lover’s selfishness and sexual bragging. His
descent into self-loathing and depression is both touching and sad and at times painful to watch.” QX

“What rescues the evening from vague sentimentality is Ian Cairns’ persuasive Halliwell. Vain and
timid, he evokes a lonely man consumed by envy and self-disgust. First the wig goes, then his
conversation, finally his mind. It’s a performance that justifies this revival.” Time Out