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									    Our Stewardship Community

  Quarterly News Letter                                     January 2010                               Volume I Number 1

Mission statement
Collaboratively equip biblical Christians for this Digital Age.
Join us in the adventure of systematically harnessing communication technologies for the glory of God!

Current Conditions                                                 Please Pray
We live in a fast paced society. There are increasing              How can we work together to get ready for the challenges
demands on our time, money and energy. Various forces              of the coming years? How will we take constructive steps
try to pull and push us all week long.                             of action? How can we best love one another and serve
                                                                   God? How can we blend online and offline ministry?
                          Many people do not get around
                          to doing what is most important          How can we deal with the current chaos while passing
                          to them. That is because they            along to the next generation a healthy faith in Jesus
                          are urgently juggling the short          Christ?
                          term pressures while the long
                          term priorities are often                Recognize that a ‘mission station in cyberspace’ is the
                          neglected.                               most cost effective way to meet the pressing needs.

Today’s parents, teachers and pastors are already                  Our Stewardship Community is an ongoing experiment
stretched to the maximum. And children are pressured to                                       for harnessing the
grow up fast. Teens face temptations that their parents                                       communication
and grandparents never knew.                                                                  technologies that the
                                                                                              business world uses
Many are seeking spiritual answers but not typically from                                     daily. Their purpose is to
traditional churches. All kinds of alternative lifestyles and                                 increase profits. Our
unorthodox religions are accepted. The popular culture is                                     purposes are to increase
in moral free fall.                                                                           discipleship, evangelism
                                                                                              and benevolence for the
People need assistance to navigate these turbulent times.                                     glory of God.
So how can we help them? How can biblical Christians
offer the light, love and truth that is needed?                                Ongoing prayer requests
Just think of how your life was ten years ago when the                                enroll intercessors
Internet was new. And then imagine what how it will be                                work with advisers
in the next ten years. So clearly this is the time to get                             favor with donors
involved. You can make a big difference. Join us!
                             Seven Purposes                  3. Effectively communicating the truth in love
                             Each of these seven             4. Consistently improve stewardship of time, talents
                             purposes is important. And         and treasures (things and money)
                             they relate to each other.      5. Gracefully raising up, training, equipping,
                             Then together they make            supporting and multiplying lay leaders
                             for mighty synergies.           6. Collaboratively facilitating functional community
1. Systematically bringing together people, resources        7. Gratefully glorifying God by bearing much
    and opportunities                                           spiritual fruit
2. Intentionally better connecting the body of Christ

Biblical Mandates                       I Love Seminarians                       Teach Teachers

God has communicated clearly to         God has strategically placed me at the   Paul wrote to Timothy offering
Christians in the Bible. Among the      Help Desk of the student computer        simple yet profound instructions. He
thousands of Bible verses, consider     lab of a seminary since 1999. I have     said to teach teachers who will teach
the following biblical mandates. They   come to know and love hundreds of        others (2 Timothy 2:2). And that
are important to those committed to     men and women that are the next          leverages time as a good steward.
following Jesus Christ.. Our            generation of Christian leaders.
Stewardship Community is                                                         Also Paul wrote that the best way to
designed to offer instructions and      They have told me of their hopes and     build up the body of Christ is to equip
support for facilitating practical      dreams. I have heard of their            people so they will do the work of
applications of these key verses.       challenges and struggles.                their ministry. (Ephesians 4:12)

Greatest Commandments                   The Holy Spirit has used my spiritual    All born again believers are the body
Love God with all your heart, mind      gifts of encouragement and               of Christ. The Bible says each
and strength. (Matthew 22:36-38)        exhortation to inspire them. God has     Christian has been given spiritual
Love your neighbor as yourself          put into my hands hundreds of books      gifts by the Holy Spirit for our
(Matthew 22:39-40)                      donated by publishers to give them. I    common good and we are
                                        have shared with them many links to      interconnected like the human body.
Great Commission                        useful online resources.                 (1 Corinthians 12)
Go make disciples of all nations
(Matthew 28:19)                         I have designed systems for assisting    As World Wide Web expands it is
                                        them to minister online. Here are        getting easier and cheaper to use. The
Acts Mandate                            some sites for them and others to        challenge is to raise up those who
You will be my (Jesus’) witnesses in    learn online ministry.                   will lead in this exciting new frontier.
Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and unto      www.learningonlineministry.org/          They can apply the previous verses in
the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)       www.brownbaghub.org                      creative ways online and offline.
Our Five Services                        Strong Start Capital                      Five Income Streams
Networking Hub                           Campaign                                  Here is the simple list of the five
Thousands of links are offered that go                                             income streams. Pray for God to use
                                         Forty thousand dollars (40K) is the
to websites. From there people find                                                each one powerfully. May He weave
                                         initial fund raising goal. This
online videos, online articles, books,                                             them together into a mighty system
                                         provides the innovative ministry a
DVDs, experts and organizations.                                                   powerfully. May He weave them
                                         strong start by building a web based
These sites have been screened. Many                                               together into a mighty system.
                                         platform. The 40K is evenly divided
have been rated and reviewed by
                                         among four categories of Consultants      1. donations
users. They can be easily searched
                                         & Coaches, Web Development,               2. retail sales
and browsed. I already have hundreds
                                         Hardware & Software and Initial
of valuable bookmarks ready to plug                                                3. affiliate commissions
in when this system is ready.                                                      4. memberships
                                         Consultants and Coaches                   5. advertisements
                                         Experts in various fields help to craft
Online interactive encyclopedia
                                         the initial blueprint. Their expertise
edited by screened volunteers offers
                                         includes strategic planning, project      Launch Team
simple summaries of complex                                                        Enroll Ministry Launch Team of
                                         management, fund raising,
information with links for finding                                                 intercessors, advisers and donors. The
                                         curriculum design, online marketing
more details. This is a user friendly                                              intercessors use the Monday email
                                         and volunteer management. This will
way of navigating the ever increasing                                              requests www.osclaunch.webs.com/
                                         result in the initial version of the
mountains of information online.                                                   subscribe.htm The advisers offer
                                         business plan that will go online.
                                         Then volunteer advisors will              comments, suggestions and questions
Educational Nucleus                                                                to help improve the blueprint. The
Imagine a giant online Sunday school                                               donors give generously to get the ball
class plus much more. This has an                                                  rolling www.osclaunch.webs.com/
                                         Web Development
abundance of lessons as audio, video                                               donate.htm These can receive updates
                                         The consultants will pass along to the
and text. Emphasis is on                                                           here www.ministrylaunchteam.ning.com/
                                         web developers guidelines. This
  1) understanding and applying
                                         includes how to weave together the
  2) consistently improving
                                         five services and five income streams.    Milestones
                                         These are in the context of the long      Here is an overview of future plans.
stewardship of time, talents and
                                         term strategic milestones.
treasures (things and money)
  3) growing a passive business                                                    Milestone 1
                                         Hardware & Software
income online (like a digital tent                                                 Prepared Audio Visual Aids for
                                         Consultants and web developers will
making trade)                                                                      Fund Raising Presentations
                                         recommend suitable hardware and
                                         software. See the Wish List for initial
Think Tank                                                                         Milestone 2
Christians from all over the globe                                                 Gained Fund Raising Habits
come together in new ways. We adapt
                                         Initial Payroll                           (Meet face-to-face with two individuals a
online collaboration services and
                                         The initial employees include John S.     week and present to two groups a month)
share best practices. We prayerfully
                                         Oliver as executive director. An
consider, develop and propose
                                         administrative assistant that works on    Milestone 3
possible solution to all kinds of
                                         an as needed basis. This person is        Completed Seed Capital Campaign
                                         contacted by phone and email. This        for Forty Thousand Dollars - 40K
                                         new kind of worker is called a virtual
Research & Development Lab
                                         assistant. And there will be contract
Using the wisdom, insights and                                                     Milestone 4
                                         workers for researching, writing and
contacts from the other four services                                              Built the Web Based Platform
we discover and develop all kinds of
products and services that are needed.                                             Milestone 5
Some probable products include PDF       Meet John                                 Enrolled Initial Teachers and
workbooks, podcasts, DVDs,               Go to this site to learn more about       Learners
interactive websites, mobile phone       John S. Oliver the founder of Our
applications and innovative uses of      Stewardship Community
                                                                                   There are more milestones that are described
whatever new communication tools         www.osclaunch.webs.com/meetjohn.htm       on the website www.osclaunch.org
the marketplace generates.
Becoming a Genuine Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ

                                               Biblical discipleship involves all of the following.
                                               a) comes from many biblical imperatives
                                               b) requires the inner-working of the Holy Spirit
                                               c) fails when attempted in the energy of the flesh
                                               d) grows with good habits of prayer, Bible intake, Christian fellowship,
                                               worship and Christian service
                                               e) glorifies God with love-led good deeds
                                               f) hinges on the effective stewardship of a person’s time, talents, and
                                                  treasures (things and money)
g) involves understanding the essential doctrines of biblical Christianity -- Inspiration of Scripture, Virgin Birth, Deity of
   Christ, Trinity, Blood Atonement, Bodily Resurrection, Sinfulness of Humans, Second Coming
h) benefits the Body of Christ as spiritual gifts are discovered and actively developed
i) develops a working knowledge of biblical grace, faith, hope, love, and mercy
j) revolves around denying self, taking up one’s cross daily and following Jesus
k) attracts subtle and overt assaults from the world, the flesh and the devil
l) moves away from the seven deadly sins of pride, lust, anger, envy, greed, laziness and gluttony
m) moves toward the virtues of integrity, kindness, abstinence, patience, purity, charity and modesty
n) leads to directly and indirectly communicating the truth in love to unbelievers
o) culminates in eternal rewards that mere mortals cannot even imagine

Future Legacy
Beginning with the End in Mind
                              Here is how I hope the ministry is remembered many years from now. ... By the grace of
                              God and to the glory of God, Our Stewardship Community was mightily used by God.
                              Thankfully individuals and groups we served were characterized by these seven factors.
                              1) understood and embraced the fact that they will give a personal account to the Lord
                                 Jesus Christ
                              2) carefully examined and consistently improved the ways they were using their time,
                                 talents and treasures (things and money)
3) prayerfully made wise choices
4) kept their commitments to God and people
5) became visual and verbal examples of Christ-like character
6) formed caring communities that together experienced and expressed genuine church
7) served as effective ambassadors for Christ to a watching world


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