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Annual Leave Calculator

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									Annual Leave Calculator - Agenda for Change

This calculator is designed to show your annual leave entitlement in both days and hours under Agenda for Change terms & conditions. Please note that part-time members of staff are required to manage their annual leave in hours.

Required Information

1. Insert Total Annual Leave (if Full Time) 27 5

2. Insert Number of Hours worked per week 37

3. Insert Number of Days worked per week 5

To use this calculator simply fill in the Blue Cells with the required information 1. Annual Leave is dependant upon length of service in the NHS Length of NHS service 0 - 5 years = 27 Days (if full time) 5-10 years = 29 Days (if full time) 10+ years = 33 Days (if full time) 2. Total number of hours worked per week 3. Total number of days worked per week The Annual Leave entitlement and Bank Holiday entitlement (for a full leave year 1st April - 31st March) will then be calculated and produced in the Orange Cells. When calculating annual leave entitlement for staff who have started part way through the year please use the bottom part of the worksheet. Input the number of completed months (4.) and the pro-rata entitlement will be produced in the Orange Cells to the right. This can also be used for staff who change their hours part way through the year.

Full Years Calculation

Annual Leave Hours 200.0 199.80

Annual Leave Days 27.0

Bank Holiday Entitlement Hours 59.5 59.2

Total Leave Hours 259.5

Part Year Calculation

Insert No. of competed months in Financial Year 4

Pro-rata Annual Leave Hours 67.0

Pro-rata Bank Holiday Hours 20.0 66.7

Total Prorata Leave 87.0 19.8333333

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