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                  The following is a list of easy games to play with children.

The object of this game is to catch the person who squeezes the other person's hand. "I need
one person to go in the middle of the circle while the rest of you hold hands. Now someone
will squeeze your hand and then you squeeze the person sitting next to you, etc. The person
in the middle will try to catch you squeezing your hand."

The object of this game is to pass the potato around before the music stops.

Two parallel lines are formed, and kids take turns walking down the middle trying to keep a
straight face. Others can not touch him, but try to make him laugh.

When a number is called, kids get into groups of that number by holding hands. People who
do not find a group are out.

Playing Steal the Bacon involves two teams. Each person on a team has to have a number
(one, two, three, etc.). They are to remember their number. The two teams should have the
same number of people, and when a number is called, number seven for example, the number
seven on each team runs to the middle and tries to grab the eraser or any object without
tagging the other person. It's a bit difficult. Demonstrate to the children how to do it.

Everyone holds hands with two other people. One hand with one person and the other hand
with the other person. The children are not to let go of each other's hands. Finally try to
make one big circle without letting go of each other's hands.

Everyone inflates a balloon and ties a string to it. Then the balloon is tied to their ankle.
Form a large circle and try to step on and pop the balloons of the others, but without the
child having their own balloon popped. When one person is left with a balloon, the game is

All the children put their heads down. Choose seven children to touch the heads of the
children with their heads down. The captain (one of the seven) says, "Heads up, seven up."
The seven children who have been tapped by the seven walking around stand up. They take
turns guessing who touched them. Only one guess per child. If the child guesses who
touched them, they get to be one of the next seven to touch.

Everyone forms a circle and takes the hand of the person at their side. Cans are placed in
the center. The object is to try to force the person next to you to knock over the cans by
pushing and pulling at their hand. You cannot let go of each other's hands. Anyone who
knocks over a can or lets go is out. The last person left is the winner.

Everyone lines up in a straight line. The leader needs to have some sort of stop and go sign
that they hold in their hand. When the green side is showing the children are to run to the
leader as fast as they can. When the leader turns the sign to the red sign, everyone must
stop. If you move you have to go back to the starting line.
Two teams are needed. Establish a free zone for each team and a center line over which they
meet. Each team huddles and decides which symbol they are going to throw. The symbols
are: a fist means rock; a hand held flat is paper; and two fingers are scissors. The pecking
order is: paper covers rock; rock breaks scissors; and scissors cut paper. In two lines, the
teams face each other and begin to say "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and throw their symbols. The
team that throws the winning symbol chases the other team, trying to tag as many of their
players as possible before they reach their free zone. All tagged players join the team that
caught them. Teams constantly change numbers and faces and the game keeps going with
everyone in it.

 One person is chosen as IT. That person tags others and grabs their hands and pursues the
other players. A blob is no more than four people. Blobs break-up forming other blobs.

This game is like dodge ball, but there is a container of water in the middle of the circle of
kids. One person is chosen to protect the container from being hit.

Form trains of about 3 to 5 kids. Kids are to grab the waist of the person ahead of them in
the train. The last person tucks a "tail" (bandana or something) into the back of their pants.
The trains run around trying to grab as many tails as possible.

This is dodge ball with the players forming a circle and facing outwards and bending over.
The ball is thrown low between the legs at the person in the middle.

Use guitars, sticks, shakers or whatever you can find. Have a leader start and stop the
music. Use one more chair than there are children and play until only one child is left.

One person begins a message and it is whispered around the circle and then compared with
the original message.

Separate the men and women (boys and girls). Provide the men with a string and a balloon.
Have them tie the string around their waist with the balloon hanging from their backs. Give
the women newspaper and have them roll it up forming a club. Separate the women
newspaper and have them stand in two lines facing each other. Have the men run through
the line while the women try to pop the balloon with the newspaper. The last guy that has
his balloon unpopped it the winner.

Make believe your group is a motor. See how much speed you can achieve. At the word “Go!,
the first person turns his head to the right, saying the sound for the specified motor; then the
next person turns his head to the right repeating the sound, etc. The first group to finish the
race should clap.
         *Round One: Go-Carts, 5 laps, the sound is..putt
         *Round Two: Motorcycles, 7 laps, the sound is..rrrrrrrrrrrrr
         *Round Three: Motor boats, 10 laps, the sound is..vrooooommmm

Seat everyone in a circle, except for one person, blindfolded holding a newspaper standing in
the middle of the circle. Using the newspaper, the blindfolded person finds a lap to sit on and
says, Duckie Wuckie, in a disquised voice. The person being sat upon replies “Quack Quack!
The blind person tries to guess who the duck is. If he is right, they switch places, if not the
blindfolded person tries again.

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