Why you should choose 3ds max Design 2009 for AEC

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					Why you should choose                                   Streamlined Mapping and Animation
3ds max Design 2009                                     Enjoy faster, more efficient workflows with the
                                                        UV spline mapping tool, and enhanced Pelt and
for AEC                                                 Relax functionality.

                                                        Additionally, Biped now includes a more efficient
3ds Max Design 2009 represents a major advance          workflow for rigging quadrupeds.
for design creativity and productivity, offering
a complete version (excluding SDK) of the               Precise Visual Feedback and Professional Final
award-winning 3ds Max specifically tailored to          Renders
architects, designers, and visualization specialists.   Reveal™ rendering technology, a system that
                                                        streamlines iterative workflows by giving you
3ds max Design 2009 has replaced Autodesk Viz.          very precise control over what is rendered, be
3ds max Design User interface and application           it your entire scene minus a specific object,
defaults are optimized for visualization                one given object, or a specific region of the
workflows/pipelines in order to maximize                Framebuffer.
                                                        The rendered image Framebuffer contains a
Major Features:                                         simplified set of tools to quickly validate changes
                                                        in a render, by optionally filtering out objects,
Support for Sustainable Architectural Projects:         regions, and/or processes in order to balance
One of the key technologies in Autodesk® 3ds            quality, speed, and completeness.
Max® Design software is Exposure™ technology,
a toolset—exclusive to 3ds max Design 2009—for          The release also contains a new ProMaterials™
simulating and analysing sun, sky, and artificial       library for mental ray® software, which gives
lighting.                                               you manufacturer-related materials for creating
                                                        design and building surfaces.
Exposure assists architects in evaluating light
intensity, part of the process of analysing indoor      Tutorial/Documentation/Online
environmental quality for requirements such as          Documentation:
LEED 8.1 certification.                                 Tutorials and samples files are customized
                                                        for AEC industries to optimize the learning
Revit 2009 Interoperability…and More:                   experiences. Documentation also contains
With 3ds Max Design Autodesk takes a major              custom content for AEC Industries.
leap forward with interoperability between 3ds
Max Design and Revit® software.                         Differences between Autodesk® 3ds Max
                                                        and Autodesk® 3ds Max Design
The software’s new FBX®-based Recognize™
scene-loading technology lets you quickly and           The key difference between 3ds Max 2009 and
accurately import geometry, lights, materials,          3ds Max Design 2009 is that each product is
and cameras from your Revit scenes into 3ds Max         tailored specifically for customers in different
Design.                                                 industries.

Interoperability has also been strengthened             3ds Max Design is for architects, designers and
across the 3D line of Autodesk products                 visualization specialists (it replaces Autodesk
through two new user interface and navigation           Viz.).
toolsets—the ViewCube™ and SteeringWheels™
technologies.                                           3ds Max is for professionals in the gaming, film
                                                        and television industries.
Both products share the same binary code, but                   •     Tutorials and sample files will be customized to
they differ in the following ways:                                    optimize the learning experiences of each customer
                                                                      group for each product.

•      User Interface and application defaults are              •     Documentation contains custom content for each
       optimized for either visualization or entertainment            product.
       workflows or pipelines to maximize productivity.
                                                                •     Icons and packaging for 3ds Max Design will
•      3ds Max Design features new Exposure technology                be more closely aligned with Autodesk AEC
       (Exposure lighting analysis tool for assisting in LEED         solutions (AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit
       8.1 certification.) for simulating and analysing sun,          Architecture) for quick visual recognition. 3ds Max
       sky and artificial lighting. 3ds Max does not contain          2009 icons will remain similar to 3ds Max 2008
       this technology.                                               icons.

•      3ds Max includes a powerful SDK for developers to        •     Online documentation content will be tailored for
       allow them to create their own plug-ins. 3ds Max               visualization or entertainment customers.
       Design does not contain the SDK.

                  Side by side comparisons between 3ds max and 3ds max Design

3ds max 2009                                                    3ds max Design 2009

Industry Coverage:

Games/Film/Television                                           Design Visualization (Architects, Mechanical,
                                                                Civil, Interior Designers, Designers

User Interface:

Optimised for Entertainment/Games pipeline.                     Optimised for Design Visualization pipeline


Available to create Plug-ins                                    Not Available

Lighting Exposure Technology:

Not Available                                                   Exposure lighting analysis, which pro¬vides
                                                                invaluable assistance in attaining LEED® EQ 8.1

Tutorial/Documentation/Online Documentation:

Tailored for Games/Film/Television industries                   Tailored for Design Visualization

Icons and packaging:

Similar to 3ds max 2008                                         Aligned with AEC Solutions (AutoCAD, Revit, Au-
                                                                toCAD Architecture)

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