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Mithul Street, ARDLETHAN NSW 2665
Telephone: 02 69782046 Fax: 02 69782202

Issue: 29    Term:3     Week:7                                                    Date: Friday 11TH September 2009
                                                                Resonance Imaging (MRI), which registers brain
WHAT’S ON                             WEEK 8 (A)                activity. The study by the Center for Integrative and
TUESDAY 15.9.09          ACCESS Study Day @ ACS                 Cognitive Neurosciences, Vanderbilt University,
                                                                suggests the human brain shuts down one task when
THURSDAY 17.9.09         Year 7/8 Canberra Excursion            asked to do another at the same time.
                                                                Researchers could identify activity in the
FRIDAY 18.9.09           Year 7/8 Canberra Excursion            corresponding part of the brain for each task, but
                                                                noted the activity occurred first in one part of the
How Can You Study With That On?                                 brain and then in another - not both at the same time.
As educators, part of our time is spent reviewing               "If you try to memorise the first task and the brain
interesting research articles based on educating                immediately switches to the second task,
children. A recent article from “Click” an online               performance of the second task interferes with
parenting magazine discusses studying with                      consolidation of the memory of the first task."
background noise or distractions (T.V)                          Professor Klemm points out, that kids are often              juggling several distractions at once, which probably
gtechnology/yr2009/kidsmultitask.php                            makes it even less likely they'll remember all the
Parents around the world are divided on this. Half              details of what they're studying.
watch their teenagers sitting among a pile of books,            Californian researcher and UCLA Associate
ear buds in, computer on, TV humming in the                     Professor of Psychology Russell Poldrack, PhD, says
background and think, "I wish I could multi-task like           when distractions force you to pay less attention to
that." The others stride across the room, pull the plug         what you are doing, you simply just don't learn as
on the distractions, and ask the age-old question -             well.
"How can you study with that on?"                               Thinking ahead
Somewhere along the line we seem to have                        We also now know the teenage brain is still
absorbed the idea that teenagers can multi-task                 developing the ability to think and analyse
perfectly because they're digital natives. Perhaps we           information. The question is whether poor study
read it somewhere or heard it on the TV - can't have            habits now will affect their future ability to learn
been paying full attention though, because no-one's             efficiently.
really sure where it came from. (Perhaps we were                The question isn't "should we multi-task?" - life is full
multi-tasking at the time - and that's a big clue where         of multi-tasking moments for us all. It's more a matter
this is going.) Can they multi-task? Absolutely. Will           of when we should 'power down' and focus.
the results be the same as if they were fully focused           Rather than pulling the plug on every possible
on their study? Maybe not.                                      distraction, ask your child to schedule some focused
The University of Oxford's Institute for the Future of          study time each day, at least for their most
the Mind recently looked at the impact on students              challenging subjects.
who were constantly interrupted by digital                      Multi-tasking is an essential skill to have, but when
technologies while trying to learn.                             you really need to study, it could be working against
During the study, two groups (18 to 21 year-olds and            you.
35 to 39 year-olds) were asked to perform tasks                 Veterans’ scholarships
which required 'a significant level of concentration'.          Children and grandchildren of Vietnam veterans
Both groups were interrupted during the task with a             are encouraged to apply for one of 65 Australian
telephone call, an SMS text message on their mobile             Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT)
or an instant message (IM) to a desktop computer.               tertiary scholarships for 2010 worth up to $5,000
Now conventional wisdom tells us that the younger               per year. Call 1800 620 361 to receive an
group, being the generation who grew up multi-                  application form. Applications close on 31
tasking with technologies, would have had a distinct            October 2009. For more information visit:
advantage over the older group.                       
Indeed, the 18 to 21-year-olds did perform the task
better - until the interruptions were introduced.               ASSESSMENT TASKS DUE IN WEEK 8
Organisers of the study say "the 18 to 21-year-olds             PRELIMINARY             Yearly Exams Begin
lost this advantage over the older group, for whom              YEAR 10                 Food Technology,
the interruption did not significantly change                                           PDHPE
performance." The older group was more able to                                          English
switch attention between the task and the interruption          Best of luck U 17’s AFL and U15’s Jets Netball in the
and back again.                                                 Grand Final on Saturday.
Similar studies have been conducted, using Magnetic                                     Grant Beard Principal
Issue: 29 Term: 3 Week: 7                                                Date: Friday 11th September 2009
SCHOOL NEWS                                                    WANTED
                                                               Old Magazines for use in Primary classes, especially
P&C NEWS                                                       Woman’s Day, New Idea, Woman’s Weekly, TV
                                                               Week etc. If you can spare any of these please leave
Street Stall
                                                               them at the Office. Thank you.
Thanks to those mums and dads who donated items
                                                               Primary Staff
and worked at our recent street stall. Congratulations
to our lucky raffle winners – Allison Prentice, Sally
O’Brien & Kathy Maslin. Thank you to Lyn & Gavin                      RUGBY LEAGUE HOLIDAY CLINIC
for donating our hamper basket & wine. Thanks also                             ‘Kids To Kangaroos”
to Brad Andrews for supplying our wood raffle.                          Venue: Barellan Sportsground
                                                                       Date: Thursday 8th October 2009
                   P&C Meeting                                                 Time: 9am-12noon
          Our next Meeting will be held on                                 Age: 5-12 yrs Boys & Girls
                                                                  For more information Contact Dean Whymark
    Monday 14th September at 7.00 pm
                                                                                 Ph. 0411159456.
Items on the AGENDA
                                                                 Registration forms available from Caroline or by
•       Riverina Access Study Day Catering
                                                                                 contacting Dean.
        – 15th September
•       Show Catering
                                                               CANTEEN ROSTER
                                                               Monday 14/9/09: D. Long, F. Minchin
•       Street Stall
                                                               Friday 18/9/09: J. Guy
•       Debutante Ball
•       ACS Centenary 2010
                                                               THE KELPIES BARK
KROP                                                           The Deadline for the Kelpie Bark articles
For parents who have not yet got their tickets to see
the KROP performance here is some information that
                                                               is Tuesday at 3pm. All late articles will
the school received this week.                                 be carried over to the next week.
Thank you to all the schools who have reserved                 Could people not format their articles
seats for the matinee. It is the first time in KROP            please.
history that the matinee has sold out first!! There
were only 22 tickets available for the matinee as of           LION’S PHONE BOOK
yesterday afternoon. For Schools that have reserved            We are in the process of doing up a new edition of
seats, the Theatre has asked that you pay for these            the Lion’s Phone Book. If you are new to town and
as promptly as possible.                                       would like to be included in this local Phone Book
Night performances - Friday night has less than 20             please write out your details – name, address, phone
seats available and Thursday night has about 160.              number, mobile, emails and leave at the school
Tickets are going quickly so if you would like tickets         Office.
to the performance you should be calling the Theatre           Also if you have moved house or changed any other
and reserving your tickets now.                                details please write out the information and leave at
                                                               the School Office as well.
                 SHOW TIME
       Ardlethan Central School P&C                            CONGRATULATIONS to COURTNEY HORAN
        Invites you to join us for lunch                        who has been selected to play Cricket in the
                 at the Show                                      NSW COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS in
            12.00 noon - 2.00 pm                                Wollongong on the October Long Weekend

                    Menu                                        ARDLETHAN CHURCH SERVICES FOR
              Lasagne & Salad                                            SEPTEMBER
             Crusty Italian Bread                                      CATHOLIC – 6pm Saturday
      Sticky Date Pudding & Ice Cream                                  UNITING – 11 am Sunday
                Tea & Coffee                                           ANGLICAN – 11am Sunday
                                                               On the SECOND SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH
                Cost: $16.00                                   Anglican and Uniting Churches hold a combined
                                                               service. The September Service is in the Anglican
                        P&C                                    Church
                 Afternoon Tea
              Available from 3.00 pm                           ARDLETHAN TENNIS CLUB
                       $6.50                                   Ardlethan Tennis Club is taking names for the Night
                                                               Competition. Please leave names with Di McDermott
                                                               on 69782055 or a committee member before 19th
                                                               September. Thank You
                                                                                        D. McDermott (Secretary)
Issue: 29      Term: 3 Week: 7                                            Date: Friday 11th September 2009
           ARDLETHAN SHOW SOCIETY                             at $400 and kindly donated by Peter Darmody. You
             RECYCLING COMPETITION                            only have a couple of weeks left to get your ticket,
             Head Steward: Malcolm Clark                      which you can purchase at Landmark, NAB, Jazz’s at
            Entry Fee Non Members – 50c                       Beckom, Beckom Hotel and from locals. All tickets
OPEN SECTION                                                  and money is to be back to Jannese before 25th
1. Using recycled timber                                      September.
        1st Prize $5     2nd Prize - $1                       BECKOM CENTENARY 2010 BOOK
2. Using Recycled Steel                                       The deadline for contributions to the Beckom
        1st Prize $5     2nd Prize $1                         Centenary History Book is NOVEMBER 30, 2009,
3. Using recycled plastic                                     This will enable the editor to collate and then access
        1st Prize - $5   2nd Prize - $1                       what other information is needed.
3a. Using Mixed Media                                         If you want your family history to be included it is up
        1st Prize $5     2nd Prize - $1                       to your own family to contribute, otherwise your
CHILDRENS SECTION                                             family history will miss out on being included in this
4. Using recycled timber 12yrs & Under                        history book!!!
          1st Prize $5    2nd Prize $1                        For further information, phone Marg Bradley on
5. Using recycled plastic 12 yrs & Under                      69783846 or email directly to Maureen Wykes at
         1st Prize $5    2nd Prize $1               
6. Using recycled steel 12 yrs & Under                        Take a look at the excellent Beckom Centenary
         1st Prize $5    2nd Prize $1                         Website      created     by      Linda     Griffin    at
6a. Using Mixed Media 12 yrs & Under                
        1st Prize $5     2nd Prize $1
7. Using recycled timber 13yrs – 16yrs
        1st Prize $5     2nd Prize $1                                     ARDLETHAN SERVICE CENTRE
8. Using recycled Plastic 13 yrs -16yrs                                           NOW IN STOCK
         1st Prize $5    2nd Prize $1                         •     All New 20hp V-twin and 16hp Chinese
9. Using recycled steel 13yrs -16yrs                                Stationary Engines.
         1st Prize$5     2nd Prize $1                         •     New 25 Ton Log Splitter
10. Using Mixed Media 13yrs – 16yrs                           •     Subaru Range of Stationary Engines with 2 year
        1st Prize $5     2nd Prize $1                               Warranty in Stock.
PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EXHIBITS IN THE                             •     N70Z Batteries at $115 inc GST
PAVILION NEAR THE CAGED BIRD SECTION                          •     New R-Jays Motorbike Helmets at $110 inc GST
                                                                                  Plus Much More
          Accommodation from $20.00 p.p                           Ardlethan Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd.
                                                                             September Events
              LUNCH 12 Noon – 2pm
                                                              Friday 11th Happy Hour 5:30pm. Nobby’s Raffle 7pm
                Dinner 6pm – 8pm
                                                              Saturday 12th Raffles, members Jackpot
                     7 Days
                                                              Sunday 13th Bowls 2pm
                                                              Wednesday 16th Midweek Bowls at Coolamon
            $10.00 WEEKLY SPECIAL
                                                              Friday 18th Happy Hour 5:30pm
          Thin Sausages(5) & Onion Gravy
                                                              Jets Presentation Night
                                                              Saturday 19th Raffles, membership Jackpot, Leather
    Large area available for Weddings or Private
                                                              & Lace Entertain
                                                              Sunday 20th Bowls 2pm
                Catering Available
                                                              Wednesday 23rd Bingo 1:30pm, Midweek Bowls at
                PHONE 69782300
                                                              Ariah Park
                                                              Saturday 26th Raffles, Members’ jackpot
                                                              Sunday 27th Bowls 2pm
                                                              Wednesday 30th Midweek Bowls at Ardlethan
Beckom Committee is planning to put together a DVD                The Club’s Christmas Party will be on Saturday
on Beckom & District and we are in search of any                                  19th December
Movie or Video footage that you are willing to share
with us.
It may be farming, floods, town life, sports,                             Bowling Club Restaurant
celebrations, scenic or any type. For further                 Bowling Club members are advised that the Chinese
information please contact Linda Griffin on 69782307.         Restaurant will be CLOSED on the 5th & 6th and 12th
If you could have any information by 28th September           & 13th September.         It will reopen Friday 18th
it would be appreciated.                                      September. On the 19 September, Show night, the
Our Kelpie Dog Raffle will be drawn on 25th                   Restaurant will have a smorgasbord.
September at a BBQ in Beckom Park. The
Registered Bitch Pup will be 3 months old, is valued
Issue: 29      Term: 3 Week: 7                                            Date: Friday 11th September 2009
ARDLETHAN BOWLS NEWS                                                                 LOST
On Sunday 6th September, Dennis Carroll and Peter                                 At the Deb Ball
Maher showed their class in winning the final of the
                                                                          KODAK DIGITAL CAMERA
Ardlethan Club Championship Pairs, defeating Alan
                                                                          Phone Peg Hickey on 69782234
Druce and Keith Trevaskis 25-14. Congratulations to
                                                                     or Ring Jo Kuemmel if you cannot get Peg
both pairs for making it to the final but especially to
the winners, both of whom played superbly on the
day.                                                            COMING EVENTS
On the same day Jack Fisher, Jamie Massey and                   SATURDAY 12 SEPTEMBER:
Shorty Foster got up to win a social tournament.                      Rock–A-FFECT House Gallery Open
The draw for the Club Triples Championship is now               MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER
up on the board and all participants are urged to                     P & C Meeting @ 7pm
organise and play their matches just as soon as                 WEDNESDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER
possible.                                                             Ardlethan & District Garden Club – 10am @
                                                                      K. Maslin
                                                                FRIDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER
                                                                      Northern Jets Football/Netball Presentation
      Including Round and Large Square Bales
                                                                      Night – Ardlethan Bowling Club @ 6.30pm
           Mower Conditioning and Raking.
              Also Marketing 2009/2010
                    Ring John on
                   0407108781 or
                   A/H 69563292

             ROCK - A - FFECT
                  NOW OPEN
                From 10am – 4pm
       On Saturday the 12th September 2009
                  Phone 69782591

      Northern Jets Football & Netball Club
              Will be holding their
           On Friday, September 18
        At the Ardlethan Bowling Club
            6.30pm for a 7pm start
             Smorgasbord available
                  All welcome

                 FOR SALE
              KAMBROOK WOK
             As New – Used Once
               Phone 69743229

       Old Holden Parts in any condition
                 1948 – 1963.
        Contact: Elwin Charlton, Mirrool
     Phone: 69741238 Mobile: 0428 741 238

Issue: 29   Term: 3   Week: 7         Date: Friday 11 th September 2009

Issue: 29   Term: 3 Week: 7         Date: Friday 11th September 2009

Issue: 29   Term: 3 Week: 7         Date: Friday 11th September 2009


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