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The long awaited second album from Sydney-based, internationally renowned producer Katalyst is finally
here. Entitled "What’s Happening" – this is the follow up to his critically acclaimed, “Manipulating Agent”
released in 2002. Nominated for an Aria Award, “Manipulating Agent” won Best Album and Best
Producer at the 2002 Dance Music Awards. It was album of the week on JJJ and featured hits like
“Fusion” and “Showtime” that stayed on high rotation across the country for years after release. Many
tracks from the album went on to appear on commercials, tv shows and numerous compilations. Including
the internationally renowned Cafe Del Mar series, Dope On Plastic and many more.

Its been 5 years between releases, during this time Katalyst has been highly productive in terms of musical
output both here and overseas, as well as running his successful independent label Invada Records. Katalyst
has been responsible for production on a number of albums – working with RuC.L in Australia and Bristol
UK, Stephanie McKay in New York, and remixing for the likes of Ugly Duckling, The Beautiful Girls and
Motown Remixed to name a few. Also releasing the highly successful mix CD “Dusted”.
Throughout time, the artist's role has been to make social comment and to put forward views that are not
always in line with the views imposed on us by "the powers that be". This album makes comment on many
issues facing us today. The title of the new album,"What's Happening" can be interpreted in several ways
- be it what's happening socially, politically, environmentally, economically or personally. The other take on
the title being - what's happening musically.
The album is a musical excursion through many different styles that are all brought together with Katalyst's
signature sound. Moving seamless though space-aged soul, hip hop, funk and rock, this project is truly
diverse. Katalyst collaborates with many talented and like minded artists to help make comment on what's
happening today. The wide array of guests include -
Stephanie McKay (US) New York based soul artist who has worked with the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli.
Amp Fiddler, Geoff Barrow and many others
Steve Spacek (UK/LA/Aus) soul artist whose been likened to Marvin Gaye and has worked with J Dilla,
Slum Village and more. Giles Peterson from BBC1 has called him the voice of modern soul.
Ru C.L an Australian Jamaican MC
Hau from the Aria award winning hip hop duo Koolism
Yungun (UK) who is one of the UK's finest MC's with supporters like BBC Radio One's Zane Lowe and Steve
Lamacq (BBC1 Xtra)
Mat McHugh who is the lead vocalist from The Beautiful Girls
Joe Volk (UK) a talented singer/ songwriter from Bristol and front man in bands Gonga and Crippled Black
Diverse (US) Chicago based MC who has worked with artists such as Mos Def, Madlib and Perfuse73. His
last album was Feature Album on Triple J.
Katie Noonan - former front woman from George, about to release her new solo project.
J-Live (US) a New York based MC who has worked with artists such as DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, DJ Spinna,
Prince Paul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Numark, Dan the Automator, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Chali Tuna and more.
Adalita – iconic front woman from Magic Dirt. She needs no introduction
Supernatural (US) – New York MC - arguably the worlds best freestyle MC. (bonus track on vinyl only)
The album has been overseen by label partner Geoff Barrow of Portishead.
The 1st single, “All You've Got” is out now and currently enjoying heavy rotation nationally as well as
receiving rave reviews from overseas.
“This track is dope! Katalyst is one of my favourite Australian producers. The new album is a
monster too” Z Trip.
“Great work boss!!” Dizzy Dustin from Ugly Duckling.
The film clip to “All You've Got” has also been getting a great response, having been aired on JTV, Channel
V, MTV, Rage and Video Hits, the positive feedback has been flowing in. Featuring some of Australia's top
skaters and shot on the streets of Sydney - the video clip is on the Katalyst website and can also be viewed
at - www.myspace.com/katalyst33
There are video clips for the 2nd and 3rd singles also in production.
So in this age of information it seem lots of important things going down are ignored by an increasing
number of people. This albums all about “What's Happening”. Real music for real people.

                        IN STORES & ONLINE 25 AUGUST 2007
                 Press enquiries: Jo Wilson memphis@ihug.com.au (03) 9428 9366

                  Label enquiries: Ingrid Murray ingrid@invadarecords.com (02) 9908 3959

        For more information – bio, press photos etc.. visit http://www.katalystmusic.com.au/bio.php

                           katalystmusic.com.au | myspace.com/katalyst33 | invadarecords.com

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