What you should be looking for in an OC Manager

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					                            What you should be looking for in an OC Manager
                LOOK FOR                                            DR Strata Management
MUST be registered as Owners Corporation      Dandenong Region Body Corporate Services (Aust) Pty Ltd Trading as
Managers with Business Licensing Authority                          DR Strata Management
                                                      Registered Owners Corporation Manager No 000037
Manager MUST hold minimum of $1,500,000      We hold $5,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance (far in excess of the
Professional Indemnity Insurance             mandatory requirement)

Knowledge of Owners Corporations Act and     We are fully conversant with the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and
relevant regulation                          subsequent regulations and have good knowledge of OH&S, ESM
                                             requirements and other associated regulations and acts
Members of Recognized Institute              We are active members of Owners Corporations Managers peak
                                             organization Owners Corporations Victoria (OCV) and abide by their
                                             ethical standards and participate in their training
                                             We are also active members of the National Community Titles Institute
                                             All our Managers hold by way of OCV Post Nominal’s the title of APSM
                                             (Accredited Practicing Strata Manager)
Insurance knowledge and experience           All managers are fully trained and registered as Authorized Insurance
                                             Representatives with Commercial Home Unit Underwriters and
                                             Consolidated Insurance Agencies allowing us to provide general advice
                                             and factual information on Insurance matters (ASIC Rep No 269111)
                                             The size of our insurance portfolio has a positive influence on the
                                             relationship we have with our insurers
Professional Office Address                  We operate from a fully equipped modern office at
                                             Suite 1, 94 High Street Berwick (PO Box 379 Berwick 3806)
Ease of Contact                              Business hours at Suite 1, 94 High Street, Berwick
                                             Post – PO Box 379 Berwick, 3806
                                             Phone we have 7 incoming rotary lines (9707 5330)
                                             Backed by comprehensive PABX type system with message system
                                             Fully manned during office hours - After hours message service
                                             Fax Line (9796 1494)
                                             Email via info@drstrata.com.au (managers also have direct emails)
                                             Web Site www.drstratamanagement.com.au
                                             Our location in close proximity with the freeways allows quick and easy
                                             access to and from all areas
Experience                                   We have been operating in the Owners Corporation (previously Body
                                             Corporate) business since 1986 and our managers have a wealth of
                                             experience that is shared in the management of our portfolio
Fee Structure                                We comply with the fee structure as recommended by the peak Owners
                                             Corporation Managers Association - Owners Corporations Victoria (OCV)
                                             We charge a fee plus sundries and disbursement, allowing a fair and
                                             equitable additional fee for extra services provided and not an inflated
                                             charge for what might happen
Payment Methods Available                    We can offer by our association with the Macquarie Bank all recognized
                                             methods of payment
Year round provision of service              Our normal business hours are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to
                                             We only close the main holiday days during the year and with our Team of
                                             managers we provide service right through Christmas and manager
                                             holiday/sick periods
Dedicated Service (Stick to you knitting)    DR Strata Management are dedicated to Owners Corporations
                                             management only and are not distracted by other real estate areas
Back up                                      We employ seven property dedicated portfolio managers and all are
                                             across all aspects of management
Residential Experience                       Over 50% of the properties we manage are residential in nature varying
                                             from 2 lots to 80 Unit high rise in the city
Commercial Experience              We hold one of the larger Commercial /Industrial portfolios in Victoria and
                                   are well versed on the requirements and idiosyncrasies of Commercial
Industrial Experience              We hold one of the larger Industrial/Commercial portfolios in Victoria and
                                   are well versed on the requirements and idiosyncrasies of Industrial
Location of Service                We operate from our premises in High Street, Berwick only a stones throw
                                   from the freeways so access to any property, if required is quick and easy
Support Staff                      We employ a support staff of five, dedicated to assistance, accounting,
                                   insurance and office administration
Professional Presentation          Managers and staff always present in a professional and ethical manner
Emergency Support procedures       Building emergencies out side business hours are referred by our phone
                                   system to our emergency contractor who is authorized by us (and insurance
                                   companies) to carry out emergency works as required - 24/7 Protection
Contractor Relationships           Over the years we have established fantastic relationships with our
and Contractor Credentials         contractors and professional providers, they like dealing with us we use
                                   official orders and pay on time No work is started unless the money is in the bank
                                   Our contractors are all checked via TradesMonitor as to their qualifications
                                   and bona fides
Meeting Facility                   We have in house two fully equipped meeting rooms available free of
                                   charge for in house meetings, we have knowledge of hire facilities in
                                   various locations and by arrangement are prepared to meet at Owners
                                   Corporation Properties
Support Systems/Equipment          We make full use of a specifically designed Owners Corporation
                                   Management Software program (Stratamatic)
                                   We use a state of the art integrated scanning invoice system
                                   We use time tracking soft ware on all OC dedicated projects and
                                   We have state of the art multi function color printing facility.
Size of Portfolio                  We manage in excess of 500 Owners Corporations so our experience is
                                   great and varied and with our Team of managers individual service is still
                                   maintained (with backup when required)
Ongoing Professional Training      We participate in Owners Corporations Victoria Training and conduct in
                                   house information sessions and training on specific subjects
Systems and equipment to support   We have 13 networked computer system allowing all managers and staff
management requirements            easy access to all relevant information
Location of Portfolio              Our Portfolio extends from Mount Hotham to Cowes from Paynesville to
                                   the CBD
Friendly Professional Service      We pride ourselves in the friendly efficient service we provide – That is not
                                   to say we are not firm and compliant when the occasion requires
Declaration of Commissions         We do not request or accept commissions from any of our contractors
                                   We do receive commission in accordance with the OCV scale on the
                                   placing and handling of insurance from those insurers that we are
                                   Authorized Representatives
WEB Site Information               We maintain a comprehensive web page at
                                   that can assist in many aspects of OC management
                                   We also have facility to provide direct owner access

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