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					                         What is SPECS?
The Speech Pathology Email ChatS (SPECS) group is made up of members who believe in
sharing information about the Speech Pathology practices of their own workplaces, in order to
develop a collective body of knowledge and assist with the establishment of best practice in
Australian Speech Pathology management.

The group focuses on Speech Pathology intervention for adults and attempts to maintain relevance
to acute, rehabilitation and community settings. Clinicians working in a variety of settings are
encouraged to participate in these email discussions, from larger metropolitan sites through to
smaller more rural and remote areas.

What has grown from humble beginnings is now a 400+ member group with participants from
Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Monthly topics are set a year in advance. On around the first Tuesday of each month the SPECS
Moderator starts the discussion by outlining their own experiences. Other participants can then
respond, sharing their thoughts on the topic.

Topics for 2009 are:

  MONTH                                            TOPIC
  February                         Useful resources or advice for new grads

   March            Making health care services accessible for people with communication
    April                          Speech Pathology in mental health

    May                         Food refusal - the Speech Pathologist's role
    June                                    General Question Month
    July                                 Constraint-induced therapy

   August                      Speech Pathology in Short Stay medical Units
 September                  Communication therapy with people with dementia
  October                          Dyspraxia: what's hot and what's not
                                  Oral muscular exercises: Useful or not?
 November                                 General Question Month

      Should you wish to join the SPECS discussions or find out more information,
  please email the SPECS moderator, Ursula Dixon, at

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