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We want you to step out of line

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									   We want
   you to step
   out of line.

Now you don’t have to
line up at Centrelink
to get your income
statement when applying
for concessions or
eServices can
do it for you.
What are Centrelink
Confirmation eServices?
If you receive a concession or other service from an
organisation that needs you to provide or confirm to
them some of your information held by Centrelink you
may want to use Centrelink Confirmation eServices.

Centrelink Confirmation eServices is an electronic
system that enables you to choose to have your
Centrelink details provided or confirmed directly to
another organisation.

The service is free and totally secure. Only Centrelink
and the organisation you authorise will be able to see
your details.

What sort of information
does an organisation need
from Centrelink?
With your consent, Centrelink may disclose information
needed by an organisation to determine your eligibility
for the concession or other service you are claiming
from them.

Customer Confirmation
Some organisations need to confirm that you are a
customer of Centrelink receiving a particular type of
payment to see if they are able to provide you with a
particular concession or service. With your consent,
Centrelink will match the Centrelink Reference Number
(CRN) you provide to the organisation with our records
to confirm whether or not you are a current customer
receiving a qualifying benefit. Information confirmed
may include if you have a current Pension Concession
Card, Health Care Card, your name, residential address,
number of dependant children, benefit type, status
and amount, and other information relevant to the
requesting organisation’s requirements to determine if
you are eligible for their concession.

Income Confirmation
Where applicable, in determining your entitlement
to services, the organisation may need information
relating to your past and current financial status. The
information which they may ask Centrelink to provide

• the type, amount and date paid of the pension
   or allowance payments Centrelink makes to
   you, including irregular type payments such as
   Maternity payments

• the number of dependent children used to assess
   your family payments, and the percentage of shared
   care for each child

• details of any amounts being deducted from your
   Centrelink payments

• details of any other income you have told
   Centrelink about

• details of your assets you have told Centrelink about

• confirmation of your current address details

• whether you are partnered or not

• historical information about any of the above details.

Superannuation Trustees and Administrators may need
to obtain information about your income support status
in order to assist the determination of the early release
of superannuation on the grounds of financial hardship.

What are the benefits of
using this service?
Centrelink Confirmation eServices save you time
and effort.

Previously, if you wanted to provide your Centrelink
information to a concession or service provider you had
to ask for the information from Centrelink and then send
or take it to the organisation yourself.

Using Centrelink Confirmation eServices means you
will no longer have to contact Centrelink for your
details or an income statement. If you choose, you can
authorise your concession or service provider to be able
to automatically obtain this information directly from

How do I apply?
Applying is easy. Simply contact your concession or
service provider and complete a consent form.
Do I have to use Centrelink
Confirmation eServices?
It is your choice whether you want to use Centrelink
Confirmation eServices. You can choose to use or
cancel the service at any time by contacting your
concession or service provider.

What about security
and privacy?
There are strict security and privacy rules and the
organisation will require you to give them your consent
before they can access your details from Centrelink.
Your consent may be required for a single request for
your details or may be ongoing until you withdraw it or
stop using services from that organisation. The consent
notice you sign should say what type of personal
information is being requested about you and what it
will be used for. The factsheet ‘Your Right to Privacy’,
provides more information about how Centrelink handles
your personal information.

It is up to you to decide what permission you give to the

If you believe your privacy or confidentiality has been
infringed you can discuss it with your service provider or
contact Centrelink.

You can also advise Centrelink to update your customer
record to prevent information about you being sent to
particular organisations electronically through Centrelink
Confirmation eServices.

How to find out more
Employment Services                               13 2850
Youth and Student Services                        13 2490
Family Assistance Office                           13 6150
Disability, Sickness and Carers                   13 2717
Retirement Services                               13 2300
In languages other than English                   13 1202
Customer Relations           Freecall™1800 050 004
(for complaints, compliments and suggestions)
Australian Government Services
Fraud Tip-off Line                                13 1524
TTY* payment enquiries       Freecall™1800 810 586
*TTY is only for people who are deaf or have a hearing
or speech impairment. A TTY phone is required to use
this service.

To make an appointment 13 1021

Go to our website at www.centrelink.gov.au

Important: Calls to ‘13’ numbers from a standard
telephone service can be made from anywhere within
Australia for not more than the cost of a local call (call
charges may vary depending upon the telephone service
provider). Calls to ‘1800’ numbers are free of charge.
Calls from public and mobile telephones may be charged
at a higher rate.
Note: The information contained in this publication:

• is intended as a guide only

• does not necessarily tell you everything you need to
   know about eligibility requirements or your possible

• is made available to you on the understanding
   that the Commonwealth is not providing you with
   professional advice, and

• is believed to be accurate as at February 2006, but
   is subject to legislative change.

As most government payments are paid from, or after,
the date on which you apply, it is important to apply as
soon as possible to avoid any loss of payment.


The information contained in the publication is intended
only as a guide.

What are your responsibilities?

The information is accurate as at February 2006, but
may of course change. If you use this publication after
that date, please check with Centrelink that the details
are up to date.

What is the position if you deal with a third party?

You may deal with a third party who is not a member
of Centrelink’s staff. If you do so, please remember
that Centrelink has not authorised any third parties to
provide information or advice to you.


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