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Waiting for surgery not such a long affair


Waiting for surgery not such a long affair

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									   Servionews                  June 2007
An OfficiAl PublicAtiOn PrOduced by rOyAl Perth hOsPitAl

Waiting for surgery not such a long affair
Staff members from many sections of                 staff, which all needs to
RPH have spent the past year working                be organised through
collaboratively to reduce the waiting               clerical staff.
time for patients needing elective                  “the normal trend
surgery.                                            with waitlists is that
                                                    they get slightly longer
in July 2006 there were 769 patients                each year but we have
waiting over 500 days for elective surgery,         turned this around. We
but now (June 2007) that figure is down             are looking at every
to 73.                                              opportunity to get
rPh director of clinical services dr Paul           through extra work.”
Mark said the hospital was aiming for a             dr Mark said surgical
June 30 target for all category 1 patients          staff had worked on
to be treated within 30 days and all other          saturdays, low Activity
patients to be treated within one year of           days and at easter to                 Central Admission Service team members Marissa Antenucci (front left), Patricia
booking.                                            operate on more patients.                       Clinton (front right) with Kim Steven (rear, left) and Jennifer Cameron.
thanks to the dedication of many staff              because rPh theatres and beds were                           of various clinical groups, which trouble-
members, dr Mark hopes rPh can meet                 so full, many operations were being                          shoots each day’s bed allocation issues.
this target.                                        performed by rPh surgeons at Kaleeya,                        Also, rPh surgical division director dr
dr Mark said the waitlist improvements              swan districts, Osborne Park and bentley                     sudhakar rao meets with groups of
were making a significant difference to             hospitals, as well as rPh’s shenton Park                     registrars each week to prioritise the
patients’ lives, and was due to the hard            campus.                                                      surgical lists and to ensure that patients
work of people across varied hospital               elective surgery service Planning and                        are treated in order of clinical priority and
services.                                           development project coordinator yvonne                       appropriate waiting time.
“the staff at royal Perth really work hard,         Zardins said tertiary hospitals could not                    “When the department of health elective
and their efforts in this case should be            improve surgical waitlists on their own                      surgery Waitlist strategy was established
acknowledged,” he said.                             - services needed to be linked to other                      in 2006 there were 200 patients who had
he said the staff members were from                 general hospitals.                                           waited over 1000 days for surgery and this
both Wellington street and shenton Park             “it is about tapping into area wide                          number is now about 40,” dr Mark said.
campuses and included surgeons and                  resources and building good working                          “Our staff from around the hospital are
anaesthetists, staff in clinics, theatre, bed       relationships across the area,” she said.                    focused on improving the previous
management and the wait-list clerical staff.        the rPh elective surgery Waitlist steering                   situation where some patients languished
“improving the elective surgery wait-               committee is led by dr Mark and meets                        on wait lists for excessive times, so now
list is a complex and difficult task that           monthly to discuss all issues related to                     every patient can be sure that rPh staff are
involves the cooperation of a lot of people         the waiting list. supporting the waitlist                    doing their utmost to ensure that no one
- i applaud the cooperative efforts of              initiatives is a daily “stand-up meeting”                    slips through any cracks in the system.”
the many people
involved,” dr Mark
“every surgical
operation that is
performed requires
the input of the
outpatient clinic,
possible further
testing, a surgeon and Dr Paul Mark, Director of   Surgical team members, CN Kerry Hodgkinson, Anaesthetic       Anaesthesia Consultant Dr Kirk Langley (left) with Snr
anaesthetist, theatre Clinical Services            Technician Julie Yeh, ACN Brandi Mannion, Registrar Dr        Anaesthesia Technician Brenda Borton and Consultant
staff and bed allocation                           Bradley Johnson and Registrar Dr Candice Silverman.           Dr Patrick Eakins.
Bras for cancer research
It worked for Madonna and now it‘s
worked for Shenton Park’s Ward 11.
Patients and staff were encouraged to
wear a bra on the outside of their clothes
to raise money for the breast cancer
foundation of WA on May 15.
Ots, physios, male PcAs, nurses and
patients joined in the fun sporting an
array of racy and not-so-racy garments,
raising nearly $600.
rn Zena baker organised the event after
losing her best friend to breast cancer
two years ago at the age of 42.
“it was an idea to raise money in aid of a
great cause and raise of the spirits of the
patients,” she said.
“A lot of us have a link with breast cancer
- and me specifically with my best friend
dying two years ago. she lived life to the
end with great humour and would have
loved this day.”
Zena said she was overwhelmed by the
response and suggested the fundraiser
could become an annual event at the
shenton Park campus.
“next year i might challenge people’s                                                             Physiotherapist Gia Dimarco, PCA Brett Cooper, patient
creativity and although this wasn’t Pink                                                          Colleen Ronan (sitting), RN & organiser Zena Baker and
ribbon or Purple bra day, it seems that                                                                                    physio student Rohan McPhee.
Ward 11 now has its own special breast
cancer day in May,” she said.

               South AfricAn hiV doctor ViSitS rPh
                                                 there are so many people dying of hiV in      from the ages of 15 to 45, are now dying
                                                 south Africa that a new model of palliative   from hiV,” he said.
                                                 care has had to be developed.                 “this leaves children to be cared for by
                                                 rPh Palliative care specialist dr doug        older siblings as young as 10 years old, or
                                                 bridge said dr cameron was so committed       for large families of children to be cared for
                                                 to helping the dying people of his country    by one grandparent.”
                                                 that he was like a “Mother theresa of south   dr cameron said he was drawn to palliative
                                                 Africa”.                                      care because he found it a challenge to not
                                                 dr cameron has spent 20 years caring          give up on dying patients.
                                                 for dying people on his weekends and          “i saw there was something we could do
                                                 after hours and is instrumental in training   to help these patients reach a degree
                                                 doctors and health care workers to care for   of comfort, in a holistic way, in an
                                                 the terminally ill.                           unsophisticated environment,” he said.
                                                 While in Perth he spoke about the move        he said hiV patients were different from
                                                 from traditional hospices into community      people dying of cancer because they were
                                                 palliative care - and training local people   often younger and without large family
                                                 to care for the sick people in their own      support networks, they suffered from the
                              Dr David Cameron
                                                 homes.                                        stigma of their disease, and because the
                                                 dr cameron and his wife have been part of     numbers of people dying from hiV-related
South African HIV and palliative care
                                                 a pioneering group that trains people to      illnesses were so massive.
doctor David Cameron was in Perth                provide care in rural communities.            dr cameron spoke to royal Perth hospital
last month to tell local doctors about
                                                 he said 900 people died from hiV-related      staff also lead a palliative care master class
how he is helping to care for the five           disease every day in south Africa.            for local physicians.
million South Africans who are HIV
                                                 “Almost a whole generation of people,
Under the Microscope ...
                                                      clinical trials Business unit opens
Royal Perth Hospital has recently                      in addition, a
established a Clinical Trials Business                 biostatistician is soon to
Unit (CTBU) to develop its position as                 be appointed, providing
                                                       a much-needed
one of the leading clinical research
                                                       resource for many
hospitals in Australia.                                clinical investigators.
the ctbu, a branch of the research                     Prof leedman said: “the
Administration centre (rAc), is responsible            ctbu will be available
for medical research governance.                       to negotiate legal and
its roles are to coordinate the legal,                 financial issues with
financial and ethical components of                    research personnel and
clinical trial applications; to market the             sponsors, while the
hospital as a leading research centre; and             human research ethics
to facilitate the accreditation of personnel           committee (hrec) will
in Good clinical Practice (GcP) to meet                continue to review the
international standards.                               ethical principles of
rPh director of research Peter leedman                 each individual research
said the key objectives of the ctbu were               proposal.”                       CTBU Business Development Manager Katherine Coltrona and RPH Director of
                                                                                        Research Professor Peter Leedman.
to ensure a standard of excellence in the              Prof leedman said that
governance of clinical research, and the               rPh has at any one time                                  he said Katherine coltrona had been
promotion of future research and clinical              well over a hundred ongoing clinical trials.             appointed business development
trials at royal Perth hospital. ctbu will also         the ctbu provides rPh with a clear                       Manager of the ctbu and that she
be responsible for providing modules of                research governance pathway that will                    was looking forward to receiving
GcP for clinical trial investigators across            enhance its national and international                   documentation on all of the new clinical
the campus.                                            competitiveness.                                         trials that come to rPh.

Brave patients win Dockers award
                                                                                      the bravery               staff members say that despite being so
                                                                                      awards, held              ill, Aimee is always willing to do what was
                                                                                      at fremantle              asked of her, without complaint.
                                                                                      football club             staff said: “she has been gracious and
                                                                                      last month,               good-natured and has remained positive
                                                                                      honour some               and supportive of the loved ones around
                                                                                      of the bravest            her who were there to support her. she has
                                                                                      children and              made a huge impact on the staff around
                                                                                      teenagers seen            her.”
                                                                                      by the south
                                                                                      Metropolitan              Aimee is now recovering in shenton Park
                                                                                      Area health               with the hope of returning home as soon
                                                                                      service over the          as possible.
                                                                                      past year.                Zac, 15, was attacked while surfing in late
                                                                                         Award winners          2006 at Wharton beach about 80kms east
                                                                                         have been cared        of esperance.
                                                                                         for by royal           Zac was always gracious in his treatment.
                                                                                         Perth, fremantle,      he impressed rPh staff with his
Aimee Blakiston at the recent Fremantle Football Club Bravery Awards.                    Armadale-              determination to return to his surf board.
The courage shown by two young                                 Kelmscott Memorial and rockingham/
                                                                                                                since being discharged Zac has returned
Royal Perth Hospital patients was                              Kwinana district hospitals.
                                                                                                                to esperance and he visits shenton Park for
recently acknowledged at the                           Aimee, who recently turned 18, received                  check ups and to have adjustments made
presentation of the Fremantle Football                 a double lung transplant in february after               to his prosthesis.
                                                       enduring almost two years of ill health.
Club Bravery Awards.
                                                       she was diagnosed with advanced cardio
lung transplant patient Aimee blakiston,
                                                       pulmonary hypertension at the end of
of dardenup, and Zac Golebiowski, of
                                                       2006 and rPh staff pulled out all stops to
esperance, who lost his right leg after
                                                       make sure she survived to receive a double
being attacked by a shark were among 12
                                                       lung transplant.
patients to win awards.
RPH nurses fly the flag
Two Royal Perth Hospital nurses
have recently been heralded for
their outstanding contributions to
their profession.
shenton Park nurse Maureen blore
and Wellington street campus nurse
practitioner saroj nazareth received
major nursing prizes last month.
Maureen was proud to be chosen
as a winner of the Metro Acute care
enrolled nurse award at the 2007
Western Australian nursing and
Midwifery excellence Awards.
Maureen, who works at the shenton
Park campus Outpatients clinic, said
she was overawed and surprised at
winning the award.
“When they read out my name it was
shock because the people who were
getting up before me to accept awards
had all prepared speeches but i had no
idea i would win,” she said.                                   Saroj Nazareth with Nurse Director Maha Rajagopal in Melbourne for
                                                                                              the HESTA Australian Nursing Awards.

                                                           “i was told everyone nominated would be given a
                                                           certificate and i thought that would be nice because
                                                           at least were getting something.
                                                           “so when my name was read out i was dumbstruck.”
                                                           Maureen has spent 39 years in nursing and she plans
                                                           to work until she is 70.
                                                           Maureen has worked at shenton Park for 37 years,
                                                           mostly looking after people with spinal injuries.
                                                           she said she has loves this particular area of nursing
                                                           because she sees patients over a long period.
                                                           “i see them forever and a day and they are almost feel
                                                           liked an extended family,” she said.
                                                           nurse practitioner saroj nazareth was a finalist in
                                                           the innovation in nursing category in the hestA
                                                           Australian nursing Awards.
                                                           saroj was commended for her work in improving
                                                           access to treatment for patients with chronic hepatitis
                                                           c in rural and remote communities, in disadvantaged
                                                           groups including migrant, Vietnamese and Aboriginal
                                                           communities, and in prisons.
                                                           As a nurse practitioner, saroj is able to prescribe drugs
                                                           and instigate investigations within clinical protocols,
                                                           streamlining patient care by reducing the number
                                                           of patients having to present at medical clinics and
                                                           reducing the waiting list for new patient referrals.
                                                           “i am a nurse practitioner and that’s a pioneering
                                                           position in WA hepatology. being a nurse practitioner
                                                           has opened up the scope of practice for me and for
                                                           the nursing profession, and improved patient care,”
                                                           saroj said.

2007 Western Australian Nursing and Midwifery Excellence
Award winner Maureen Blore.
                                                 from the executiVe director
                                                 the past month has seen significant public           this provided a great opportunity for
                                                 interest in our demand management, and               open and frank communication and was
                                                 a focus on the ed and the coming winter              appreciated by all.
                                                 period.                                              elsewhere in this edition, reference is
                                                 An additional 21 beds will open on ward              made to the ‘bullying is banned’ e-learning
                                                 7b in the second week of July after the              package.
                                                 move of podiatry and diabetes to their               you may ask why this is so important.
                                                 new Goderich street clinics.                         Well, this issue featured frequently in the
                                                 Additional sub acute beds and care                   staff survey conducted last year and we
                                                 Awaiting Placement (cAP) beds are being              all owe it to our colleagues to eliminate all
                                                 purchased by the health department from              bullying or harassment behaviours from
                                                 early June as you will have seen in the              our workplace.
                                                 press.                                               i can say, from personal experience, that
                                                 Our biggest jump in capacity will occur              this package really does only take a few
                                                 with the opening of the new burns/trauma             minutes to complete and our intent is for
                                                 beds in december (40 beds) as it has now             all staff to not only do the training but to
                          Dr Philip Montgomery
                                                 been agreed that these will be additional            put appropriate actions in place.
                                                 beds not replacement beds.                           the initial target is for 100 per cent of
Congratulations to RPH Director of
Nursing Patricia Tibbett and Director            both the Minister and director General               managers to complete the package over
                                                 have been meeting directly with our ed               the next month or so and i will report its
of Clinical Services Paul Mark who
                                                 nursing and medical staff to resolve issues          progress in future articles.
have recently been appointed to                  related to congestion in the ed.
area-wide roles in addition to their                                                                  Dr PhiliP MontgoMery
                                                 dr neale fong rolled up his sleeves and
substantive positions.                                                                                executive director
                                                 worked some time on the floor with our
Along with many others of our staff, they        front line staff in a clinical capacity during       royal Perth hospital
will help shape the new services for the         the week.
south Metropolitan Area health service
as part of the Government’s health reform

International Nurses Day
For RPH nurses International Nurses
Day was a time to reflect on what
it means to work in their chosen
Ward 9A nurse hideko tanuma, who
moved from Japan to work in Perth four
years ago, said nursing was an important
and enjoyable profession.
“i like caring for people and working
with the other nurses – i enjoy the
sisterhood that goes with nursing,” she
international nurses day is celebrated
to remember all of the valuable
contributions nurses make to society.
Although international nurses day fell
on saturday, May 12, at rPh the day was
celebrated on May 11.

                                                                                           Registered nurses Hideko Tanuma, Rose Li and Naoko Horimoto, who
                                                                                                    work on Ward 9A take time out on International Nurses Day.
Behind the Scenes …
with Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH)
Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH) is
a hospital-substitution allied health
program that allows patients to
go home earlier to continue their
the service provides Occupational therapy,
Physiotherapy, social Work, speech
Pathology and dietetics. Physiotherapy
and occupational therapy operate seven
days a week, while the other professions
provide a five day a week service.
rith evolved from the hAnds and
hospital in the home (hith) allied health
program and was first introduced in
July 2006 with the aim of providing an
alternative to hospital-based care and to
prevent readmissions.
rith south Metropolitan Area health                                                  The RITH team provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work,
service Manager nicki newton said                                                                   dietetics and speech pathology for people in their homes.
the program operated throughout the
metropolitan area and allowed complex           common conditions referred to rith                   “Patient suitability for rith should
conditions requiring allied health input to     include falls, joint replacements, fractures,        considered at every ward round, especially
be managed at home and also helped the          stroke, amputees, Parkinson’s’ disease,              at times of increased bed pressure,” she
client in reintegrate with the community.       respiratory disorders, and patients who are          said.
                                                deconditioned.                                       to refer a client to rith, staff can contact
rith can also work in conjunction with
hospital in the home, if the client has         nicki said assessing patient suitability for         6477 5151 for referrals during working
nursing needs.                                  rith should be part of normal practice               hours; after 5pm and on weekends,
                                                within royal Perth hospital to facilitate            please contact rPh switchboard. More
rith can accept referrals from all medical      safe discharge and decrease length of stay.          information on rith can be found on the
and surgical specialties and from the                                                                servio website.
emergency department.

       new tool to PreVent workPlAce Bullying
A new bullying eLearning package was            currently royal Perth
launched this month across the South            hospital offers ‘busting
Metropolitan Area Health Service.               bullies’ education
                                                sessions for managers,
Project Officer Prue hebiton said the           and ‘bullies are banned’
bullies are banned elearning package            education session for all
was devised by royal Perth hospital as          other staff.
an interactive educational tool for staff.
                                                the new package will
“it includes information and a short            be available for all staff
quiz that will assist staff to understand       as an alternative to, or
what bullying is, be clear about their rights   in addition, to these
and responsibilities with regards to            sessions.
bullying and know what steps to take if
they experience it,” she said.                  Ms hebiton said the
                                                elearning package offers
“it is hoped that educating employees           staff more flexibility as
about bullying will help maintain               it can be accessed from
positive working relationships and help         work stations and only
establish safe, vibrant and positive work       takes 10-15 minutes to
environments.”                                  complete.                                                       RPH Executive Director Dr Philip Montgomery
the package was developed in response to                                                                              completes the new eLearning Package.
                                                All staff are strongly encouraged to
the 2006 ‘have your say’ health employee        complete at least one form of bullying               the elearning package is available on
survey which highlighted prevention of          education with managers required to                  servio and sMAhs intranet sites.
bullying as an important priority for the       complete theirs by June 30.
                                     Employees of the Month
Registered Nurse Samantha Morgan                                                        The Employee of the month for the
is the Employee of the month for the                                                    Shenton Park campus is Speech
Wellington Street Campus.                                                               Pathology secretary, Linda Martin.
colleagues say samantha is never                                                        An outpatient said she nominated linda
too busy for others and is always                                                       for her caring attitude, willingness to help
willing to lend a helping hand. she is                                                  and her genuine interest in the people she
approachable on any matter and is open                                                  deals with.
to all suggestions and shares ideas with                                                the outpatient said: “linda always speaks
other staff members.                                                                    to every patient that comes in and she
“samantha does not discriminate in any                                                  knows everyone’s name.”
way,” said the colleague who nominated                                                  “she always assists colleagues where she
her.                                                                                    can and is always respectful.”
“she understands and respects each person’s cultures and views”.                        both samantha and linda have won a $50 gift voucher from
                                                                                        bunnings Warehouse as well as a $100 savings account from Police
                                                                                        & nurses credit society.

Walking group
The grey skies and rainfall didn’t deter a group of about 30
staff members who took part in the first 2007 physio-led
walks for staff members.
As part of the health Promotion committee fitness program, the
first of the Physio-lead walks (at Wsc) was held on Wednesday May
2, during heart Week
the next walk is in July 12, from 3.30-4pm. Meet at the Wellington
st entrance on level 2 (near the bruce hunt lecture theatre).

                                     A good sized group braved the inclement
                                   weather in May for the first Wellington Street
                                                      Campus physio-led walk.

                                                                     in Brief
New role                                                                            Road safety promo
Patricia tibbett has been appointed Area director of nursing                        congratulations to todd beveridge who won an iPod shuffle after
services for the south Metropolitan Area health service.                            taking part in a road safety awareness competition.
Ms tibbett is well recognised for her outstanding work in nursing                   As part of a 2007 fatigue campaign, the Osh department ran a short
at royal Perth hospital, across the north Metropolitan Area                         competition to raise awareness of the dangers of driving tired, just
health service and in senior management at fremantle hospital.                      before the easter break. todd answered three short questions correctly
Ms tibbett will take on the role of Project director nursing                        to win.
transition, contributing to staff transition plans on nursing and                   the 2007 fatigue campaign aimed to educate the community about
related areas in preparation for the upgraded rockingham/                           the risks associated with driving while tired, how to recognise the early
Kwinana district hospital and the new fiona stanley hospital.                       signs of fatigue and how to promote strategies for dealing with fatigue.
Project money available                                                             todd is from
                                                                                    the Joint
the department of health is offering funding for short-term
projects to improve WA health services.
the new program was developed by the state health research                          centre at
Advisory council (shrAc) as part of its objective to encourage                      shenton Park
and facilitate the translation of research into effective health care               campus.
and economic benefit, and to complement the WA health reform
process through the health networks.
eligible projects may involve new research, applying existing
research, or evaluating research that has already been applied.
Projects must start and finish in 2007/08 and projects can be of
any size up to a maximum of $200,000.
the application form can be found at                                                      Occupational Safety & Health Consultant Mitch Taylor
au/funding for more information contact 9222 2494 or                                                                                presents the iPod to Todd Beverage.
 Wood most
                                                                                                  Most trusted:
                                                                                              Clinical Professor
                                                                                                   Fiona Wood.

 trusted in Oz
 What do Clinical Professor Fiona Wood and the Wiggles have in common?
 they are among Australia’s most trusted figures according to the reader’s digest’s
 third national ‘Most trusted’ poll – with dr Wood heading the list for the third year
 former Australian of the year and burns specialist fiona Wood topped the list,
 followed by cancer vaccine creator Professor ian frazer, then children’s band the
 Wiggles, businessman and clean up Australia founder ian Kiernan, and tV vet dr
 harry cooper.
 former rPh staff member, medical researcher and nobel laureate Professor barry
 Marshall took up the number eight spot.
 the reader’s digest’s third national Most trusted poll gauges who in Australian
 public life is more trusted.
 Perceived honesty, consistency and familiarity are key qualities of our

                                            BreASt Surgery gAllery
                                                                                 picture gallery of real women           “images selected for each woman will be
                                                                                 who have undergone different            matched to her age, bra size, surgery type,
                                                                                 types of surgery.                       and where ever possible, ethnicity.
                                                                                 “We found some women were               “the gallery includes pre-operative and
                                                                                 disappointed following their            post-operative images at one week, six
                                                                                 breast cancer surgery,” sheryl          months and one year to show the healing
                                                                                 said.                                   process.”
                                                                                 “We think the reason behind             the breast surgery Gallery is a free service
                                                                                 a lot of this was that a lot of         and is offered to women diagnosed
                                                                                 women were comparing their              with breast cancer or those considering
                                                                                 surgery results to the cosmetic         prophylactic mastectomy.
                                                                                 breast surgery often seen in
                                                                                 glossy women’s magazines.
  Specialist Breast Care Nurse Counsellors Lesley Kydd (left) and Sheryl Reid. “the lack of ‘real life’ images
                                                                               available led to unrealistic                  Switch And
 Two RPH nurses have developed what
 may be a world first – a digital gallery
                                                                  expectations about the appearance of the
                                                                  breast following surgery.”                               gloBAl uPdAteS
 of breast surgery images designed to                             so far, use of the breast surgery Gallery has
                                                                  paved the way for greater understanding                Managers and supervisors are asked to
 give women undergoing prophylactic
                                                                  and improved patient consultation.                     check that their staff members’ details
 and breast cancer surgery, realistic                                                                                    are up to date on the switchboard and
 expectations.                                                    “When women and often their partners
                                                                                                                         Microsoft Outlook Properties systems.
                                                                  see the gallery, it raises many other issues
 According to specialist breast care nurse                        for them, including body image, sexuality,             ensuring this information is accurate
 counsellors lesley Kydd and sheryl reid,                         relationships issues and their current life            means a more efficient workplace and
 women often believed breast cancer                               styles,” sheryl said.                                  less time spent on hold or trying to locate
 surgery had the same achievable cosmetic                                                                                people.
 outcome as breast enhancement surgery.                           “We allow an hour for this hour
                                                                  consultation to consolidate information                for changes to the Properties and Global
 their response was to create Australia’s                         given by their surgeons and to explain the             e-mail lists, staff can contact the help desk,
 first breast surgery Gallery – an electronic                     images they are viewing.                               and for changes to switch contact 7171.
                                                                                                                                                                          RPH 70508006

serViO neWs is produced by royal Perth hospital Public relations:
dennis bertoldo (9224 2209) and Jane ewers-Verge (9224 3943)

                                                                                                                   A Division of the South Metropolitan Area Health Service

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