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Top 10 beers of the world


									10. Stella Artois

Quite simply put, a nice clean crisp beer that is widely available worldwide. A nice starter beer if
you are looking at imported beers.

9. Paulaner

The highest ranking wheat beer (hefeweise) on this list goes perfect with an orange slice.

8. Newcastle
“Newcastle Brown, I‟m tellin‟ you, it can sure smack you down.” In Newcastle, the beer is often
called „Dog‟ (or simply „Broon‟). The „Dog‟ name comes from the euphemism “I‟m going to
walk the dog” or “I‟m going to see a man about a dog” – meaning “I‟m going to the pub” – and
was further popularized by a 1980s advertising campaign. In southern parts of the country it is
often referred to as “Newkie Brown”.

7. Samuel Adams

Named for a founding father of American independence, this Massachusetts brewery cranks out
microbrew taste at macrobrew rates. At least one of their long list of quality beers is available at
most bars in the US. They take pride in the many awards their brews have garnished.

6. Rogue
This Oregon brewery was one of the first to kickstart the “micro-brew” phenomena. Any beer
called “Dead Guy Ale” deserves a spot on this list.

5. Sam Smith‟s

Old school labels, gold foil, great taste, and sold in four-packs! Great porters and stouts at
reasonable prices from this Yorkshire, England brewery.

4. Yuengling
Pronounced “Ying-ling”, America‟s oldest brewery produces a truly great lager. Primarily
available in the Mid-Atlantic area and recently in the south. You can ask for a “Lager” at most
Pennsylvania bars and you‟ll get one.

3. Guinness

This beer basically stands alone in the stout category. It‟s truly the only beer that you can
recognize from across the room. Just holding one makes you feel as if you are in a small pub in
some quaint Irish town with a wool sweater on and the cold rain beating against the pub
windows. Only a true bartender knows that in order to get a perfect pour, the glass should be
filled to the middle, then filled once it has settled.

2. Sierra Nevada
If there is ever a beer that has it all its this. Intense flavor, great color, nice kick, and unique
green label make this pale ale a must have in your beer collection.

1. Westvleteren

Ok, this is the greatest beer in the world. Don‟t even try to argue. It can only be purchased at the
monastery by call ahead reservation and at 1 case per car, you better make it last. I was fortunate
enough to get a hold of one when my uncle raided his son‟s stash on a random Sunday night (not
the optimal time for such a beer). Unknowingly, we drank a few that his son had transported
back from Belgium and only found out after they had been opened that this is what they were.

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