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Information Kit

Hello and thank you for enquiring about our award-winning Biolytix Filter. Biolytix has
received the best results in the world for the most compact system. We are so confident
and proud of our product that we offer the option of a 20-year guarantee.

Please find our Information Sheets attached. For more information and/or to buy a
unit visit our website at or contact one of our Sales
Consultants with any further questions or an order on: (07) 5435 2700.
Very Happy Clients: We now have Biolytix Waste Treatment Systems throughout
Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, including Five Star Hotels, Golf Course Estates
and Eco-Resorts. Our main South African client was so impressed they invested $3
million dollars into further research.

International Recognition: At the recent International On-Site Wastewater Technology
Conference, Biolytix impressed a number of eminent industry leaders who work at the
leading edge of global sewerage treatment trends. Professor Ted Loudon, 25 years in the
Waste Water Industry, was so captivated by Biolytix he immediately rearranged his travel
plans to examine it more closely, with a view to helping introduce it into the huge US
Our most popular models are the budget-priced Biolytix “Rugged” and
                                                                             Continue Over è

                  Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                            PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552
the Biolytix “Deluxe”. We have other products for water and sanitation applications, such as
In-Sink-Erators and water pressure pumps. These are listed in our Web Catalogue.

                      Kind regards

                           Dean Cameron
                       Dean Cameron
                       Biolytix Inventor and Managing Director

‘Three years ago, when the task of selecting the sewage
treatment system for the new Lord Howe Island Museum
fell to me, I looked at many options. I chose a Biolytix™
Filter because our museum is a long way from spare parts
and specialist servicing.

Its simple but smart design and promise of consistent,
reliable performance, together with a guarantee of no odour,
were very appealing.

The system has been closely monitored and has always
produced clear, high secondary standard irrigation water
without odours or problems, just as we were promised.

Having seen Biolytix and their product in action, I would recommend when looking for
smart wastewater treatment solutions that Biolytix should be considered."

Ian Kiernan OA – Clean Up Australia Chairman – Former “Australian Of The Year

  "The process of separating the water from the solids
   through an organic filter and providing an environment
   conducive to composting of the solids is truly unique."

  "The composting solids enhance the environment for
  filtration and treating of the wastewater. Analytical
  data show that the clear, odorless effluent is of
  essentially the same quality as sand filter effluent that,
  in my experience, is as good and as consistent as any
  available onsite treatment system can produce."

  From Professor Ted Loudon—Chairman of the next
  International Onsite Waste Water Conference

                   COMPARED TO OTHER SYSTEMS

  • The Biolytix Filter achieves the best results in the world for the most
     compact system. This means it can be installed in the garden more easily,
     with less disruption and earthworks. It is just one tank, which can be
     installed subsurface, so it is virtually invisible. The Biolytix Filter treats the
     same amount of wastewater in a single tank that is half the size of
     aerated treatment systems.

   •   All other treatment systems are a lot larger and often a series of tanks
       that can look messy in the garden.

  • The Biolytix Filter uses the magic of humus. Humus is one of the best-
     known odour absorbents and ensures that the system operates without
     any odour.

   •   Most competing technologies have a septic first stage or aquatic process,
       which is particularly prone to odour production, particularly when there is
       a change of usage patterns. So the time they are most likely to stink is
       when it is most embarrassing – a party or people over for a BBQ.

  • If any chemicals are put in the Biolytix system they usually only flow onto
     and impact a small section of the humus bed. If some vital treatment
     organisms are killed it isn’t critical to the system as a whole, because the
     affected area is quickly re-colonized. (All the organisms are completely
     sealed within the tank.)

   •   Aerated Treatment Systems are highly vulnerable to poisoning as
       chemicals spread through the water quickly, killing most of the microbes –
       more unpleasant odours.

     • Biolytix offers the option of a 20-year guarantee and if you are not
       happy with our system we offer to remove the system and give you
       your money back.

       Biolytix™     Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                        PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

      •   Most treatment systems offer around a two-year guarantee. Systems
          that rely on mechanical operation, such as aerated systems, are more
          vulnerable to wear and tear and can be damaged by the corrosiveness
          of their chemicals, such as chlorine.

     • The Biolytix Filter is the most economical of all treatment systems to
       run. With a power consumption of less than 140 watts/day it is more
       Greenhouse Gas friendly than even a composting toilet. It uses only
       10% of the energy needed to run a typical aerated treatment plant. If
       the recovered water needs to be pumped uphill the Biolytix needs just
       one quality pump. The gravity-drained Biolytix™ Filter does not need
       any pumps.

      •   Competing treatment plants are built to a price, and use up to three
          “consumer quality” pumps. Check how many mechanical devices are
          used and what brands are used before you buy because you could be
          regularly shelling out a few hundred dollars for cheaply made plastic
          pumps that are only designed to last a few years. Aerated treatment
          plants are greedy energy guzzlers. Ask how much process air is
          needed to treat one kilolitre of sewerage before you buy. If it uses
          more than 100 watts/kl treated then you should reconsider your

     • The Biolytix has been engineered so it can also be used to convert a
       (sound) septic tank into a fully functional waste treatment system. This
       means the tank can simply remain in the ground – no need for
       earthmovers to rip up your garden. (Over 70% of septics fail within 8
       years and in the future they may well need to be replaced by more
       reliable and effective systems, such as the Biolytix.)

      •   No other secondary treatment system manufacturers offer a septic
          conversion because they are nowhere near as space efficient as the

  • The Biolytix Filter only needs to be serviced once per year and if you are
    on our Comprehensive Maintenance Plan you will never have to pay a cent
    more for sewerage services. No extra parts bills or call out fees, and you
    get better service than town sewerage rates even though you are in a
    non-sewered area and gain irrigation water worth about $160 per year.

      Biolytix™    Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                      PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

   •   Most treatment systems need to be serviced four times per year. This is
       because they are more vulnerable to break down and odour problems.
       Often they need replacement of expensive parts, such as blowers. Their
       chemicals, like chlorine, need to be topped up four times a year, at about
       $30 a tablet. It helps to look at the life cycle cost, not just the annual
       service fee, because otherwise you could be duped into thinking it is a fair

  • No need to change your lifestyle and habits with a Biolytix – nor look
     down a black hole! The Biolytix irrigates the garden with nutrient-rich
     water without you having to lift a finger. Well, only to flush.

   •   Composting toilets often promote the benefits of the fertilizer they
       produce. But when you go to put it in the garden it can be disappointingly
       little – less than a wheelbarrow a year. And if its not working well the
       quality can be so poor you wish you had none. Composting toilets also do
       not treat the grey water, which many councils now require. People who
       purchased composting systems because of the apparent ideological
       benefits are now, after years of putting up with flies and odour, wanting
       to convert back to something that works acceptably all the time

  • The Biolytix is positively beneficial to the environment and uses no

   •   Most other treatment systems use toxic chemicals such as chlorine. These
       harm the environment and are costly to keep replacing. If subsurface
       irrigation is used, the chlorine can degrade the drip irrigation emitters.

     • The pump in the Biolytix Filter is totally enclosed in the tank – so you
       won’t even hear it purr. It took us a year to track down our silent,
       highly reliable pump.

       •    Many other treatment systems are too noisy to have outside your
           bedroom window. The constant drone can be so annoying that people
           turn off the system at night. This can create other problems, especially
           if they forget to turn it on again in the morning.

       Biolytix™    Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                       PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

  • The Biolytix irrigates the treated water safely under ground, where plants
     can benefit from it most. It does not rely on the false security of chemical

   •   Many waste treatment systems offer the superficially cheaper combination
       of chlorine disinfection for sprinkler irrigation. For chlorine to be effective
       at removing more than just the “warning indicator” organisms (used to
       estimate if the water is safe), it must have consistently clean effluent and
       have a good contact time – neither of which they can guarantee. So
       people and pets may be potentially exposed to dangerous viruses,
       parasites and pathogens. Chlorine mixed with effluent can produce toxic
       cancer-forming THM (trihalomethanes) compounds and can itself
       adversely affect soil and aquatic life. Don’t be conned into believing that
       chlorine makes your effluent safe. There are many independent studies
       that show it doesn’t kill all harmful pathogens. Spray irrigation of
       chlorinated effluent in a household situation is potentially dangerous.

  • The Biolytix can happily cope with a high loading of fruit and vegetable
     scraps. This means we encourage In Sink Erator food-waste-disposal-
     units. In fact, you can buy them for a good price with the Biolytix. No
     need to be throwing out those valuable resources, or for composting

   •   No other secondary treatment system has been tested or approved to
       Australian standards with addition of food scraps, because none would
       cope with it like the Biolytix can.

  • The Biolytix system uses a simple annual service to remove excess humus
     and so never needs to be desludged.

   •   Septics and Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) need to be
       periodically desludged, at your cost.

  • In most cases the Biolytix is hooked up to your telephone line. So if there
    is any problem we are automatically the first to know, and can respond
    accordingly. No need for you to respond to alarms and flashing lights.

       Biolytix™    Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                       PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

    •   Most treatment systems warn their owners of a problem with a flashing
        light and annoying buzzer alarm. Then the owner has to deal with it. If
        the owner is away or tenants who are not informed about the system
        have moved in, great problems can occur. The most common cause of an
        alarm is when the power circuit to the treatment system is off. This means
        that standard alarms don’t work when you need them most.

           Frequently Asked Questions
        Buying a Biolytix™ Filter

How can I tell which Treatment system is right for my situation?
We have an on-line web Product Selection Wizard you can run, which asks the questions required
to determine which product is right for your situation. Or ring one of our Sales Consultants on:
1300 881 472.

How much will the system cost all up? We offer sale of the filter by itself. It can
also include an irrigation kit and/or a fully installed price. The cost will vary depending on which
level of treatment your site requires and whether you want to irrigate the effluent or gravity drain
it to trenches. For a typical three bedroom home, with the “Deluxe” Biolytix™ Filter you pay
about $6,000 for an installed filter and $2000 for a brilliant subsurface irrigation system for your
garden. This does not include freight or council application report and fees, which vary too much
to give a typical price.

Do you have a cheaper, more basic version? If the “Deluxe” Biolytix™ Filter is
beyond your budget we have a gravity drained “Deluxe” which can be installed for about $4500
plus the cost of trenches, or check out our “Rugged” range. Our simple septic substitute, with
consistent odourless effluent, can gravity drain to trenches for as little as $3300 installed, plus
the cost of trenches.

Who can install the systems? Our installation is the simplest of any high standard
treatment system. Your local plumber can easily install it by following our step-by-step Quality
Assurance controlled procedures. These are detailed in our comprehensive Manual. It is readily
available on our Website for download for you or your plumber to assess your installation cost
saving options properly.

How can I pay? You can pay by direct deposit, cheque, money order or cash.

        Logistics - getting and installing a Biolytix™ Filter

How do I find out the procedure for buying and installing a Biolytix?
See the step-by-step Information Sheet – Buying and Installing A Biolytix.

        Biolytix™       Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                           PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

How soon can my system be delivered? We can usually deliver within two weeks of
receiving your deposit.

Do I need to be at home when the tank is delivered?
Not necessarily. The tank is best delivered on the day of the installation, while the excavator or
backhoe is on site to lift it off the truck, or trailer. It is too heavy to lift manually but can be easily
lifted with the attached hold-down cables. The tank should remain upright and must not be
laid on its side or rolled at any time. It is advisable to be available on the day of the
installation or at least be in phone contact in case any site issues arise.

Do we need to visit the site before installing?
Not unless there is difficult access or other special circumstances we need to take into account.
The plumber who is doing your house plumbing, or your geotechnical engineer, are competent
people to assess where the tank should be located.

Do I need to change any of the plumbing in my house?
If you are replacing or retrofitting an old septic tank and separate greywater system you may
have to remove the grease trap and connect all of your plumbing, as if it is being connected to
sewer. If it is a newer all-in-one septic you are replacing, or retrofitting, then no changes are
usually needed. New houses will automatically have the correct plumbing installed.

How far from the house can the system be located?
The treatment tank can be installed virtually anywhere on the site provided the lowest
wastewater drainpipe can fall slightly (1:60) all of the way to the inlet of the Biolytix™ Filter. The
filter's inlet is 300 mm below the top of the treatment tank. Access for the Biolytix™ Filter and
machinery to carry and excavate a hole for it, if necessary, is also a practical consideration that
may affect where the tank is located. Your local licensed plumber or drainer can help you choose
the best location on your site. Be aware that the further away from the house the Biolytix™ Filter
is located, the more it will cost to get power and a phone line to it.

Can the irrigation area or effluent dispersal trench be up hill from the
Yes, if a pumped version has been chosen it can be up to 30 m higher in elevation than the
treatment system, without the need for a more expensive special pump. None of our competitors
offer this flexibility in irrigation placement.

Can I gravity drain the system to trenches?
Yes, provided it is down slope from the base of the treatment system. This is usually not the best
way to reuse the nutrient or water value that your Biolytix™ Filter is generating, but it can be a
very low cost option on larger rural sites.

Can I retrofit my existing septic tank to a Biolytix™ Filter?
Yes, we can fit out most septic tanks to either a primary or secondary treatment unit, provided
they don’t leak.

Can we irrigate lawns?
Yes, our subsurface irrigation kits can be used to irrigate lawns and gardens. There are no
sprinklers or drippers to mow off, or become blocked with ants. It's safe, simple and elegant and
only the positive results are visible in your garden, not signs saying “danger - keep off - effluent
reuse area!”

        Biolytix™         Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                             PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

Can I use the treated water for irrigation above the ground?
Yes, provided you also purchase our approved UV disinfection unit, which we offer as an
accessory. It kills pathogens more effectively than chlorine, without the negatives associated with
chemical additions. You should be aware that if you choose this option, warning signs will be
needed and the area should not be used for recreational purposes. In addition, there will be
additional running costs similar to systems that use chlorine tablet dispensers. This will be about

Do I require council or local authority approval to install the system?
Yes. There are also sometimes additional approval requirements at Local Authority level too, and
of course fees associated with applications to use improved wastewater treatment systems. In
fact, the up front and ongoing fees for putting in a better treatment system are almost always
higher than for a polluting bog standard septic, which usually attract no ongoing fees. Oh... for
an only slightly up hill playing field!

Is the system approved?
Biolytix Filters are fully AS 1546.3 accredited and approved for use in NSW, Qld, SA, WA, ACT
and interim in TAS, with Vic accreditation still pending. They should be accredited very soon.

Who will put in my application to the local authority?
You can do it, or for a small fee we can complete and lodge it for you. Or we can assist you or
your plumber to prepare the necessary documentation.

Do I need to have a site assessment by a geotechnical engineer?
Most local authorities now require a site and soil assessment to be submitted with your waste
treatment system application. Our qualified Biolytix Wastewater Engineer can liaise with your
geotechnical engineer to ensure you can submit a plan for the most economical solution for your
site. Or they can recommend one who is already familiar with our technology and the benefits to
system design that our high quality effluent brings.

        Running & Servicing Biolytix™ Filters

Are there any pumps, how often do they run and how much electricity
do they use?
This depends on which model you choose. The gravity drained “Rugged” has no pump and uses
absolutely no power. The "Deluxe" has one industrial quality pump only and uses less than 3
cents of power a day in a typical home. It is the cheapest treatment system to run.

What are the power requirements?
Even if you have chosen one of our pumped models, we need only a 4 AMP single phase 240-volt
power supply to the system, which is hardwired to our control box. The irrigation pump runs for
only 6 minutes per day at a typical household hydraulic loading of 600l/day and 14m irrigation
head. The total power consumed to treat and pump this amount to irrigation is typically 140
watts/day. Compare that to any of our competitors!

Is there a 'Solar Power' option?
Yes. For our pumped models we can provide a 12 volt pump option, but because the power
usage is so low in any case, you can simply order our standard system with the benefit of its
industrial quality pump and run it off your own 240 VAC inverter. This reduces the volt drop

       Biolytix™        Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                           PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

losses and cost compared to running the more expensive heavy duty DC cabling needed for low
voltage power supply to the Biolytix™ Filter.

Does the system make any noise?
The Biolytix™ Filter is not audible, even at close range. No need to worry about it keeping you
awake, you simply cannot hear it.

What household chemicals can we use?
The Biolytix™ Filter is the most robust waste treatment system on the planet. It will treat sewage
containing any commonly used household chemicals without any known problems, even nappy
bleaches as these are normally disposed of in diluted form. We recommend, however, that out of
respect for the teeming life in your Biolytix™ Filter (that is adapted to do the hard work of
purifying your used water), that you choose eco-friendly detergents and cleaners, and don’t
dump toxic chemicals down your drains.

Who can service the Biolytix™ Filter?
Biolytix™ Filters can only be serviced by a trained and suitably qualified person. In some states
these people must be accredited. In all states a valid service contract must be in place at all
times for all secondary treatment systems installed.

How often does the system need to be serviced?
Once each year. Unlike other secondary treatment systems, the Biolytix™ Filter is so reliable that
we tested it for not just the 6 months required, but for more than 12 months to the rigorous AS
1546.3 standards. We did not need to touch it. No other system has done this. This gives us the
verification needed to implement 12 monthly servicing only.

What Warranty do you offer on a Biolytix™ Filter?
If you maintain your Biolytix™ Filter under our Comprehensive Service Plan, then you
automatically have a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your Biolytix™ Filter's
performance, we will remove it at our cost and refund its purchase price. Further, we also
guarantee its performance for the life of your service contract – up to 20 years.

How much does the servicing cost?
This depends on the system you install and the service plan you choose. Assuming you are
within one hour of a qualified plumber, and you choose our top of the range Comprehensive
Service Plan, the true cost to run the “Deluxe” Biolytix™ Filter will be less than $1/day, which is
less than the average town sewerage rates.

How much water will I save on irrigation?
This obviously depends on how much water you use for gardening, and how much wastewater
you recycle with your Biolytix™ Filter. It is common in surveys to find that the average amount
of water used for garden irrigation is equal to, or greater than, the amount of effluent produced
from within the house. This means a Biolytix™ Filter can cut the average water bill by more than
half. This is more where stepped tariffs apply for increasing water usage. Biolytix™ Filtrate is
worth more than potable water for gardening because it contains nutrients and plant growth
stimulants that make gardens flourish. Even if you only use 600l/day for irrigation, you can save
just under $200/annum on water and fertilizer. If you are a gardener, the true net cost of
running your Biolytix™ Filter is really only about $0.40/day.

       Biolytix™        Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                           PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

              Our Products & Prices
                   We provide products and services for:

  •    Sewage treatment and purification to high primary, high secondary and
       tertiary standards, to be used onsite
  •    Retrofits of existing, (non-leaking) septic tanks to provide high primary or
       advanced secondary treatment in your existing tank
  •    Greywater treatment & purification for reuse in cities or towns
  •    Irrigation kits to make the most of every drop of water that goes down
       your drains (for gardens, lawn and landscape fertigation)
  •    In Sink Erator food waste disposal units (to go with any of our Biolytix™
       Filter units)
  •    Complete management service to bring sanitation services to your onsite
       facility (usually at a lower cost)
  •    Ecological engineering consultancy advice on integrated solutions to
       overcome your project's regulatory or environmental constraints, or to
       simply save you money on a standard system

                            Our Two Main Products:

  1.      The Biolytix™ "Rugged" - Primary Filter
Low cost and extremely reliable sewage treatment to a high primary

  •    No electricity needed for the gravity-drained option
  •    Minimal maintenance required - trial units are still performing perfectly
       and have required no servicing for more than 5 years – it’s virtually
  •    Absolutely no odour - can handle huge usage peaks and troughs
  •    A more robust process than a septic and can handle typical abuse from
       household chemicals & pharmaceuticals
  •    Existing (non-leaky) septic tanks that are currently too small (down to
       1000 mm diameter) can be pumped out and fitted out as a Biolytix
  •    Nothing else on the market is as robust as this technology

       Biolytix™    Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                       PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

  The Biolytix “Rugged” - gravity - Model BF2G (also available as septic upgrade
  subject to site assessment) - $2830

  The Biolytix “Rugged” - pumped - Model BF2 - $4525

  The Biolytix “Rugged” – septic upgrade - Model BF2S - $4230

  2.      Biolytix™ "Deluxe" - Secondary Filter
Low cost and very reliable sewage treatment (blackwater and/ or
greywater) to a high secondary standard 100% of the time:

  •    No other secondary treatment system is more compact or efficient!
  •    Simple, one tank installation - needs no primary treatment - straight to
       secondary standard
  •    A (non-leaky) septic tank that has been pumped out (if it is 1500 mm
       diameter or larger) can be upgraded to a Biolytix "Deluxe"
  •    Quality Assured Product - (Standards Mark certified)
  •    Less than 1 cent/day of electricity needed for the BF6G (gravity) or less
       than 3 cents/day for the BF6 (pump).
  •    Only one visit each year is required to guarantee performance - backed by
       a money back guarantee
  •    Silent operation
  •    Sophisticated phone line alarm system sends alarms straight to us.
       This means no annoying noise or flashing lights
  •    Absolutely no odour
  •    A more robust process than a septic
  •    Proven to handle large usage peaks and troughs and In Sink Erator
       Garbage disposal units
  •    Highest performance system on the market
  •    Lower life cycle cost than competing systems

  The Biolytix “Deluxe” - gravity - Model BF6G (also available as septic upgrade
  subject to site assessment) - $4080

  The Biolytix “Deluxe” - pumped - Model BF6_3900PAT - $6255

  The Biolytix “Deluxe” – septic upgrade - Model BF6S - $5500

      Biolytix™    Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                      PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

Ordering and Installing a Biolytix Filter
   There are unavoidable steps in installing any waste treatment
   system. To make it easier for you, here is a Step-by-Step Guide to
   ordering and installing a Biolytix Filter.

1. You can click on the Biolytix Product Selection Wizard under “Catalogue”
   in the Biolytix Website – Indicate your site-specific
   requirements. If you prefer not to use a computer, ring the office directly
   (1300 881 472) and talk to a Sales Consultant.

2. A Biolytix Sales Consultant reviews your requirements and provides a
   formal quote for the services or products you have requested. (This quote
   may need to be changed slightly after viewing the Geotechnical Report.)

3. If you don’t already have a Geotechnical Report, you or (if requested)
   Biolytix will engage a Geotechnical engineer to complete a Site
   Assessment, Hydrological Soil Tests and Effluent Dispersal Report. You will
   need to provide a Property Plan to the Geotechnical engineer. Biolytix is
   happy to brief the Geotech on the Biolytix System and make sure you get
   the cost advantage our high quality effluent brings.

4. You receive the Geotech Report and copy the relevant information to
   Biolytix to examine, in case there need to be any modifications to the
   Quote or to the Geotech Report.

5. You (or Biolytix at a small cost) submit the Geotech Report to local
   council with the appropriate Application Form and Application Fee. The
   Application Form must be signed by the Property Owner.

6. On approval by Council, you send the Approval to Biolytix or whoever is
   installing the system. (The Council Approval is usually sent to you, as
   you are the Applicant.)

7. You then need to order the system at least 2 weeks before it is required.
   This is done by sending a deposit to Biolytix for half of the value of the
   Goods to be supplied. (This deposit sum is mentioned in the Quote.)

8. Biolytix makes the goods, and issues the final invoice for the goods. This
   is to be paid prior to dispatch.

9. Biolytix dispatches the goods. If Biolytix is project managing the
   installation then it will also deliver the goods.

  Biolytix™     Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                   PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552

10. The system is installed strictly in accordance with the manual and
    strategic Quality Assurance checkpoints are signed off by the licensed
    plumber or drainer. This is essential for your Warranty, so you should
    sight the signed document and take a copy before you make the final
    payment to the installer.

11. Councils usually now require a Geotech Engineer to inspect and sign off
    on the whole installation.

12. Biolytix issues a Commissioning Certificate.

13. Biolytix submits the relevant information to the local council.

14. Council signs off on the system when they have the Commissioning
   Certificate and the Certificate from the Plumber and Geotechnical

   The irrigation water is now ready to flow……

   Feel free to email or ring us with any questions….thank you.

   Biolytix™     Phone: 07 5435 2700 or 1300 881 472    Fax: 07 5435 2701
                    PO Box 591, Maleny, Queensland 4552
Features A Detailed Article on
the Biolytix Filter and a Check
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   Waste Treatment System
               World —Beating
            Natural Waste Treatment
      A tenacious Australian inventor has solved the waste treatment riddle with a
     world-class system to turn all household waste—kitchen, bathroom, laundry—
                       into irrigation water—without chemicals.

               by Jenny Allen                             like patterns in the architecture of decomposition.
               Maleny, Queensland                              He also studied the breakdown of forest litter in
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                                                          breakdown did not occur in the water, as most
          ost people would have given up. Eleven years    engineers have assumed for well over a century, but
          ago Dean Cameron, influenced by his             was occurring on the waterline, where the organic
          mother’s passion for organic gardening,         matter was moist but surrounded by air not water.
          began his quest to turn sewage into “organic”        From these observations he knew intuitively that
irrigation water.                                         human waste and wastewater treatment were based on
     He was also influenced by necessity. Dean had        the wrong principles. Waste should neither be left to
selected a well-known composting toilet system, but       pickle in a dry heap, as in many existing composting
became disillusioned by its poor performance. He soon     toilets, nor left in the water to rot very slowly, like a
discovered that many other systems also didn’t work       septic. The waste should be removed as fast as possible
effectively – they would break down or let out an         from the water and stocked with worms, beetles and
awful smell, emanating through the house and garden       other soil invertebrates, not just microorganisms.
just as a party began. He knew there had to be a better   Organic matter should be allowed to breakdown rapidly
way. A way that stopped his friends clearing out before   and aerobically in a moist, organic, soil-like
dessert arrived.                                          environment, created by burrowing invertebrates vital
     As an ecologist and environmental scientist, he      to this natural “biolytic” ecosystem.
looked to ecosystems for the answer. While other
scientists were studying oxygen diffusion into            Biolytix waste treatment system
wastewater in their laboratories, Dean was out in the          His hunch turned out to be correct and his organic
paddock getting dirty, reflecting on the breakdown of     breakthrough had just begun. So he designed the
dead cows and cowpats. He observed the succession of      Biolytix Waste Treatment System, which immediately
organisms that moved in to break up various               separates the solids from the water using a structured
decomposing materials – and quickly found sponge                             humus bed.
                                                                                 Biolytix, with the help of the Co-
                                                                             operative Research Centre, GHD
                                                                             engineers and Murdoch and
                                                                             Queensland University has produced
                                                                             a world first in wastewater and
                                                                             organic waste treatment. A South
                                                                             African Company, Spier Estates,
                                                                             tracked down the technology as a
                                                                             solution to the high fat wastewater
                                                                             problem they had at their Chef’s
                                                                             Training School. They were so
                                                                             impressed they invested $3M into
                                                                             Biolytix to further this ground-
                                                                             breaking research.
                                                                             After three more years of research
                                                                             and development they got the
                                                                             outcome they were hoping for. The

                                                                             The Biolytix system will accept food
                                                                             and toilet wastes, wastewater, tampons,
                                                                             sanitary pads, drinks and milk,
                                                                             cleaning products, and vegie scraps

10    EARTH GARDEN — June — August 2004
   Checklist – Vital For Selecting Any Waste Treatment System
 1. To what level does the system treat? And how is it able to    than sending the potential nutrients offsite as sludge.
 benefit your garden? There are three main levels of
 treatment, which determine the quality of water that is          7. How much electricity does it use per year? Like new
 produced and how this water can be used.                         white-good appliances, systems should now be designed to
                                                                  use a lot less energy and therefore have less impact on the
 A. Primary treatment can be dispersed in trenches only.          greenhouse effect. But unfortunately, most aren’t. Ask how
                                                                  much the system will cost to run per annum. If it uses more
 B. Secondary treatment can be used for sub-surface drip          than 100 watts per kilolitre treated then it is too much of an
 irrigation – for lawns and trees.                                energy-guzzler.

 C. Tertiary treatment can be reused to flush the toilet and to   8. Does it have many parts that can break down and are
 wash clothes. It can also be used to irrigate above ground       expensive to fix i.e. pumps/blowers and so on. Does it rely
 with sprinklers through a lilac tap outlet.                      heavily on mechanical operation? How many pumps does it
                                                                  have? How long are the pumps designed to last? The more
 2. How much does it cost and what do you get for your            pumps – the greater the risk of breakdowns.
 money? Check to see if there are any extra costs – and if so,
 what are they? Get a signed quote in writing so there aren’t     9. Can you hear the system operating? Get a guarantee
 any hidden surprises. Does the quote include freight/install-    that you can’t hear the system operating. Nothing worse
 ation and irrigation?                                            than moving away from the noise of the city – only to hear a
                                                                  noisy waste treatment system.
 3. Are there a lot of big tanks that complicate installation?
 The more big tanks there are the greater the freight and         10. Can it also treat food scraps after they have been
 installation costs, as well as more disruption to the garden.    through an In-Sink- Erator? Rather than throwing out or
 Check if the tank/tanks can be installed sub-surface – so        physically composting your food scraps, check if the system
 they aren’t an eyesore and take up less valuable garden          can work automatically in conjunction with an In-Sink-Erator.
                                                                  11. Does it help improve the environment or deteriorate it?
 4. What guarantees do you get? Can it be replaced if you         Does it rely on chemicals, such as chlorine, that could be
 are not happy with it?                                           harmful to your family and garden?
 Check to see if you can get a money-back guarantee if you
 are not happy with the system and service. The longer the        12. Does it ever smell? Can it handle peak loadings and
 guarantee, the more confident the company is with its            parties – without putting up a stink?
 product, and the stronger, long term relationship you can
 have with the company.                                           13. How will you know if it is not working? Does the alarm go
                                                                  straight to the company so they can be responsible for it – or
 5. How many times per year does it need to be serviced?          do you have to find it and deal with it?
 What does servicing involve and could it mean extra costs to
 you? The cost of servicing a waste treatment system adds         14. How resilient is it to the use of everyday household
 up – and if it needs a quarterly service – it can come around    chemicals? Could it handle a bit of bleach? What about anti-
 very quickly. A system needs to be serviced often if is it       biotics?
 likely to break down a lot, or has a lot of vulnerable
 mechanical parts. Also, some companies make a lot of             15. Do you need to change your lifestyle to adapt to it? For
 money simply from frequent servicing. Better to buy a            example, is it a non-flush compost toilet where you look
 system that is built to be sturdy and more independent.          down a big black hole? Does it need to be physically
                                                                  emptied by you.
 6. Does it have to be periodically desludged – at a cost to
 you? If the system is designed well it can convert the waste     16. Are you getting an up-to-date waste treatment system?
 into valuable nutrients that help the garden flourish, rather    Check it is not an old model, which has been superceded by
                                                                  new technology.

Biolytix system achieved the best results in the world            that all the worms and microbes within the system clean
for the most compact system.                                      up the waste naturally and without any chemicals .....and
                                                                  so rather than potentially harming the garden, it benefits
How Biolytix can benefit your garden                              greatly.
* Over 70% of Septic systems fail and pollute the                 * Biolytix is the only secondary waste treatment system
environment, including sensitive waterways. Biolytix is           that works with an In-Sink-Erator food disposal unit.
the only system compact enough to upgrade an existing             While other systems can’t handle high organic loading,
(non-leaking) septic. This therefore improves the                 the Biolytix thrives on it. This means instead of
garden, rather than polluting it.                                 discarding or composting food scraps they can go into
* Most other secondary waste treatment systems use                the In-Sink-Erator, which automatically feeds the
potentially toxic chemicals, such as chlorine. These can          Biolytix - without you having to do a thing. The worms
harm the garden and are costly to keep replacing. If              and microbes prosper on the gastronomical delights and
subsurface irrigation is used, the chlorine can degrade           break it down quickly. The system then irrigates the
the drip irrigation emitters. Biolytix copies nature, so          garden and helps it to flourish further.

                                                                         June — August 2004 — EARTH GARDEN                         11
                                                                                    Above: within half an hour the
                                                                                    Biolytix can turn sewage into high-
                                                                                    quality irrigation water.
                                                                                    Left: waste from the kitchen,
                                                                                    bathroom, laundry and toilet can
                                                                                    be safely processed.

    * Surveys show people use about as much water in            water. Make sure they are species without overly
the garden as they do inside the house. Using the               aggressive roots, although there are some clever
Biolytix means that instead of all the house water              innovations available for root intrusion control now.
being sent down a drain and away, or into trenches              Fortunately these don’t involve restrictive root control
where it is mainly lost, it can all be reused throughout        herbicides. If the trees also need good drainage, then
the garden. Not a drop wasted and no need to pay for            plant them in raised beds. It’s best not to waste this
extra water for the garden. This can save gardeners             valuable space with native trees that are adapted to drier
around $200 per year in water bills.                            conditions.
* The Biolytix irrigation can be strategically placed               Run the irrigation lines as well as the water-loving
subsurface to irrigate either the lawn or the trees, or         trees along contour. You can also run simple pathways
both. So while the neighbours' gardens are browning             in between to manage the fruit trees, and for collecting
off in the dry weather, yours can be green and                  fruit. The Biolytix also works well on gradients because
abundant all year round.                                        it is a pressure compensated system. This means the
                                                                drippers only open to irrigate at a certain head, and with
Design your garden to maximize your                             our high specification pump can operate over a
waste treatment system                                          surprising height difference of more then 15 metres.
    Whether you are doing your initial garden design,               The irrigation system can also go under the lawn –
or updating an existing one, design to make the most of         watering it without the need of wasteful above-ground
your valuable waste treatment system.                           sprinklers. It can handle mowers going over it but not
     Parallel to and about 1 metre to the low side of the       heavy machinery, such as earthmovers. From a
irrigation lines, plant fruit trees that thrive with a lot of   gardeners perspective, the earlier the waste treatment
                                                                system can go in the better.

                                                                More information
                                                                    The Biolytix has a detailed website:
                                                       It has 2 main models – the
                                                                Biolytix “Rugged” for treating to primary standard, and
                                                                the Biolytix “Deluxe”, which treats to high secondary
                                                                standard and can be used for sub-surface irrigation. The
                                                                gravity versions of these systems cost: Biolytix
                                                                “Rugged”: $2830, Biolytix “Deluxe” : $4080.
                                                                     Septic upgrades cost slightly more as they need to
                                                                be built on site in the existing (sound) tank.

                                                                * To talk to Biolytix further about their novel
                                                                system, or to order one, ring the Toll Free number:
                                                                1300 881 472.

12    EARTH GARDEN — June — August 2004

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