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					                                                 Newsletter 12a
                                               16th February 2007

 This coming weekend s patrols are:

     Saturday 17th February                   Sunday 18th February
     Patrol 1, 10am — 2.00pm                  Patrol 10, 8.00am — 11.30am
                                              Patrol 15, 11.30 — 2.30pm
     Patrol 5, 2.00pm — 6.00pm                Patrol 18, 2.30pm — 6:00pm
                                              Cadet Patrol C1 8:00am — 11:30

Any queries re patrols should be directed to David Fleeting, Manager Lifesaving or your patrol captain
Remember the same rules apply as last season. Miss too many patrols and you are out; arrange substitutes or
let your patrol captain know if you can t make it; the usual common courtesies still apply. It will be spelt out on
your roster.

Training/Lifesaving –this info is repeated as its still relevant and important
For all matters involving bronze, SRC and ARC please contact Manager of Lifesaving Callum Metcalfe or have
a look at the Club s web site

Any friends who want to get their Bronze?˚ New squad starting 12 March - send them my way for further details.
All the above courses are quick, painless and very useful to have.˚
Groups will be put together according to interest.
Get together a group of friends or patrol members and contact me to arrange.
Would be great to get a chunk of the club through these exams before the end of the year.

These two senior courses are to take place in April.˚ Please get back to me if you want to attend.
You NEED ARC and SPINAL in order to take part.
This medal takes place on 22 April.˚ Please get back to me if you want to take part.˚ Please do it soon as a
training schedule needs to be worked out.˚ It’s a very tough award.

The work continues. Some members are requesting a schedule of works. It s a moving timetable depending on
weather, materials availability etc. However you will see the workmen on the roof preparing it for a new
membrane to stop the leaks etc, the ceiling and electrics are finalised apart from some minor adjustments, the
moveable wall will be installed in about another 2 weeks, the windows and doors will be installed over a 2-3
week period commencing next week and the gyp-rocking of the walls upstairs will commence in a week.

Carnival Dates
   • 17th February         Open Branch Championships — South Maroubra
   • 18th February         Junior (Nipper) Branch Championships — South Maroubra
   • 23rd 25th February    Nippers State Championships — Cronulla Beaches
   • 1st March             Masters State Championships — Cronulla Beaches
   • 2nd — 4th March       Open State Championships — Cronulla Beaches
   • 10th March            Westfield Junior Ocean Swim - Bronte
   • 20th March            Australian Championships (Masters) — Scarborough WA
   • 22nd March            Australian Championships (Open) — Scarborough WA

Dates to Remember
   • 18th February         Club Championships (9am this Sunday at Bronte for Cadets to Veterans)
   • 22nd April            Veterans Day Reunion
   • 25th April            Anzac Day

The Nipper Branch is on this Sunday at South Maroubra.

The U8 to U14s presentation has changed to 11th March. Check Nipper Bulletin 7 and amended calendar on
website for details. Also a group of Nippers and parents are
visiting New Zealand in early March. Most of the money is in although the Board agreed to fund some of the
costs associated with minor matters such as food.

Carnival Results
The Bondi carnival was held last weekend on very pleasant summers day. The Club achieved some
outstanding results which are summarised below. A big thank you to Jeff Lydan who did IRB work all day.
The Bondi President sent the Club a note of thanks for Jeff s assistance.
Bondi Open Carnival and Sydney Branch Masters
Bronte travelled to Bondi, arguably the 9th oldest surf club last Saturday for their centenary carnival.
For the first time the Sydney Branch masters carnival was held alongside the open carnival and Bronte, in the
words of Bluey kicked arse .
• We won the Open Taplin Team with Mal Allen, Andrew Bowden, Tom Woodriff, Ted Clifford (late call up for
    a sick Hoppy) John McCarthy & Anthony Carroll.
• We also achieved a trifecta in the open surf race, with Andrew Bowden catching a wave from the back to
    narrowly beat Mal Allen with new member Shane Olliver getting a close 3rd. When was the last time Bronte
    got 1, 2 & 3 in an open surf race?
• Mal˚also won the over 24 surf swim to˚add to the Coogee double wins in the open and over 24 swim from
    the previous weekend.
• The ladies kept their dominance up in the R&R taking out the U19 division. These Aussie champions from
    last season are right on form for the major championships.
• John McCarthy continues his good form with a second in the board & swim and narrowly missed out on first
    in the U19 ironman.
• Ashleigh Bond went well in the ladies surf swim (3rd)˚and Julia and David Tyrrell just missed places on the
• Raz Gill went extremely well with a second in the open ladies sprint and is improving every carnival.
•   Simon & John Ward’s reserve crews narrowly missed the finals (one point each) but went well.
•   The competitor of the carnival was Andrew Bowden, who˚since his elevation to the Australian Royals
    Swimming Team for the Worlds in Germany later this year is swimming with an extra leg and is keen to
    make the open surf team.
•   The Masters had a strong representation and Harries appeared for the first time as a veteran, and
    celebrated as only he can after winning the Board and Ironman in his 30-35 age division. Our ladies would
    not be outdone with Fiona Botella and Coleen O’Neil taking home a hand full of gold medals. JJ, Teddy,
    Tom, Ben, Sally & Helen all went well and were amongst the places.

Imminent Important Dates
 • Open Branch Championships, tomorrow 17th Feb at South Maroubra.
 • Nipper Branch Championships, Sunday 18th February at South Maroubra

Club Championships
Don t forget the Club Championships at Bronte on Sunday (yes, this Sunday 18th February) starting at 9.00am

After some minor set backs the boaties are starting to hit their straps and should produce some good results
over the championship carnivals.
They are also having a go to raise some funds for equipment and travel costs for the State & Aussies. As such
we are advised of the following fundraiser.
Bronte surf boat rowers are throwing a party on Sat 17 Feb at the Cargo bar 5.30pm, King St Wharf Sydney,
start down stairs on the wharf. Instead of a sportsman s lunch this year we are going to throw a party, no cash
entry etc, Just come along and have a great time. To support the boat rower s going to Perth for the nationals in
March 2007.

Fraser Short who owns the Cargo bar is putting the night on for us to have a fundraiser. Also the Banana Boat
promo girls will be there along with sponsor Aaron Collins. There will be a raffle with heaps of great prizes,
which is the only time you will be asked to put your hand in your pocket.

So see you there and bring as many people as possible.

Cheers Simon Pato Paterson
If you can possible make please turn up and assist these guys raise some money

Year of the Lifesaver – Request from SLS NSW
 One key event of the Year of the Surf Lifesaver is looming in March which will provide great exposure to the
broader community of the value of surf lifesaving in NSW as well as celebrate the historical occasion of our
This event is the opening of the National Museum of Australia traveling exhibition, Between the Flags: 100
years of surf lifesaving at the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour on Tuesday 6th March
In order to add some meaning to the event, a long list of distinguished guests will be in attendance including Sir
William Deane and Sen. George Brandis, Minister for the Arts, Sport & Recreation, along with around 200
others from the Sydney business and arts communities — not to mention up to 100 surf lifesavers.
It is hoped that as a Club that was around at the start, you will be able to marshal 10 of your members (in patrol
uniform and club cap) to give some colour to the evening by forming a welcome cordon for arriving guests from
around 6PM to 7PM. In addition to all participants being able to join the party prior to official proceedings and
share in the food and drink, you should also arrange for one of your representatives to bring a march-past flag
and pole that will be used to decorate the lectern from which all speeches will be delivered. The whole event
winds up at 830PM.
Parking is available, as are change rooms too.
Please advise Graham Ford or the office if you can help out. It would be nice if Bronte, the first Club,
was represented.

Aussie Accommodation
Those wanting accommodation at the Aussies in Perth are to contact Trish Ford to arrange it asap. If you have
already spoken to her that s ok, but if you haven t, get cracking. You should also have a deposit of $200 ready.
Otherwise you are on your own as we are consolidating rooms booked now.
Need info within 5 days.

History Book – Bronte, the Birthplace of Surf Lifesaving
The Club s book by erstwhile author Stan Vesper is proving a great success. If you don t have one, then you
are missing out. As promised here is a brief extract from the book. Other excerpts will follow in later newsletters.

“During the 2nd World War Japanese midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour and sank a ship killing 21
sailors. Shortly after Bondi, Dover Heights, Bellevue Hill and Paddington were hit by shells fired by a Japanese
submarine. Rumours of invasion by the Japanese were rife.
Bob Lowe a long service member of the Club and of Asian extraction tells the story of what happened on the
night of the bombardment.
“The Lowe family lived above the fruit shop they owned at Bronte and Burt (Bob’s father) was the local air raid
warden. Among his responsibilities was to ensure that no lights could be seen from windows in the
neighbourhood. As he did his rounds Burt noticed a light could be seen from a house in Tipper Avenue.
Dressed in his kit, helmet, gas mask and canvas military bag Burt knocked on the door of the house. The lady
who opened the door took one look at the Asian man in a helmet, screamed and fainted.”

Another extract in the next newsletter. But you can read them for yourself if you buy a book. Contact the office.

Club News
• Gayle Dundas was on Good Morning with Kerri Anne last talking about the involvement of women in surf
   lifesaving. I believe Kerri-Anne said to Gayle that it was great "older women" were getting involved and not
   turning to other past times such as bridge (or possible hitting the drink) Gayle was great ambassador and
   also kitted out in full patrol uniform.
• I made a few major omissions from last week s newsletter re the Cole Classic. New member Andrew Beato
   won the event — no small feat in such a big strong field. Also Denise Elder, who lives at Manly these days
   but still a Bronte girl won her age division. (I won t mention her age or her division except to say Denise was
   an active member of Bronte in the 70s. This was her 11th swim in the Cole. She was also captain of a team
   of ladies (over 200 years — must have been a team of at least 6?) and they won it as well.
• It would be appreciated if any Nipper parent with their Bronze could help out with patrols over the weekends
   of the State and Australian. We obviously be short of numbers so any assistance would be helpful. Please
   contact Dave Fleeting.
• Commiserations are extended to John Irwin and his family after the passing of his mother earlier this week.
   The funeral is on Monday.
• The Board is considering a number of options regarding the use of the security tag system following its
   abuse by some members. These tags are issued to members their use, not the use of friends, relatives and
   their dear children. Details regarding a decision will be released soon.
• New house rules are currently being drawn up that apply to all members. Stay tuned.
• There is to be a compulsory meeting of all u/13 & u/14 members along with all new bronze and SRC
   holders on Sunday 11th March at 4pm. relevant members will receive a letter soon.
• Not sure if I mentioned it previously but Bob Zipper Conlon is getting married at the end of April — Again!
   Bob reckons that he doesn t believe in long engagements. Based on past experiences he doesn t believe in
   long marriages either. His lovely fianc e, Jenny believes she knows what she is doing and they do make a
   lovely and loving couple — however I m not sure she is fully aware of Zipper s track record. Good luck to
   both of them. Keep the 29th April free; you wouldn t want to miss it.
•   Frank Mr Bronte Norton, our indefatigable patron who I might add turns 87 years young in 2 weeks, has
    just had his drivers licence renewed. There is no truth in the rumour that Kevin Walker will walk in front of
    the car with a red flag when Frank drives.
•   The Club s Rugby team will start the new season in mid April. All new aspiring players should start training
    now — the Clovelly Hotel is situated at 381 Clovelly Road and Club sponsor Bob Tate will put you through
     Introduction to Bronte Rugby 1 early in the first semester. Actually the presentation day is scheduled for
    early March where the players will be presented with their premiership winning polo shirts.
•   Bluebottles have been more than just a nasty pest this season over the past few weeks. Some of the stings
    have been just horrendous with big, raised, ugly welts covering the stingee . Newspaper reports suggest
    that people are advised to avoid them. As if you would deliberately swim into one!
•   Bob Harper s wife Di, who has been ill for some months now, appears to be on the improve. Get well soon
    Di and come down to lovely Bronte and visit us; p.s. leave Bob in Cairns.
•   The Sunday drink/social is again proving popular. A good crowd is turning up to sample John Turner s brew
    and taste the delights from the kitchen courtesy of Jim, Pat, Roland and all the cooks and chefs who
    regularly bust their backsides so you can have a feed. Thanks to all involved in making Sunday arvos a
    great way to finish the week.

Surf Race
Make sure you get down for the surf race each Sunday at about 11am. Good prizes, good fun and a good work
to shake off those Sunday morning cobwebs. See Barry for a good handicap and directions on how to avoid the

That is all for now.

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