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					Trail Bike Riding
   in Bunyip State Park and adjoining State Forests
Redirecting motorised activities to the north of the park
In May 2006, the State Government approved a new direction for public land in the Bunyip area and opportunities for trail bike
riding have been re-directed from the south to the north of Bunyip State Park and into adjoining state forest. This compromise will
ensure all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience while protecting the important cultural and environmental values of the area.
Signs will direct you to open tracks and roads in the north of the park where a range of bush experiences can be enjoyed.
The nearest designated trail bike unloading area from Gembrook is located at Helmet Track. If you are entering the park from Tynong
North Road, follow the signs to Helmet Track Unloading Area via Link Road. If you are visiting Bunyip State Park from the Pakenham direction
access to Helmet Unloading area is via the Gembrook township, Beenak East Road and Black Snake Creek Road.

Touring Routes                                                                 • Riding a registered bike and holding a current learners permit or
A number of roads and tracks remain open within the park that                    motorcycle licence – park and forestry roads are all public roads.
provide a challenging trail bike experience, spectacular scenery and a         • Staying on designated 4WD tracks and open roads – respect the
sense of escapism.                                                               bush.
Suggested trail bike riding routes:                                            • Minimising bike noise – excessive noise may lead to banning of
Ride 1 – Blue Range.                                                             riding in certain areas.
24 km return (start and finish at Helmet Track Unloading area)                 • Taking all rubbish home with you.
This ride takes you through magnificent Mountain Ash Forest.                   • Observing all fire regulations and extinguishing your fire before
Spectacular views across the park and Westernport Bay can be seen                leaving. Please do not let your exhaust emit sparks.
from various viewing areas along Blue Range Road. The return trip
passes through tough terrain with deep alpine drains and steep areas
                                                                               If you own a trail bike, why not join AMTRA Australian Motorcycle Trail
descending into the flat heathlands along Bunyip Road.
                                                                               Riders Association and support responsible trail bike riding? For further
(see map overleaf)
                                                                               information or pre trip advice contact:
Ride 2 – Gentle Annie
                                                                               • AMTRA Australian Motorcycle Trail Riders Association
43 km return (start and finish at Forest Road Unloading area)
                                                                                 P.O. Box 8, Ringwood Vic 3135, Phone: (03) 9513 8330
You will ride in a northerly direction across steep mountainous terrain
providing for a great trail bike experience.
Gentle Annie Track provides a further challenge with rock benches and
the added attraction of magnificent views across Gippsland.                    Further Information
(see map overleaf)                                                             Contact the Parks Victoria Information Line on 13 1963 or visit
Be a responsible rider                                               
Respect the environment and future users by:                                   A general park note providing more information on Bunyip State
• Using designated Trail Bike Unloading Areas – please do not use              Park is also available. For more detailed map information refer to the
  picnic ground car parks or roadsides (penalties apply).                      Gembrook South Mapsheet (vicmap 1:25,000, 8022-3-S) or Gembrook
• Respecting the rights of other visitors. Avoid riding in popular areas       Forest Activities Map (Rooftop Mapping Services 1:50,000)
  such as picnic grounds.                                                      How to get there
                                                                               Bunyip State Park is located in the foothills of the Great Dividing
                                                                               Range, 65 km east of Melbourne.
                                                                               It can be accessed via Gembrook, Tynong North and Labertouche.
                                                                               Melway Ref 612 S5.
                                                                               When approaching from Gembrook or Woori Yallock, trail bike riders
                                                                               should enter the park via Beenak East Road and Black Snake Creek
                                                                               Road for access to four wheel drive tracks and trail bike unloading
                                                                               areas such as Helmet Track Unloading Area.
                                                                               When approaching from Tynong North, enter the park via Tynong
                                                                               North Road, right into Tonimbuk Road, left into Link Road, right
                                                                               into Black Snake Creek Road and right into Helmet Track Trail Bike
                                                                               Unloading Area.
                                                                               When approaching from Labertouche, travel along Forest Road, unload
                                                                               your trail bike at Forest Road Trail Bike Unloading Area and ride along
                                                                               Robertson Creek Track to explore Tarago State Forest.
Trail bike riding is only permitted
on tracks identified as 4WD tracks

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