This week I witnessed a very torrid road rage incident; with one

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					                                                        Week 6 Term 1, 2009

                                             FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK

This week I witnessed a very torrid ‘road rage’ incident; with one person shouting a tirade of abuse at
a cyclist. I wasn’t quite sure whether some of the words that were being hurled at the cyclist were in
the English dictionary, but the rudeness of the message was fairly clear.
While the language was shocking, my thoughts turned more to the terrible anger in the voice. I
started thinking about all the other incidences in our society that are becoming common place and
have their root in anger. I wondered why we are becoming such an angry society.
A few thoughts floated to the surface:-
1.   Probably as late as the 1950’s, our culture was still characterised by a high level of respect for
     authority and an acceptance of an objective morality.
2.   In the 60’s and 70’s, there was a social shift towards a greater sense of individualism that
     previously had not existed with an associated decline in the importance of the community.
3.   There was a focus on developing a capacity within our children to think for themselves and to be
     able to express an opinion.
As a result of all these subtle changes, I am drawn to consider if we have inadvertently created a
generation that thinks that:-
1.   Objective morality does not exist. (What I think is right, is right.)
2.   What I think and feel is more important than what others think and feel.
3.   I have an opinion and so I have the right to express it, irrespective of the hurt that is caused.
4.   Those in authority do not deserve respect because I have rights too.
The anger in our society may therefore arise when a person thinks they can think and do what they
want, and this desire clashes with another individual who also perceives that what they think and do is
also of paramount importance. The anger arises when the one person feels the need to dominate.
The anger arises when the rights of the individual are placed above concepts of gentleness, respect,
cooperation, generosity and charity. The anger arises when I don’t get what I want or someone else
challenges me with an alternative.
I wonder what damage we are doing to our children when we don’t teach them to respect others, to be
gentle, to give way and to be generous. I wonder how long our society can last when angry people
turn to violence to get what they want.
Sadly, in schools these social changes are now becoming more common. Children now ’explode’ when
asked to be quiet in class or to fix their uniform. The first response is more often ‘why are you picking
on me’ rather than ‘sorry, yes I was talking while you were trying to teach and as a result, others in
the class could not concentrate. I’m sorry I put my wants above the rights of others.’
Perhaps this could be a talking point for you and your family over dinner this week.

Dr Philip Cox
Lent is about Easter! The whole reason we set aside this special time of prayer and penance is not to
make things hard for ourselves, rather it is a time for us to prepare our hearts and spirits for the great
feast of Easter. It seems that by tradition, it should take us about 40 days to do that! And no wonder.
This feast of Easter, which commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead after his crucifixion,
is at the centre of our Christian belief. If this comes as a surprise to you, you should read what St. Paul
has to say: “If Christ is not risen, our preaching is empty and our belief comes to nothing….If it is only
for this life that we hope in Christ, we are the most unfortunate of all people.” (I Corinthians, 15: 14,
19) When the Gospels came to be written some years later, all four evangelists were very strong on
the fact of Christ’s Resurrection. Each of them recounts some episodes when Jesus appears to his
disciples. He insists in every instance that it is really Himself and goes so far in Luke’s narrative as to
ask for something to eat and they give Him “a piece of broiled fish. He took it and ate it before them.”
It would be hard to be more explicit. It was this faith in a Crucified and Risen Lord that led St. Paul to
travel and face endless dangers in order to bring this “good news”, this “GOSPEL” to whoever would
listen to the message.
It is interesting that when the Acts of the Apostles came to be written by Luke, and the miracle of
Pentecost is recounted, St. Peter goes out to preach what could be called the first Christian sermon.
And what is his message to the awaiting crowd? “God raised him (Jesus) to life and released Him from
the pain of death…. This Messiah is Jesus and we are all witnesses that God raised Him, to life. He has
been exalted at God’s right side…” (Acts 2:24, 32)
Our young students at Servite College are being encouraged these Lenten days to make some little
sacrifices and to be mindful of the needs of others through Project Compassion. Our liturgies are more
sombre and a penitential tone pervades. But it is important to remember, there is that 15th Station,
that the last chapter of the story of Christ is one of triumph, of victory over death, of eternal union with
God. In the Sunday Pulpit I often call the belief in the resurrection, Christ’s or ours, an impossible
belief. And so it is if we are thinking only in terms of our contemporary materialistic mentality. But
faith is another story and in faith we can have the glorious hope that Christ’s resurrection is, as St. Paul
insists, a promise of our own ultimate and eternal union with God.
Fra Christopher M Ross. OSM
Bullying occurs when a person or group deliberately and repeatedly hurts, upsets or harasses another
person, their property or reputation. Methods of bullying can include verbal, physical, cyber or
Some signs that your child maybe being bullied at school are, a loss of confidence, changes in eating or
sleeping habits, health problems such as headaches or stomach aches, unhappiness or mood swings,
reluctance to go to school or changes in academic performance.
If you suspect your child is being bullied, you should talk with your child and discuss your concerns with
the your son/daughters Assistant Deputy Principal. It is important to encourage your child to report
bullying behaviours to an adult at school as quickly as possible after an incident of bullying. This
includes; if they witness bullying against other students. Also, help protect your child from cyber
bullying by closely monitoring internet use and installing free internet filters.
For more information, visit the Bullying. No Way! website If you would like
more information feel free to contact me at the College on 9444 6333.
Jessica Roberts - School Psychologist
                                    SCHOLARSHIPS YEAR 7 - 2010

Scholarships are being offered for Year 7 - 2010 students for:
    *Academic Excellence          *Excellence in The Arts          *Children of Former Students
Application forms are available from the College Office or via the website:
and close on Friday 24 April, 2009.


If you have not yet returned your application for the   Servite College offers a concession pertaining to the
$200 from the State Government, please do so            annual tuition fee. To be eligible for the Servite
promptly. The Department of Education and Training      Concession Scheme, a parent/guardian must hold a
WILL NOT accept late applications. The College          Health Care Card (HCC) or Centrelink Pensioner
does not have any capacity to submit late               Concession Card (PCC) with the code PPS or NS.
applications.                                           Forms are available from the College Front Office.
         CONFIRMATION OPPORTUNITY                       This form must be completed at the commencement
                                                        of each year.
If you live within the St Denis Parish boundaries,      Secondary Assistance Scheme
(Joondanna, Yokine and Coolbinia) and your child        The Department of Education and Training Secondary
has missed out on the Sacrament of Confirmation,        Assistance Scheme is available to holders of the HCC
the parish Priest is organising special classes.        or PCC for students who are not older than 18 years
Please contact Fr Raj at St Denis Parish on             of age in the current year. Please note applications
9242 2812.                                              for the Secondary Assistance Scheme close 11 April
                                                        2009. Applications cannot be accepted after this
      SECOND HAND BOOK SALE CHEQUES                     date. Forms are available at the College Front Office.
The SDC has set Thursday 9 April, as the deadline to    To be eligible for this allowance, the parent/
cash cheques sent out last December. After this         guardian must hold a Centrelink or Veterans Affairs
date the cheques will be cancelled and the SDC will     Card. A form must be completed at the
consider the money a donation.                          commencement of each year for each child.
                                                        Please note Year 7 students are not eligible to
            SYDNEY CULTURAL TOUR                        apply for the Secondary Assistance Scheme, The
                                                        Department      of     Education     and    Training
There are 42 students from the Year 11 & 12 Art and     currently does not recognise Year Seven as a
Drama courses which have recently been selected to      year level in secondary school.
attend the 2009 Sydney Cultural Tour. The aim of                      SERVICE LEARNING
the tour is to expose students to Art programs,
events and workshops that are not available in Students with parental approval, looking to volunteer
Western Australia.                                  to help others, are encouraged to look at the
                                                    following web site:-
The 2007 tour was a great success with a more
comprehensive Arts itinerary on offer. The 2009 This site not only lists a range of volunteer
Cultural Tour is shaping up to be even bigger.      opportunities, but also lists volunteer organisations
                                                    that students may be interested in supporting.
Students are presently fundraising for the Sydney
trip and are holding a Movie Night at Burswood The Salvation Army have a door knock appeal coming
Outdoor Cinemas. (Movies under the Stars). This up. Students may like to volunteer. Parents can
unique venue is playing a double bill of ‘Last then sign their child’s Student Handbook to verify the
Chance Harvey’ (PG) and ‘Slumdog Million- hours. Details are at:
are’ (MA) on Friday April 3rd at 8 pm. Tickets
are $12.                                                                     ALS
If you are interested in supporting the Sydney             2009 EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS
Culteral Tour, students can purchase tickets to this
                                                       The ALSWA is seeking applications from Aboriginal
event. (Please contact Sue Crisp, Parent Fund
                                                       Students studying at either Primary or Secondary
Raising Coordinator) on 043 777 8009, or buy
                                                       School for the 2009 Educational Scholarship program.
tickets through Sydney Cultural Tour students.
                                                       Scholarships are costed at:
                  YEAR 7 & 8 SOCIAL                    Primary School $250 Secondary School $500
                                                       CLOSING DATE: 5pm FRIDAY 27 MARCH 2009
For a number of years the Servite Development
                                                       Contact Rhonda Stott on (Toll Free) 1800 019 900.
Committee has organised a Social for our
students. This year the Social is open to the Year 7                        REFLECTION
& 8 students. This year the Year 11 student
                                                       Your best is the expectation.
leaders and several parents of Year 7 & 8 students
                                                       Joanne Spooner - Dean of Academic Standards
will be organising the Social. Tickets will be on sale
each morning prior to Contact and will cost $10. The                     STUDENT SUCCESS
social will not proceed unless there is ample support
from the student body.         A ticket     cannot be Recently Alicia Forte Year 8 was selected in the squad
purchased without the accompanying permission slip for the State Schoolgirls Softball Competition
(already distributed). All funds raised will go representing WA, to be held in Adelaide on the 2 May
towards airconditioning in student areas.              2009. This is a fantastic achievement for Alicia, as
                                                       the competition is open for girls in Years 8 to 12, and
                                                       Alicia is the youngest on the team.
      24 HOUR STUDENT RECEPTION                         Well done Alicia! All the best for the competition.
       ABSENTEE LINE—9208 0999
                                                 SPORTS NEWS

ACC: The Interschool Swimming Carnival will be held at Beatty Park pool next Wednesday March 18. The
squad will be officially announced and receive their swimming “patch” at Monday’s assembly.
Congratulations swimmers on your commitment to training and the best of luck
Student sporting success: Congratulations to Nadia Italiano (Year 11) and Sean Gilmore (Year 12) on
their selection in State Basketball teams this week.
Nadia and Sean will have this achievement acknowledged and awarded alongside other State
representatives from Servite later in the year. In order to do this we need to be informed of State
selection. If your child is in this category please contact me at the College or via email on so this fantastic achievement can be recognised.
NAS: Results, fixtures and ladders are all available by following the links on the ACC website. These
results are entered in the Iscore System and it allows students to view their teams performance on a
weekly basis. Yr 11/12 teams are reminded that next weeks game is against Sacred Heart and is to be
played on Monday after school. All other year groups will still compete on their usual day.
Wayne Wilkes - Faculty Dean - Sport
                                               TEXT BOOKS
Unfortunately, and despite several letters asking that the texts be purchased promptly, a small number of
students are still without their texts. This is frustrating our teaching staff and other students who are
asked to share their text in class. The lack of a text will also preclude a student completing homework.
Unfortunately some texts were unavailable at the time of printing the 2009 book list, so it was necessary
to print “Text to be purchased” adjacent to the respective subject. We understand that this situation
added another burden on parents organising books for their children. It is now week 6 and the students’
learning is being compromised. Unfortunately, a number of students in all year groups have as yet still
not purchased books that were listed as required on the 2009 Book Lists distributed last December. This
situation is untenable, especially as we are about to start week 6. Unfortunately all classes and all years
seem to be affected. RE texts can be purchased from the Main Reception area at school (a letter
regarding this was sent several weeks ago). Other texts need to be purchased from Wooldridges on
Scarborough Beach Road.
As of Monday students without the correct text will be asked to leave the room and will be supervised in
another class. Please ensure your child has the correct text by Monday.
                                           SMARTs STUDENTS

Last week, Servite’s SmART students attended their first meeting. Sixteen other schools also attended
totalling 82 students. The purpose of the meeting was to present an overview of the program, the
formation of groups and the selection of topics to be studied. Here are the initial thoughts from some of
our students:
“I was excited to have the opportunity to meet and interact with other students from different schools and
gain new understandings into university life. We arrived at the first introduction meeting at UWA, relieved
to see many other nervous and excited students just like ourselves ready to take up the challenges of
SmARTS 2009. We were introduced to our tutors and taught how to use the new blogging system over
the internet and also how to utilise and access the Reid Library.
We were then split up into our project groups with students from different schools. It was very
interesting to meet these students, and by the end of the day we felt comfortable with them. We started
browsing through our introduction booklets and deciding which topic we would most likely want to focus
on for the next few months.
“All in all, our first time at UWA was very rewarding and we learnt a lot and met some great new people.
We are now looking forward to the program and the challenges that we will face whilst gaining new
friendships and understandings that we will need when we attend University.” Claudia Bertone
“...really, really different to what I thought it would be. I am looking forward to working with the students
from other schools and seeing how my knowledge compares to theirs.” Tony Trimboli

“It was good to look around and see all these smart people because it made me feel like I had achieved
something. I’m looking forward to opening more doors and meeting new people.” Susanna McCarthy

Dr Lee Hird


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