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									                      Think Native Plants this Spring
                           Baranduda Land Care
                                                                                               Photos & Text: Glen Johnson, BLC Secretary
The warmer months are just around the corner, &
Baranduda Land Care (BLC) encourages gardeners
planning their spring planting to check out the vast
range of native species suitable to our area.
See our Planting Guide overleaf.

                                                         Wattles (Acacia) & Banksia’s provide insects & high
                                                         nectar flows attracting a range of native birds

                                               Native & especially locally indigenous plants are:
                                                 • Drought adapted (water wise = less/no watering)
Grevillea – Hardy, drought resistant, long-
flowering & loved by Honeyeaters                 • Wildlife friendly (attract native birds, mammals,
                                                   reptiles and frogs) = less introduced birds
                                                 • Hardy – adapted to soils & climate (minimal/nil
                                                   feeding/fertilisers required)
                                                 • Less susceptible to pests and diseases (no chemicals).

New Holland Honeyeater – Baranduda
resident where native gardens occur.

No matter how small your yard,
with some imagination &
                                               Cut-leaf Daisy Brachycome multifida
appropriate plant selection by you
and your neighbours, blue wrens,
parrots, and a suite of
honeyeaters can be a year round
feature of your garden.                                                              Purple Coral Pea (Hardenbergia violacea)
                                                                                     provides great colour in spring
                                                          Join BLC’s Nest Box Program
                                                          Sugar Gliders – relatively common in well treed corridors

Native Daisies - like this Showy Podolepis provide
extended colour and are Butterfly food plants.

Native Gardens serve to attract and provide year round
habitat (food and shelter) for our native birds, butterflies
and a variety of other native wildlife, including the
threatened Tuan and Squirrel Glider.

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