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									Think ahead to protect your investment                                                                                         Edition 3 2007

Timely winter rains throughout the country have
been welcomed by all, especially our hard-pressed                                                                           Protect your investment
farmers. But while it’s been sufficient to give some
hope for the wheat crop, it’s also helped the                                                                                Renovation adds value...
undergrowth and before you know it, there will be
dire warnings of a heightened risk of bushfires.                                                                             Best time to sell?
So now is a good time to review your insurance
cover. Do you have any at all? In the aftermath of the
disastrous Gippsland floods, far too many
homeowners had gambled and lost everything by not                                                                       Home 2 Home Loans Pty Ltd.
taking out insurance cover.                                                                                             PO Box 2354
                                                                                                                        KEPERRA QLD 4054
Yes, it’s an extra cost, and one that can seem as
low-priority if you’re looking out of the window at a
cold grey day and have just forked out a large chunk      Top tips to protect your assets!
of your disposable income for mortgage payment,
                                                                                                                           07 3511 1006
rates and household bills. But consider what would        • Check the cost of rebuilding the property with a builder
happen if a major fire swept through your suburb          or a professional valuer, taking into account the cost of
this summer. Would you lose everything – and can          demolition, debris removal and architectural, engineering
you afford to?                                            and council costs associated with rebuilding.        

Even if you have insurance, it’s worth reviewing your     • Do a room-by-room inventory of contents and work
cover, especially if your insurance contract has been     out how much it would cost to replace them with brand
in force for some years. Chances are that your            new items.
insurance company automatically increases your
                                                          • Shop around for competitive insurance rates - get several
cover and your premium year by year, but you may
                                                          quotes from insurance companies or brokers. The internet
be very surprised by an up-to-date valuation of your                                                                    PRODUCED BY ARTWORK MEDIA
                                                          is a great way to do this; most insurers provide on-line
property and its contents.
                                                          calculators to help you work out the costs.

The insurance industry regularly warns that a large
                                                          So don't gamble with your largest investment! Call your
proportion of the Australian public is under-insured,
                                                          insurer and ensure your insurance is up to date. If you
and it’s not just a ploy to get us all to spend more on
                                                          prefer, contact me and I would be happy to arrange an
premiums. Most companies will only pay out to the
                                                          apointment with an insurance broker.
sum you have insured, so if your $300,000 house is
insured for $150,000, that’s all you’ll receive if the
house is destroyed.
Renovation adds value – but use a light                                                                                             Edition 3 2007

                                                                                                                                 Protect your investment
If you’re thinking of buying a period home that needs          Keep it good-looking
some TLC, take care how far you go with
                                                                                                                                  Renovation adds value...
renovations, because the wrong approach can knock
thousands off the value, not to mention vaporising
                                                               If the house has a distinctive period style, you have a big        Best time to sell?
                                                               decision to make. Should you faithfully replicate the
the thousands committed to the renovation.                     style - or dare you add a contemporary note?

Before you do anything, sit down with pencil and               If you play safe and go with the old style, you are more
paper and work out why you are going to renovate               likely to create a ‘sympathetic’ renovation, but it may       Home 2 Home Loans Pty Ltd.
and what you want to achieve. If more space is                 cost you more and might not let in the amount of light        PO Box 2354
required, why, how much and where? A full size                 that buyers expect today.                                     KEPERRA QLD 4054
billiards room might suit you but how will future
prospective buyers value it?                                   Lean too far the other way, however, and you may
                                                               easily alienate the purist buyer. It’s a narrow line to
Period home buyers look for authentic period details, but      walk, so if you are not fully confident, call in an expert.      07 3511 1006
they are not so silly as to insist on authentic period
discomfort. Your Victorian or Federation property needs
to be comfortable and energy efficient, so you need to         By telling you what not to do, a qualified architect will
factor this into your plans. Features such as larger           not only save you from a potential financial disaster, he
windows or skylights will have an impact on energy             or she can add thousands to the value of your home.  
efficiency. Depending on your use of the house and its
location, oil, gas or electrical heating may be best, with a
subsequent choice of ducted, hydronic, in-slab or discrete
local heating.

Many people start a renovation by drawing a floor plan,
because it’s easy to let imagination run riot and you don’t
have to be an architect to do it. But before you decide on                                                                   PRODUCED BY ARTWORK MEDIA
the floor plan, think about the effect it will have on the
roof shape. Floor plans involving many rooms can create
an unsightly scramble of rooflines and ridges, driving up
the cost into the bargain.
Change of season - Change of scenery                                 Edition 3 2007

Does the change of season affect house sales? Real
estate agents will tell you that ‘Now’ is always the best         Protect your investment
time to sell, but if pressed will confess that the
January-March period is their busiest, while the rest of           Renovation adds value...
the year remains steady with the exception of
Christmas. Longer days, better weather and time                    Best time to sell?
available over the holiday period are probably reasons
for this.

On the other hand, many people believe that winter is
the best time to buy. Why? Because that’s when they           Home 2 Home Loans Pty Ltd.
can see the property at its worst and perhaps spot any        PO Box 2354
potentially expensive problems such as roof leaks,            KEPERRA QLD 4054
rising damp or drainage problems.

Whenever you choose to sell, you need to get the
house looking its best. With its stable weather pattern,
                                                                 07 3511 1006
autumn is usually the best time to tackle those
essential household maintenance tasks. Clean the gutters,
sweep up fallen leaves, crack open a tin of paint, give the
garden a mini-makeover and get your house looking like
a great buy!

Once you’ve given your house the DIY treatment,
treat yourself to a free property market appraisal and see
the real value of your hard work. Remember that if
people buy in summer, they’re thinking of buying in
winter so if your house is well-priced and properly
                                                              PRODUCED BY ARTWORK MEDIA
marketed, you will attract buyers at almost any time.

 If you don't have a regular real estate contact, I would
be more than happy to introduce you to a local real
estate for a free no-obligation market appraisal.

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