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					Avoca Beach (including
Popular holiday resort and surfing
destination on the Central Coast
Located 95 km north of Sydney via the
Newcastle Freeway, Avoca Beach is a
popular holiday resort and surfing area
towards the southern end of a
continuous stretch of residential                Avoca Beach
coastline from MacMasters Beach in
the south to The Entrance in the north. In recent times the Avoca
Beach area has become a popular holiday retreat for the wealthy
residents of Sydney's North Shore. Its wooded hills and quietness
(it is on a road which does not go anywhere) is seen as ideal for
family holidays and outings where the emphasis is on beach

Once occupied by the Awabakal Aborigines the first European land
grant in the vicinity was that of Irish army officer John Moore, who
had left his homeland under a cloud. He received a 640-acre grant
in 1830 which he called Avoca and he built a house on a ridge
overlooking Avoca Lake, just to the west of the beach. He planted
cereals, fruit and grapes. In 1836 he was charged with cattle theft
but was acquitted. He journeyed to the goldfields in the 1850s and,
while he was away, his house burned down.

Tom Davis leased the whole of Avoca in the late 19th century in
order to exploit the timber. He transported the logs via tram to the
mill at Terrigal. Tramway Rd in North Avoca follows part of the old

Things to see:

Avoca Beach
Avoca Beach is a lengthy, pleasant and
popular beach enclosed at either end
by rocky headlands. It is considered a
major surfing beach though the surf at
the northern end is considered to be
for the more experienced. There is a
surf lifesaving club. The beach is also
ideal for fishing and its length makes it   Avoca Beach from North Avoca
good for beach walking and exercise.

Avoca Lake
Just behind the beach is Avoca Lake, which is quite large and
essentially in two sections, separated by the Avoca Drive bridge. A
narrow arm extends south of the bridge while, on the northern side
it spreads out to the west, the north and east to the beach. Bareena
Island sits in the middle. North Avoca lies to the north and east of
this northern section of the lake. On the eastern side of the bridge
is J.F. Hazlett Park which is a pleasant spot for a picnic or barbecue.

Copacabana Beach
Turn off Avoca Drive into Cape Three Points Rd and follow it south
until it winds into Copacabana Drive. As it bends to the right turn
left into Pampas St then left into Simone Place which runs along the
length of Copacabana Beach, another popular surfing and holiday
beach which is patrolled.

Captain Cook Lookout
Follow Simone Place north along the
beachfront then take the road to the
right (Del Monte Place) which leads up
the steep headland known as First
Point. A signposted side road leads to
the carpark for the Captain Cook
Lookout which lies at the end of a short
path. A cairn bears a plaque which               MacMaster's Beach
explains that, when offshore in 1770,
Cook, looking south along the coastline, found it distinguished by
three prominent headlands which he named, imaginatively, First
Point, Second Point (Mourawaring Point at the southern end of
MacMasters Beach) and Third Point (Bombi Point south of Little
Beach). The three are readily discernible from the lookout which is
one of the best on the coast. Not only are the views to the south
excellent but it is possible to look north beyond Avoca Beach to the
oddly shaped headland known as The
Skillion at Terrigal.

Cockrone Lagoon and MacMasters
Cockrone Lagoon lies just behind the
beach. A pleasant family spot for a
swim or paddle its eastern neck almost
reaches to the beach and then expands
westwards effectively dividing the
hinterland in two. Thus while it is    Looking across Cockrane Lagoon
possible to walk all the way along the    towards Copacobana from
                                             MacMaster's Beach
beach, to circumvent the lagoon and
access the southern residential section it is necessary to return to
the top of Copacabana Drive, turn left into Cullens Rd, follow it west
for over 4 km into Kincumber and then turn into The Scenic Rd,
heading south-east for 4 km. Hence the southern section has been
given a separate title - MacMasters Beach .

Avoca Art Gallery
If you are heading towards Kincumber you may wish to stop in at
Avoca Art Gallery. It is just over a kilometre west of the
roundabout, along Avoca Drive, to the right. They are open from
Thursdays to Sundays, 11-6 and every day in the school holidays,
contact (02) 4368 2017.

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