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                                       Burwood Girls High School Newsletter
Website:        Email:   Tel: 9747 3355   Fax: 9744 2797

                                                Vol. 8, Issue 9, 7 December 2009

               For Your Diary                      From the Principal…
                  TERM 4, 2009                     What a fabulously
    DEC • SRC Meeting, lunchtime                   successful year
      7 • Year 8/9 Blue & Gold Awards, p.4
                                                   that is quickly
      9 • Event #9 distributed                     coming to an end.
        • Year 7 Celebration rehearsals            I enjoyed so much
        • Year 10 Formal, 6:30-10:30pm
                                                   meeting our new
     10 • Year 7 Celebration of Learning
                                                   students for 2010.
      11 •   Presentation Day rehearsal, p.4       We have 190 girls
      14 •   Presentation Day, 1pm                 commencing Year
         •   Year 10 Reports distributed           7 next year and 20
         •   Music lessons/rehearsals finish
                                                   students joining us
      15 •   Year 8 & 9 Reports distributed        for Year 11. Our
      16 • Last day for students                   school is still
   17/18 • School Development Days for staff       growing
                                                   (anticipated                               Welcome Year 7 for 2010!
        Have a safe and happy holiday!
                                                   enrolment 1100) and still growing stronger.
                  TERM 1, 2010
    JAN • School Development Day for staff                                                   Our last special event for
     27                                                                                      2009 is Presentation Day
     28 • First day for Years 7,11,12                                                        on Monday 14 December
        • Change of bell times                                                               at 1:00 pm in our Hall.
     29 • First day for Years 8,9,10                                                         Year 10 will receive their
        • Change of bell times                                                               portfolios and their
        • ASSEMBLY
                                                                                             School Certificates.
    FEB • HOUSE MEETINGS (assembly bell
      1 times)
        • SRC Meeting, lunchtime                                                             We look forward to seeing
      3 • Year 12, 2009 Afternoon Tea, 3:30-
                                                                                             you there and another
          4:30pm                                                                             reminder that the last two
      8 • ASSEMBLY                                                                           days of this term, 17/18
        • Prefects Meeting, lunchtime                                                        December, are School
     10 • SWIMMING CARNIVAL                                                                  Development Days for
                                                     Two of our student leaders
     15 • Event #1 distributed
        • SRC Meeting, lunchtime
                                                   I wish you all a great
     17 • P&C Meeting, 7:15pm, Library             festive season and a
     18 • Official Opening of the 2010 School      happy new year.
     22 • ASSEMBLY                                 See you in 2010!
        • Prefects Meeting, lunchtime
     24 • School Council Meeting
      25 • Year 10 PASS Surf Camp                  Mia Kumar
      26 • Year 10 PASS Surf Camp
               P&C MEETINGS
   3rd Wednesday of month, 7:15 pm, Library.
          Next Meetings: 17 Feb 2010

                                                                        Mr Armitage & band members at Year 6 Orientation
                                                            Page 1
Two students, Audrey Alim and Yumi Young have                PARLIAMENT HOUSE
been preselected for ArtExpress, the exhibition that         Tahjee Moar of Year 12 has had her work selected
showcases the best works from the 2009 HSC Visual            for exhibition at NSW Parliament House in the Koori
Arts Examination. Congratulations to both students           Art Expressions exhibition. Her submitted work is a
on this achievement and best of luck in gaining final        photographic self portrait against a red centre
selection.                                                   landscape. Congratulations Tahjee! The exhibition
                                                             runs from 27 November until 28 January 2010 from
                                                             8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. All welcome.

Yumi Young with some of her preliminary sketches for                    Michelle Kals, Head Teacher Creative Arts.
her HSC artwork, and Ms Janice Raynor, Yr 12 VA
                                                             GSA EVOLVES INTO ADA
ANNUAL VIDEO SHOWCASE                                        Over the last two years the Gay and Straight Alliance
Our Video Showcase was held in the hall on Monday            (GSA) has been operating within the school. It
30 November. The quality of the Year 10 documentary          encourages tolerance and understanding and also
films and the Year 9 short animations was excellent.         offers support to students who are gay or who have
Every year the quality improves, evidence of the great       friends or family who are gay. The GSA, under the
work being produced in Photographic and Digital              guidance and support of Madison Shakespeare
Media. Congratulations to all students involved and to       (Social Science staff) was the first group to use the
Mr Brett Cheshire for putting the show reel together         Video Conferencing facilities in Term 3. We
and to Brett and Ms Vanessa Bellemore for the                established a close link with North Sydney Girls HS as
coordination of the evening.                                 a result of this conference.
                                                                 In April this year a number of students and staff
ROBYN ANDERSON FILM AWARDS                                   participated in the Mardi Gras parade. It was
Meredith Stapleton and Julia Gramellini of Year 9            encouraging to find past students there who joined us
have had their animation screened at the Dendy               and expressed how happy they were to think that
Cinema Opera Quays as a result of being selected as          there was a part of school life where gay students
finalists in the Robyn Anderson Film Awards. This            could feel comfortable and supported.
award is Australia wide and it is an outstanding                 The GSA at Burwood is a small, yet strong group
achievement to be selected. Meredith and Julia’s film,       of young women who encourage other students to
“The Dream”, is based on an orphaned girls’ dream of         participate. The meetings consist of gay and straight
having a family. Wonderful film and achievement,             members and we are endeavouring to establish
girls!                                                       resources in the library to inform and support those
                                                             who are undecided about their future life’s direction.
                                                                 Recently a raffle was held by the GSA to raise
                                                             money for the victims of the Victorian Bushfires. Two
                                                         Page 2
crocheted blankets were the prizes and were won by              years in the waiting, but we finally had our 'One Short
Bella Bradley of Year 8 and Mrs Saw, one of our                 Day In The Emerald City'.
invaluable ladies in the front office. Over $200 was               79 students travelled from Burwood to Central. We
raised.                                                         had lunch in the park near Capitol Theatre, which was
    This year, Year 12 made up a large part of the              graced with thousands of green lights in honour of
GSA. Before they left the school they endorsed the              Elphaba (the wicked witch) who has emerald-green
suggestion put forward by Kate Hudson that GSA                  skin.
should encompass all forms of discrimination. So                   The performances were excellent and all jaws
recently, at a school assembly, it was announced that           dropped with the showstopper 'Defying Gravity,' which
GSA was to become ADA, Anti-Discrimination                      inspired many of the Year 11 singers.
Alliance. This would give more students an                         After the show, we were lucky enough to meet
opportunity to participate without being embarrassed            some of the dancers from the cast, and we informed
or teased.                                                      them that the male lead Fiyero had won the hearts
    Kate has also been active in ensuring that flags be         and minds of Burwood girls.
shown in the foyer of the hall to represent our                                             Katherine Hudson, Year 10
determination to overcome discrimination. A peace
flag, Red Cross flag and the Rainbow flag are proudly
“flying”, with plans to include more next year.                 UTS WOMEN IN SCIENCE DAY
    A proposed project for next year is to make an              Women in Science, to be honest with you we knew
AIDS quilt to highlight this terrible disease. Awareness        nothing about it. But then on one hot Friday, Mrs
needs to be heightened given that in Australia people           Christie and a group of 30 Year 10 Science students,
are still contracting HIV in both the gay and straight          along with five other schools, visited UTS and spent
community. Many of whom are discriminated against               the day learning about Women in Science and the
in everyday life.                                               many opportunities offered at the University.
    I encourage all students who feel strongly about                Firstly, the Chancellor of UTS, Dr. Vicki Sara, told
any discrimination to be part of ADA next year.                 us about her role at the University and her career in
                                      Sue Thomson, ADA          Science. We learnt that she had worked in Sweden for
                                                                20 years as a molecular biologist with one of the
                                                                leading groups in Europe. We were all in awe of her
YEAR 7 CELEBRATION OF LEARNING                                  many achievements, both here in Australia and the
On Thursday 10 December, Year 7 will be celebrating             rest of the world.
their first year at high school. This event, the                    Along with Penrith, Yass, Temora and Gunnedah
“Celebration of Learning Day”, will involve a vast              High we were then separated into three groups;
display of Year 7 achievements including a display of           green, pink and yellow. Our guides were called
items made at school from art and technology as well            SPROUTS – Student Promotional Representatives Of
as portfolios of work collected throughout the year.            UTS, students doing their degrees or PhDs at UTS.
This display will be available for viewing from                 This was a great opportunity since it allowed us to ask
10:45 am in the Hall. At 11:15 a showcase of music,             the many questions we had about life at university.
drama, poetry and dance will be performed in the Hall.              The three groups alternated between three
   A sausage sizzle will then be held in the canteen            workshops; Forensic Science, Physics and
quad at approx. 12:30 pm. Your daughter should                  Mathematics. In the Forensic Science labs we learnt
have returned the attendance slip outlining how many            about bullets, crime scenes, hair and fibre types and
family members will attend. This is needed for                  fingerprints. The best part was that we each got to
catering purposes. After lunch we will return to the            make and keep a copy of our fingerprints.
hall for an awards assembly and then at 2:00 pm
students will go to their classes to prepare a Time
Capsule which will be opened when they leave in
Year 12.
   Year 7 have been working hard to prepare for this
day and are very excited to showcase their
achievements. We are looking forward to seeing you
on this day.
                             Jane Burkitt, Year 7 Adviser

On November 4th, music and dance students in Years
9 - 11 journeyed to the musical spectacular Wicked.
Wicked is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz and tells the
story of the Wicked Witch of the West, who isn't as
wicked as she seems in The Wizard of Oz.
    Miss Mak kept her promise! Way back when the                    The Physics workshop involved a challenge which
Year 10 students were in Year 8, Ms Mak promised                brought out the competitor in all of us. In pairs we had
our class, that when Wicked came to Sydney we                   to produce the greatest voltage possible using a
would see this magnificent show. It was two long                thermocouple and a radiant heat lamp, only using the

                                                            Page 3
equipment we had provided for us. The prize was a
well deserved pack of Mars bars, which Burwood Girls
won by achieving a voltage of 320 V – this was then
thoroughly enjoyed by all.
   Mathematics was the last workshop in which we
did some really interesting work on probability and
met a PhD student who told us he was a
Mathematician not an arithmetician – since he was not
very good at adding up!

                                                                          Our sponsor child, Felismina
                                                                 Our congratulations go to the newly elected
                                                             captains for 2010 – Mim Akunyare, Jessina Oakes
                                                             and Geena Shin. They recently attended a
                                                             leadership seminar at Macquarie University along with
                                                             Year 10 prefect Camila Moro. This workshop gave
   A sausage sizzle lunch and drinks were provided
                                                             them the opportunity to discuss the roles and qualities
by UTS and it was an opportunity for us to mingle with
                                                             of school leaders with other school students.
the girls from different schools and the SPROUTS.
                                                                 Last week the prefects cleaned the new Year 12
   At the end of the day we learnt about the many
                                                             Study Room, the 2009 Captains’ Project. The room is
opportunities available to do Science at UTS along
                                                             a quiet place where Year 12 students can study and
with a final challenge that involved a quiz about
                                                             relax. Although the room is furnished, any donations
famous people in science. Apparently Jacques
                                                             of unwanted lounge furniture in good condition would
Cousteau invented the aqualung – he was a little bit
                                                             be greatly appreciated.
before our time we were told.
                                                                 We would like to finish with some words from our
   This experience was truly one all of us enjoyed
                                                             sponsor child, Felismina, “It is all for today receive
and has given us something to think about – perhaps
                                                             kisses and hugs from your sponsor child.”
doing Science at UTS. Thanks to Mrs Christie for
                                                                                 Hannah Roberts and Alicia Paolino
taking us, the Science Faculty at UTS for having us
and the SPROUTS who graciously answered each
and every question we grilled them on.                       BEP NEWS
                      Taranjit Kaur and Naadya Wozeer        Our students have been busy the last few weeks.
                                                             Performances at Wests Leagues, Ronald McDonald
                                                             luncheon, Burwood RSL, Legacy Xmas Dinner, Wests
                                                             Leagues-Ashfield Council Xmas Dinner. These
The prefect body has been busy this term preparing
                                                             performances have been done by our Quartet. A special
for the arrival of the new Year 7 students in 2010. In
                                                             thank you to those students.
Weeks 3 and 4, the prefects helped run the Year 6
                                                                 ‘A Little Night Music’, held on 2 December was a
interviews, collaborating closely with year advisers
                                                             wonderful and enjoyable success. The performance
and deputies to ensure they were successful. The
                                                             from all bands, Mussettes, drum corp and community
interview process was an interesting and rewarding
                                                             bands under the direction of Glenn Armitage is to be
experience, providing us with new skills that we hope
                                                             commended. Thank you all for a great night.
to use in future prefect projects. On Thursday 3
                                                                 On 3 December we held an Instrumental Survey for
December we assisted at the Year 7 Orientation Day,
                                                             Year 6 (to be Year 7 2010) – a good response. My
taking the new students on tours around the school.
                                                             thanks on behalf of the Program to all parents who
    The prefects are also delighted to be sponsoring a
                                                             helped with transport, catering and much more
child through Child Fund as part of our ongoing
                                                             throughout the year. A special thanks to our committee
project made possible by funds raised from the annual
                                                             members for their hard work and support in 2009.
Year 7/8 Disco. Felismina Vindi is a 9 year old from
                                                                 On behalf of the Band Program, I wish everyone a
Luanda, Angola, who lives in a small house without
                                                             safe and enjoyable Christmas break.
proper sanitation, clean water or electricity. She has
                                                                                Elaine Browne, Head Administrator BEP
seven siblings and her parents work on a farm. We
have been communicating with Felismina through
letters and recently sent her a card for her upcoming
birthday in January.

                                                         Page 4
SRC NEWS                                                       information regarding P&C and meeting dates in the
Congratulations to the SRC who have done a                     first Event next year.
wonderful job this year. They have been the voice of                                     Elaine Browne, President P&C
their fellow students at meetings every fortnight and          P&C UNIFORM SHOP
have represented the school at various conferences             The Uniform Shop will be open on the School
and meetings in the greater Sydney region. One girl            Development Day, Wednesday 27 January 2010, and
was elected to the State SRC and attended a three              also on the first day for Year 7/11/12 students,
day camp sharing ideas and concerns with students              Thursday 28 January, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm both days.
from all over NSW.                                             All stock will be available on these days.
      Our girls were also responsible for leading                  The Uniform Shop’s normal trading hours are:
student groups for International Day and for                   every Tuesday, 8:30 am – 2:30 pm (students: before
organising the International Women’s Day                       school, recess and lunchtime only).
celebrations. Each year group has taken on a charity                                           Elaine Browne, Manager
and has been responsible for organising fundraisers.
Money has been sent to various organisations to
provide shelter, education and health care for women                          COMMUNITY NOTICES
and children in need around the world.
      At this time of year, we say farewell to some            EMSAD
representatives. The year 11 girls have begun their            EMSAD is developing three surveys around parent,
HSC work and new elections have been held. Thank               student and teacher satisfaction. These are being
you to all the 2009 representatives and                        developed so schools can have a consistent
congratulations to the following girls who have been           framework for measuring and reporting satisfaction
elected as SRC representatives for 2010.                       from these three groups. The aim is to have these
                                                               surveys available to schools through the new Schools
YEAR 7                       YEAR 10                           online surveys accounts in 2010.
TBA in 2010                  Caitlin Connell                       There have been focus groups with parents,
YEAR 8                       Leah Emmanuel                     students and teachers in two regions in the past week
Anneka Jolly                 Brighde-Rose Maher                where the surveys have been trialled.
Jaimee Lai                   Maria Moro                            Trialling these instruments as part of the validation
Wanqi Lily Li                Brigitte Myers                    process. In particular responses from parents and
Cindy Lu                     Lily North                        teachers are critical. It is essential that we collect the
Teresa Lu                    Alina Pahor                       data before the close of school this year.
Sharon Ono                   Taylah Plataniotis                    The following hyperlinks will take the respondent to
Sophia Palagas               Meredith Stapleton                the Survey Monkey website and the appropriate
Ella Williams                Annie Young                       survey.
YEAR 9                       YEAR 11                 
Genevieve Beekwilder         Patricia Babalis                  Teacher
Katie Cunningham             Evie Buckley            
Lolita Emmanuel              Oona Chan                         Parent
Kristina Karatasas           Jessica Horn            
Tara Lau                     Kirstin Lee                       I know it is a busy time of year but if you can assist it
Ta-Seen Monzoor              Maddie Lumley-Prince              would be greatly appreciated – each survey is only
Olivia Rowe                  Charrie Naelga                    one page.
Hannah Tansey                Lily Tansey                         Paul Degney Manager Strategic Planning & Analysis
Zoe Zaczek                   Sophie Thian                         Manager Aboriginal Programs, Sydney Region, DET
                             Chrystal Wilson
                             Lillian Woolaston

SAMOA 2010
Expressions of Interest have been called for our
annual Society and Culture study tour to Samoa which
will be held in July next year. All eligible girls have
been given an information package and if interested,
should register their interest and pay a $20 non-
refundable deposit to the front office before the end of
                      Patrice Simpson, SRC Coordinator

My thanks to the outgoing executive for 2009 and I
look forward to working with you in 2010.
   Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 17 February
2010, 7:15 pm in the Library. All welcome. More
                                                                              Ms Amphlett and singers
                                                           Page 5
            Dance Showcase

                                                        Happy Year 6 students at Orientation Day

          Schools Spectacular

                                                             Karyn O’Brien, Deputy Principal,
                                                                checking new hall kitchen

Students helping out and doing the dishes!

                                                    Patrice Simpson, Head Teacher Social Sciences
                                                  and SRC Coordinator, with shelves of well organised

         Season’s Greetings and                       Event is also available in colour from our website
            Happy New Year

                                             Page 6

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