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					Dear Prospective Partner,

    •   Has your advertising costs got out of control?
    •   Has your current supplier forgotten the art of service?
    •   Is building your own system taking your valuable selling time?
    •   Has marketing your Business become a full time job?

Then read on!!
Over the last 15 years Precision Scientific Technology P/L (PST) has become one of
South East Queensland’s IT Industry leaders. As part of this growth we have also
set up a Wholesale Division which supports Dealers/Resellers throughout regional

Our Premium Partner’s will receive:

    1. Regular Catalogue.

    2. Weekly Email specials.

    3. No on going Partnership fees.

    4. Highly trained sales and technical staff available to assist.

    5. Government Accreditation.

    6. Exclusive rights based on Resellers Performance.

    7. Generation of leads.

    8. Marketing incentives & Training.

    9. Joint Advertising Campaigns.

    10. Stock on Sale / Return Basis.

    11. Price protection on notebooks.

    12. Point of Sale Material.

    13. Revenue on Servicing Precision Products

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   1
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                                          COMPANY PROFILE

Precision Scientific Technology (PST) is a Queensland based company and a leading manufacturer &
distributor of personal computers and computer peripherals. Established in 1993, PST is a government
endorsed supplier under the G.I.T.C agreement of Q-788 and has enjoyed a steady and manageable growth.
In the evolving market of Information Technology, innovation, timing and quality are essential factors for

That is why at Precision we value a professional approach to research and development. In an effort to
become leaders in this industry, Precision has built a large customer database of both corporate and private
clients who have, through a managed professional partnership, shared in our success. At PST a wide range
of Information Technology (I.T.) solutions and services are also available. By distributing products
manufactured by leading international companies, as well as assembling the Precision range of PCs for
personal, office, light industrial and corporate use, Precision can offer products of a very high quality at
affordable rates and continue to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Quality Assurance

At Precision we design and manufacture our computers in-house as this allows us to maintain total quality
control from conception through to product delivery. PST recognises that quality has to be built into every
stage. Quality at PST commences with design and development, involves the purchase of premium
supplies, and includes assembly processes and, equipment inspection and testing. Quality is even extended
to taking care with packaging and arranging the delivery of products. In fact, we have implemented policies
to obtain Quality Assurance under ISO 9002 standard.

What Precision Offer

System Integration - PST manufactures personal computers in its Brisbane based office. Only high quality
components from manufacturers such as Aopen, Asustek, Seagate, Acer, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Intel,
Microsoft and Mitsubishi are used in Precision Systems. Systems are manufactured by qualified technicians
and tested for at least 48 hours continuously prior to shipment, with leading and current diagnostic
programs used to trouble shoot the system problems.

Distribution Services - The distribution group started in 1998 to fulfil demands from resellers who
expressed interest in our products. Precision distributes it’s range of PC’s which can be sold as a white box
product or with our endorsed logos. It also distributes a wide range of peripherals from quality companies
and Internet / E-Commerce boxed Solutions. Assistance is also provided to the channel partners in the area
of networking, Point of Sale Solutions and Web/E-Commerce solutions.

Support Services - Full hardware and software support is provided under the PST maintenance agreement.
This agreement was designed to give our customers maximum flexibility in the choice of service required,
upon consideration of the location of equipment and the desired speed of problem resolution. These options
cover on-site repair, on-site exchange and customer carry-in repair. Extensive support with hardware &
software is also available through our Web Site.

Networking Services - PST currently of implements and supports local area networks for Novell,
Microsoft Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. PST has technical staff to undertake
complete network implementation. PST is able to provide cabling services, manage the building of
computer rooms, relocate existing computers, sell and dispose redundant equipment, and supply project
management for installation processes and third party application software.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     2
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
Web Services - PST enjoys a business partnership with Netregistry which provides comprehensive Internet
services including Domain Name & Web Hosting / Email Packages.

Corporate Division - Having now achieved the growth required to support a separate Corporate Division,
PST is proud to extend our services to include an Internal Management Service. By supplying technical
advice and design options, PST can complement and supplement the hardware and software investments of
our clients. The Corporate Division will actively seek new business from business to small corporations.
Our corporate division is comprised of a team of specialists and works to support our clients’ current and
future marketing objectives. Consequently, our knowledgeable representatives have managed to form
strong partnerships with their customers.

Software / E-Commerce Solutions - Projects are undertaken to encompass major database vendors such
as Microsoft SQL, Access, Delphi & Oracle. Databases for client management , stock management and
warehousing have successfully developed. Implementation and integration of accounting packages for
small to medium business is also undertaken PST is a registered seller for Attaché. PST has also developed
Internet applications using a range of Internet capable tools. Web hosting, site development, site
management and domain registration services are available. Sites offering complete e-commerce facility
can be developed in house.

When dealing with Precision, you deal with a company with the following endorsements:

    -   Established in Australia since 1993
    -   Government accredited supplier G.I.T.C Q-788
    -   Quality assurance implemented under ISO 9002
    -   Toshiba Solution Centre
    -   Hewlett Packard reseller
    -   Genuine Intel Dealer
    -   Microsoft Business Partner
    -   LG Solution Centre
    -   Sony Specialist Reseller
    -   Value Added Acer Reseller
    -   Certified ASUS Channel Partner
    -   Certified D-link Engineers
    -   Authorized MSI Premium Partner
    -   United Electrical Premium Partner
    -   National Warranty Premium Partner
    -   Apple Solutions Reseller
    -   NEC GOLD Reseller

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   3
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                            The Precision Premium Partner (PPP) Program

How Does The Program Work?

Precision products get added to your product range. We do not ask you to change your current
arrangements with your suppliers. You might be sourcing components, complete systems etc from various
vendors or building customized systems. Please continue to do so, all we ask of you as a Precision
Premium Partner is to help customer enquiry on a Precision product or convert the lead given by us by
selling them the Precision product. . At all stages the Partner will have total ownership of their clients.
Partners will have dedicated account managers assigned who will work closely with partners to provide
them optimum service & support. They will be responsible for assisting the partner in building their

Our SUCCESS depends on your GROWTH


Have you ever had to turn away business or even lost a deal because you just didn't have the necessary
resources or you lost to an International company with an aggressive marketing budget?

You Don't Have To Anymore

If you are an independent computer VAR, integrator or dealer, then you already know how tough it is to
compete and thrive in the current marketplace. Tight margins, economic uncertainty, and aggressive
competition from national providers put pressure on your business everyday.

PST has developed complete end-to-end computer distribution solutions that address all of these challenges
while allowing you to grow your business and improve your bottom line results.

Can you sell at least one system a day?

You're already in business as a technology professional, providing your clients with the highest level of
service. We provide IT professionals with the easiest possible access to the hardware and software that their
clients need, and the best possible tools to sell them.

You already know your client's needs, projects and budgets better than anyone else, so why should you
send them to anyone else for hardware and software? Using our service not only helps create another
source of revenue, but also strengthens your relationship with your clients.

Who are we looking for?

    •    Motivated, Professional and Sales-Driven partners and advisors.
    •    Companies established with a strong client base.

Why should you join?
  • Our PPP program is made to help you.
  • As a PPP, Precision endorsements and buy power will be added value to your company.
  • As a PPP you will be saving in (freight, Phone calls too many suppliers, support in ra & doa).
  • As a PPP with the service we provide, you will be able to use your energy in sales rather than
       admin & build time.
  • There are no hidden or ongoing fees for this service.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    4
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
Advertising and Marketing
The program will offer tools to fit a customer’s needs. Partners will receive sales leads and walk in clients
due to bulk & directed advertising. PST will be constantly creating websites, catalogues and brochures
which can be personalized by the Partner. Reap the benefits and gain free advertising for your company.
Limited printed copies will be provided on partner’s request at no charge. Additional copies can be ordered
by the Partner at a nominal charge. Precision will run joint advertising campaigns with the partners (if they
wish to) where the partners will be able to receive advertising & marketing benefits at a fraction of the cost.
Overall exposure of the Partners will increase in their territory.

Free Co-branding
Web customers will be able to search partner listings on our website. Partners are encouraged to have our
store on their website which enables their customers to view the latest promotions.

Client Ownership
Clients generated by this program belong to the Partner. They will enjoy the benefits from servicing the
client for all their future requirements.

Ongoing Revenue
Precision would suggest bundling the systems with one year onsite warranty upgradeable to three years.
The warranty service can be provided by the partner if the business wishes to. Revenue generated by the
service calls will belong to the partner.
Service work generated by Onsite Warranty, bundled with the products will be offered to the partner if they
have the infrastructure in place to provide the service. The partner will be paid for every service call by the
third party warranty company.

Our Program is Unique
This program focuses on you, and helps you focus on your primary business: your customers.


    •    Precision Partner is an added status to your existing business. We would not be interested in
         running your business at any stage. You have the market covered and are the best judge for your
         area. We would like to use this as our strength.
    •    Run your business as normal with the added range of Precision products.
    •    No inventory required, order products as needed.
    •    At any time you can cease to be under this program by sending a request in writing.
    •    No Monthly targets and No joining or ongoing fee.
    •    Take advantage of our advertising and marketing strategies.
    •    Extra revenue by selling peripherals and providing service as an onsite warranty agent.
    •    Free POS and marketing merchandise.
    •    Assistance from our Marketing Department to organize sale campaigns.
    •    Initial and ongoing training with complete advertising and marketing support.
    •    Merchandising programs and design assistance.
    •    Partner has Total Ownership of their clients.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      5
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”

1. Standard Partner
        Criteria:         None

        Benefits:         All Benefits as indicated in this agreement

2. Silver PPP
        Criteria:         Turn Over with Precision at least $5K Per Month
                          Must be able to Service Precision Range Of Products
                          Must have demo stock on Sale / Return Basis

        Benefits:         All Benefits as indicated in this agreement

        Additional Benefits
                         Advance replacement on Faulty Parts for first 12 Months
                         7day credit on Successful completion of Credit Application
                         Appointment as Precision Business Partner
                         Exclusive Territory based on performance

3. Gold PPP
        Criteria:         Turn Over with Precision at least $10K Per Month
                          Must be able to Service Precision Range Of Products
                          Must have demo stock on Sale / Return Basis

        Benefits:         All Benefits as indicated in this agreement

        Additional Benefits
                         Advance replacement on Faulty Parts for first 12 Months
                         14 day credit on Successful completion of Credit Application
                         Appointment as Precision Business Partner
                         Exclusive Territory based on performance
                         Regular Meetings & Onsite Sales Support
                         Joint Marketing activities


    • Better Buying
    • Better Marketing
    • Better economy
    • Local growth

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   6
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                                         FAQ on PPP
Why join your PPP while our current supplier has great systems & look after us very well.

When a PPP is happy with there current supplier we do not suggest our PPP to stop there current
arrangements, we are only requesting our Precision Systems to be added with their product range.
We also would like to know, how does your supplier look after you?
Once we know we can work out the best products & services which aim direct to you & your clients, NOT

Is there a starter kit or joining & ongoing fees for PPP?

There are no joining or ongoing fees for PPP.

What about marketing?

Black & white brochures can be provided at no extra cost as long as we have consistency in sales rather
than volume. Electronic PDF is provided for partners to print out their own brochures in colour.

Are there any sales targets?

At this stage there are no minimum requirements for Standard Partners.

Why not just sell off the Precision website and get rebates?

By consulting you can maximize your margin, up to 30%. You only get 5% rebate from the already
discounted prices on each product from the Precision website. The websites are only successful if the items
are highly discounted products, value added deals are seldom possible. With our experience in the website
sales, this only generates 5-12% margins where as Catalogue & consultation sales are from 15-30% margin.
You can easily up sell and again maximize your margin by having a face to face discussion with your

Why keep advertised systems on consignment stock

Remember stock in hand will help converting sales quickly & efficiently.
There is full price protection & free freight on consignment stock. Consignment stock will be full credit on
return as long as products are in original packaging with all original manuals & drivers. Opened/used items
may not be eligible for full credit. It is better for us to have products in your showroom rather than our
warehouse. We encourage everyone to keep advertised stock in hand RISK FREE!!!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    7
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                                                    Appendix I


    1.    PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION: Everyone One is Selling a Name Brand. By reselling
          Precision Notebook you have completely different product which might not be available to your
    2.    WIDE RANGE: With Precision notebooks you have a choice of 15 different Chassis. Solutions
          are available for desktop & centrino platform
    3.    WHITE BOOK CONCEPT: If you wish, you can put your badge on these notebooks & sell as
          your product. You will still be entitled to all the benefits as long as the product is manufactured by
    4.    HIGH MARGINS: Unlike brand name notebooks where you can only make a few hundred
          dollars, Margins up to $550 on a Precision Notebook.
    5.    LIMITED COMPETITION: Precision Notebooks are not available through chain stores such as
          Harvey Norman etc. This limits you from the crazy deals they do with their large buying power.
    6.    SCALABLE SOLUTIONS: These notebooks are built to order so unlike name brands the
          customer can chose what he wants. They can go for a large drive, more memory, different
          motherboard or screen etc. This makes the notebook very versatile as components can also be
          upgraded in future if their requirements have increased.
    7.    SERVICIABILITY: Spare parts are carried in stock at most items to minimize any possible
          down time if the product were to fail.
    8.    OEM SOFTWARE: As this product is manufactured by us. The system can be customized with
          any OEM software which is available to create promotions. This in turn can be value added for
          your customer.
    9.    TOTAL OWNERSIP OF CLIENTS: Your clients cannot purchase directly from Precision and
          that gives you total control over your customers.
    10.   THREE YEAR ONSITE WARRANTY: Three Year Onsite Warranty option is available
          through United Electrical for total Peace of Mind.
    11.   ONGOING REVENUE: Customers do not go to a Service Center who then gets the advantage.
          Customers always come to you during the warranty period giving you a chance to show your
          customer service and possibly get future business.
    12.   FREE CATALOGUES: Partners are given limited out of catalogues at no cost periodically as
          long as they getting a benefit from it. If a partner requires a large quantity for conducting
          promotions, catalogues are available at a nominal cost.
    13.   NO CONTRACTS OR TARGETS: Partners are only requested to promote the items in the
          catalogues. They are free to purchase their peripherals & components from their preferred source.
    14.   PARTNER STATUS: Authorized partner status & certificate will be provided once the PPP
          Application form has been completed.
    15.   UNLIMITED TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Lifetime Technical Support on Precision Notebooks
          is available through our Service Centers.
    16.   SPARES DEPOT: We have invested in developing a spare part division which allows us to
          effectively carry repairs with a very quick turnaround time as most parts are carried in stock.
    17.   ACCESSORIRES: Notebook accessories are available from us which allows you to bundle them
          with our product to maximize margins.
    18.   CLIENT REFERRAL: If we get enquiry from a client in your area we will pass the leads to you.
    19.   HIGH DEGREE OF CUSTOMISATION: Any Brand, any model, we will source it all for you.
          One place to source & do your RA’s. Save on freight & time sourcing individual components. One
          stops Shop.
    20.   PEACE OF MIND: Precision has now been running since 1992 and has various accreditations in
          place to ensure that your customer is getting the product from a quality company.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       8
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                                                Appendix II


    a.   Marketing brings a customer to your door.
    b.   It is up to you to maximize the return by selling them additional services & products.
    c.   Again you are not forced to buy those services & support from us. But if you do so, you only build
         a better relationship with us.

We would suggest partners to steer customers away from $799 & $999 Saturday morning specials as from
our past experience we have observed the following:

    1.   These people are price sensitive and are less likely to upgrade.
    2.   They tend to use most of their existing peripherals and are less likely to buy any additional items.
    3.   This form of customer base generates most warranty claims and wants the best service.

Due to the low price tag, the margins are pretty low which does not allow the level of service to be offered.

CASE I – Example Only

Selling a system for $999 advertised special.

Rebate 5% = $50

Possible Ways of Upgrading:

    •    Freight – Make up to $20
    •    Bundle One Year Onsite Warranty – Make $30 or more
    •    Upgrade K/B & Mouse - Make $30 or more
    •    Add Application Software / Peripherals - Make $30 or more

Total Minimum Revenue generated - $180 (CAN BE LOT’s MORE!!!)

That is a whopping 18% return !!!!

CASE II - Example Only

Selling a system package $1499 advertised special.

Rebate 5% = $75

Possible Ways of Upgrading:

    •    Freight – Make Up to $20
    •    Upgrade One Year Onsite Warranty With Surge to 2 Yr or 3 Yr – Add $60 or More
    •    Upgrade K/B & Mouse - $30 or More
    •    Add Application Software / Peripherals - $50

Total Revenue generated - $285 or More

That is a whopping 19% return!!!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------         9
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
Example Only
Selling a notebook $1999 advertised special.

Web Rebate 7% = $140

Possible Ways of Upgrading:

    •    Freight – Make Up to $20
    •    Bundle Two Year Onsite Warranty With Surge - $50
    •    Sell USB K/B & Mouse - $40
    •    Sell Carry Bag - $30
    •    Add Application Software / Peripherals - $50

Total Revenue generated - $330

That is a whopping 17% return!!!!

                                               APPENDIX 4

                        PRO’S & CON’S OF BUILDING YOUR COMPUTER

You can assure your clients that you built the system yourself.

  Unless you do large volumes it is more practical sell Precision systems
   •     Ordering various components from different suppliers
   •     Chasing the best price resulting in too many phone calls.
   •     Costing Time & Money and added unnecessary freight costs.
   •     Building time stops you from selling more.
   •     RA on each part from different suppliers.
   •     Risking DOA products.
   •     An item to build the system maybe delayed with couriers.
   •     Extra stress on doing the above adding negativity to the work environment.

If you are selling less than 10 systems a week – IT COULD BE A BURDEN !!!!!

    •    Problem with building your own
            o Contacting your suppliers for best price – TIME CONSUMING
            o Buying each part from different suppliers to get the best price increases FREIGHT
            o Need to employ some one for admin duties or use your VALUABLE TIME
            o Assembly risk/ DOA components – CANNOT MEET DEADLINES
            o Time to do RA to different suppliers and paying freight costs again and keeping
                track of individual components.
            o BUILD LESS – SELL MORE

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                            PREMIUM PARTNER AGREEMENT


        1.1       The parties to this agreement are Precision Scientific Technology P/L (PST) and the


        2.1       The purpose of this agreement is to identify the responsibilities of the PARTNER.


        3.1       This agreement is limited to activities within Australia.
        3.2       This agreement is limited in scope to those PST products including Systems,
                  Workstations, Servers & Notebooks purchased by PARTNER for resale only.


        5.1       Actively and diligently promote PST’s products.
        5.2       Co-operate in good faith with the development of promotions designed to maximize
                  product sales.
        5.3       Feature PST products in its catalogues and other marketing materials
        5.4       Feature PST products on its web site.
        5.5       PARTNER agrees not to make any statements, representations or warranties about PST,
                  or the products, other than those PST has expressly authorized.


        6.1       PST and PARTNER shall hold program review discussions during the term of this
                  Agreement as the parties mutually agree.
        6.2       PST will designate an Account Manager to lead the program review discussion and
                  perform as the point of contact for resolution of all issues. PST may re-assign this upon
                  notice to PARTNER.


        7.1       Except as expressly provided for in this section, PST does not grant PARTNER the right
                  to use PST's trademarks or trade names. PST grants PARTNER limited rights to use the
                  trademark "Precision Scientific Technology P/L" only within Australia in connection
                  with PST products.
        7.2       At PST’s request, PARTNER will provide to PST, for review and written approval,
                  promotional, advertising, and other materials that use a PST trademark or trade name.
        7.3       PST may supply advertising guidelines in writing. At PST's request, PARTNER agrees to
                  change any materials or use of materials which PST, in its sole discretion determines to
                  be inaccurate, objectionable, misleading or a misuse of PST trademarks. PARTNER must
                  pay the expenses of such a change.
        7.4       Any right to use the PST trademarks granted pursuant to this section will terminate with
                  the termination or expiration of this agreement. In such event, for the affected products,
                  PARTNER will immediately:

                  (a) Return to PST or destroy all materials under PST’s control employing such

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                 trademarks; and
                 (b) Execute such documents as are necessary to terminate PARTNER as a user of such

        7.5       PARTNER recognizes PST’s ownership and title to its trademarks and trade names and
                 the goodwill attaching to them. PARTNER agrees that any goodwill that accrues because
                 of PST's use of the trademark "Precision Scientific Technology P/L" will PST's property.
                 PARTNER agrees not to contest Precision Scientific Technology P/L trademarks or trade
                 names. PARTNER agrees not to use, employ, or attempt to register any trademarks or
                 trade names that are similar to PST trademarks or trade names, including without
                 limitation by including any such trademarks or trade names in a business name or
                 corporate name.

        7.6      PARTNER agrees to advise PST promptly of any trademark claims of which PARTNER
                 becomes aware and to provide PST with any assistance reasonably requested to support
                 any action intended by PST in respect of such claims.

        7.7      PARTNER must not disclose any Confidential Information about PST products or this
                 agreement, and PST must ensure that PST’s officers, employees and agents do not
                 disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person, any information of that kind unless;

                 (a) specifically authorized by PST in writing; or
                 (b) required by law.

8.               TERMS AND TERMINATION

                 8.1       The term of this agreement shall be (1) year from its execution date and shall
                          automatically renew for additional 1-year periods. Either party shall have the
                          right to terminate the Agreement, with or without cause, upon forty-five (45)
                          days written notice to the other party.
                 8.2      Either party shall have the right to terminate this agreement immediately in the
                          event the other party becomes bankrupt or insolvent, suffers a receiver to be
                          appointed, or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors.


        9.1      To the full extent permitted by law, PST will not be liable for and PARTNER will
                 indemnify and hold PST harmless against any liability or loss or damage to any person or
                 property directly or indirectly occasioned by or arising from this agreement or any
                 marketing activity conducted pursuant to this agreement.
        9.2      To the extent permitted by law, PST Is not liable to PARTNER for any indirect,
                 incidental or special or consequential loss or damage, loss of use, revenue, profits,
                 business opportunities, anticipated savings and loss or corruption of data, from any cause,
                 whether arising from or in relation to breach or termination of this agreement, negligence,
                 in equity, or otherwise, and whether or not PST was aware or ought reasonably to have
                 been aware of the possibility of such loss or damage.


        10.1     This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Queensland, and PARTNER and
                 PST submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
         11.1     If any part or provision of this agreement is judged invalid or unenforceable in a
                  jurisdiction, it is severed for that jurisdiction and the remainder of this agreement
                  continues to operate.


         12.1     The only agreement between PST and PARTNER with respect to PST's premium partner
                  arrangement is that contained in this agreement, which supersedes all prior discussions
                  and arrangements. There are no collateral representations, warranties, agreements or
                  undertakings of any nature whatsoever. This agreement shall not be amended except by
                  written agreement between an authorized officer of PST and the PARTNER.

Each party represents and warrants that it has the authority to enter into this Agreement and the right to
carry on its obligations under this Agreement.

On behalf of PARTNER

Name: ………………………………………………………
Position: ……………………………………………………
Signature: …………………………………………………
Date: ………………………………………………………..


Name: ………………………………………………………
Position: ……………………………………………………
Signature: …………………………………………………
Date: ………………………………………………………..

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”
                             DEALER INFORMATION FORM

Trading Name:
A.B.N.:                     A.C.N / Bus reg#:                                Date Incorporated:
Street Address:
Suburb:                                                    State:                       Postcode:
Postal Address:                                            State:                       Postcode:
Telephone No.:                                             Fax No.:
E-mail Address:                                            Website:

ο Pty Ltd Company       ο Limited Company            ο Partnership    ο Sole Trader
Legal Structure:          ο Public       ο Pty. Ltd.      ο Trust Company Partnership    ο Sole Trader

ο Retail Shop               ο Office            ο Warehouse                  ο Other:

ο Accounting       ο Point of Sale     ο Portables     ο CAD/CAM       ο Desktop Publishing ο Networking
ο Home ο Word-processing / Spreadsheets / Databases ο Other:

5: Current Brands Sold
PC’S             1:__________ 2: ____________ 3: _____________
Notebook         1:__________ 2: ____________ 3: _____________
Monitors CRT     1:__________ 2: ____________ 3: _____________
          LCD    1:__________ 2: ____________ 3: _____________
Printers 1:__________ 2: ____________ 3: _____________

6: Estimate Number of Units you sell per month:
PC’S:      __________
Notebooks: __________
Printers:  __________

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
                      PRECISION - “Precisely Built For Perfection”

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