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									Technical information
Installation guide – onto floor joists                                                                      Important note
                     (level entry shown)
                                                                                                            Floor surface must be in sound condition, level, clean,

                                                                                                            dry and dust free.
                                                                                                            Surface of Trimseal base to be clean and dust free.
                                                                                                            Glue base with continuous bead of adhesive. Apply glue

                                                                                                                                                                            tiled shower
                     1                                                                   2   6
                                                                                                            20mm in from edge of base and with further continuous
                         3                4                9                         8           5          beads of glue at a minimum 100mm spacing up to and
                                                                                                            along edge of floor cut out or block out.

     Trimseal tray
     Base edge 25mm thick
     Selected vinyl/tiles
                                                                                                            Base should not be bedded in sand cement.
                                                                                                            Use an adequate amount of adhesive as per manufacturers
                                                                                                            instructions to glue base to joists and trimmers.
                                                                                                                                                                            you want…
4    50mm vinyl waste fitted on site or 80mm leak control flange
                                                                                                            Use only tile adhesives suitable for non porous substrate and
5    19mm flooring
                                                                                                            total immersion applications. Metz 26C is recommended and
6    6mm tile substrate
                                                                                                            available through Trimseal.
7    Wall lining
8    Fully support base edge and adjoining flooring at junction
     with double joists
9    Trim or nog floor joists at a maximum of 300mm centres
10 Upstand

Installation guide – on top of existing
                     timber or concrete* floor

                                                                                             Optional hob

2                                   4                                                    3

                1                         5                                                      6

1 Trimseal tray
2    35mm upstand
3    Trim edge of Trimseal height to suit
4    Waterproof membrane
5    Leak control flange
6    19mm flooring
7    6mm Tile substrate
*Spanning no more than 300mm x 300mm void on concrete floors.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Made in
For builders who didn’t come down in the last shower

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the claims within,
no responsibility can be accepted by the manufacturer or the manufacturers
agent for any claims from damage as a result of advice contained in this brochure.
Warranty voided if not installed by registered tradesperson.
                                                                                                                                The Trimseal you need

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Made in

There is nothing more attractive in the                           Grates and Wastes
modern bathroom than a fully tiled walk-in                        The following wastes and grates are available
                                                                  and recommended for use with Trimseal:
shower instead of the usual shower base
                                                                        50mm leak control flange (PVC)
wedged in the corner of the room. And to
                                                                        80mm round floor grate (brass)
achieve this great look safely and effectively,
                                                                        80mm square floor grate (brass)
you need a Trimseal Shower Tray.
                                                                        50mm vinyl floor grate
Trimseal is an exciting innovation in bathroom                          Smart-tile
renovation and installation. For the modern walk-in               Trimseal is available in either centre or rear waste.
shower installation, Trimseal is a genuine labour,
time and cost saving solution.
Trimseal is 100% waterproof and won’t crack or shrink.
It is a fiberglass resin shower tray designed for use under       The following sizes are available:
tiled or vinyl floor shower areas. With easily trimmed sides            910mm x 910mm
of reinforced laminate (can be cut with a hand saw),
                                                                        1010mm x 1010mm
it’s quickly and easily installed and maintenance free.
                                                                        910mm x 1230mm
Trimseal trays are light given their dimensions,
                                                                        1010mm x 1230mm
yet are incredibly strong. They are manufactured
with natural fall as per AS 3740-2004 and can be                        910mm x 1380mm
simply installed on floor joists or concrete slabs                      910mm x 1670mm
(see Technical information over) and are particularly
                                                                        1220mm x 1220mm
effective on second storey and above installations due
to their relative lightness and waterproofing qualities.
                                                                  Non-standard sizes are available on request.
Note: glue or construction adhesive should be a polyurethane      Nominated sizes may vary by up to 10mm.
silicone for better adhesion. It is also important to note that
on timber joists, Trimseal trays must be supported by trimmers
at a maximum of 300mm centres to prevent flexing. Flexing         Please read all Technical information thoroughly
will result in loosening grout and tiles over time. Also, prior   before installing Trimseal.
to installation, dust must be removed from surfaces to ensure
proper adhesion of tile glue.                                                                                             100% Waterproof Saves Time Reduces Costs No Cracking No Shrinkage
                                                                                                                          Trimseal is a waterproof, composite fibreglass base for tiled showers with easily trimmed sides of reinforced laminate.
                                                                                                                                                               It’s quickly installed and maintenance free.

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