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					                 The System

1.    APPLICATION SCOPE                   PAGE 3- 2

2.    THE MATERIALS                       PAGE 3- 3

3.    THE TOTAL SYSTEM                    PAGE 3- 4


EURAPIPE K-FLO            3-1
                       The System

    Originally, preinsulated pipe systems were
    developed specifically for district heating, but in
    recent years the advantage of the basic ideas of
    preinsulated pipes have proven so clear cut that
    preinsulated pipes are equally important in providing
    district cooling. The demand for cost-effective
    systems and reductions in environmental burdens
    have boosted demand for more comprehensive
    cooling systems.
    Using preinsulated pipe systems to transport cooling
    power presents a series of challenges.
            The end user must be given access to
3        cooling power that is economical, safe and
            Both installation and operating costs must
                                                            1.1 Standards
         be kept to a minimum
            There must be a minimum of heat gain and       All products manufactured by Eurapipe comply with
         pressure drop within the system.                   AS/NZS 3518:2004 - Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
                                                            (ABS) compounds, pipes and fittings for pressure
            The entire operation must be as                applications and other relevant Australian and
         environmentally responsible and energy efficient   international standards.
         as possible.
                                                            Products not covered by these standards are
    Eurapipe, through innovations of its thermoplastic      manufactured to Eurapipe Quality Plans, drawings
    piping products and jointing systems, has               and manufacturing specifications.
    developed its comprehensive K-FLO ‘ABS’ range of
    preinsulated pipe and preinsulated fittings.            Installation of K-FLO ABS systems should be
                                                            performed as per Eurapipe specifications and AS/
    This leap in product advancement now shifts the         NZS 2566.2:2002 - Buried flexible pipelines Part 2:
    economic applicability of preinsulated thermoplas-      Installation.
    tic piping systems up to carrier pipe diameters of
    Even though Eurapipe K-FLO ABS product delivers
    most of its advantages in the buried piping applica-
    tion, the product is equally efficient and robust in
    above ground applications.

    EURAPIPE K-FLO                              3-2
                    The System

The four basic components of any preinsulated
pipe are the carrier pipe, the insulation, the casing
pipe and the joining socket. For all of these com-
ponents, Eurapipe K-FLO product utilises materials
readily recognised as world’s best for each respec-
tive component function.
         ABS’s retention of its robust physical
     properties at cold temperatures (operating range
     is -30° to 60°C) makes it the ideal thermoplastic
     piping system for chilled water applications for
     both below and above ground and no matter
     whether it is for insulated or non-insulated

     ABS carrier pipes have an appraised life
     expectancy in excess of 50 years with no
     significant increase in flow resistance.            welding provide a jointing system that’s reliable,
                                                         repeatable and robust in an extremely wide range
                                                         of jointing conditions.

        CFC free polyurethane (PUR) cellular foam
     between the carrier pipe and the casing jacket
     provides the vital element in ensuring optimum
     energy conservation of a preinsulated pipe
        ABS’s superior structural strength,
     resistance to high loads and complete corrosion
     resistance provide an excellent and durable
     casing material for buried and above ground
        ABS’s superior mouldability and
     machinability to exact tolerances and its
     exceptional suitability to solvent cement

EURAPIPE K-FLO                               3-3
                     The System
    3. THE TOTAL SYSTEM                                        Exceptionally speedy jointing (com-
    Eurapipe’s K-FLO piping system is a TOTAL
                                                          pared to steel, PE, GRP or GRE sys-
                                                         tems) saving man-hours and significantly
    integrated preinsulated piping system. The prod-
    ucts together with the Eurapipe support services     reducing other pipeline construction
    ensure the K-FLO system is a COMPLETE solu-          costs.
    tion for buried chilled water piping applications

    3.1      THE SYSTEM ADVANTAGES                             Minimal heat gain due to the utilisa-
    The K-FLO system offers:
                                                          tion of CFC free closed cell polyure-
                                                         thane foam.

                A pipe work system that is totally
           factory preinsulated and only simple              Minimal chilled water temperature
                                                            gain in pipeline sections where insula-
3         vapour barrier closure at the butted           tion and/or casing has been damaged
          casings are then required to complete          or removed. The ABS carrier pipe has
          the installation. The system does not          excellent insulation properties as a stand-
          require any field fabrication or insulating.   alone pipe. ABS’s insulating property is
                                                         twice as good as PE, 300 times better
                 Carrier pipe diameters from 25mm        than steel and 1500 times better than
            to 800mm in a range of pressure
          classes from 4.5 to 15 bar.

                                                                The exceptionally smooth bore of
               Variable insulation thicknesses
            within a specified range, meeting the
                                                           ABS plastic pipes yields better fluid
                                                         friction factors for the life of the system
          requirements of each individual project.       and in most applications the need for pig-
                                                         ging and pigging facilities is not required.
                 All-plastic construction, Eurapipe
            K-FLO ABS will not rot, rust or corrode
                                                               The pipe product is effectively a
          and is immune to galvanic attack and so
          ensures virtually maintenance free opera-
                                                           ‘containment’ product in as much that
                                                         any inadvertent mechanical damage
          tion for decades and eliminates the need
                                                         being inflicted upon the core pipe or
          for high maintenance protection or leak
                                                         casing will potentially result in only a
          detection systems.
                                                         single pipe length of preinsulated pipe
                                                         performing below design requirements.
               Durable ABS outer casing that
           resists ground loads well.
                                                               Handling lightness, generally
                                                          only half the weight of an equivalent
                                                         preinsulated steel system.
    EURAPIPE K-FLO                          3-4
                 The System
          Less excavation and reinstatement                 A product that allows complete
     of trenches due to minimal working
    space requirements between pipes and
                                                        backfilling of the trench including over
                                                      the joint, as the product is being laid. This
    between pipes and trench wall.                    trenching and backfilling methodology
                                                      can potentially generate significant con-
          Great pipe routing flexibility, with        struction cost savings.
     a bending radius at least four times
    better than steel systems.                             Sea water or brackish water may be
                                                       used for line commissioning.
          Reliability with products assessed
      as having 50 – 100 year longevity.
                                                          No special tools or trade skills
                                                        required for installation.
           Non toxic material with certification                                                      3
      for drinking water application.
                                                          No need for expensive and time
                                                        consuming joint radiography testing.
           A complete line of fittings and
      accessories to give a high degree of                An inherently self assuring joint
    flexibility of installation routing.               installation procedure.

         Exceptionally speedy (hours rather                  The coefficient of thermal expan-
     than days) pipe repair methodologies,             sion of the fully bonded ‘unitised’
    even in pipe diameters up to 800mm.               K-FLO product is 4 x 10-5 m/m8C. This
                                                      will, for most above ground applications,
          Eliminates the time consuming and           eliminate the need for expansion loops,
     costly metal passivation and flushing
    actions required in metal systems.
                                                      bellows or compensators.

                                                            In comparison against a similar

         In buried applications, the systems
       completely eliminates all temperature
                                                       sized preinsulated steel pipe system,
                                                      the all plastic Eurapipe K-FLO system will
    change effect mitigation requirements. No         generally reduce the heat gain into the
    need whatsoever for costly and unreliable         buried pipe network by around 15% to
    gasket seals, expansion loops or offsets,         20% .
    thrust blocks, expansion compensators,
    equipment placement restrictions etc.          Eurapipe K-FLO ABS is an ideal totally
                                                   integrated preinsulated product for chilled
                                                   water applications in carrier pipe sizes
                                                   between 25mm to 826mm diameter.
EURAPIPE K-FLO                         3-5
                        The System
    3.2 Quality Assurance
    Eurapipe has an extensive quality system certified
    to ISO 9001:2000. It contains methods, instructions
    and inspection procedures which ensure that
    the standards and specifications established are
    actually complied with.
    It is Eurapipe’s mission to continue being at the
    forefront of the development and manufacture of
    plastic preinsulated pipe systems for chilled water
    piping systems.                                            optimum selection of pipe pressure ratings.
    Eurapipe’s K-FLO preinsulated products are backed        b. Field Support
    by Eurapipe’s:
                                                             Assistance is available for site supervision, training
           ISO9001:2000 Quality System accredited           and commissioning.
3        manufacturing environment.                          c. Eurapipe K-FLO Design and Installation
            Accreditation to Standards Mark (Kitemark)      Handbook
         product standards on selected pipes and fittings.   Eurapipe has developed several design programs
            Verifiable trials of rigorously tested pipes    and installation guideline packages specifically
         and fittings.                                       applicable to the K-FLO ABS system. These user
            Stringent testing to international standards    friendly tools are available from Eurapipe on CD.
         including AS/NZS 3518:2004 and AS/NZS 4020.         Included are:

    For major projects, Eurapipe can prepare a                     Temperature rise and insulation thickness
    complete quality assurance and control manual with         calculators for preinsulated and uninsulated ABS
    input from the customer to ensure that all product is      piping systems for both above and below ground
    manufactured to the project requirements.                  situations
                                                                  Preinsulated Product Joining Procedure
    3.3 Service
                                                                  Preinsulated Pipe Shortening Procedure
    Eurapipe’s piping systems have proven to be
    successful for over 25 years and our accumulated              Joint moisture Barrier Installation Procedure
    experience is offered to engineers, contractors and          Miscellaneous Design tools and Installation
    owners.                                                    Considerations
    a.      Design                                                Specifications
    Assistance is available to design all types of                Case Histories
    systems and includes aspects such as:
                                                                 Pressure Testing Procedures For
            Preparation of specifications.                    Completely Buried Pipelines
            Pipeline temperature change                          Operator Training and Accreditation Manual
                                                                  Construction specifications for burying
            Heat gain and temperature rise calculations       pipelines
            Pipe support systems for above or below              Comparison analysis between ABS versus
         ground applications.                                  steel and ABS versus PE in preinsulated pipe
            Hydraulic design considerations including         systems.

    EURAPIPE K-FLO                                3-6

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